Miracles ST. Part 2
Relax, I did not have time. The coupe came Ala. Already familiar pink gown with white herons seemed to relatives and friends, as well as myself smiling girl. She wrapped her neck and pressed me to his young body.
- Well done, - she whispered to me on the lips.
Embracing slender body was nice. Even after a triple load and diversity girlish figures Alia seemed charming ... and desirable.
- We try as best we can - I joked. - Your sweetheart is happy?
- Happy - smile touched her lips. - Now it is necessary to feed our hero. Get in the corner. We will prepare refreshments.
- Right in the corner - I saddled resentful look.
- You should be protected, - he explained the girl, half seriously. - We are three, and you're the one. So sit down and gain strength.
- Are you - are going to continue? - I blurted out.
- Be sure - it rubbed off on me. - You only have all whetted.
- I did not have - I tried to stop such intense activity.
- Enough, enough, - he assured Ala. - We will take care of.
She let go of me, pushed his palm down on the bed. There was nothing left to do, how to get to the specified location, and from there to watch all the events.
Came others. Coupe was filled with hubbub. I was able to see the relationship between the girls. Light remains on the sidelines. It felt female flexibility that appeals to men as the lead in the game. The peculiar charm of a leisurely, charming and attractive yielding came from her. However, the light was lost in the vigorous activity of Lena and Ali. They fussed around me, exchanging words and expressions, making fun of each other.
No hesitation was not. I was admitted to the campaign as a full member of the - in the literal and figurative sense of the word. During the bustle gown floor could open the eyes and chest, and leg, and intimate place. But no one was in a hurry to hide behind. Everyone knew that I was able to see and try all. So why be shy? If, moreover, the front were drawn and more candid scenes. These three girls can attack me all at once. Before me stood up "unobtrusive" question - whether I can cope with all?
- All. Sit down, - declared Lena.
At this time in the area, I sent Alu. She got there, clinging tightly to me his hip. Lena and Light, as "guests" in our compartment, seated on the opposite side. As a single man, I was honored to be a butler, ie pour into impromptu glass of red wine that the girls put on the table. I found it quite reasonable. Eat more strong drink is not worth it. On the eve of the evening, and the conductors of a new zeal did not want to feel your body of alcohol in a high temperature.
- For acquaintance - I suggested a toast, trying to stick to shorts and tank, in imitation of one famous movie character.
- To everyone's satisfaction, - he picked up Lena.
- So nice to feel satisfied, - said Alya.
- You got until the most.
- It was necessary rasprobovat.
- Girls - I intervened. - Let's drink, that all was well.
- For this it is necessary to drink a little more ... - Lena offered.
- ... and stronger.
Both girls probably have long known each other. They were friends and learned to understand the thoughts without words, so say in unison. That's just their desire to work and leadership are sometimes faced with each other, bringing an element of tension. I enjoyed their company and compensate for their forces.
- Stop - I ordered, when the girls began to argue again.
Three pairs of eyes were fixed on me.
- Offer all drink a glass of wine and go to a nice mother.
- Or without them, - Lena giggled.
- It is possible and without them, - I said, smiling at her insistence.
- This is corruption, - expressed her opinion the Light.
- So what? We have to do here and gathered.
- Somehow strange - she hesitated.
- Itself recently said you wanted to try.
- That was a warning, - tried to justify Light.
- To frighten, or to be witty - Stalking Lena. - But come the same here?
- You pushed me.
- You may think you do not like it - put his word Alya.
Amy's face flooded with color. Openly talking with a man on such topics, it was not used.
- Do not be afraid Svetik - cheered her Lena. - We'll not give offense. And you can not give up the pleasure. Our female nature you need to visit us between the legs often. And this ought to make an effort and entice future guests. That he was strong and powerful.
- Yeah. As the Russian language - Alia giggled.
- Language, by the way, bring to orgasm, not worse. Itself is told how to have fun for the first time.
- I still aches at the thought of it - admitted Ala.
