For the first time at a party
One day I went to his friend, who has long called for tea. She lived in the apartment alone, even though she had a dog - a young Dalmatians, I did not know about it, because for the first time decided to go for it. When I entered the house the dog was sitting at the sofa did not appear and was silent - very surprising behavior for a dog. Familiar meanwhile, greeted me and we sat down to drink tea and talk about everything. During the conversation, I asked about the behavior of the dog, she said, he always conducts himself well. After tea, we decided to watch TV, I sat in a chair, and friend on the sofa, behind which sat and Dalmatians. Finally decided to show dog - I got out of the couch, walked over to me and started sniffing. After a while he got up on his hind legs, his front on my lap and tried to lick my face. I waved playfully familiar with the laughing and watched. Soon, her phone rang, she got up, picked up the phone, which is then quickly talk, then came up to me and said that now she needs to move - things at work, will soon return, the street was still day. She dressed quickly and ran away, and I was left in the house alone with a dog.

When I sat back in the chair, he walked up and as before, continue the game, as I thought at first. As friend left, I felt freer and decided to watch the dog closely. And just now I saw that he did in fact - his penis was removed from the bag and Dalmatians rubbed them about my leg. Then I knew what is missing this dog, I was filled with excitement and dramatically, I wanted to experiment until its owner has not returned. I decided to change the position, gently pushed the dog not to deprive him of his passion, he, meanwhile, quickly lay down and put his foot caught on the back of the chair, his head was now at a level where previously had legs - as if I was hanging upside down. The position is not too comfortable, but for the sake of the experiment could bear.

I called the dog, long wait was not necessary, he as before came up, stood on his hind legs, his front on my shoulders, I saw my face approaching dog penis and that's a dog, resting his member into my mouth, went on to make their frictions. He rubbed his on the small penis on my face gradually and finally I decided to do what was intended - opened his mouth and let his dog in the process. Once a member is fully entered into my mouth, the dog stopped, and then started to move much faster, and his penis began to grow right in my mouth, then I started to monitor what is happening hand holding the number to begin to increase the node is not turned from me in the throat. Of the male members began firing grease, I tasted its taste and content with them, began to swallow it. Dalmatians, meanwhile, increased its pace to a maximum and began poskulivat, his cock I had already two hands for the insurance - in my mouth his cock was just before assembly. Suddenly the dog jerked forward and stopped - his sperm strong and frequent jets beginning injected into my mouth. On the palate, it was viscous, salty and bitter, I liked it even more lubrication, so I immediately began to swallow it for the jet stream until it is over. After I swallowed all, a gift from the dog, I licked his cock, then took it out of his mouth, stood up on their feet - dizzy after a long hovering it down - the experiment was completed ...