I did not think that the way it will end. You know how it is between friends - from one mountain uhazhorov, lovers, etc., and the other beggar in his personal life. So this is our Valley case.

Valya petite brunette with turned legs, a little hudovata booty, small but beautiful breasts and elegant black as a raven feather hair. Always well-groomed, always shpilyandrah, stockings in black, emphasizing her dark hair. And yet she still Valya bitch, man she's always just so twisted. Well around sooner or later come to an end - Valya found himself an oligarch and marry him. And between us, her friends she did not hide that fucked with their former several times a week until the wedding almost.

More a month before the wedding Valya in the conversation as if I jokingly asked:

- Where the rest of the suitors will be put?

In the following conversation, she also asked for and asked to "give me the suitors." As a joke for joke, and Valya really began to tell me something about the one about the other. One shelter once helped in Moscow, another car presented. It turned out so as not to invite them to the wedding, and she could not pay attention to it could not. The closer to the wedding, the more serious were her words that I have to be her "lightning rod", as invited by different stallions draped over the bride, and then it will be a scandal. I honestly think of it all as a joke. Me and the guy that was in the life of just one.

It is hard to say that I'm not attractive: wavy blond hair, plump lips, high elastic third the size of the breast, but the main advantage is of course my ass I inherited from my mother, who still officers in Germany drove crazy in his later years. The last six months I have not had a young man, and in spite of the fact that I was at least three times a week "relieves tension" in the shower, I was constantly on edge. Girls, including Val on each common booze promised to introduce me to someone. And friends. And whispered something to the guys in your ear and then the guys just did "went into battle." Touched. Turley. Apparently girlfriend pawned that I terribly want sex. But I've always avoided casual relationships. They said I was too much themselves deny. Valia so that all that is not a party, then with someone either in the car or in the toilet fuck. And Zhenishke sending sms. Like love miss, I sit with her friends.

So then came the wedding day. I was obedient witness helped Vale to attach the veil on her hair absolutely stunning when she'd casually said:

- Cach, Roman first give, Jura near the end of the evening, and Serega generally only if you start to climb up to me - okay?

According to her tone, I realized that she was not joking.

- Val, what are you doing? I'm not going to give anyone.

- No, I girlfriend, help me out. You know how many times to make it well, I told each of them the way I want him to fuck me at the wedding?

Here, the bitch. - I think to myself.

-... I told them already about you. Roma VKontakte has cast a spell over your boobs. Yura so generally always on the plump blonde trailed.

From her way of expressing me shudder, but then for some reason I liked her harsh words.

- Compared to you, any chubby!

- And here and there, Katya, you puhlyachok. But do not be afraid are they like.

With that, she slapped me on my big round ass, which just barely fits in a tiny pink dress.

Val went to the mirror and nakrashivaya scarlet lipstick lips continued to dictate the scenario: you see that to me are selected - flies and distract. Tits, ass, legs with their - what you like, but to my oligarch did not suspect anything!

-... Speaking of legs, here's stockings, and then your right to give you a virgin-fanatic.

Valya threw me a pack unpacked stockings: Black, with delicate flowers on the calves. Except fucking them even can not be called. I looked at her. Indeed perhaps too modest. But I do not want to see me drunk climbed unfamiliar men ... or want? I dressed stockings. My feet they really looked irresistible. Such tightened calves and delicate ankles. I started to wind up again.

- Val, I'm just an example - do not even think that I'll have! It's Kick!

Bringing in passing in its widest wedding dress again, but stronger, he slapped me on the ass. I screamed and arched. Dress-ridden, and it became apparent that gum stocking as luck would have underestimated ... I saw myself in the mirror: Low blonde embarked crustaceans from the slap on its tailgate, high heels, clogs, in an absolutely fucking stockings, bent so that the visible gap between the gum black stockings and the edge of a tiny dress ... Hmm ... The doorbell rang. And I suddenly realized that the guests come and the time change will be no more. When getting into a limo at the registry office I was approached by a strong high brunette. Something, and taste Wali was excellent: some athletes and all hefty. He looked me over from head to toe. Lingering on the chest, waist, hips and ankles.

- Are you Kate? - Deep stern voice, he said,

I forced a smile trying to hide his fear. And he nodded.

He had no idea and did not say anything. But when got into the limousine close he sat down beside me and immediately put his hand on my knee. Feeling hot male hand through the nylon stocking it was very nice. But I cleaned it. I am not like this. Without any delay, he put it to the same again. In order not to attract too much attention, I did not raise the noise and pretended not to notice it. Everyone laughed, congratulated the young and drank champagne. I drank. At the first stop winking slyly Valya got out of the limousine, her whole cavalcade of friends and girlfriends, and I was left with this latest bully. I tried to get up, but he put his hand on my thigh and pressed to a leather seat limousine. I did not notice how ridden dress and I sat almost naked booty on the skin ...

- Do not rush.

Then he abruptly put his arm around me, took her breasts with both hands and pulled himself to his knees.

- Someone has to take the rap for our bride, is not it? - Again a brutal deep voice, he said, and I felt his hefty for a device.

Champagne has done its job and, I confess, I was already wet through from one only, that he took me to his chest. Still, I tried to pull away. But ... I creaked his pants zipper. And hot and hard cock was right below me. From attempts to escape I just tighter and tighter rubbed against him. Between us it was already all wet. The fight did not last long, he stuffed my mouth with his hand, second hand roughly crawled under the dress and put his penis.

