Dreams, fantasies and experience - Part I
What good is the subway
In the subway there are advantages and disadvantages. What is more - especially individual case. However, the fact remains that the subway - is the way "to be published" in the modern metropolis. For many, sometimes only one. Wagon trains - a kind of podium, but the passengers - a model to demonstrate the advantages and viability and hide flaws. Clothing is the most diverse: from the ultra-modern "hi-tech" to the retro-style a la "Olympics-80".
In general, passengers can be divided into several categories: reading, sleeping, actively thinking about something his, and finally seeking. Recent frantically searches the fellow travelers on who can put the eye: To evaluate the cost of the wardrobe, the physical dignity, to make fun of disabilities (though sometimes it is necessary to indulge his vanity). It is even possible to strip and have sex. It is possible, and the response on the part of the object being studied. Then begins flirtation that may well go to the acquaintance. But more often than object and remains the subject of fantasies on the route, and, in the best case, it will be a couple of times during the process of self-satisfaction.


"Sliding Doors - mechanical voice said -: the next station "Polezhaevskaya". That's just the rush hour, and is the biggest drawback of the metro. In particular, if Violet Metro line failures with all movements and huge breaks.
Dima went to "Tekstilchshiki" where he won the vacant seats. After the assault on the train station "Barrikadnaya" the carriage was packed to overflowing. Before Dima was a man who tried in vain to stand. He soon oars arched forward arc. His stocky body clearly was not ready for such acrobatic, and he seemed about to collapse. However, the move back over, and the man finally straightened. He appeared to be 30-35 years. Thick body - Dima for classification "shkafoobrazny type". In this classification shkafoobraznost has two varieties: "normal" and "average pregnancy". The man was "shkafoobraznym normal type" - Either because he was a short period of time, or he just did not like the beer, which is unlikely, or he was trying to keep myself in shape, it is even less likely.
The proximity of the object being studied, an abundance of vegetation on the body and light clothing - all this is a good ground for the cultivation of erotic fantasies. On the peasant was a light shirt with short sleeves and pants to a tone darker. Examine the person is not able to - would have to constantly throw back his head, which is not very convenient and strange. I had to start from the fact that usually opens at the last moment.
The ability to build an anatomical model with all its features, Dima was worked out over the years. It seemed to him, could easily determine the degree of body hair distribution, size and structure of the intricacies of child-bearing body of the passenger, whom he had his eye. The latter gave him great pleasure. Length, thickness, fleshy member dickhead value the presence or absence of the foreskin, the size of the scrotum - these are a few parameters that guided Dima.
Learn what lies pants men was very convenient. In fact, everything was, as they say, at the level of the horizon, and just before his eyes. Light summer pants loose, under which, as it seemed to Dima, were ordinary boxers. Not boxers, and the same as the free and pants briefs. At one point, Dima thought that peasant there are no cowards - too in the free state were cock and balls, - however, this hypothesis is quickly brushed aside: firstly, the pants, the lighter, yet suggest the presence of a certain intermediate, and secondly, underwear for the modern man - it's like armor for the tank.
His cock is conveniently located along the right leg. And although he was guilty lowered down to a relaxing state of its size it was not small. 10-12 centimeters - this is not enough even for steamed heat and stuffiness dick. "Thick - Dima thought - thick and zalupisty". Indeed, under trousers hiding big already a member: long, fleshy and thin fabric pants and underpants neatly drawn not only the body but also the tip - you can see it was like a mushroom, with a clear boundary between the trunk and the head. Eggs were also massive - seam pants scrotum slightly divided in half; two large ball rested heavily on both sides. Powerful body!
The hour of the night. Bus from "Planrnoy" to Khimki longer walks. What to do? Money for the wheelbarrow not. Spend the night on the street? "We must put pressure on zhalos, who can throw up on the way and" - Dima mused. He reached the streets of Liberty - there is still more cars and began to vote. She stopped the car. Dima opened the front door and a plaintive voice said from a prepared text:
-- I'm in the old Khimki, but, you know: I: no money - Driver gazanul without words. Then there was Khachik, who also gazanul, but still managed a: "Ohuel, huh?"
-- You, boy, are persecuting!
-- I would love the guy, but I was in the other direction, - he said the old man touched.
-- Walking ezzhaj, once there is no money, - mumbled accustomed to such a taxi driver.
-- Sit down! - Said a voice from the next machines-"Ninth".
-- What? - Not very trusting asked Dima.
-- Sit down, I say, on the way.
Behind the wheel sat a large, but not thick, but it is a big, man. He was thirty years old. Mature. Dima could not openly consider it, and it was a bit dark. But some of the criminal could guess in him: unshaven face, burly chin, strong cheekbones, the nose with a small, like boxers, aquiline.
