It was a hot summer, it's time to love and sex with hot sea, the most naked girls, summer cafes with live music and nemerenno quantities of beer, which seems to never end. Just this summer and it's time to gardening and a good third of the city just lived in the gardens or frequently stayed there. We went to the garden and even in the bath. It was very comfortable, our garden was just outside the city just a forty minute drive. He was in the old times of tuning gardening, long-lived-in, comfortable, with all amenities, well, there is water and light, the real gardening, beautiful and green-covered long ago overgrown home garden trees and shrubs. Houses in horticulture were cozier one another because they were completed a long time ago and rebuilt many times. And all the neighbors knew each other and talked as though living side by side.
Our cottage was cozy, two-story kotedzhem with lots of furniture and appliances inside the dragged out of the city, after we updated everything. With furnished rooms, a comfortable kitchen and a beautiful renovated everywhere. He stood the whole surrounded by trees, apple and cherry trees, in general, a small summer paradise for the urban dweller. But the special pride of our garden was a bath. Which my father, a great lover of warm up, built with special predilection. It has been specially made for large companies, large with a powerful boiler, a large waiting room, very nice obdelannaya inside, in general, everything was done in order to show off to all your friends, whom he did not have enough. What father every Saturday and used to make bath melting and collecting a lot of guests on bathing, inviting their entire families, then fun sitting at the table. And my friends, too, were no exception, and on the Saturday bath chastenko came paru- three of my friends. In general, all udovlstviem washed and steamed. It was our good years, beloved tradition. However, on Saturday the father had other plans with my friends and my sister were concerns with the bride and she did not come, though, and their name. Father waved to friends with an overnight stay on a fishing trip off somewhere far away in the countryside. And in a bath of wishing it was just me and three of my friends and my mother and my mother's friend, Aunt Lena.
We are with all the guys were already twenty-two, twenty-three, we have long served in the army and worked. Just walking along as before the army, with pleasure burning through the youth in cafes and saunas with the girls. And today we decided pomytsya and then drink beer after the bath-house, and are conveniently located in the hallway on the ground floor, on the couch, in front of the TV waiting for the readiness of the bath and his turn as the first wash of course had to go to a woman. They waited on the second floor in one of the rooms. I am to twenty hours melted bath. Usually we do this before, but the people did not, and I bet the mom and aunt Lena pomoyut an hour, and after nine and we are with all the guys. And pleased by the result, he went upstairs to call her mother and aunt Lena wash. Knocking I opened the door and told them that the room is ready. They sat on the bed and talked about the chm-.
- Well we go - my mother said.
My mother was a beautiful woman 40 years old, of medium height, with blond hair, clipped by a square, a charming face, with beautiful eyes, lips soft and juicy. With a slightly plump figure, with grudyu4 size and lush ass with his hips and delicious, sweet form, women's legs. Her friend Lena was one of the neighbors at the cottage and constantly came to visit my mother. She also spent the night in one weekend at the cottage, without a husband, and she and her mother were always together chatting about the chm-. She was pomladshe mother for a couple of years, a beautiful woman with a graceful figure of a flat tummy with grudyu2 size, neat ass and slim female legs, long hair and an attractive face.
I went and sat with the guys on watch TV on the couch. We had fun sitting and talking is not about anything, just joking and laughing. Past us and went down with towels and Pocket mom and aunt Lena, to my mother was wearing a light robe, and Aunt Lena dzhintsovye shorts and T-shirt. We started talking about anticipation bath. And that was as it is now a good idea to organize a bathhouse girls, so it would be a real sauna. Even I began to reason someone how much money seriously intending to call into a treasured office, but the money has been strained, and his old friend, who we called, it was not up to us.
- And can women join in the bath - suddenly offered Yurik.
- Who - I podvozmutilsya.
All with surprise and incomprehension stared at him, thinking that he was delirious.
- Come on are you seriously, I have great respect, we gently with love, carefully, very carefully, we are normal guys, can and very nicely done, serve them in full, at the same time and themselves natrahalsya. - Begged me, and all he had.
- So go try to offer import jokingly said to him, Kostya.
- Yeah and then you come to us say that you are laughing otvetili- added Vitek.
- And that offer is now undress before the goal, go through the towels in the bath, go naked and do with them what we want, that the first time chtoli women take, they just give the bare, we young stallions, for the happiness of their will- explained Yurik.
I sank in my heart, I remembered the room we did not lock from the inside, as always knew who it was washed in turn. And the boys quite seriously discussing the possibility of sex with my mother and aunt Lena.
- And if not, already I asked seriously Vitek.
- Well, there is no way, they laugh, then laugh will remember how we to them in the bath naked trying hall, I first reported to zaydu- Yurik.
All fell silent, thinking plan seems true.
- Not well, what are you, and how I there my mother, my father-I was trying to discuss.