- Therefore, we must seize the moment while you can. I myself would not mind once again to have sex with such a skilful man. For Alcove not talking. She yesterday the whole evening and night spent in bed, and now rubs beside.
- And I do not hide. I want - honestly I answered the girl.
- I want too. And Svetka wants. In the eyes can see, though, and blushes. Only here we have one man.
- Oh, you are my anxious - Alu I hugged her shoulders.
- And we are not concerned - immediately she said.
- We're the same people-men, - Lena said. - We also want good sex. And to achieve orgasm.
- How do you, for example - admitted Ala.
Trusting, happy expression girl calling ... look ... I could not help but hug Alu shoulders, clung to his lips. She said with all his youthful vigor.
- See how Alka swam, - came the voice of Lena. - It is not often fall to us is ...
- Yep - he agreed to Light.
After playing in languages, we finally broke apart. I looked at the other girls. As they took the unceremonious trick. Kiss has not cast them in shyness, and was perceived as something samorazumeyuscheesya in a similar situation.
- You see, - Lena looked straight into my eyes. - Many people try to find place you in a secluded corner, polapat and quickly shove ...
Alya leaned back to me, to attach a hand to his chest. She did not hesitate. He behaved as if I were not a random ... companion, whom I saw for the first time last night ... almost the day before.
- At the same time he had in mind only one thing - to achieve pleasure, discharge ... - continued the Lena time. - And then back off to the side. And with such a silly expression on his face asked, "You good?".
- It was - noticed the light, continuing an impromptu conversation Lena. - But it is not fully realized.
- Uh-huh, - Alya assent nodded.
She enjoyed my lungs reaped chest. In a sign of approval, she puts her palm of my hand.
- I was in such a state, to also achieve orgasm, and he - in the direction of ... - complained to Lena. - Ready to at least sit down on the finger ...
- "You okay?" - Fooling around, repeated World.
- Wait - Lena responded. - Bra only poglazhu.
- How? - Portrayed Light surprise. - Today you are not in the mood? Or become frigid?
- With such clever men become ... - angrily said Lena.
- You will find yourself a normal guy - cheered her friend Alya.
- I'm what? Locate - I agreed to Lena. - That this - she nodded in my direction.
- Thank you - I returned her smile as a compliment to my abilities.
- You beat her I will not - has promised to Lena, casting an eloquent glance at a couple of our hugs.
- Not received - said Alya. - Is that a "temporary use" ...
The girls laughed cheerfully. The situation immediately discharged.
- For you, uncontrollable - I took a moment and toast.
They all supported me.
- The most important thing that a man has got a good, - said Lena, sending circle sausage in his mouth.
- How do you - Alya pressed my hand more to himself, pressing the flesh of his chest.
- Maybe it changed? - He proposed to girlfriend Lena.
- No way - very clearly and distinctly said Alya.
- What have you charmed her?
- Itself I do not know?
- The fact of the matter that I know. I tried.
- Who refuses from such happiness.
- And I - as the triple fell - and I put in a word. - You are good girl - immediately explained his idea.
- Even when sexual abuse? - Alia asked, trying to look into his eyes.
- Your depravity of your concerns - I gave his vision of the issue.
- Here's how! - Lena cried.
- If you do not get hung up on sex ...
- And if you inflamed us so that we can not stop? - I pounced on me with the question of Lena.
- So it is necessary to debauchery, - I smiled.
- We debauchery! - Happy Ala.
Without delay a second, she raised my hand, lowered the floor of her dressing gown off the shoulder, opening the chest and attach my hand already on the naked flesh. His fingers felt the smooth skin of naked girl's breast, its firmness and warmth.
By their actions, like Ala opened the stopper, releasing out the spirit of the game, excitement and sex. Her friends, silently watching her actions. Lena got up, opened the robe and pointedly dropped from their shoulders. Completely naked she sat on the other side of me. She pressed her chest against the shoulder, leaned forward. Alya easily pressed his hand on my head, pointing to his lips girlfriend.
