Eh! The sea is blue. The sand and the beach! ...
Making his way through the tangled streets of Simferopol, we finally escaped, they say the military, to the operating room. "Merce" is almost inaudible rustling tires on smooth highway, kondishku I turned, as the window of the blower counter fresh breeze ran here from "the blue in the world ...".
Before visiting Moscow, I lived with my parents in my favorite Sevastopol. His father, a former military man, having retired, soon died, and her mother, despite the fact that there was already a pensioner, continued to work as a teacher of Russian language and literature in high school, which ten years ago, I graduated. We were not big, but very cozy house in a quiet street Plastunskaya decorated with green trees and blossoming lilac bushes. Then in the morning singing roosters and smelled the village.

- Here we are at home! - Solemnly I gritted brakes the car at the very gates. The first rays of the rising sun only began to gild the windows of houses.
- You have not yet come out, and I will go and scare the grandmother to surprise her with his sudden appearance, - I said to my wife and children, opening the car door.
- Like gin from the bottle? - Pointedly remarked my seven year old son Kolya, having read the Arabian Nights.
- As Dragon - he corrected his five-year Oksana, who has not yet emerged from the category of Russian fairy-tale kingdom.
- Oh! And talkers you - scanned the children's tender gaze my Lyudmila. - Are you short?
- I instantly. Now only five. Sun above the horizon. Certainly Grandma still asleep? I'm going to wake her, - I said, reaching for the keys, which was also the key to the gate.

But, to my surprise, the gate was not locked. I went into the yard, tried to open the door of a small one-room lodge, but it was on the lock, but the door to the house was ajar. Everything was so quiet and warm, I did not want to leave the yard. It was my house, associated with memories of bright young people.
"Really, early in the morning in the garden digging?" - I thought, and quietly, on tiptoe, walked into the hall. From the slot ajar bedroom door streamed a faint light a lamp, and heard a strange measured creak of bed springs. I looked and turned to stone. My favorite demure and shy of me and all the teachers of the school Mom was lying completely naked on her back and between her legs smartly danced haired buttocks.

- You okay, honey? - Quietly I asked the man, whose voice seemed very familiar.
- Still would! I'm in heaven! I fly
- You just said, when we our Kostik conceiving. Do you remember?
- Still would! What if you got a son! And now? Beauty! At the top leadership in the premium. For three years, he earned an apartment and a luxury car in the form of premiums received. And his wife found themselves beautiful, sexy. Grandchildren gave birth to me, clever. Okay. Do not be distracted. Go on give me a heavenly pleasure ... Her painfully familiar hands immediately covered these black hairy "balls" and began to cuddle, working in unison with their movement.
The bed creaked again, accompanied by a loud groan of springs, as if complaining of excessive burdens of life.
"Lord! Who is it?! How dare he ?! "- in my soul, everything turned upside down, and I was ready to fly to the bedroom to tear to pieces the man, but he had already finished the" process ", stood up, turned around, and I found the director of the school. I was struck on the spot, because "This," I could not imagine even in a nightmare. I watched as he pulled his boxers and remembered his beautiful wife Maria Vasilyevna, who was my mother's best friend. I immediately checked himself at the thought of dealing with them quickly and backwards, slowly edged towards the exit. The street children were standing at the gate, and his wife's questioning look, I shook my head.

- Not at home. Probably, it jerked to the central market. So we podedem a little later, but for now I invite you to the car, and now we ride to the beach in the bay "Omega".
- To the beach?! That's great! - Son quickly got into the car.
- And I want to granny - zakanyuchila daughter, trying to open the gate. I immediately put a stop to this undesirable intention, picked her up and handed her over to his wife.
When the machine has turned the corner of the next house, I slowed down and went out.
- What happened?! - He becomes agitated wife.
- Nothing special. I check the right rear wheel. Something is steering ...
I sat down and pretended to study carefully the wheel, and at that moment I saw a man of solid growth came out of the gate, furtively looked around, jogging across the road and disappeared in the courtyard of the neighboring house.
"Well, things ?! From you, Nicholas T., did I never expected! "- I thought, and went to the door.
Strange, but in those moments I had lost the desire to deal with it. Besides, as it turned out, he was my father. "So why am I still Kazachinsky instead Temeshev? However, it is not so important. The main thing is that my mother is well with him, but otherwise let them sort it out themselves. It is a pity Mary Vasilyevna. The woman - a beauty. I would and he would not mind to try it ... "- confused dirty thoughts in my head.

