Cool mom
As a child, my parents gave me a powerful telescope, I was fascinated by the night sky. But the real use of it, I found in the 9th grade. Opposite our house there was a 9-etazhka and in the evenings and at night I looked in the window across the street. It's amazing how people living above 3 floors believe that they did not visible and do not close the window curtains.
One day, in a single window, I saw a young woman - a girl, she had a 10-year-old son, he often played in our yard. They lived in a one room apartment so that both states were in full view. So I saw that the house she often goes in one thong, even with his son. I was just so excited that on many evenings she became the object of my observation. She came home from work and undressed, leaving himself only panties and a bra sometimes. The boy probably already used to this my mother's mind.
But once I saw it a little different picture. In the evening she went as usual in shorts, then go into the shower. Because the soul is left in a dressing gown. I went into the room son was playing on the computer. She sat at a table and began to make yourself a manicure. Then she took what that cream, and gave the boy probably asked yourself smear. Then he took off dressing gown and lay down completely naked in front of him on the bed on her stomach. I immediately incredibly excited. I myself really like to show themselves naked in front of the type of accident youngsters. In general the son began to rub cream mom, back and her ass.
Then she said something to the boy, then turned on his back, his hands a little away that probably would not spoil the manicure, and the boy began to rub her stomach and chest. She was such a cool big breasts, a flat stomach and completely shaved pussy. Damn all of this I am incredibly excited and afraid to wake their parents.
Then I for a long time did not see her completely naked. But one day she came home probably much vypivshaya because it greatly swayed. The son helped her undress, with took it off her blouse and jeans, she was in her underwear, but she probably would have said that he took everything he stripped it to the goal and then helped to reach the bathroom. After she left the bathroom, and we can say fell on the bed, her son began to rub the cream back. I soon noticed that it Masire her ass and she seems excited and slowly lifts her ass up getting cancer. A few minutes later she stood with cancer and her son masturbating in full, apparently he had to do it the first time, his expression was PPC.
A few days later she came home with some sort of young man, they probably came from what is a holiday, probably because they were drunk. They went into the room where the boy was sitting and watching TV. Mom turned off the telly and apparently told the boy that he can play on a computer. Itself at this time she undressed as usual, she was left alone in her panties and her boyfriend went to the kitchen. In the kitchen, they began to kiss, and after a while I saw that the man put her on his stomach on a table removed her panties and began to fuck in full. Sonny same time playing on the computer and then crept to the door and began to pry it is done in the kitchen a few minutes later I saw that he had lowered his pants and masturbate looking like fuck his mother.
More later on that the guy said to the girl, she shook her head negatively at first, and then wore panties, the guy put on his shorts and they went back into the room. There type as if nothing unprecedented boy playing a computer game. Mom then went to the bed with his back to become a son, a man stood in front of her, she sank to her knees, prispustila his shorts and began to suck him in. I then realized that the guy that initiated it can be to have sex with a girl in the same room with her son, about the same time he asked for it, and in the kitchen. She sucked him, and the boy is of course a couple of times around, and so my mother could not see what he looks, the guy pretended he did not see, it looked like his mom does blowjob.
A few minutes later a young man lifted the girl to his feet, took off her panties and put her on the bed with cancer, it can be seen at the time as razvezlo that she did not know what to do. And the man began to fuck her in front of her son. At the end it seems to end before he lifted her put on her knees in front of him sideways to his son and sending
member of her face began to masturbate. Then, apparently having finished her face, he put it as it was in the semen on the bed and was about gone. And my son came up to the bed on which lay it bare obkonchanaya mother and began to masturbate in front of her. I do not know if he cums on her or his age, yet sperm, but then he turned out the light and went to bed.
I think for a long time I will watch over this window, I feel that soon there will be a real incest. So I think that will soon be another story about a mother and son.