How much am I then? ... Twenty-four, maybe. And Nina? Something about forty-five, a good age for a woman, greedy. ... And I have the boss, subordinate to about twenty "aunts"I called them. But Nina was not "aunt", A real woman. High, burning brunette (although, naturally, and painted) with long thick curly hair, sparkling eyes and chernyuschimi large plump lips. Slim waist and large, curvy ass, which always skirts above the knees twenty centimeters and chest ... big, tall, always covered with thin translucent blouses.
She looked at me with adoring eyes, when I, "young and progressive", Bonfire anyone at the meetings raised the tail on the big bosses, was bold and reckless. We were sometimes alone in the office late at night after a collective pyanok (remnants of traditions), drank and bulling "for a life". She always told me compliments, sincerely admiring me. So what "so young, and already ..." and "you him, goat, I said ..." and so on. At the same feelings with drink and she blushed and her cheeks became a crimson. Apparently, one of those moments I have these cheeks and kissed her, and apparently I was told ... ... In my hands her big firm breasts, I slide a hand on her leg with black tights and she kisses me hungrily, moaning and stroking my shoulders ... I lowered both hands on her hips, squeezing her ass and realize that it is nothing to stop it, she wants to fuck me right here, including office tables and chairs. Without looking up from her lips, I lifted her blouse, bodice cleverly undo fasteners, I lift him hard Nina's chest falls into my hands at the same time with its easy groan. Her chest was just gorgeous! Elastic, high, the size of the fourth with big brown nipples, which immediately got up under my hands. I abruptly pulled his lips, pulled up her blouse with bodice and clung hungrily mouth to her breast. My hands gripped them again, but the tongue licking nipples at first is not very fast in a circle halo, then faster and harder, and I alternately biting them, growling and moaning with pleasure.
After a few minutes, I wanted more. I sat down in front of her chair and onto his knees, not letting Nina come to his senses, made her lift the butt, lifted her skirt and ripped off abruptly with the hips and tights and panties. Immediately clung on as second lips to her mouth with his tongue at him by the throat, he stepped back, stood up and quickly unbuttoned his pants, pulled them off, along with shorts. My cock was standing in front of her face, she sat in the same skirt rolled up to the waist, legs spread with black pubic hair, slightly cropped and curling "small demon"Her big breasts with swollen nipples finely writhing to the beat of some internal convulsions and his eyes burned like crazy from burning desire body.
- What a beautiful, - she uttered, taking the hand of my cock and looking only at him. Then, without losing the tempo of me and grabbed my ass second hand, he attracted and sucked him with their large and plump, yet resistant scarlet lipstick on her lips into his mouth. I saw and heard how she liked it. Hand gripping member at the base, her lips tightly encircled him, and his tongue darted like mad in her mouth, trying to lick the head at once on all sides. In order not to miss such a sight, I just leaned back, his hands gathered her hair and admired her flushed face with half-closed eyes.
I realized that for a long time so can not stand, but so quickly did not want to finish, I would like to prolong the pleasure of Nina. Pulled back her head, not letting mop of hair out of his hands, slightly crouched down on her knees and again fixed his lips to Nina's lips, occasionally stopping to kiss her neck and shoulders and whisper to shout some words. And Nina pulled my hands slippery from her drooling cock and tried to crush them your breasts and nipples. I sat up a little sideways and then put his penis in her mouth, which was immediately accepted it eagerly. But I do not suck for a long time allowed, almost mocking her, I almost immediately pulled it, pulled her from the chair and sat on it himself, spreading his legs wider. Lightly lick her crotch, I'm Nina turned his back and attracted. She readily bent, showing me strip pussy and anus, eye, she took my hand cock a few strokes of his soaked and became a string themselves at him. In front of me it was it is quite large, but very elastic and curvy ass and on his groin, I immediately felt its heat and its moisture.
I felt it quite freely (and I'm not a giant of porn, and she was not the girl for a long time, man has been a constant Nina), but enough to make both of us enjoyed.
And Nina, apparently, no longer see anything around. She beat her ass on my groin, forcing a member to the limit, without trying any pause or povertetsya on it. With one hand for balance she tried to hold on to my thigh, and the second crumpling his chest. Before my face was an amazing picture ... Developing black hair, smooth back with a thin waist and a delicious ass in my hands frantically twitching on my cock up and down and could only hear the groans ...
"Ah-ah-ah-ah-me-a-good-kaky-you-umnichka-as-I-love-you". I wanted to make it more pleasant, and abundantly slaver his thumb, became yet gently massaging her anus. In response, he heard of approval "MoM" and her ass just moved me. My movements became harder and soon have my finger started fucking her anal, feeling through the thin membrane own driving in Nina's pussy cock. Nina was almost screaming. After some time, she became even more firmly pressed against me, almost pushing me in a chair, her muscles tensed, groaning became continuous. I drew her to him, threw his arms around his chest, and passionately kissing her back, gave the finish. Nina whole arched with his head thrown back, both hands wrapped around my head, and gave herself a sweet languor. But long kayfovat I did not let her. Away from him on her back, I lifted her buttocks so that my cock almost came out of it, and again lowered the Nina, then another. Member stood as an all-metal. I got together with Nina, turned her chair to face, bent her back so that she rested her hands and began to frantically thrust her on the eggs, keeping in mind already without any tact finger fucking her in the ass.
- In you?
- Yes - it is squeezed out of himself.
Just a few seconds of convulsive waves of my cock in her pussy began beating sperm.
Nina stood in front of me on my knees and, gratefully and happily looking into my eyes, took another sturdy tight cock in her mouth, sucked and licked him with the remnants of my sperm and its moisture.