- Come Seryoga You know how your father is resting with the guys there, they then just bring the girls were taken, and who makes you with her mother making love, love Aunt Lena. - Replied Yurik.
- And we do not break off that night, and women like to let the boys finished reshaytes- Jura.
- Yes, however, where we are now, take the girls and those fuck all night, they are just a joy will- agreed Kostya.
- Yes, their pussies will be in vain to dry. Well consent, I pro- Vitek said.
- Well, see for yourself, you live pridu- then I gave the nod.
- Yes, of course, come come when hochesh-
happily thanked me Yura.
- Well, little boys, quickly undress and run as long as there trahat- who gave joy to all the team Yurik.
We quickly undressed on the couch and turning jib towels ran the bath. I was the last. He ran to the bath we ran on tiptoes waiting room, threw off his towel in it and flew naked in the bath. We did so quickly, and that women do not have time to wonder. Especially because in their mouth at once we dug our lips, but their bodies were immediately in our hands. Yurik ran the first bit into my mother's lips, hugged and threw it on the shelves, and the second hand caressing her breasts, and Kostya apart and holding her hands dug his feet into the mouth of her pussy. I embraced Aunt Lena as she stared into the mouth lips and threw it on the shelves, too, and Vitek did not see fit to do her cunnilingus stood between her legs and started her pussy hand. Aunt Lena almost immediately began to respond to the kiss, it was evident that she though of surprise and stunned but delighted by this development, and actively involved in the participation in sex. My mother was tense and at first tried to push Eureka, but he held her tightly, and not giving anything to do covered a famous French kiss her lips, and Kostya vovs wielded tongue between her legs, my mother a little more posoprotivlyatsya and relaxed, surrendering to the guys, giving them affection. Suddenly Aunt Lena screamed in my hands, I looked down, Witek apart her legs planted in her his penis.
I dug his lips in her chest. Soon I heard the hard vsdohnula my mom. Kostya finished her do cunnilingus, stood up and spread her legs and put her in ... his penis. Yurik pulled his dick to my mother's mouth and began to tease them toying her mouth, her lips, trying to catch him. Fuck mom and aunt Lena began. Our members have reigned supreme in the wet pussy and mouth women. Two women smoothly slid on the shelf, their breasts and lips kissing guys and others parted their legs and holding them in your hands steadily filled and emptied their pussies its members, smoothly taking off and putting them on their trunks, making their pussies slide on it and stretch for the whole of their length, until the member does not rested deep inside their body. Mom and Aunt Lena moaning louder and louder warming up to each other and to the beat accelerates their movements to fuck guys. Yurik stopped Kostya lifted mom with shelf, turned his back to the Coast, sat on the bench and pulled his mother by mouth to his penis, bent it to bone cancer. Mom obeying having played along her boyfriend and gradually sank to a member of Eureka mouth and a little kissing and poigrayas with him around his own lips, Kostya was fucking her from behind in the pussy cancer, which is my mother's passion gave a blowjob. I'm right on the shelf by turning the head lying on the back of Aunt Lena also gave her mouth. Kostya already being pecked mom pussy cancer that has prevented her to do a blowjob, because she wanted all the time to surrender to postonat and pecked her rear member completely on what not distracted. But Kostya did not let her finish. They were interrupted.
Yurik sat on the bottom step, my mother turned her back to him and sat on his lap, planted on his dick pussy and began to fuck rising and falling on it, Kostya came up to her front and put it in his mouth. At that time I fucked from behind doggy style pussy sucking at Vic Aunt Lena. Then we put them cancer in the regiment, and I was by turns fucking them from behind in the pussy and giving into his mouth sitting on a shelf bringing them to ecstasy. Then we put them on the floor on his knees, and finished them in the mouth and face, their sperm Bay face. FIHM we all laughed, all were clearly pleased with bathhouse. We boys were sitting on the shelf, and washed, and the woman on the bottom step of communicating with us kindly and cute as mistress sucking our members sometimes. Suddenly my mother crawled up to me and playfully mysterious smile and said gently:
- Well, as cute like - and with these words I say Ned grabbed my cock lips.
- Y y y y admiration boys howled.
Then we having washed all went into the house, obvrnutye in towels. First woman, and a little later we will, so as not to attract attention.
- Thanks to Sergei, that allow, I'll say that they ponravitsya- triumphantly Yurik thanked me when we were alone in the bath.
- Let it be something to remember - supported Kostya.
- Well, we still have the whole night ahead, ladies do not mind - all set up Yurik.
Arriving at the house we ate a few drinks and had a complete debauch on the young. We fucked them once wanted by three twos, forced them to suck and to please us. Rastrahali mother and aunt Lena all the holes in the trash, especially sweet ass.
And I fall asleep with them on the beds. In the morning we woke up and had breakfast again met by the women. Then we each went about his business. However, we all remember this happiness bathing. And once even repeated it, but without Aunt Lena, trahnuv four of my mother, and I do sometimes he made love to her on occasion ...