- Who was that? - He asked his wife, anxiously glancing into my eyes.
- Where?
- You know where ...
- A-ah. So this is my former school director Nicholas T. Temeshev ... We met with him in the garden. He, too, was looking for his mother: the match ended in their homes ...
- I talked and talked all that will fly Gin from the bottle - his son's eyes gleamed triumphantly.
- No. Dragon - protested daughter.
- The second is more appropriate, - summed up the wife, and we set off.
... On the beach there was no parking lot, and we went to the "Wild beach". Unload, the wife began to cook breakfast, and I'm with the guys took up cooking craft. He built for them "Paddling", a small lake, separated from the sea barrier of stones, I swam a little and coming ashore to lay down the stones face down. Gloomy thoughts kept too strong for me.
"So. We break it down. It turns out that in reality I do not Kazachinsky and Temeshev. Why? Yes. My mother was the most beautiful woman, when after graduation went to school. It looked like a very well-known at the time of the beautiful actress Pechernikova and young mathematician, has shown great promise in their careers, it was not difficult to seduce her colleague. There is no betrayal there. And with his father met his mother in a week and could not resist the Lieutenant - submariner, had just graduated from Sevastopol Nahimovku. And there is service in the north, his father - in the sea, and his mother alone with her son. When I was seven, his father was transferred to Sevastopol, and the mother went back to their home school, where her lover was already Head of Studies. My father grew up in the ranks and titles, and Nicholas T. Temeshev, becoming director of the school, our beloved teacher, married to a beautiful and intelligent woman, still continued to love my mother, who had just one touch of his hands melted like a candle, secretly dutifully substituting him his slender body. Father, I suppose, and died, never knowing from whom actually become pregnant while his young bride. "

- You then quieted down? Something happened?! - His eyes glistened wife anxious.
- No. All is well
- But I see that you are not your own ...
- I'm just tired turn the steering wheel a half thousand kilometers ...
- Let's go home. You need a good night's sleep and everything will fall into its place - the wife leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I felt that she wanted me, because when it is "it" wanted it that way and kissed me, sucking my tongue into her small, almost child's mouth. And I realized that I want it, I want to strongly right now. She knew it, and said:
- Children. From paddling a single step. We swim with Dad ...
... We swam to a depth pokuvyrkalis in water, then swam to the shore, where the water we had on the chest. She turned to me, threw her arms and neck, legs apart, sat down on the thigh, covering my feet. Swim she has managed to take off, and I lowered my and seize the moment while on the beach, except us, nobody else was not, quickly became inserted into her thirsty love opening their eagerly quivering member. To make it more convenient, I held her hands over slippery buttocks in the water, trying to spread it as far as possible. She liked to fuck with me. Apparently the value of my body it completely arranged. In just a few years of our life together was not the case, so she turned me in "this", well, except that in the critical days. Sometimes that sexual feeling catches us off guard right on some solemn event, and we were forced to retire in secret for some time in the men's or ladies' room, and even in one of the overhead cabinets. My friends were aware of this weakness and our pre-determined place for our joint retreat. Yes. I then cheated on his wife left and right, fucking for a fee to other women, including his mistress, who by order of birth from my son, but with none of them, nor have I been so sweet to pursue the case as with his sweet, smart and gentle wife. And here! Blue sea, sand and beach ... Well, how could miss this moment, not to enjoy the body of beloved person I ?! I'm so oborzel that turned her back to him and quickly began to fuck in the ass ...
- Dad! Well, what are you doing there ?! - Suddenly he waved his hand to us a son, seeing as we have, on the job, hugging and kissing. Daughters, too tired to sit in the "Frogs" and she began to call us back to himself at the very moment when our bodies are still fought in a powerful mutual orgasm.
- All! We are sailing to you! - Mom waved at them and pulled out - under the bra cups melting ducked quickly pulled them over.
- And "He" is still standing, and "crying" - surfaced, she smiled, gently shaking my hand genital organ, exuding single "tears."
... Go to the grandmother we arrived cheerful and hungry. The children were fascinated by the sea, excitedly telling Grandma, what is beautiful, warm, only daughter noticed that her father and mother for a long time bathed and son even said that they did not swim, but only kissed ...
- And we have come to you, Grandma, in the morning, but you were not home - suddenly said the girl, glancing scornfully at his brother, who had forgotten about this important detail.
- And where I was - asked grandmother, suspicious glance at his grandson.
- Dad said you went to the market. He, too, was looking for you, but did not find, - said the grandson.
- And you still looking for the uncle that went out of the gate, - the granddaughter said.
- Yes. He needed a match - I said.
- O Lord! And as I goof ?! - Grandmother threw up her hands, you're in semeeske wrote that will be six, so I was waiting for you in the evening ...
- Do not worry, Mom. All is well. We are so frolic in the sea. It is warm and affectionate, children are also very happy that we stayed there for so long - I decided to cover up inconvenient for anyone subject grandmother's early "no" home.

