Shared wife. Part 1
We are a young family, I am Tom, his wife Olga. Both fall in love with the Internet. At two and a half years. Very love each other and baby daughter! Half a year ago I sunk obsessive dream -Make your sweet wife a whore! I started with it to view porn sites mostly about the swing, infidelity, and group sex! Its very cheerleader gangbang where a girl has once a few men! Yes priznatsya and I do not leave indifferent.
When, after viewing pictures or movies went to bed, I pounced on Olenka and during rasprashivat fucked her if she would like to take a more than my one or more cocks? To which she always gave a positive answer! After a while I began to notice that my Olenka periodically does not suit pants when we go shopping or gulyatsya about my daughter! And recently been visiting her friend's birthday party. Naturally on this occasion my wife has made incredible makeup and dressed in appropriate cases, in order not to lose face in front of his girlfriend and guests.
Of course, we had fun at the glory drank well (before going to her friend, her daughter brought my parents) came time to divergent course with" one for the road"And we are already on the street. The weather is warm, though autumn. It was past midnight. I began to catch the car. Private traders did not want to, but I wanted to catch a normal taxi. On "vote" It took about half an hour and my wife has already started to act up. And all of a sudden be in luck. He stopped a taxi. Behind the wheel is no longer a young man of 40 years, they agree on the price, and we climbed into the back seat after a short conversation. I embraced my dear little wife, she put her head on his shoulder. Master was apparently "grated"And after a few turns, suddenly I braked the car about what the restaurant, turned and felts asked felts made it known that if we do not wake up against if he will travel, I am through Olin's head looked in the car window to the street and saw how the car fit two men, apparently out of the tavern. They went not very strong gait. Both the type of the representatives of Caucasian nationality.
And without waiting for our consent "master"waved them, they say sit down. Olenka I hugged her, and he moved closer to the door. Next to my wife plopped a man, I felt younger age 30-35, and to the cage forward sat his friend a little older. The car moved, the carrier has included the music louder. Olechka and continued almost to hang on my shoulder. And then I came up with the crazy idea"and that if these men are not averse to otebat my dear?"I gently lifted his head from the shoulder of his wife and found her lips with his lips. Propihnul tongue into her mouth and she took my kiss. We became lysates, as it happens in front of our house ebley. Right-handed, I still embracing shoulders of his wife, and his left hand placed on her thigh and began stroking the leg in kapron stockings. Olenka just spread her shapely legs, and I felt it start. However, I started stroking her platitse hem move higher and higher until almost put his fingers into her already got wet pussy. She spread her legs as wide as possible to the place, and his right foot already touching his feet was sitting next to her man. I'm not looking up from the lips of his wife saw sitting next to her reached out and patted the shoulder of his friend who was sitting in the front. He turned and sat back probably something in their own language are explained to him nodding in the direction of the form opened between my wife's legs. Tgda I held his left hand and took the man's wrist left hand sitting next to Olga and put it on her pubis. My sweet feeling hand on her pussy gave way to a meeting sticking out her pussy. I pulled away from his wife's lips and gently turned her toward the stranger who was sitting beside him. And a moment later, my wife already whores suck with quite a stranger man. His friend asked the master to find a quiet place and park your car. At that time I had already pulled out of his pants his stiff dick and became podrachivat it. When the car stopped, my Olenka already sitting in the open arms of a young zadranym platitse to the waist and bare ass on the seat, and he is already in full pawing her breasts and between the parties divorced in thighs.
The next moment, I saw how she unleashed his pen his hefty huilo rastegnut of his pants and started his fingers neat movement of the trunk up and down. He drove the car drowned and left leaving his car for the night comfort my wife. Sitting in the front seat, too, I went out, and at that moment the young took my wife for her ass lifted her and sat her pussy on the unit, space for opening the door. Olenka sighed, and put on a huge dick stranger to the ground. He began to fuck (putting it mildly, just stared) my wife. Those who came out of the front door, walked to the open back already vyvalinym by a dick out of his pants is not smaller than that of the young and slightly vzdrochnuv, took the hand of my dear blyadyuzhku hair and shoved her hospitably open its mouth stick. I continued to jerk off looking like my Olenka pull two Caucasians, but most turns me on how easy and commonplace it is placed on the two main dick and without condoms. After several minutes of furious fucked first with a sigh of relief in the mouth he finished Ole older. She licked his dick and swallowed all that he poured into her mouth.
Junior has not finished, and pulled out a dick from her slit and vytalknuv Olga jumped out of the car and he lifted up the dress again, put her cancer in the trunk in which she put her hands again scored his rod. Olenka wagging his beautiful ass nasazhivayas deeper, I have already begun to hum with pleasure. Senior saw how I masturbate your pisyun asked. "where five such good Dirk picked up? She just yebes bescheno!"What I have at the peak of masturbation mumbled that it was my girlfriend-wife !!!!! But I did not want to finish and vydya of the car came to his wife and stroked her hair turning her head began to kiss her on the lips are a few moments aspirated back dick stranger guy. Young continued to fuck her, and when he felt that is about to finish asked"it"? to which I nodded and said, "can put an end to it, let this whore get pregnant"After these words of mine from Oli escaped from the breast prolonged scream AAAAAAA, and she whispered to me "dear, I adore you"...
To be continued.