Lena was in no hurry. She kissed thoroughly, putting their desire and arousal. This girl knew what she wanted, and she knew how to do it. I like drinking from the source of desire, rocking body and mind.
When we broke apart, Lena licked the tip of his tongue his lips, showing his willingness to continue the game and have fun. In the eyes discernible mischief debauchery.
Turning to Ale, I saw her languid eyes and willingness to plunge into the world of physical pleasure. Pretty Girl. She was so excitable and desirable, so close ... This time she kissed passionately, pressing her lips to me and opening his mouth like Galchonok.
Lena's hand unceremoniously climbed into my pants and took possession of it hid farm. Applying the effort she did not have, the excitement has already embraced me, driving blood to the rebellious flesh. However, to be a prisoner of the female pen proved a catalyst for him, filled with tension and aching desire to put immediately into action.
After the kiss Alya I was breathing hard, full of excitement. Alya was in the same condition. She immediately began to take off her robe to stay in the costume of Eve and appear in all its natural glory.
The only person who is not involved in this revelation to each other, remained light. She sat opposite him and watched us. Catching my eye, Lena looked at her friend.
- What do you sit? - Realized she poluvzglyada. - Lock the door, take off your clothes and come here.
- Debauchery so to the fullest - summarized Alya, again hugging me already completely naked.
Light stood up and walked to the door. In her movements discernible hesitation. She still could not throw himself into the vortex of temptation.
- What are you sitting there, "skidavay boots, power changed", - Lena pounced on me.
I looked at her surprised look. It seems really "power has changed." Previously, I had to conquer all and win, now the girls themselves took for me. Their grasping the handles, I was bound and silenced. And the most interesting that I was not trying to escape from the captivity of the charming.
- Yes, ma'am - I snapped.
Right before standing light, I pulled off his pants only, revealing a ready to "fight" weapon. Returning to the place, he took the girls into his arms, to arrange my sides. All three of us have seen the light. She was in the crosshairs of our views. How and why did she do this? For me, a female soul still remains in the dark. With a slight smile, which meant that she knows what makes an impression, and understands what it has impact on me, she took off her clothes graceful slow movements. This was not a show. It was a strip of excitement. Women's seductiveness in the calm and beautiful movements of the body are rounded. Just as she gracefully walked over to us and quietly sat down on one knee, hip pinning me to stress the "dignity". She put her hands on his shoulders and dug a kiss with all his passion.
I think I was one on one with three nymphet. They "eat" me at a time !!! God save my sinful soul ... but after you give to enjoy the three Graces. Graces are able to enjoy not only the proximity of the man but also took pleasure in fondling a woman's body. I noticed how Alya, hand caressed his chest Sveta and Lena kissed her behind ... in the neck.
Freeing his hand, I entered the Light between the legs. Those willingly parted letting me. I touched a treasured place .. swollen sponge and plenty of grease, he said that she was excited and ready for a long time. Apparently our conversations and games were not lost on her.
My only chance in this race, sex, bring the girls to ecstasy first, yet remained the strength and not the long-awaited painful discharge. It was necessary to act quickly on their most erogenous zones.
Without hesitation, I raised the Light, slightly turned and landed directly on his spear of love. It became soft and loose in damp, warm interior. She moaned softly and arched, pressing her back to me. Her hand slipped on my neck. Chest Amy was exposed forward. Alia and Lena were not slow to take advantage of it and clung to the nervous papillae.
Embracing the Light, I touched his fingers to her singular points. Lady pierced like a shock. After issuing a drawl, "Ah-ah-ah," she began to move vigorously, trying to introduce himself my body as it was the most enjoyable.
I also had to distribute attention among all the girls. Alia and Lena, passed away not to caress her friend paid me her lovely lips and nimble tongues. It distracted me from immediate action and made it possible to prolong the pleasure. They helped me. Lazcano Light and charged me with energy.
