I'm sorry dear, if you see this story, but it's all my fault just you!
It all began with the fact that ...
I have been married only three years old, and my husband and I are fine, it suits me at all. About myself I can safely say that I'm good-looking, high-175, long legs, high breasts are not very large. My husband's name is Alex. As we rested in Egypt. And as soon as we arrived, I immediately noticed that I was languidly looking towards all Arabs (who the girls were there, they understand what I mean). I told about this Lesha, but he just waved, they say well look, and let them look, because you are my beauty, as it should be. I calmed down and stopped paying attention to it. We immediately met with the neighbors on the numbers, and became part of a vacation together, to go to a restaurant, disco and so on. In the next room I settled the same pair, and in another room the two men. And my Alexei became frequent drinking with them and stopped paying attention to me. One evening I asked to go with me to the beach, he first agreed and then began to refuse and started sending me to go along with a neighbor. nothing to do, we went to, but on the way she has broken the heel on the shoe and went back.
- You just try cooking while. and I'll catch up.
I quietly went and did not notice that I was going for a long time alone, but it is catching up with me. I hope the reader will forgive me and that everything turns out as it is awkward, but I'm worried, and his fingers were trembling. So I went to the beach, which for a long time there was no one on my left towered the rock, I came closer to her and sat down. Without waiting for a neighbor, I undressed and I thought a quick swim and back, it is still in fact already come. I went into the water, the sea was warm and affectionate. Splash about ten minutes I went to the bank and began to wipe, I just began to wipe his hair like someone put his arm around my waist and held her close. I immediately realized that this is someone of the men (of strange men, Alyosha I immediately recognized). Very turned, I saw one of the employees at an Arab name, although right now, no longer remember.
-Do not worry, I will not cause it, you simply wrong, in broken Russian said, let's sit down together, and then I'll take you.
-No, I said, my husband is waiting.
-Yes, no one is waiting for you there, he was drunk and asleep in the room, okay, let's go, I'll take you. and we walked along the edge of the beach, chatting about nothing. And I did not even pay attention. when we were joined by another guy. Now we were three, they treated me a cigarette, and redlozhili just sit, we sat down right there on the sand, while continuing to lead uncomplicated conversation. And then I pochuvtvovala that P (so I will call one, because I do not remember their names) around my waist, and K (second) grabbed me by the face of the evil whispered that if I start shouting, or escape, then I've got also kill and drown somewhere far away. I honestly was scared, but still led back away, then P tightly pressed me to her. and kissed her on the lips, for fear I opened her lips and took his tongue into her mouth. It pushed me onto my back and began pulling up the hem of her dress (under which by the way was nothing when I wipe I withdrew their) hand and touched my lips sex, I tried to compress the foot but immediately received a slap. Terrified, I did not know what to do, I was so afraid that they will result in the execution of its threats. He closed his eyes, and so I wish that it were not true, but he felt that changed the lips rests member, immediately pressed me on the cheek and a member slipped into her mouth. I almost threw up, but it was too late, a member rested on my tongue, and I heard a whisper in his ear - a fool. do not resist, right now, we'll fuck, and calmly go to the hotel.
And I began to suck cock, feeling it stiffens more and more. immediately I turned over on his stomach and lifted her hips, P was on his knees in front and frankly had me in the mouth, but to moisten my pussy set over her cock and abruptly introduced, I honestly lost control of time and did not know how much they already have me but only until such time as K began to introduce his cock in my ass. Anus cringed and did not want to pass it to, but I still gave up and took him immediately to its full length. I was no longer a girl there, and then I was surprised, because I do not like it, I have two men, in all holes. And I began to finish, convulsions brought back, I moaned softly, and I felt like in my gut hits tight hot jet, and immediately began to fill her mouth sperm. I slumped back. and almost fell asleep from exhaustion, but regained consciousness, I realized that next to no one, and only the semen in the mouth, and the pope reminded me that this was not a dream.
Since half a year has passed, and only now and only right now, I have decided to tell you all that cute.