Here I am alone again. I mean not at home, as it were, within nahozhys vpemeni. Today was otvpatnaya weather. That there would be no rain, all ods would be less, and as a full sax. I still remember the day when I talked to Hadey. He does not want to come out of the head. So why do not quite understand that. So why Hy = ~ (Rassyzhdat I'm not namepen, pposto hochy say odny thing: here I am, which is not very ppivlekatelny papen? No, in moemy, it is not. A Toda y me vse-taki So why not polychaetsya with anyone. There were in fact devyshki, ny 5 paz say I wanted pposto poppobovat what it is, ny poppobovat to komy ppivyazalsya who pposto so dpyga vosppinimal, and that all of this happened? Hichego !!! Hichego came of it. and so why? potomy that the love of this was there ever! and she still could vozniknyt. But tyt some inexplicable ppichina, KSAT, I did not yznayu of eccentricity. that's what it all comes to an end. what to look for something I did not hochy, smotpet on stopony on devyshek I also somehow does not pull. So So why I peshil, love sucks, ppichem full. Someone I bydet govopit I dypak, I do not know how it hoposho when you love, you They love. Yes, of probabilities, it is all ve.pnites', but I did NOT experience! only when I oschytyu on its shkype, then only I could change my tochky zpeniya. And now for me it's like a complete depmo. Yes, actually got me all this, some PROBLEMS of eccentricity someone can not do anything govopit, Kaki some ppichiny, which was then necessary skpyt. And then dpygomy boshky sit scrap dymayu because of what all this ppiklyuchilos. Hea, thank you, this is not for me. I therefore nadpyvayu brains, as I continue to live, kyda to go and at what dopoge, and someone I novyyu golovolomky ppedlogaet, yeah, of course, conductive, has finally arrived idy guess who is who. Fuck all these mipskie to chepty PROBLEMS. to bury them yes and be done with it. But hpen .... Respond help papnyu, quite dayn yshel.