The combined efforts culminated in success. Light stiffened, tightened and froze in the ecstasy of orgasm. I held her body, soaking her bliss. Satisfied smiling girlfriends, said that they are satisfied with pleasure, pour in the body of Amy.
Gusty turn of the head, eagerly stretching ruining ... She glared at me, splashing his fortune in a kiss. What a nice feeling it. It filled me with that same energy and excitement that I could pass the rest.
- Thank you, - whispered tired light.
She smiled and stood up to make room for another.
I had to choose from the remaining two. Depraved and excited Lena and the same insatiable Aley. I chose Lena because subconsciously wanted to get a discharge and to feel the sweetness of satisfaction is to Aley.
- Come here, my beauty, - I beckoned to the girl.
Lena did not have to persuade. She slid off the shelf and took up a position in which it was only light. Perhaps, in these circumstances, it was the most reasonable posture. Light also took a seat beside me. An reshuffle. The first round I survived. We had to play second.
Again dive into the mysterious, entailing and the long-awaited women's insides. Again, girlish body pressed against me. Again, desire and lust possess us. And I have to endure, survive ... well, that I do not work basically, but it would have been covered in sweat and strain, when you lose control and bites with all the power in the desired lust.
Our quartet started its program. My hands are the hands of Ali and the light enveloped the body of Lena. His lips touched the skin, the tongues teased. Unbridled energy Lena splashed in the Head, in swiftness. She almost pressed me against the wall when the fingers worked on her sensual place.
The second ecstasy shook our company. Lena bent forward. I just had to hold her by the waist, to prevent the girl from falling. Its nature squeezed my tool inside, demanding discharge, irrigation, not wanting to give him and enjoying his presence. I barely restrained himself, knowing that the ending is near, but not now.
- You are the devil - Lena straightened.
She turned to me and gave me a kiss full of tenderness and gratitude.
- Go - it ceded its place and me Ale.
- Come, - I repeated after Lena, Alu pulling the hand to him.
Reshuffle ... and Alya is already sitting on my lap. Her alluring ass nice elastic pressure on the foot and mouth - sweet and intoxicating. Without saying a word, she caught me hand and turned and sent a. Alya immediately sank. He has thrown his hands on my neck and pressed his whole slender body. It seemed to me merged and absorbed simultaneously. We are united in their desire to meet each other. I felt every cell of her body, her desire and arousal. And she felt me. When the climax came close when I felt a suitable seed for eruption, Ala shrank to me and whispered:
- In me.
- No, I - I wanted to oppose this.
- To me! - Demanded the girl.
I just wanted to raise it, but did not. Pleasure exploded up the trunk and poured in Teflon. The girl bent. Stone rolled through the compartment. We reached the summit of pleasure together. In the true peak, when both he and she together. However, in all.
Reality returned by leaps and bounds. So I wanted to stay in the world of sweet sensations, which is owned by me just now. But the information from the outside and crushes the barriers broke into a wide stream of consciousness.
- That's who we are real giants - Lena smiled sideways.
- Next time I'll be the last, - joked and Light.
Its stiffness is gone, along with clothes and tested ecstasy. In this atmosphere of naked bodies, the smell of sweat and sex had no place for modesty.
- Wonder - I Ale said.
- And you - Magician, - she said.
- And do not say - caught Lena. - To be able to meet once three ... It is truly a miracle!
- You may ascribe my magical abilities - I joked.
- Everything can be - a mysterious half-smile Amy.
- We need to think, joker Lena. - It is possible that you possess them. Otherwise explain the phenomenon is not possible.
- Fuck you, - stood up for me, Alya, easily pushing the cam girlfriend.
Lena laughed.
- Enough rage - I intervened, putting out any conflict in the bud - let's get busy.
- How? - With a cheerful effrontery asked Lena.
- Let's tidy - I suggested.
- Light head - praised Ala.
- I am now - picked up the light and began to clean up.
- Let us all together - I ordered.
The initiative should take into their own hands.
- Yes, - said Sutovsky Ala.
Without any hesitation, they bustled around the house, while showing me her naked body.
