While mom is not home
This summer, I met a charming girl. Her name is Tanya. She is only 17 years old, she looks absolutely stunning. Tall, slender, with large breasts, beautiful long legs and stunning brown hair. On the street the men look after her and almost every day someone of them wants to get her into bed. But it is given only to me. Despite the fact that I was older than her 14 years, we have all day just doing that fuck. Mama Tani, we naturally say it all the time walking with my friends ...
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And recently, my darling decided to make a gift to the man. He invited to his home, because the parents went to the cottage and the apartment was in full our disposal. Naturally, I immediately rushed to Tanya. The surprises began with the threshold. Tanya opened the door and went to the meeting dressed like the last whore. She was wearing only a G-string panties, stockings and shoes with heels.
-Hello, come in, - she said, and I totally zonked on my youngster so transformed, I stood and looked at her carnivorous delights.
-Oh - Tanya cried when the hall went out and noticed a neighbor of us. She immediately disappeared into the apartment, I followed her. My cock was already standing, just wanted to knock down the long-legged bitch on the floor and pull out roughly. But I held back, thinking that a guest behave is not to be. Tsokaya heels on the parquet. Tanya took me to my room. It was a typical little girl's room: plush toys scattered everywhere, pink wallpapers and other girly tinsel, which I did not notice because I was excited to the limit. And I wanted only one thing - to seize his Tanya. I wound up the idea, that is still a young girl dressed as a prostitute, has led me to him and wants to fuck her.
-Do you like it here - I pulled out his penis and jeans Tanya showed what he is solid.
-You know how I need it - the voice of Tanya's got a little hoarse, I pushed the thin thread of strings and stuck a finger in her pussy. She was already all wet.
In one motion, I pushed the bed Tanya.
-Sit down and show me your legs!
Tanya obeyed. She sat as a model, showing off her long legs encased in stockings.
-Take it in your mouth and suck! - I went to order. Tanya obediently working jaws, and I admired her gorgeous body. I wanted to plant between her boobs, but was no longer able to hold back. Tanya grabbed by the hair and knocked on the bed. Threw her legs over his shoulders, I walked in and started to fuck.
Tanya screamed with pleasure, scratched, and I continued to hammer away at her, saying that like it when it looks and behaves like a whore. Tanya tried to say something, but every time she did it, I thrust my dick so hard that my juvenile prostitutochka could only scream with pleasure. She came every two minutes and could not stop. My cock was working in her wet vagina and did not stop for a second. When Tanya completely exhausted, I decided it was time to make a small presentation.
-Sit in a chair, and pat yourself! - I ordered again. Just Banged girl rocking sat in the chair, spread her legs and began to drive a pen on his klitorku. Her hand moved rhythmically all, the look became clouded, her lips now and then broke groan. And then I, too, began to masturbate. We did it looking at each other. I finished right on her stockings. Cum splashed her feet. Looking me in the eye, Tanya held her finger on the stained semen stockings and sensuously licked it. From this, I wanted to fuck her again, baby, but then I saw the fear in her eyes. He turned. Behind the mother stood Thani.
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