I groaned and she began to move rapidly on a limb. Drunk and lost myself and I was trying to please the male. Make whatever he wants and how he wants. Seeing that I threw the resistance, he pulled my breasts out of her dress and released from the bra. I moaned and moved. Opened his eyes, I saw in the mirror a little biting sisyastuyu blonde who gagged and that jumps to a back hefty males trying to milk his thick hot cock. I also saw that the driver of the car as it should not go out from time to time glancing at us in the mirror. From all this, I began to move more sharply, and the stranger held out beneath me no more than 40 seconds. He came straight to me. Then he gave a napkin and transplanted back into the leather seat.

Before I could really put himself in order, as the back and the young guests. They were laughing and talking about something else, and I think of anything could not except a fat cock unknown man, who was not even introduced himself, and took advantage of me. The fact that I was like a mad resisted, and as soon as he entered the so wanted to just stupidly stand, that itself became jump on it like a slut. I tried to understand why I'm - so strict, and suddenly gave a decent fuck yourself right in the limo ... On the other hand, I felt like the heroine of some erotic story.

Action is still great. With this in mind, we have come to the restaurant. Competition for competition, toast to toast, I was already pretty drunk and have literally feel the glances of men. She slipped on my open chest ... and when I danced, I saw they were discussing something looking at as I wag ass. Probably waiting when dress is lifted again to see the elastic stockings. I felt at the site Wali, which usually men drool.

All these were the males around her ex-cables, which it invited to the wedding as a family friend. And I think doing well with his role. But I thought that all limited to the incident in a limousine. When I came out of the bathroom I was approached by another man in a suit, wearing glasses and expensive shoes. He smiled and asked the same thing:

- Are you Kate?

I said yes, knowing what it smells. If I was sober - I would have ran away from the wedding, but alcohol and sex unfinished forced me to do stupid things.

The man was obviously older than me, he just took my ass in his arms ...

- Let's go to.

He literally pushed me into some kind of an empty billiard room.

- Take off your panties. - He said sternly.

- Chtoooo?

In the darkness, he immediately gave me a light slap. And in the face he said.

- We both know why you're here. So it will be enough to break down.

With that, he made me a cancer in a billiard table. Such treatment after a six-month abstinence I was wildly excited. I began to breathe deeply.

- Take off, bitch.

Trembling with emotion of shame and fear, I ran her hands under the hem. Panties were already soaking wet. He slammed me on the ass.

- Faster!

Ass - this is my erogenous zone. From one slap can start. As soon as I pulled the panties, I felt he put a. I lost control and just whimpered softly. He slapped again, and you like a bitch ... Popa I have a big and tidy. And in my fantasies .. I often slap her. I caved in and he felt that, once entered. Fat. It is much thicker than the previous guy, he began to pull me. Feeling bitch, which has a great status and male, I howled, and from this he only became a fierce fuck. The idea that I was fucking other man for a day made me ashamed to bury face in the cloth table. He stepped up the pace and called me all sorts of dirty words. His hot cock-farming went into my wet pussy, stretching it. I whined even more agitated by the fact that I can barely stand it under the pressure of high heels.

He had just pecked furiously behind me. My legs were shaking from the excitement. I arched and began to finish. Then the stranger took me by the hair and arched into a bow. Having finished my buttocks, he disappeared from the room, taking my little black panties.

I came back all flushed. I can imagine how I looked: a petite blonde on high heels in lacy stockings with big booty covered with tight-tight dress and very rounded shapes. Ruddy with excitement and drunk on their own fall. I tried to catch his breath at the table, but began to lead the competition. Me and a few other girls put cancer behind me put another guy, athletic, but very young. Not more than 20 years, although it was very attractive for her age. Between us we put a balloon, and they should have it explode on us. To stand in front of everyone in such an interesting pose, knowing that you have no panties and on the inner side of the thigh above the stocking dripping a drop of water ... well, I felt like looking for some time and my nipples harden.

The guy came back and started the game. He thrust the pelvis ball straight into my ass. Scary to imagine that when it will burst, he saw a speck on my dress ... But I could not do anything. He took me by the hips and began pushy trying to win a contest. Thank goodness the music stopped and I lifted her dress odernuv ran to the bathroom.

Then I went out to smoke on the street. Frankly, I was anxious to find a man that has withdrawn my panties and return them to the place. Though the summer, and it was quite shamelessly. I asked the two boys to smoke. They looked at each other slyly. And once again we asked the same thing as those.

- Katia you?

- So what?

- Today you are the bride say fuck?

- Who says?

While I was trying to figure out their hands already walked on my back and ass. I have never themselves do not conducted, and then began to resist ...

The hand of one of the men gripped my throat. It's always me wild winds. But here. On the street. And there were two. The second put his hand under her dress. He ran his fingers over the skin of the elastic stocking and touched my pussy. I groaned. He became more insistent and rougher to touch me.

I was ready to ask myself, so I pulled like a bitch. But admit it out loud, I could not. They paw my chest. Tiscali between my legs. They raised my arms and pinned to the wall. When I was at the peak of they finally took pity and turned my face to the wall. It is necessary to describe what happened next? They raped me one by one on the street. Go down to the ass and stockings, I was sent back to the hall.

Tired, happy and flushed (I just started a taste) I went to the Valais and not without pride reported that the maximum task is completed.

- It is strange but perhaps Jura, Roma and Sergei had already arrived? I have not seen them yet ...