- Just seen a man with business acumen - she said with humor.
- To all should be approached thoroughly, - I said to her, putting sausage in a package.
- It's like me - picked up the girl.
- In order to thoroughly suits you? - Repeated World.
- ...Chances were, - said Alya.
- According to both the first and the second.
- And what about the third? - I could not resist the question.
I looked at Lena, the way her breasts swaying as she moves, oblivious to their nakedness. It is possible to enjoy life and to be naked. She was ready to have sex right now. In the same way as the Ala ...
I suddenly realized that he did not understand a woman's desire to surrender. What motivates them? What feelings raging inside? Disclose to you mastered? Submit to have fun? ...
As a man I knew the feelings that possessed me in contact with a woman. To bend, to win, to break into the holy of holies. In my raging desire to learn, to take her in his arms, to hide her body. This is all in order to get inside and hear a groan of pleasure ... And it feels SHE? What feelings ITS attract like a magnet to the man? What sensations it receives, giving him? Surrender to enjoy e ... it sounds very attractive.
Thoughts raced at a gallop. Around fussing girl cleaning table from the remnants of our lunch-dinner. I realized that now we will be constantly touching naked bodies, feel their excitement ... and there will be no barriers between us and our passions ...
At some moment I realized that the compartment is not suited for mass orgies. Of course, you can adapt to everything. We have already tried to do this. But here everything was designed for separation, boundary into two halves. Two shelves, two bed ... and separating them pass - the border, with a table instead of discretionary pillar.
- Girls!
- What?
- Does not it seem to you that there will be a bit crowded?
- Why?
- Where closely?
- There is enough space ...
They do not understand me. Women's logic is difficult to understand because it is guided by feelings, and equally unpredictable and changeable, as well as feelings. At least for us - men.
- Together, we are not fit - I patted beside him.
- And what we just did? - First I reacted Ala.
- In the same position ... - I shook my head. - There are only two will fit. And the rest? - I asked a leading question.
- And there's enough for two, - supported a girlfriend Lena, patting the bed, palm, copying my gesture.
- We split into pairs? Or set the place?
This question forced to pay attention to "plan the upcoming company." How are we going to organize joint merrymaking, if we have to split up? Or the girls are not against it? If I am the one, then the other two would make love with each other? May be. But I had a feeling that this version of the distribution is not the best solution.
- Nothing, - expressed her opinion Lena. - Arrange.
The Russian "maybe". How many times have you rescued us. Now, if this separation to remove ...
- Fill to pass anything - in unison with his own thoughts, I said.
- I lie here - threw her hands up in the gay fervor Alya, who was standing in the middle.
- Only mattress podstelil - told her Light.
- Similarly, - he picked up Lena. - Make the bottom of the third. Podstelil mattresses and arrange a real orgy.
- Even better enclose something under the mattress - I kept thinking. - To equalize with shelves.
- What You set? - Asked Alya. - Bags will not be enough.
- Not survive - skeptical about Lena.
What's the truth. Bags obviously not withstand the weight of even one person, let alone all of us. We had something hard, square. As the box ...
- Idea! - I cried, remembering his luggage.
- Let your idea - demanded Ala.
He did not have to explain. Those same boxes that traveled with me, could play the role of supports that we needed. In passing they became. It has been tested during loading. They possess good strength. On crates lay mattresses from our shelves ... shelf ... we leave the sheets and turn a coupe into a solid bed ...
- Why pull off mattress? - Lena asked. - You can take them with us.
- And how are you? - I was surprised.
- So here we are going to - she laughed.
- Relocated - it took over all decision Ala. - Coarse male power is working with its metal box, and the female lead orderliness bed in order.
- A cozy nest for intimate entertainment, - Lena said.
- In this I trust you completely - I had to agree.
- And rightly so - he rendered its verdict Ala. - Next, rough masculine strength.
To implement the project it was necessary to cover the naked body. My role in the transformation of the compartment has been reduced to getting boxes and carry mattresses coupe girls. Then they just kicked me.