We drove in silence. They came to the ring road. Dima was a little scary, but do not panic - just assailed by doubts: was it worth all sit in this car. The man, meanwhile, slowed down and just behind the land transfer unexpectedly slipped to unsociable primer, hiding from Moscow for noise protection screens. Has stopped. On the right the forest, left hollow plastic fence screen, in front of the darkness. Inside, dim the lights came on and Dima saw a man with a criminal person sitting half-turned to him, to bend under her leg. Without further ado, he put a strong hand on Dima's knee and squeezed it. Then, as gently - as it should be - he said:
-- No money, kid, but there's mouth and ass! Then you will suck! So I'll fuck you!
Dima was at a loss. Of course, he wanted it, but so that it simply lowered as pituh on Parasha - it is too. For a fraction of a second thought, not only immediately filled my head, but managed to split into "Behind" and "Against". And in exactly divided equally - 50 to 50. The decision was unexpected and prompted the Dima his term, which began to swell rapidly and with difficulty placed in a bathing suit under jeans. Dick, like an arrow on the scales, pointed to the cup "Behind". Dima unexpectedly and, probably, for the most man, said:
-- I can not:
-- Sumeesh, - he said the man with a criminal person, obviously a little stunned by this revelation - we go to the bottom.
They silently move on the back seat of the car. The man legs wide apart and commanding voice said:
-- Well, Che, patstsan, got suck ....
Dima put his hand between the legs and the guy felt through the pants dick rapidly fills with blood, pulsating with.
-- Enough matzo - a man said irritably and began frantically unbuckling the belt. Dima overwhelmed with wild desire as quickly as possible to attach to the powerful dick. He began to help the peasant to unbutton his pants. The man unzipped his belt, undid the button and Dima "lightning" on the trousers. Felon in a jiffy pants pulled to his knees, remained sitting in his shorts. The free white satin shorts. His huge dick and tries to jump through the right trouser leg pant. Dima leaned closer to the man breathed his groin and a sharp but pleasant smell is not very fresh underwear. Dick throbbed. On pant fabric has a wet spot appeared. Dima licked it. Salt. He wrapped his lips head member through the panties and began slowly nadrachivat it. His right hand slowly stroked the thigh man, along which there are dick. Finally, his hand gently slipped into his trousers. Fingers buried in the scrotum. Dima began to caress and to sort out eggs like Chinese balls. They seemed to him enormous. After playing with eggs, Dima got to the member. Forefinger and thumb ring closed at the base of the trunk. He was thick and meaty - five centimeters-five and a half. Then he grabbed the dick and abruptly pulled him by the right leg. Then pulled the eggs. Member chpoknul belly-felon guy left a small wet spot. When he was throbbing, head slightly detached from the abdomen and pulling a thin thread of viscous fragrant grease. Dima tore her tongue lightly touching the holes in the foreskin, which came from this divine nectar. The man sighed heavily, his dick stiffened as a string (but what should be the tool that was so thick string!).
-- Blyayaya! Yes, it sucks! Suck it bitch!
Dima was in no hurry. He gently down the language from the top of the head on the bridle to the bottom of this huge mushroom cap. Dima did not understand - whether the guy foreskin or not: whether dickhead was so huge, that is simply the skin is unable to pull on it, or whether it simply is said erased from many of the trachea, or whether it was not at all - then a man was circumcised.
Dima took a gentle prick in her mouth, grabbed her lips and gently held her tongue around a few times. But, thinking that all the time, began to slowly descend tongue along the barrel to the eggs until they nuzzled hairy scrotum with stunning smell of sweat, urine and segments. First he caressed her tongue, then took in his mouth a huge egg and began to caress and tickle. Then he did the same with another "Chinese ball".
-- Yes! Zaebis! Well, well, well done - the man wheezed.
plenty enough "Chinese balls"Dima began to rise slowly up to the head. Again, proceed on the bridle, he touched the tip of his tongue melenko brackish viscous grease droplets. Then wrapped her lips head. Suddenly, a man-convict pushed him back on his head, trying as far as possible to plant a member. He grabbed Dima behind the ears and sharp, rough movements drives the throat his dick, as in some artificial pussy. Felon began to help themselves hips. Machine amortized and jumped like a ball. The man with the breakneck pace of rate increases. Dima did not believe that it is a huge elda completely immersed in it that he pokes his nose in the crotch, and a huge dickhead tearing his throat, reaching almost to the glands.
-- Bitch fucking nipple pussy - himself a man wound up. Dima is also excited. Suddenly, after two minutes of this furious pace, the man abruptly planted Dima to your number on the eggs, froze. His dick became even more increase in size and looked like an arrowhead that he was no longer safely pull. Gone fraction of a second, and this was the tip of the poison does not gush, and a cool drink protein. The flow of the stream, five times joined Dima throat. He barely had time to swallow. It seemed to him he is now zahlebntsya.
The man eased the pressure. The head is not crushed, as was not so far away. Only this time Dima felt the taste of semen. He is sucking dick like candy fading, enjoying its taste.

"next station "Planrnaya"Of course - in the car is almost no one there. Opposite sat a man Dima criminal type: unshaven, with massive chin and powerful cheekbones. The same man who until recently hung over him and the person whom he had never considered. On the right hand adorned wedding ring. "Lucky his wife," - Dima thought: