The case in the military
Hello dear reader!
The story that happened to me real.
It all happened in February this year. The mailbox of his home I found a very nasty piece of paper. Which states that the decision of the Repre I on account of the regional military commissariat. A few days later, I gathered all the necessary documents and the specified number by 9 o'clock in the morning came. From the beginning, we read a lecture on military service, and then divided into 2 groups. The first group went to pass the doctors, and the second write tests. I found myself in the second. Tests were three, and answer the questions I graduated, somewhere in an hour. After the test, I was sent to a medical examination. I did not lucky though I came first but worthy of the same honor I could not at the reception. We were called by name and my last name ends with "I". Having almost all doctors, I found myself at the door of the surgeon. In the recruiting office, I was the first time, but the stories of classmates worst doctor there was a surgeon. So it was the guys who came into the room to see a doctor after some time out from there with red and confused. After a while in the corridor was only me and a few other doctors to run around on the floors. The last guy came out and it was my turn.
I walked into the office and literally stunned. In the office sat a cute nurse 25 years, blonde with 4 breast size. She told me to undress to their underwear without paying any attention to me. When she saw me, she smiled. Of course. I was pretty slim and inflated, gym.
My growth was 176 cm. And weighs 64 kg.
Then she sat down at the table and began to fill the paper. I had already started to dress but she said that this is not the entire inspection. The nurse asked me to come closer to her and pull the shorts. That's exactly what I did. She examined me, then I picked up a couple of times line struck her in the trunk of the penis. Then she told me to bend over. That's exactly what I did. To touch my balls, she went to the door and closed it. This alarmed me a little and I was as a bent posture remained. The doctor came and said that I stood up. I wanted to pull the pants that were lying on the floor but she came to them and said that I would have them all shot. Then he followed a blow to the head and I passed out.
I woke up only after 10 minutes. I was tied to the couch. On my nipples were standing pegs and so will draw a wiring member was. A minute into the office two nurses entered one of them was a surgeon. With the words this is our patient, they began to undress. I asked what you're doing.
What happened. But one of the nurses handing over his lace panties stuffed them in my mouth and saying, if I'm going to scream it would break my face moved. Stripped to the goal both The doctor began to fondle my penis and testicles. 30 seconds later I had finished sprinkling a woman doctor on the face. She let the words on labor, took out of my mouth panties and sat on his face. He said start with the priests and then proceed to the vagina. As I licked from one woman doctor, the other sat her vagina on my dick after brushing him some ointment. She had a very narrow hole. Perhaps she have not fucked. Such torture is a long time I could not resist and ended minutes later 3. After a short break vrachiha swapped the one who fucked me sat on my face saying that I licked her pussy, which is poured out and its juices, mixed with my sperm. After 10 minutes I came in 3 times and passed out.
I woke up already dressed. Although I have a little ache nipples and ass. More half-naked nurses gave me into the hands of my medical records, and with it they said that a little play with my ass while I was sedated.
Outside of the office I opened the medical card in which lay the panties that were in my mouth. And yet there was a written diagnosis of flat feet even though I was completely healthy.
So I did not go into the army because of the woman doctor and his priest.