Unavailable secretary. Part 5
Working days were followed by a working week and my attempts at seduction, and have not moved one iota. I could not say that she did not notice me, no, she talked to me, but it was very dry and businesslike. I almost got used to the fact that she does not interest, until he heard a telephone conversation. I do not know who she was talking to, but the content was interesting. I normally go to it, to clarify some details. Just opened the door, I heard her say:
- What do you mean, we did not have sex. Yes, a month just a business relationship. I feel so comfortable. Of course, I like it. You saw it. As such a man may not like it. It's not that idiot nerd. - She laughed into the phone.

I opened the beast wider and stepped up to the table.
- Katherine, it should be ready by tomorrow.

She closed the phone hand and looked at me:
- Good.
- You know, I do not encourage private conversations in the workplace?
- How do you know that this is a private conversation? You overheard?

"That's why I always hit it with her in such a situation?"
- No, I have not been listening - I lied - but you're not laughing into the phone when ordering stationery office.
- I'll call you - she hung up and stared at me - I wanted to ask you something do not like my work?
- No, I was happy with everything.
- Then why every time you try to razdrakonit me?
- Why do not you sleep with me? After all, I you like me, right?
- And what is the fright you have decided that I like you?

I bent down and her gently took her by the chin and said:
- I heard that you like me. And yes, I overheard. So, when we'll solve our little problem?
- Since you do not need to sew my friend, the botanist, I think, ever.

I decided to go the other way.
- Tell me, Catherine, you are satisfied with your salary?
- Yes, very much so. - She started to sort paper, pretending to be very busy.
- And how do you look at to earn more?
- Prostitution does not offer.
- It is not prostitution, it's a game. - I felt that she got - if you're interested, stay after work today - gathering in the conference room.
- I do not promise, but if before the end of the day, I would be interested - I'll be there.
- Excellent - I smiled tempting.

Back at the office, I called the accountant:
- Fish mine, be ready and alert staff. Today we will have a game.

At the other end of the line heard the cheers and screams. I contentedly sat back. "If Katherine will come, it will be doubly interesting!"

I sat on the rug, folded-legged and twisted arrow. The game is somewhat reminiscent of "bottle", but we all have complicated the office. They made a special field, it is clearly raschertili - so as a team rather big - and played. The game was as follows. Each leaf on the recorded vulgar erotic wishes, within the rules, of course, and then we have these "wishes" laid out in front of each other. Nobody knew that he would have to do in relation to what, to whom the arrow indicates. Sometimes wishes are trivial to impossible, such as "remove the jacket." In a team where I fucked a couple of times already all it was no longer so much fun. If for some reason someone could not do what was indicated in the note - it gave the 4th part of the salary, ie bribes... For me, the excitement would begin when Catherine came to

We started to play without waiting for her. We drank alcohol and played. At some point I thought she was coward and will not come, but in the midst of the game, the door opened and our touchy appeared in the doorway.
- Oh, look who has come to us. And what brings you to the center of debauchery and vulgarity? - I was a little drunk, and I did not care, she would be offended at me or not.

Catherine took a step into the room and gently closed the door:
- Sir, if you do not remember, you invited me. I just want to see. If I have something does not suit, I'm gone.
- And ... of course. We've got only one chair, you can sit on it and watch. Or maybe you just want the rules of the game?
- I understand that you are playing the usual "bottle".
- No, the bottle - it's boring. - I started to unravel his stiff legs - we've got more fun.
- And what is the fun?

"You're his gravely interfere with this fun" - I thought.
- And we drink and play. We were just having fun. Maybe because we have so many complexes, how many do you have? Katherine really simple game. You see, in front of each player has a card. They are written will.
- What kind of desire?
- But it's a secret. You can find out what it says, only agreeing to play.
- And if I agree, and then refuse to fulfill desires?
- Then you pay the 4 th part of their salary, - "Did she agree?" - I thought.

I walked over to her. Part of my shirt was unbuttoned, sleeves rolled to the elbow. I was a little drunk, but I needed to relax. She visibly nervous.
- Maybe you're afraid that you have to kiss a hated director? - I spent the tip of a finger on her neck.
- I have already kissed, nothing wrong with that - she fidgeted in his chair.
- Well, then join. The people who are changing the layout.

Accountant removed the cards from the field, and all sat down to a new layout. Katherine sat in front of me, afraid to raise at me. I saw her frankly. Accountant spun the arrow first and she pointed to the employee of the IT-department. IT-department picked up the card and read:
- Biting and sucking the nipple for 30 seconds.

Everyone started to react violently, while IT-department crawled to the accountant to do the job. I saw that Catherine noticeably tensed when the accountant unbent cup bra and IT-department gently covered her mouth nipple. Someone timed and we started watching. Accountant closed her eyes and leaned her head blissfully. I did not take his eyes from Catherine. When finished, IT-department returned to his seat. I was very interested in what happens in the head of Catherine:
- Well, how do you our game? You're ready to play it?
- Now I'm not sure - she then looked at me, then looks away.
- Decide here and now.
- Can I absent himself and think for 1 minute?
- No - she could think of, but I have decided that I will not give her a choice - Well, so what?
- Okay, I'll play.

