Sister thief
I want to tell you a story that happened about a month ago.

And so my name is Sasha. I am 19 years old. I live with my mother, father and sister in a country house. My father was very successful businessman, and our family is not nothing when it is not needed.

As that during dinner the father asked:
- Children, you do not accidentally took money out of my locker?
- No.
- No.
- That here I have lost money. I thought maybe someone of you is that something happened and you have taken.
- No, we did not take.

Replied sister.
- This is probably working.

While we were doing repair three workers.

I immediately suspected her sister, as she was very worried and full accusing the workers.
- Well, I'm glad that it's not you, and you know how I feel about this.

My father was very strict and can not imagine what he would do if he knew that someone of his children stealing money from him.
- Pa and a lot is lost?

I asked.

I had $ 45,000, and the remaining 44,000.
- Strange. If the workers were stealing, it would all be taken away and dumped. Money's not small.

I said.
- That they're just afraid to take everything.

Again, he commented sister.

After dinner, I went to his father.
- Pa I've got an idea.
- What.
- Let me put the camera in your office.
- Ltd. would not be bad. And it could be a driver and a maid or someone from the cooks.

My father gave me money for a micro camera.

The next day I bought a camera and installed it in my father's office. Video recorded with the camera to my computer. And every night I was looking through it.

A couple of weeks after the disappearance. The father went on a business trip. That same night, I saw on the video as my 17 year old sister takes money from his father's bedside.

I'm not wasting any time immediately went to the sister's room.

My sister was in bed.
- Light can talk to you?
- I've come awake tomorrow.
- Well, then I call my father and tell him that you're stealing money from him.

Sister hear my words jumped out of bed and turned on the light.
- What the hell are you talking about.

I paused for a moment. I could not look away from his sister.

She was dressed in a white robe, under which could be seen of her second breast size, and black thong.

Member immediately reacted to the sister outfit.

And sister noticed it immediately lay down under a blanket.
- Light, I know that it's you stealing from his father.
- No, it's not me. You are what I never would.
- I have a video where you 15 minutes ago stealing money from him. I set the camera in his office.
- Sashechka please do not tell him. Please daring video. He will kill me. Or send in what the school for nuns girls.
- Until that moment I saw you in the dressing gown I was ready to remove the video. But now I think you should take off my stress.
- I did not get that. You want me to suck?
- That's right.
- I'm your sister.
- Well, what do you de girl? You are very beautiful and sexy. And I do not see anything if you pososesh.
- And then you just take away the video?
- Of course.

My sister took off her blanket and walked over to me. She knelt down and began to unbutton his pants. Once a member freed the sister began to caress his tongue. She began to suck my cock. Oh, it was a thrill. Her soft lips caressed my cock.
- Light, I'll finish.

I thought that my sister will stop sucking, but on the contrary it has accelerated the pace and I started to cum in her mouth. Sister swallowed all the sperm.
- I complied with his condition.
- I will remove the video, do not worry. Just bring back the money that has taken today.
- OK.

And sister went to his nightstand. As soon as she leaned over to get the money is stolen my cock immediately responded to the elastic ass sister standing in a thong cancer. I took a step toward her and began to touch her.
- Sash about it, we did not agree.

I began to stroke her pussy through her panties.
- I can not let go of Sasha. I `m A virgin.
- Light I can see that you are wet, then you want. Can you give to lick?
- Damn that we create.

And after these words sister took off her thong and lay on her back spread in different directions legs. I immediately began to fondle her wet Kisochka.
- Ayy as well. mmmm klasss

After 10 minutes of light came. But nothing else I perepalo.

The next day, my sister went to my room.
- Sash are you still awake?
- There is already awake.
- You deleted?
- Do not worry.
- Sash thank you very much.
- That Come.

And sister hugged me. At that my cock reacted immediately.
- Sash you that now I always will be?
- I do not know, just remember what you have beautiful ass and a caressing your pussy.
- Sash and you fucked in the ass girl?
- Yes, why do you ask? You want to try?

And I put my hand on her ass sister.
- Not now.
- And when?
- Well, when my mother goes to work.
- Did you really give to fuck in the ass?
- Remember me 2 months met with Sergey. So he had me fucked in the ass. I like it. Only his term much less yours.
- I'll be gentle.
- OK.

As soon as my mother went to work, I began to undress her sister and paw her ass. I put my sister on all fours and began to fuck her ass with his finger. after 10 minutes the work finger ass sister was ready. And I put on a condom and began to push dick in her elastic ass.
- Aaay not rush to hurt me.

I stopped and waited until my sister gets used. A few minutes later, I felt like a sister takes the ass to me and my cock deeper into her sinks. I could not believe that the charming fuck ass of his sister. Her moans brought me back down to earth and I was a little reduced pace. 15 minutes later, I felt that now finished. And he took his sister's waist dramatically accelerated the pace. After a couple of jerks, I stopped and began to finish. Sveta writhing in ecstasy.
- This is something. Thank you.
- I'm glad you like it. Thank you too. I still did not finish well.

As you know my father, I did not say anything about the thief's sister.

And now I allude to her that I would not mind to fuck her pussy. But she has not yet given.

If you will be sure to write.