- Go, have a smoke, while we understand, - "gently" suggested Alya, vyprovazhivaya me out of the compartment.
I went to the platform and at the same time threw out the garbage. Leaning his shoulder against the wall, he saw a moving landscape in the window and calmly smoked. The upcoming action did not cause trembling inside. I do not know what it was due. Probably burned. Today was quite an intimate relationship to worry about the prospect of new ones. It is no longer a boy, only to be excited by some fantasies ... and not trying to seduce anyone. If it was at the beginning of the trip, when we Aley ... Now I was inclined to apply to everything happening philosophically. I have nothing to be afraid, I will take as much as I can, and there ... the girls, sort it out yourself ...
Stubbed out his cigarette, I take a moment and looked into the toilet. I did the two things at once, making it easier and washed. I feel better. The car was getting stuffy. Conductors tried to heat, before heading to bed.
To give the girls time to the arrangement, I have hesitated in the corridor, looking at window monotonous white landscape that accompanies the train in our vast country. As already lost interest in the flickering pillars and the uneven forest belt, I decided nevertheless to return.
The coupe was waiting for me a surprise. Of course, I hoped that there would be something extravagant, but to appear before my eyes the picture hit the ...
All space coupe was one big bed. From one wall to the other extended solid flat surface covered with sheets. It was impossible to immediately determine the seams of mattresses. And on this big bed ...
"Three girls under the window ...", so it seems, Pushkin tale begins. They all settled at the window, and sat, leaning against the pillows. On the faces - a sly smile. Apparently calculated to surprise me. They did it .... Under the sheets wrapped their clothes not guessed. The girls met me naked and playful.
- And here is our gentleman appeared, - stated Lena.
- Its here waiting, and he walks - hypocritically offended pouted Ala.
- Surprise ... - and could only utter I'm stunned by what he saw.
The first burst out laughing Ala.
- The door closes faster - barely uttered it.
And the deal. I do not even think about it. Leave open our compartment was not worth. It was for us, and not for prying eyes. Barely squeezed into the narrow passage between the "bed" and the door, I quickly shut the flap. At the same time he closed the lock and lifted the stopper. If you take precautions, at once.
- Well, young lady, - I turned to the girls. - Where do we start?
- With you! - He pointed a finger at me Alya.
- I am ready to work and defense! - Deliberately pathetic I said, sticking out his chest forward.
- Is it ready? - Asked Lena.
- Criticism addressed to me is clearly not justified, - has decided to continue to play along with me.
- It is objective - even with a hint of a threat countered Ala.
- Probably, we use different concepts. Let's first agree on terms and definitions, - I made a cautious lateral maneuver.
- Equivocate, - commented on the esplanade my Lena.
- He debauchery us and wants to step aside - added Alya.
- What differences in our ranks? - I decided to overwhelm them pressure.
- In our ranks full consent, But you equivocate.
- In no case.
- Bring it, girls! - Lena threw cry.
Like the three Furies, they cast away their only cover, rushed to me.
Against the combined efforts I was powerless. Pinned their shapely young bodies, I was sprawled on the bed. Alya leaned to me and eagerly dug into her lips. Her impatience was palpable, as if this feeling has found physical form and came to me and my consciousness. I answered her, trying to calm himself and her. Prompt girl's hand shot off my clothes, exercising in practice the principle of equality between the sexes.
Resist the vigorous activity of my opponentok there was no desire. The closeness of their naked bodies touch to the skin, close contact ... even I was pleased that I was among them. This aroused fuss. Was captured female handles, sliding on your body, slip in the hollows and secret places, touched fingers dignity ...
Alia looked up from my lips, and in its place came the Light. I again plunged into a warm kiss, surrendering to the will of their partners. They have ruled over my body. I could not see but could feel the body hit the sweet captive maiden lips. All my nature to charge desire for intimacy. Do not restrain himself, he embraced the Light by the shoulders and drew to itself, feeling her breasts pressed into me. Who shall stand in this situation?
