Favorite teacher
At first, she hated their teachers on the history, it seemed to her very ugly and stupid boy. In addition, he has worked in her first year of the institute. Somewhere after a while she began to notice that he did not like everything that he has beautiful eyes, beautiful figure (incomparable with anything buttocks, powerful arms and shoulders). In general, you can only guess how many girls from her course to dry on his perfect body. As soon as she saw him in the hallway or in the audience, it was afraid to look up and think about it, because I was afraid that he will notice it. Noticing her eyes blazing, sizzling the entire wild desire to squeeze him to her, to feel his hot body, strong hands, gentle kiss and beautiful brown hair. She is so keen to this, that every time he saw lost control of himself, carrying a nonsense, she toppled from the hands of the notebook, it could not play a single song on the guitar (although its requests were insistent). She could not do anything. Just like him so much that I started to notice how her belly is filled with warmth and longing heart, he caressed and made love right now on the other, the one who kisses his eyes, and he tells her about how he loves her. He already knew that she liked. Avoid trying to not pay attention, it was killing all living things in her heart, but the desire to master the most precious person in the world pereosilivalo.
And in the three years that she spent in the thoughts of most desirable man, were not in vain. High school graduation. Yes, the very day when awarded diplomas and all heaped up with hairstyles, large studs and translucent dresses are sent to some cafe there and celebrate the last day of a student's life. And now, she climbs the stairs, in a beautiful black slinky dress with a large cut, through which is seen a young lush breasts. Stumbles upon his teacher. And understand that he could not restrain his impulse of passion, he asks:
- Can you for a moment? I need to talk to you
- Of course. But. I.
- Come on. - I did not give it to finish the man whom she had waited so long.
They took the keys to the very same audience, they were so long together. apart. Barely reaching the place, she said in a half whisper I want you and your hot mouth pressed to his lips. I think he was surprised, but did not stop it. Using your fingertips, she touched his neck: a sweet current ran through the bodies. She kissed his eyes, lips and neck. I inhale the scent of his hair. What was driving for so long, with its view of the mind, and now crazy her body. Quickly removing the jacket, she moved to the undoing of buttons with a soft ironed shirt. Here is his beautiful body, his shoulders grud.ego. Everything is what it is so long dreamed of.
He tried at first to push her, but then succumbed to affection, and trembling made both to move even faster, a little female pen on his knee. The feeling of his hands on his hips, maddening. How could he not see the one that always dreamed about it? How could he not understand that he loses?
Excitation was growing with each passing moment. And by putting it on the desk, his hand slowly down strap silk dress and her eyes appeared lovely breasts, nipples strained. Dug into them with his tongue, he continued to take off her dress. Frequent shortness of breath, trembling. She writhed in his hands, like a snake. thorn pierced into his body, feeling the hard dick in his pants, and he, on the other hand, touched her burning bosom.
You. you, you're the best thing in my life was! - Escaped from the lips of delirium from the passion of the girl. Everything was like in a delirium of her legs wrapped around him, kissing, moving throughout the body. My teacher, my little boy, I love you ... - could be heard in her mind. In the mind of a little girl. I have been waiting for.
Everything went on for several minutes. She confessed to him that he was her only the first man. After that, she had long kept him in his arms and would not let go. He lay beside her and thought about something she did not know.
Both knew that I would never meet ..
She thanked God for what he gave her this opportunity first and last performed together in the evening.