Helped neighbor
And I'm so, I 18 year old guy, I live in the village of normal stature

I live near grandparents under 70 years old grandmother with such a big ass and tits and grandfather thin.

and here July 26 I woke up at 8 am and went outside the house there was no one, and I decided to go for water to the well, at that time I saw my neighbor endured some bags, I said hello and offered to help, he agreed, and I I managed a couple of minutes and sat down with him to smoke, and he offered a drink nalivochki from what I did not refuse aunt Mary (the name of his grandmother) brought us snacks and we both sat down and she went into the street to feed the dog. after not how many glasses we decided to go out on the street to smoke,

And at this time I got up member (well, in the morning all the same hormones) and I was in gym shorts and of course it was visible, and he noticed him and asked, from what I have it, and I was lost and said that just got up, and at this time he took it and put his hands on him and asked if I wanted to get rid of him, and I agreed, and we went into the house and he started to make me a blowjob and I finished a couple of minutes. we went outside to smoke and he asked me if I wanted to fuck his wife, and I gave my consent, and so we went into the house and Aunt Mary,

A neighbor at the time took off his pants, Masha's aunt started shouting at him such as he gets up, he said that I'm not against it. and she came up to me and kissed me and swung his arm in shorts, then we agreed to get naked and start all.

Aunt Masha asked to fuck her and I went up to her and put his penis in her and the neighbor at this time gave her mouth after 10 minutes fucked I finished it and saw that Misha's uncle (the name of the neighbor) finally vvstal and we decided fuck it together I put his dick in her ass and pussy in it. But this came to visit them and we quickly got dressed and agreed to meet more frequently so on.

The other day I saw Aunt Masha in the garden and led to the garden where her well fucked ...