... Holiday, held in the Crimea, began to turn to us in a chain of continuous enjoyment and surprising discoveries. Of course, when you are excellent at their own "wheel", it is possible to visit the most diverse, beautiful and cozy corners of the peninsula. And we traveled on it, discovering and children all new beauty. But one morning a couple weeks later, I received from her mistress from the capital of the notice on the mobile phone, stating: "Urgent departing for Moscow. You substitute Vladimir. Sophie". I immediately showed this message to his wife, but to my surprise she protested, and, looking into my eyes wary for its honest, kind, blue as the waters of Lake Baikal, the eyes said thoughtfully: "There's something wrong. Sophie will not knowingly withdraw. Fly. "
The next morning, his wife drove me to the airport and then took flown from Moscow Volodya, my chauffeur, and now her driver and bodyguard at the same time. Volodya stiffly greeted his wife and children, and me a friendly hug, hugging her.
- What's happened ?! - Anxiously asked me, hugging his mate, who has eight years as was my chauffeur, bodyguard and a friend of our family. I'm - brotherly love Volodya, many trusted him, his wife treated him with respect, and children do not climb down from his lap, when he was able to visit us at home. Volodya was the ideological bachelor, but our family life he liked, where, he said, "with pleasure resting body and soul."

- I do not know. Sophie has some problems with the business. You urgently need ...
- And where is our head of the holding?
- Alexander, what?
- Well yes! And who else?! ...
- What about you? Do not you know ?!
- No. What?
- He crashed on the flight, which flew to South Africa ... Radio and television, along with the Internet red-hot by the news.
- When?!
- Day before yesterday
I staggered and felt that now fall.
- What happened honey? - To me threw his wife, picked up by the arm.
- Alexander died. So Sophie urgently requires me to him.
- But why you? - Lyudmila looked at Volodya.
- He is the first deputy head of the holding, - he explained.
- Since when?! - I could not resist, knowing that to this position, I could count that way in ten years.
- With yesterday. Yes, that's an order - Volodya pulled out of the breast pocket of his jacket half folded paper. There really talk about my new assignment.

... I was flying and I thought, "So. Alexander died. He was Director General of our holding. He counted about twenty percent of the shares. But the real owner of the company was his wife Sophie, the owner of a controlling stake. So she decided vysvistat me to rely on the man to whom she trusts. And she trusted me completely and unconditionally. Firstly, I had never been let down, in - the second was faithful to her, as a working dog, and - third - was her lover, whom she loved, adored in bed and bore him a son-hero. Events evolved so that now the marriage with her would be difficult to get out, but I'm married, I have loved and loving my wife and great kids. No, my dear Sophie, the family I do not steal "- I thought, looking out the window at which the bottom of the white horses passing clouds.

At the airport waiting for me Sophie favorite car with its driver.
- Where we go? - Sat down, I asked.
- Ms Pankratova ordered to bring you to her villa in the countryside.
Barely crossed the threshold, appeared in the arms of Sophie, who threw herself on my neck.
- Cute! I'm so glad you came! We have a mountain ...
- I know. When's the funeral?
- I do not know! I know nothing! From the passenger's nothing left. All burned. From our group, too, no one was found - in tears wringing her hands, Sophie.
- Who was with Alexander?
- His first deputy secretary Miroshnichenko and Ilona ...
- And Ilonka died?

- All
- Sorry ... But, they somehow have to bury something ...
- We were promised some fragments. Driven in a zinc coffin. Will lie in the same grave. Ilonka in his recently accompanied at all times and went grim ...
"And I slept with him" - I thought, mentally continuing her thought.
- Yes! Yes! She slept with him! You mean it ?! - In her eyes raging anger of the offended and offended women.
- I wanted to, but he said, wishing you ...
- You're all sorry, but you and regret - that no one, not you - she looked at me with eyes suddenly posurovevshie smeared underneath circles of paint eyelashes. Japanese robe, which I loved, was unbuttoned to the navel, and in the context of his exposing her shapely legs, which I loved to kiss and put on his head, when she poses as a Roman queen bedroom with prostrate before her slave.
- She lit a cigarette, blowing air into blue smoke rings. I walked over, took her cigarette out of his mouth and crushed it in the ashtray.
- To me this is no longer seen! Understood?
- Who are you ?! - Suddenly he jumped it with his fists.
- Sit down! - I clasped her iron arms and sat in a chair. - Let's talk like adults rather than as schoolchildren, dividing the toilet a girl for three ...
- Hm! Are you strong man. Now I only need this and ... In short, you are appointed as the first deputy General's bury his patron, then the rest, - she pressed the button on the table.
- Semen. Take Mr. Kazachinskoe office. He was appointed chairman of the commission for the funeral, - firmly said Sophie, and her eyes filled with tears.
... The funeral was magnificent and crowded. The cathedral was packed. The monument of black marble were depicted in a series of three victims, taken from the best in their life photos. The widow, dressed in black, and her family cried at the monument and will soon decline to the wake. It was not among those present only my wife and her faithful bodyguard ...
When everyone had left and I was alone with the widow, then I went up to her, kissed her neck and said softly:
- Do not worry so. Alexander was a good man, but not without flaws ...
- And who does not? He was very fond of me - Sophie looked up at me with tear-stained eyes.
- Sorry
- Okay. Go to his new villa ...
- Alexander what?