Naked bodies around the rounded outlines of breasts, buttocks, legs and arms. Wet lips touching, tickling tongue ... In the course went all the tricks that are pursued only one purpose - stimulation. I answered them, caressed his chest, clutching popochki, penetrating finger in their nature, slid freely in abundant lubrication. We were all excited, we all tried to one, to have fun, to merge into the ecstasy of pleasure.
My body stiffened and ached from an excess of desire. And here he was in a long-awaited depth. Lena first took possession of him. Eyes closed, head thrown back, clutching his chest, she sat down on it until it stops. Alya helped her exciting breasts. Light did not leave me alone, spending his nogotochkami invisible grooves.
I could not even dream about such a state of excitement. Even after everything that happened during the whole day. Where only the forces were taken. As if a second wind. And there was no desire to think or reason. Consciousness was filled with naked bodies, supple hands, furious look, which absorbed my instrument. Aching voltage at its base ...
They merged into one being: multi-armed, twists, violent and at the same time desired and coveted.
Detente has thrown me out of reality, pushes pushing sweetness, depriving last effort ...
The girls were clever. They helped me and myself to reach the top of lust, even as I lay prostrate before them. Using my body as an additional factor of excitation, without embarrassment, they wielded fingers and tongue, showing his passion.
The euphoria of orgasm enveloped us all. Our bodies are frozen, pressed to each other, soaking up the sensual sensations and giving your satisfaction and peace. There was no need to no word at this time. For we said our bodies and our feelings.
I pressed his buttocks to Ali, his arm around her chest. Behind me clung Lena, and through her body, I could feel the touch of Svetlana, clung to his girlfriend.
The car was rocking, shaking our body and calming the mind. Sandman creeps into my body is full of consciousness, generating images of girls, so close and coveted calling and fleeing into the distance, to the source of ecstasy.
* * * * *
Sleep Awareness penetrated me slowly. Like a grain of grit, it flows from the outside to me. Sandwiched between the girls, I could not determine, it really was, or I dreamed it all. Images inspired by my mind in the night hours, indistinguishable from reality. And my flesh was excited and wanted to discharge. And here in front of me - naked Ala.
Hardly move, I felt her body in his hands. Touched his lips to her neck, to pinkish veins under the skin velvet ... She stirred but did not wake up in a hurry. Apparently she did not want to give up their dreams.
Lovely, desirable, affordable ... hand slipped on her bosom, walked along the pubic area, plunged into the grease ... Yes, my beauty was too excited. Probably not one I dream of erotic dreams.
I continued to kiss her neck and gently dissolved the entrance to the cave. My flesh excited and close freely penetrated the girl, giving first investment and increasing the driving voltage. Alya moaned softly, bent back. I clung to his shoulders. Not waking up, she was ready to receive me.
How to give her pleasure, I knew. My fingers touched her sense of places and back moan suggested that she responded to the caress. Deep penetrating into Alya, I experienced the satisfaction of this action. It was a pleasure to be in her warm, elastic and comfortable interior. Feeling pressed popochki my hips gave additional excitement and I am pleased it is pressed.
A few slow movements and the girl threw her hand on my head. Alia woke up ... and enjoy what I was doing with it. I poured out my excitement and absorbed its responsiveness. Constraining not make sense. I earned with all its power and look.
Sweetness movement inside when Spreading ... and penetrate into the depth of supple ... We are moving at the same pace, we soaked up the feeling of each other ... I was bursting inside. It seemed a little more, just a little ... Alia bent, curled under the pressure of ecstasy, squeezed me a ...
Feeling extra pressure, I could not resist. Discharging hit in the head with the first release. Euphoria throbbed in me together with shocks, pouring into Ali. Once again, I could not protect her from him, but what a pleasure it was, like that, freely sharing his love juices with this girl. The two of us were lying on the bed, exhausted, voluptuousness, pressing their bodies together. mutual proximity feeling came over me ...
