Lick at Chicherina!
This story happened a year ago. I - slightly crazed fan of this young singer. Accidentally met her after a concert in the city, I decided that I like. In just three months "incubation period" I realized that I live only Julia, Julia's sake. I understand that if I see her again - go crazy.
Collect things, took some money, I came to Moscow. To find her apartment was not so difficult. Julia has performed in one of the clubs. After the concert, I got into the car and drove home. And I - for her. By taxi the same club.
I began my duty. House Chicherina - standard panel shestnadtsatietazhka in a residential area. Near its entrance, I spent a few days, will not particularly care for. Is that a grocery store, and sometimes in a cafe. It was summer, warm outside. So without dwelling I had cost quite easily. And a couple of days and found all nearby empty garage with overhead, but not locked with a key lock.
A few days later, I knew the whole routine Yulin. Where and why she was leaving, naturally, I could not know. But how many - I knew. Now I had the need to be on duty at the entrance not krglye day, and only "time X".
By the second day, I began to learn the tenants. Basically - older women. Most of them looked warily at the young man, constantly staring at the windows of the house, the driveway to the door.
Anyone suitable for the role of husband-lover-friend Julia I have not found. Yes, together with Julia were young guys. But all of them within my sight distance kept with the girl, and changed constantly.
The life of Julia seemed to me even more beautiful than in videos, magazines, photo on the Internet. But most of all I was fascinated by Julia's determination and confidence with which she did everything perfectly. Even open the car door.
On the fourth day, it seemed to me that I, too, Julia learned. Anyway, when it came out at ten in the morning on the porch of access, she looked around the courtyard. And second of three detained his eyes on me. However, no emotion on her face I saw.
Once I entered the porch and watched the exact Chicherina lives. Eighth floor, to the left. Crept up, I kissed the knob:
On the fifth day I got the first trophy - Yulin butt. With traces of her lipstick. I licked him at midnight, and then hid in a poly bag.
On the sixth day Julia is already staring straight at me. One time, the second took it without taking his eyes from me. The third time, she showed me the middle finger. Fuck! I was happy and glad. And fingers happy and a grimace of irritation.
On the seventh day Chicherin gave me a gift. She spoke to me: - You Th is trash, a fan ?! If you do not return to fall down, personally I otpinayu!
I replied to this silly joyful mug.
And in the evening I was waiting for the return of Yulia's already in the stairwell. Under her door.
When the elevator doors opened on the site immediately floated the smell of perfume and alcohol. Julia was one on my happiness.
- And it's you, you freak! Remember what I told you today? - On the Yule was the topic, skinny jeans and heavy boots. In my opinion, Martins. Yes, the same ones. With a plug of titanium noses. Dressed in a shoe leg easily breaks the glass bottles. Moreover, as the nose and soles. - I remember - through excitement, I barely managed a word. - Well, Che then tarry, become cancer.
I never thought to disobey his feminine ideal. He jumped up, put his hands on the wall and bent. Chicherina fled to the stairwell and gave a strong kick my ass. The pain was strong. I muffled whimper, closed his eyes, but did not stand still.
- Hey, I like you! - Julia said unexpectedly. - Come on! - She took the keys and invited me to his apartment.
Contrary to my expectations, the situation in the apartment of Chicherina was modest. Old furniture, ordinary stereo, computer with 15-inch monitor. Is that the home theater was an impressive sight. Easy mess, three empty bottles in the corner and one under the coffee table. Julia collapsed in the big chair.
- Do you love me, then? - Oh, really: strong! Julia! - I was cut suddenly speechless. - I'm here on duty for seven days. Exactly one week. During this time, I never will not depart more than a hundred meters. I love you Yulya! And ready for you any hardship. Become a minute ago pear for your shoes - the highest joy for me since the time of our first chance meeting: - How to find an address? - Chicherina interrupted me. - Track machine to a night club. - Nimble .. You say you're done for me? - She waited a moment, looking into my eyes. The answer was read in them only one - in the affirmative. - Kiss my shoes.
