This sweet word - Host
This sweet word - "Master".
What it means to me!
In it, and tender care,
And the fear of punishment,
And confidence each day.

This thirst - just be a slave
It makes the whole body tremble
From fear, shame,
From melancholy and sadness,
From the desire to belong.

Just do not go out to deal with it,
Like it or you call me though -
This craving worse
longing flesh
And sometimes - is stronger than love.

It is useless to keep quiet and hide,
It is useless to look for and to suffer,
And lost in the crowd,
And look at the faces -
It is impossible to guess.

I often cry alone,
The Lord was calling her ...
It's just fate,
It's just luck,
The fact that I met him!

This house, which sheltered me,
He became dearer than his father's shelter.
There I fell in love
And in the chain scored,
And now a slave name.

Thin latex, leather creaking,
These chains, collars, belts -
I am a small animal home,
On the toy looks like
We can not forget even for a moment,

What I - no wife, no girlfriend,
Not hostess (about this speech)
Not a lover, just
Partly - servants,
And partly - a favorite thing.

I do not get the vagaries,
And, making a home business,
I do not dare to play,
I do not watch TV,
It does not happen, so I slept.

I'd like to touch hands,
Caress yourself with your fingers, but
Col I'm home alone,
Under pupil cameras
Pleasure is prohibited.

Unless - soak in the bath,
Or something to read, and yet
You can just sit
On the floor in the waiting,
When spring lock clicks.

At that moment, I again understand
As a matter of fact, in the beginning I started
I - the same door,
Only the door I live,
And I came to my guardian key.

There is no other desire but,
Run up, shackles jingling,
Stand in front of him on his knees
And in silence, in a bow,
To wait, when he will embrace me.

Whisper: "Sir, good evening -
Zamir at his feet, like a shadow. -
As a slave waiting,
Like dreaming of meeting
How she missed a whole day!"

And fear numbing, like a fish,
Expect the verdict:
Whether - and neg affection,
Whether - rod and reared,
Or maybe - and whips a cross.

I was assigned to share such
That then, in darkness and silence,
To redeem before Him
(If He wills)
Sin is a mysterious slave soul.

On freedom did not spare,
Giving the fact that the Master will take,
And drink to the end,
Getting drunk with delight,
Bitter Honey glowing cells.

And when calm heart
And go team "retreat".
Crawl into the alcove
With zareshchennoy door
And shut it behind him.

And at night, when my niche
Light midnight moon silver
I composed poems
If possible, quieter,
Because my love is sleeping.