March 8 close, close
Igor and Luda worked in the same department, Igor was an experienced programmer, and Luda - beginner programmer. He was the leader of the group to which it belonged. Approaching the next 8 March, we launched the men were prepared, and surprises are other pleasant surprises her friends at work. As recently Luda strongly "took" your supervisor with questions on debugging the program, he decided to give her a little surprise - to disguise under the label of the program - the compiler outright porn, where the man brutally fucked a woman, and she did not give him less roughly. Left after work, he did what he planned, and waited for the consequences.
The next morning, Igor turned on my computer and started to work, but he is constantly mows eye towards Luda. She turned on the computer, after a while the mouse button clicked, suddenly her eyebrows went up.
-Igor, come, please, to me.
-What happened?
-Look, what is it?
-Wow! In the curry!
-That's what you did, I know. What for?
-No, it's not me.
-You. What do you mean? You want me?
-Okay. I admit, it's me. It's just a joke.
-Joke? Do not lie. Tell me, che they have to, can, give, che you he likes.
-Yes, I just, without a hint, I was joking.
-I'm sad by your jokes, massage my shoulders.
-Yes, but ... I can see.
-So what. Everyone knows that we're friends.
-Oh well. Relax.
He got up from behind and began to slowly and gently massaging her shoulders and neck, fingering the top to bottom, then from bottom to top. It seems that no one noticed, all buried in their monitors. Luda purred as kitty. Igor began to massage, increasing the pressure, the woman began to moan. Member Igor swollen and bulging trousers.
- The people, let's go to the second floor, a walk, I'm going first, and you are three minutes.
After a few minutes on the second floor, where the repair was going, they met. Working today for some reason, there was probably transferred to another object.
-Let's go to the men's room, there are almost finished repair, clean and tidy.
The toilet is really all shone and sparkled, brand new tile, new toilets, new sinks.
-Let us all - still close, just in case in the booth.
They occupied the third and last of the entrance to the toilet cubicle. The cabin was a bit crowded together, but since posleremontnogo pristine purity has not yet had time to disrupt, and no flavors are not tortured nose was well tolerated. Luda eagerly unbuttoned pants Igor, just prispustila his pants and caressed his hand swollen member. Igor climbed under her skirt and sliding in the direction of the strip panties, dipped his finger into her pussy.
-Igor, let's take off your clothes and put on a tank, and then stained in "juices".
-Well, first I'll undress, then you me.
The door jamb was driven nail, part of things was hanged on it, and the rest piled on the drain tank.
Igor eagerly dug his lips in tender lips girlfriend. He felt her voluptuous shivers, she gave him. Luda pulled away and whispered fervently:
-I read in a book, as a whore in a toilet in the men aspirated. Let me try.
She sat on the toilet, one hand introduced himself in the mouth with a member of the other partner's buttocks hugged. Igor stroked her breasts, nipple flattening. After a few minutes, she pulled away from him "banana" and I asked in surprise:
-Why do not you finish? You do not like it?
-Like, but in bed it would be better.
-Somehow try! And you do not want to lick me?
Igor has changed places with Luda, that is sat on the toilet and began to lick honest attempt. But something went wrong, it was necessary to twist the neck to bend unnaturally; none of them again received no satisfaction. Then both got up and began to fondle each other's hands between his legs. Sweet languor filled them, they breathed heavily. Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened (Well, at least they had a cabinet closed!). The suite includes two women. Igor and Luda stood in each other's arms.
-Val, come on, do not ssy!
-Uncomfortable, a male toilet.
-Yes Repair is a floor, the men here do not go. There is no one at all does not happen.
The doors to the first and second stall opened, the woman went in, and closed. There was a rustle of clothing, then the murmur of streams.
-Oh, Val, would now be at home, at your own convenient tolchochke sit down and take a shit with pleasure. And here's squatting ... in!
-Yes, Gaal would be a thrill!
For a while he could hear only the groaning, the air was filled with the known scents. Then he heard the sound of rustling paper and wipe asses, clothes rustling and the sounds vodobachkovyh tools. in a stall doors opened, women washed their hands.
-Let's smoke here.
-I saw how Igor Lyudka today deftly squeezed? I spied, at least pretended that only the keyboard and the screen is occupied. Massage, me too!
-No, have not seen, only I heard her mumbling, just like a cow! Cowards, I suppose, all soaked.
-And where are they left alone? E ... tsya, perhaps?
-Maybe. Gal, what are you doing?
-I caress your breasts, and that you can not see! Give yourself, Val, I want you for a long time.
-Yes, I once had with women ...
-Well, that try, know how sweet!
-And where, here or what? We're nab ... Do you great.
-Well, what a gentle, be patient! Let's enter into the booth.
They re-entered the booth adjacent to the one where they were a lover with his mistress. He heard kisses, whispers, moans softly cries. Luda Igor also began to move, as the time to freeze while standing, transfixed. Suddenly they lost their balance, and Igor swung leaned against the bulkhead.
-Who's there?
Above the partition Wali's head.
-Wow! Are you here all the time e ... Tes until we pebbles shit and fuck? Well, you Igor, healthy!
-Go to h ...!
-That's exactly what we want! Let's congratulate us all on the coming. And you, Lyudka, share guy.
-Get out, bitch! You what I have called a cow? And you cowards climbed to me that they think Soaked?
-Come on, I'm sorry, blame, envy! Gal, closes the door to the toilet, and then in a booth not fit the four of us, and when the door is open f ... tsya ashamed.
After some debate, it was decided to have sex ... the four of us. Igor decided to take care of first, and gave him to see how the flow of caresses Luda. Valya and Galya standing made "a sandwich", Inside of which was a victim of a computer drawing. Galya crumpling ass Luda, biting her ears from behind, kissing the back and neck, Valya squeezed breasts, plunged a finger of one hand between the legs Luda, another finger - currently. Girlfriends Luda brought to orgasm, was given a rest. They then forced Igor enter them one by one. Each of the women leaned forward, his elbows on the sill, Igor took them back. Luda finished first, second Galya, third - Valya. Then they in turn handed Igor brought to orgasm and hungrily caught her lips to his sperm. They smeared their chins, breasts; many precious liquid spilled on the floor.
All wiped long shorts and handkerchiefs.
-Thanks Igor!
-Yes, that's the best congratulation on March 8!
-March 8 close, close ...

And you often therefore congratulates the employees of International Women's Day?