- And someone else? Now, are you the owner. I gave it to you. There you'll get a gift for their efforts with the funeral. And then the rest .. - she dropped her head on the table and burst into tears ...
... When I drove up to the gate of the villa, they are automatically opened.
"I Loved the owner of the automation" - in my heart I chuckled, riding up to the front door. There I was waiting for the butler. He dryly reported on the status of the villa, and reminded me that the receptionist a pleasant guest. I went to the reception, but there was nobody there. Immediately questioningly he stared at the butler. He shrugged.
- Supper will be? - Obligingly bowed his head to his shoulder.
- No, Fedotovich! What's the dinner! Woe something ... what I want to sleep.
- Yes. Too bad host. He was a good man - the old man trotted in front of me, obligingly opened the door to the bedroom. As soon as the door closed behind me, I noticed that the bed is someone. I immediately pulled out a gun and took it to the fuse.
- Hey! Kind! Anu ka-show yourself! ...- I shouted into space.
Under the blanket someone has begun to move, and then it fell on the floor. On the bed lay a girl of extraordinary beauty, about twenty-three, burning brunette and completely naked.
- Who are you? - I asked.
- Mary ...
- What other Mary ?! Tell me who you are and how to get here ...
- Well, well, well. Once you meet the guests rudely. I'm your new secretary ...
- Instead Ilona?
- Yes.
- How?
- I am the niece of Sophia Mikhailovna ...
- Hmm. So it was she sent you?
- Yes. I - a gift ...
- What can you do?
- All ... - Mary stood up, wobbling hips, came up to me.
- Namely?
- Classic blowjob. But I can scare a man and tin. But you are unlikely to scare. Here you can scare your dvadtsatisantimetrovym any Babu ...

- Here is how? And you know that?
- I know everything about you. By the way. Sofochka said that I was your mistress without any restrictions, at any time.
- Chudnenko. What a caring your aunt. Okay. Sheet metal, as tin. But first I have something to show you, and then you, if you can, prodemonstriruesh their sexual talents.
- Go! - I clapped her hands with joy and rushed the girl to undress his boss.
... And I showed her the tin. No! It was not "Borodino". Rather, it was like a "Waterloo."
... At first she choked my sperm, which I then smeared her body.
Then I showed her a "nal", she, poor, crawling on my hands and knees to the bathroom, where he stayed for an hour. Then I fucked her for almost an hour in the bath, causing lick and kiss my ass, and then suck the point. Out of all this on the bed where her tortured body in position 69, and she, like a boxer in the ring, feeling that now would be a knockout left in the "dead" protection.
- Enough! Crazy! You've already all torn, monster! - She cried and stood breathless before me on my knees.
- I hope that we will put this point in our sexual relations - I said, and went into the hot tub.
- Well, why not? Now one of us licking his wounds. But it seems to me, I'm still able to show their skills and. In the meantime, I take time out ...
... I fucked her all night, forcing to keep the most unimaginable poses. And she held it, held up until I almost exhausted.

- Well, what do you hilyak ?! Bah! Yes you are already a member is not worth it! - She laughed when the wall clock struck six times.
- You may think that you have a quiet and smooth surface, and the grace of God between his legs.
- Okay! You won. Rights aunt was calling you "typhoon of bed."
- Um ... It did she say?
- Yes. What?
- So. Nothing. Romantic. Get ready. Quoting myself up, half an hour later breakfast, and eat in the office. You'll have to work hard to sort out the affairs of Ilona. There are bells and whistles that "Mama Do not Cry!".
- Do you think that I am only in special bed? You're wrong. I'm behind the institute and three foreign languages. So that'll handle your economy and somehow - she came to, her arms around his neck and kissed him as it did his wife.
- Thank you for your kindness, but no work, no ... - I almost pulled her away.
- Of course, the boss! - She stretched out, taking the salute.
"And why should I this" gift "- I thought, slapping her on the buttocks, and mentally added:" A gift to her, her good. Fuck it skillfully, and it seems to be a good secretary. "I went to get dressed and heard her singing in the bath.
"What does the future hold for me?" - It is a good idea exasperated, and I immediately thought, "Yes. Exactly! What?!".
One well-known thief once aptly remarked: "Ah! To know that the community cards! ".
(to be continued)