The case at work
It happened to me a little more than three years ago. I then went to work in another firmochki. From the house it was far away, but compensated fairly decent income.
And on this work, a month after 3 or 4, I got a job to work there, I went once to his boss with some papers, and he asked me - how we like to work with? Yes, I replied. Well, he says, it is good that like and fits close to me. You, too, as a worker we are quite satisfied, and begins to buttons of my blouse unbutton.
I do not know what to do, what to say, his mouth opened, his eyes in confusion, and he slowly unbuttoned all the buttons of my bra and pulled down, so that the cups of got boobs. He stroked her nipples, first with one hand, then with two, and pushed me to the table, go, says Lie. What it affords, I can not, I do not want flashed through my head. I pushed his hands and tried to fix her bra. But he, with the strength of took me by the hand and let them down. Then he turned back to him, lifted my blouse unbuttoned, undid the hooks on the bra.
I tried to pull away, but he held me and, despite my attempts to stop him, he was able to take off my blouse with a bra. At times I was naked in his arms, anger and shame filled me, I felt that I blushed to the ears that is called. And again he already strongly pushed me on the table and I almost fell on his chest. Do not be stubborn, he said, and it seemed to me, slowly, pulled up my skirt, then, as slowly, pulled off my tights with shorts. I was scared. I thought - well, everything, right now ... but he was not in a hurry. He patted me on the behind, put his hand between her legs and said he likes when women among all shaved legs. (And my husband all very clean shave - armpits, feet and between the toes.)
by these words, I jerked, I tried to get up, but he did not give, pressed his hand to the table, one of his leg between my legs started slightly spread her legs to me, and then a second and his foot between my legs put. I spread them more, I heard how to unzip his pants and into my pussy dick rested. Again, I tried to get up from the table, but again he did not let me do it, and he his cock harder and harder on the lips pussy presses. Ahhhh, involuntarily escaped me when I felt that a member parted lips and plunged into me. And then suddenly I ceased to understand what's going on with me.
I felt that this was a small force me, and appeal to me like a whore, I was incredibly excited. I suddenly thought - I can see myself from the outside. This to me was not. I am married, giving birth, not a girl, all perfectly decent woman, bare chest lying on the table with battened down the skirt, with her legs spread, without panties, and the one who stands behind, quite confidently leads me into the category of sluts. For him, I was just another bitch. This is how he treated me, excited me more and more. And suddenly someone will glance, it still somehow all know, I thought rushed.
Excitation from his position and from these thoughts grew like an avalanche, and almost a member of the Chief of fully entered into me, I shivered, I breathed in the heat, and almost alien belly touched my backside as I suddenly find themselves with a muffled groan, immediately I finished. Head clearly noticed this fairly chuckled, I grabbed my hips and started fucking slowly at first, gradually increasing the pace and strength of aftershocks. He drives the his penis in me, and I caught his movement, after each ringing slap in my ass pussy sucking and squelching, I barely restrained so as not to moan loudly, through the coupled teeth uttering some strange sounds, and again very soon finished . And then he filled me with sperm.
He pulled out a member pants buttoned and walked away, leaving me in a completely indescribable condition. Kaif from that sex was such that I just slid off the table and sat on the floor. On him I did not want to watch. I reached for his tangled tights, pulled out of their pants and podterlas them between your legs. Then she stood up, gathered his clothes and, also, not looking at him, dressed, not wearing her panties. And you did a woman, I heard. No words, no words, I took a blank sheet of paper, wrapped his crumpled pants and went into it. Almost running down the hall went to the toilet.
There I somehow brought myself up. two o'clock remaining work I have to think about anything else could not. Well at least until get home, I calmed down. Then came the husband, and everything was as usual. Only at night, when you go to sleep two thoughts fought in my head - I was unfaithful to her husband, but she interrupted the other - I was unceremoniously like a whore, undressed, laid on the table and fuck straight to work. And the opposite, that all this gave me a wild delight.