I just rushed to obey orders Yulin. I kissed, licked, swallowed shoes, hit me on the ass. I felt so excited, what there was still never in my life. Crazy-intoxicating.
- OK OK. It sucks! - Chicherina scratched between his legs. Julia stood with his legs apart. - Do you want to kiss mom pussy? - Yes: - a sense of reality, I lost a long time ago.
Chicherin took my head in both hands and led her between her legs. Blue jeans, soft and delicate, fly, unbuttoned in the quarter: I kissed beneath his pants. From there emanated a warm and slightly spicy guessed ladies fragrance.
- Quickly into the bathroom, wash up! Back dress is not necessary.
In the water treatment it took ten minutes. It would be desirable, of course, will come back, but a week of field conditions took their toll. And I was very afraid that Julia during this time will have time to forget about me and go to sleep. And I so wanted to continue!
After a swim, I dried off with a towel, and returned to the room completely naked. Chicherin did not sleep. She had changed, and now sat in a chair in a T-shirt and a bottle of beer in his hand.
Seeing me, Julia put her feet on the armrests and leaned slightly forward body: - lick on, friend, I am an ass!
Kneeling, I brought his face close to Julia's ass. Popa had nothing to do with those colleagues whom I had seen before. The elastic, tightened, with a gentle tan on it was not zhirinki nor hairs. In a word - perfectly groomed. The only thing that betrayed possessor priests rock singer - a small tattoo of a mysterious content at the top of the left buttock.
Protruding tongue gently touched mezhyagodichnoy trough. Barely perceptible skin taste did not reduce my impression of what is happening. Everything in me screamed discordantly: "I lick the ass Julia Chicherina! I lick the ass Chicherina !!!".
Language was held up in the valley and found the anus. Licking him, I caught a slightly bitter taste, different from the others. "This is probably the taste of Yulia's crap:" - Flashed through my head.
And then something unexpected happened. Julia farted relish. And she did it right in my mouth. Spicy stench was by no means repugnant to me - just like everything about Julia. On the contrary, the gas from chicherinskoy priests sweet drunk.
- Liked? - Came from heaven the voice of Julia Chicherina, somehow mocking. - Yeah - I'm the pope said the singer.
... And immediately I received a second dose. According to the pressure it could only be described as a volley. Because Brownian motion under the pressure of the gas molecules happened with me and under the tongue, and cheek, and around the lips and nostrils. I almost lost consciousness.
- If there's a guy's mouth, so the guy does not freak out - Julia paraphrased an old song "stag". - Okay, it's time you finish.
In order to follow, I examine Chicherina sofa bed, the bed linen, waited until Julia dive under the covers. When all this happened, I put his head between her legs, and began "ready for bed" (This was Julia's expression). In other words, he began to lick her pussy.
Honestly, I did not carry out such a procedure I have long. During the time that has passed since the last licks (as I did kunniling her neighbor), my tongue had zaderevenet order. It was not felt when I performed simple actions with shoe and ass. But pussy demanded great skill and constant training. Ten minutes later, the language has become, stiffen, then it start to reduce, headache: Do not know what would have ended the matter, but Julia had finished. Arched up, he knocked elbows and pushed the sheet from the pussy on my face. She moaned softly and hoarsely, but for a long time and with passion.
"Having prepared Julia to sleep"I thought about the end of its current mission, and look for a different place on the floor. Five minutes later, when I had already decided that she was asleep, she got to her feet flexible, stood over me and hugged his feet my head on both sides.
- Open your mouth, - she said, looking down at me. I obeyed. - Now I'm in it Posse, - with these words Chicherina crouched began to write directly into my mouth. Salt urine, re- leased from pussy under strong pressure, was a stunning dessert. I had long since lost the ability to think something. So he tried to swallow in a purely mechanical moisture. Where there! Depart just two mouthfuls, rest poured urine on my face on the floor. I lay the whole mess on the floor, and Chicherin, ending in silence, like a cat gently jumped on the couch and fell silent.
Good night, Julie!