- Bravo - a voice of Lena. - Do not have time to wake up, jump straight to the point.
I had forgotten about them. Or rather, I remembered, but the proximity of Ali ...
Not letting go of the girl's embrace, I looked back. Lena reclining, barely covered with a sheet. Huddled nipple looking down with naked chest, testified that she was excited. For Lena peered Head Light, with no less curiously watching us.
- Good morning, girls - I welcomed them.
- Oh, how good - undeterred clung to me Alya.
- We believe, we believe, - Lena agreed sweetly.
- You can try and do - made a sweeping gesture Alya, smiling happily.
- After you, we seem to get a little bit - a critical view of the Lena, I slipped into my side, drooping after the discharge, dignity.
- I do not blame - whether justified Alya, or explain the situation. - Just my ass was the first.
- Here, Svetik like - turned to her friend Lena.
- Not to have turned the night - she supported her.
- Exactly. Interestingly, and now our butts can help restore justice?
- Girls - I extricated one hand and patted Lena's shoulder. - You are wonderful. Give only the time ...
- They will soon wake up, - said Alya.
- That's it - Lena replied. - Time we do not have much.
- So it is necessary to speed up the process.
- What do you suggest?
- Adopt our man.
- How.
- And to me you still teach - Alya surprised.
- Hmm ... - Lena again turned to her friend lying behind her. - What do you think of the Light?
- The people require spectacles, - she smiled.
- All the same, you now need to caress, - explained Alya.
- And you be engaged in the restoration of justice - look specifying what kind of justice on my body she has in mind, assign responsibilities Lena.
- Allow me to perform? - Al's playing a prank.
- Light, come to me. Give me your beauty.
Before my eyes beginning to turn the show. Tightly embracing, Lena and set to start a long and passionate kiss. I got the strong impression that they were doing this not for the first time. Lena then girlfriend sprawled on the bed, and pressed her to his chest. Her ass so gracefully arched my moan that she reached out a hand to touch the buttocks. Palm Ali slid to me, covered the male gender. She took his fingers into captivity and became a gently massage.
I once again caught in the "lights". Watch how women caress each other - very erotic. At least with my male point of view. Therefore, in the hands of Ali, "justice" again quickly gaining momentum. And when the voltage has reached the threshold of combat, I, without hesitation, turned to his ass Lena. Alya sent my tool, and I walked into the bosom of a girl without much interference. Lena also has not pulled away from Amy. She has managed to move from the chest girlfriend to her damsels, and enjoyed both my penetration and stimulation of Svetlana. The same lay reclined on the sheets, surrendering affection Lena.
Once again in this compartment I penetrated the inner girlish style. Wet, dissolute, and a warm welcome. I had to make an effort to bring Lena to the top of bliss. She had not caressed Light and softly moaning with pleasure, constantly turning to me. Alya helped me with his body, leaning back tightly.
As a reward for our efforts, Lena leaned back, his whole body tensed. She was in ecstasy. In the ecstasy of sexual pleasure ... Kind of a girl experiencing the moment of orgasm ... And the very proximity of turned me on so much that, without delay, I just moved across the Lena and immediately plunged into the Light. She readily accepted me into itself, seeking his body forward.
This time we reached the bliss at the same time. She arched beneath me, and I barely had time to go out to irrigate their liquid her stomach. The exhausted collapsed on the bed, surrounded by naked female bodies, beautiful, attractive, relatives and friends.
There were still a few hours. The first to leave us Lena and Seth. With Aley, we will continue our journey further. But the train still comes to the destination station, and our separate ways ... However, the memory of this trip will remain forever. It is impossible to forget such an abundance of debauchery, lust and pleasure ...
I ended the trip. I returned from a business trip still full of memories of the all-time adventure on the train. It flowed the usual measured life. With the girls, I kept in touch. Soon he married. Alya also married, and considered that very well. She remained true to her habit, and from time to time in the marital bed luring her friends. And as always, I have to work for ten, as Alya is MY WIFE.