My first sex with an older woman
I'm still in a very young age began to understand that I like women zanchitelno older than me. My imagination is not bugging me, engaging in masturbation, I always imagined how it would be with an adult woman, everywhere where I've seen older women in public transport, in the street at the store where you want the thought did not leave me alone. Often, their lush and saturated forms led me to the incredible excitement, which is not always been able to hide.

One day I went to the store there stood two women over 40, from the incredible beauty and magnificent forms one of which I had completely forgotten why he had come all my attention was focused on her, and I did not realize that their eyes riveted both below my stomach. My cock stood stake that it was hard not to notice, because I was in sweat pants. One of them is so confused by what he saw, and began to carry some other blizzard and almost immediately retired but it was obvious that she really liked it ...

I was not embarrassed, but instead provoke more. The second pretended that nothing had happened, but at that moment I realized for myself clear that young people are interested in older women is not less than young men mature women. Slightly matured in 19 years I began to surf the Internet in search of their daily expanse. Attempts to meet with an adult woman is not immediately successful, and I decided to start to turn to prostitutes, in order to realize their most secret fantasies to life.

Found a site with a leisure theme, chosen appetizing passion and now I'm calling it ... In the first ten seconds of our conversation from the adrenaline rush I have filched my breath, I pulled himself together and tried to arrange a meeting. She asked about my age and about the time when I can drive. She said that I was very young, I was very embarrassed and fell silent ... "Well come" I heard in the handset. I instantly met, ran down the road to the store took a bottle of beer and now I'm on my way in a taxi. I can hardly find the right house for me somewhere in the north of Moscow.

And here I have cherished the door bell ... And my heart sank ... The door opened very lush smiling woman 45-50 years. When she saw me she was incredibly embarrassed and did not immediately let me ... "Oh how very young!" she said ... I struggled a smile, in the inside I still trembled with amazement and excitement that I embraced. A moment's hesitation she said that she liked my smile (probably really needed the money) and that I was going through. Everything was like a fairy tale, she helped me take off clothes, a member of the swollen so that he could not be in shorts, it deft movement pulled off my panties, and he broke out.

She paused for a moment staring at him. I could not control myself and started stroking the palms of her gorgeous breasts 5th the size, I felt like harden her nipples, they were huge I madly wanted to caress their tongue At this time she plunged my cock into his mouth and took a couple of translational movements seem willing to further irritate me. I have pleasure all over her body ran goose, her mouth she was incredibly moist and tender.

Then abruptly he pulled his mouth and got up from her knees, finding themselves face to face with me. I started kissing her passionately and caress her breasts hands. Our bodies pressed against each other, I was extremely wound up the idea that what we are doing taboo and unnatural. Then she turned to face me and let my cock slip between her buttocks and hardly touch the opening of the anus and genital lips. I already buzzed with excitement ... eggs. I asked her to take a cock in her mouth. She invited me to lie down, which I did.

She made me a blowjob because before it did not make a single young girl, deeply swallowing it is abundantly lubricated with saliva member periodically removing it from his mouth nadrachivat his hand across the surface of the member, then again greedily swallowing it. Beer made itself felt, I could not restrain himself and poured out her mouth. Oh, how she sucked mmm ... I asked her to get up and put on a condom crustaceans began to enter the cock in her vagina. Surprisingly, it turned out to be very resilient and I'm not the first time was able to insert it.

I started fucking her intensely, she moaned loudly, I really liked to take it back, take a woman who is much older than me, the excitement reached its climax, and I pulled out a member rushed to her mouth to finish it. She eagerly swallowed all of which resulted from my penis, sperm remnants trickled down her palms. Then we repeated the second orgasm was even more beautiful than the first. She is doing with me what it had never done either one young girl. Since then, I always fuck older women and many of them will give odds to young girls.

I have several older mistresses and take my word for the woman's life at 45 is just beginning.