All employees zagaldeli. Now it was all IT-department to turn the arrow. Flick of the wrist, she started the "mechanism" and the arrow stopped on me. I picked up the card and read:
- Caress point Gv for 1 minute.

The ladies gasped excitedly. I glanced at Katherine. Her eyes looked at me with surprise. I crawled to the IT-department and, licking his finger gently into her. A few seconds later, she began to moan. I thought that it would end, but time is over. IT-department disappointed sigh. It was my turn to turn. With a wave of the hand I ran the arrow. She stopped at the accountant. Even the order of drunken lady raised her card and said:
- Remove 1 piece of clothing.

By shouting and hooting accountant she took off her blouse. I locked eyes with Catherine and gently licked his lips. Accountant again spun the arrow and the arrow pointed to Catherine. Katherine looked up the card and read:
- Remove the bra.
- Well, finally - I like it started terribly.
- I have a question - Katherine, crimson with shame looked at me - then do not say how to remove the laundry, just it is necessary to remove. E. I can remove it, but to be in a blouse?
- Theoretically, yes - without giving anything to tell me, the accountant said.
- Well - Katherine relief took off bra under the blouse.

Now it's my turn to fidget impatiently. It was evident that she is experiencing a whole range of feelings, yet her nipples stood.
Katherine spun the arrow and that stopped me:
- Ha, look what we have here? - I picked up a card - licking a member for 10 seconds. I triumphantly looked at Katherine. It bored me a look, but said:
- I pay off.

The crowd zagaldeli ...
- We first mercy.

I leaned toward her across the field:
- You can not always pay off. You have a total of 4 attempts, or rather is already 3.

She kept drilling me with a look:
- While it is possible, I will buy off these "desires".
- This is understandable, but in fact you can stay without a salary.

The crowd continued to clamor. I twisted the arrow. And she again pointed to Catherine. She lifted the card and read:
- Caress each nipple in turn for 10 seconds.

I greedily looked at her and crawled toward her. She was not looking at me, she unbuttoned her blouse. Her neat nipples looked at me.
- Do not be so touchy, - added fuel to the fire of IT-department.

Catherine looked at me and bumped into my heavy passionate look.
- But fast.
- Certainly not. Each teat is treated kindly put me 10 seconds. - I covered the first nipple and mouth blissfully began his pososyvat and biting. She shivered. Then he moved to the other breast and heard a soft moan. I have not had time to look who it was, but I was sure that it was Katherine. I finished and looked at her. Her face did not express any emotions. I looked around and saw that the accountant caresses herself. "Really, it was her moan. Damn, I was hoping. "
- Miss Stone, stop breaking the rules, - I said to the accountant.
- If you knew how I want you, - accountant invitingly licked her lips.

"Your desire to be, but in the other head" - I thought angrily.

I reluctantly pulled away from her chest and crawled into place. Katherine buttoned blouse and spun the arrow. She pointed to the IT-department. IT-department slyly smiled and picked up the card:
- Remove 1 piece of clothing.

She sat for a moment in a stupor. I broke her silence:
- Is it so difficult to make a choice between her shirt and pants?

She did not answer, but began to unbutton his pants. I was terribly interesting, what kind of panties she wears. Catherine took off his pants and quickly sat down.
- And why are you so quickly sat? Maybe we want to look at your underwear?
- It is written in the card? - It was evident that she was losing patience.
- Beauty mine, believe me, do you still want to this is what was written on the card.

IT-department reached out to the right.
- You know, I must have drunk too, and I have time, - the accountant was bored, the arrow stopped on her show.
- Miss Stone, let's see what she will tell this time, maybe my reed visit and your body? - I tried to extend the game.
- Oh well.

IT-department "revived" arrow. As if asking forgiveness, the arrow pointed to the accountant.
- Oh, but life is getting better - Miss Stone picked up the card and gasped - lick pussy for 1 minute. Well, that, my dear, I'm ready. Miss Stone is widely spread her legs and IT-department sitting comfortably between her legs. A pair of tongue movements and moans accountant echoed throughout the conference room. I looked at Catherine and caught her eye, she gave me a sneak. I opened my mouth and tongue wag defiantly. She blushed again. I did not stop to wonder how she can blush?

IT-department went back to his place, and accountant touched arrows. After a couple of laps, the arrow pointed at me again:
- she loves me now - I picked up the card - Remove any clothing.

Everyone turned to Miss Stone and noticed with surprise that she quietly doze.
- I think this is certainly a sure sign that the game is over. Thank you all, see you tomorrow. All the staff began to rise, dress and go to the door. I looked at Catherine. She tried to discreetly wear a bra. I approached her, swaying slightly:
- I think you know that it is impossible to wear, not removing her blouse.
- I really like something she will understand. - She tried to push through without a bra under her blouse shleek.

I was not ready to let her go:
- I offer to you, let's play together in this game.
- I think you're drunk, because the offer is not possible in a sober state.
- Relax, do not you like it?
- I have to go, I have a hungry cat home.

I pulled her to him:
- And I'm hungry for you as soon as you saw. Why do you feed a cat, but I do not want to feed?
- You ask too philosophical questions. Go sleep it off until tomorrow.

She came out of the conference room and slammed the door.

Continued: not a secretary. Part Four