The fourth story Vova, "Papadopoulos"
After leaving school at the orphanage, I was sent to learn a profession in the P / O "Youth" - School notorious in the Sverdlovsk region for its thieving director and teachers, taschivshimi orphans everything. But my story is not about that.
In the first month, in one of the weekend days of autumn, we are, first and second courses, was sent to the farm to harvest potatoes. The first course cleaned his band, the second - his own, close to us. Land svezhevspahannaya, dirty. And after hours of work, one of the sophomores (his name seems to Sasha) straightened up with a crunch and shouted: "Popandopulo!". I first heard: "Burst!"I've been thinking, what he burst? But then he saw a healthy boy, who fled to the sophomore. Sasha says that the big man: "Papadopoulos, rest!". Anyone without a word, it is the ground on all fours (like a pony) and Sasha sat down on it like on a bench to rest. Pulls out a cigarette, lit a cigarette, makes himself comfortable, puts her legs, and all this in the sight of the two courses. But for some reason no one says anything, not only came three more and the boy also sat on the bench alive - Papadopoulos. He stands in the mud, in the ground and does not make any attempts to stand. I realized that it's all in the nature of things, Papadopoulos - a very steep servant boys school.
Though he was and healthy, but the four of us guys were sitting close to him, and one of them - Anton moved his shoulders, almost to the neck, so that Popandopulo head was between his thick thighs. Anton sat lazily smoked, occasionally snapping Popandopulo ears. Then he put his head on his thigh and said: "Come nodded kid!" Popan (as his name was briefly) began to nod, and so it turned out that he also shook Anton, he became press foot on the back of the head, Popanu was becoming harder to nod. Then for fun, Anton put his feet wrapped in tarpaulin boots, his hands began to sit up and brush. Popan shouted: "Painfully!" Anton sat back on his neck, and then stood up again. Popan yelled. But then shouted that the break is over, the boys reluctantly got up and took their places.
I began to watch the sneak Popanom and his masters, because I pour into this school and need to know "who is who". Such gatherings were almost after every hour, 2-3 times more, with even when we got a snack, the boys were back at Popane, we sat on it and ate quietly. And before that, one of the guys hit the ground in the boot, and when he went, then stepped on the cord and dragged him, almost falling. The kid went straight to Popanu, put his leg, and said to him: "Earth Shake!" Papadopoulos at first tried to untie the string, but the rope is wet hands did not yield, and he was forced to kneel down and untie the strap teeth. Hardly unlaced, while obtr fair share of dirt from the shoes, took off his shoe and began vytryahat. The kid, to keep from falling, rested his foot on the shoulder. Then fell again put his shoes and tied a nice bow, tucking in the ends of the lace ankle boots.
And all this without any words of persuasion. And it was obvious that he was still doing well, if the ground shake out, so still in the boot poshurshit hand, that, everything fell.
And yet I was struck then one episode finished work must be loaded on the bus, while the boys shoes almost knee-deep in mud. Sasha comes in a puddle and shouting "Gotcha!" and that again, knowing everything without words (otdressirovali him whether that right?), begin to squat to wash Sashka boots, carefully raising himself his foot, washing sticky dirt from the soles. Then, in a puddle comes next, then the next and so until almost ten guys boots are not bright.
Then I pulled the devil, I also came to Papadopoulos, he did not look up, and began to wash my boots, for some reason I was ashamed at the same time enjoyable. None of starshakov I did not say a word. Maybe tired?
In the future, I often saw Popandopulo in school about him probably knew guys from all groups. Therefore, his day began like this:
Before classes usually boys who stands and who sits on the window sill, talk about different things. And the corridor goes pop. And the one who more or less know, shouting: "Hello, Popandopulo!". And I got in response suited to kriknuvshemu and takes two hands leg for boots or sneakers, and hello, as if he filed a hand. Long shakes his foot and goes further. Some guys (particularly prominent), after this greeting he said something like: "What are you do not respect me?" And besides Popandopulo waved his feet, still kissing patsanyachyu footwear in a sock several times. It gave a lot of good mood all present laughed merrily and asked to kiss again and louder.
But there were fun and less harmless. Once I was in the toilet and smoking with the boys from the second year - Sasha, Anton and others. And suddenly comes Papadopoulos. Our get-together dramatically quickened. First Popan all politely said hello - Used for each lazily raised, or almost picked up. Two-three he kissed kid sneakers. Anton then set it on "four bones" the window and continued to smoke in civilized conditions - sitting on "couch"Who portrayed Papadopoulos. Then Sasha suddenly asked him: "Pop, drink want?". he said, "Want"
- A much want?
- Yes strong.
- Well, today we'll Popo.
Sasha picked up the guys ass and pushed it under the toilet fixture, stood up on his back and unscrewed the cover. You know, probably, are round balls, about a liter volume.
He undid his pants, pulled out his penis and began Kripen'ka piss right in the bowl. He immediately realized: three other boys in turn poured into a bowl. He was filled with more than half of the yellow, thick liquid.
- On, pop, drink.
- Yes, something I got sick, Sasha, do not want more - Papadopoulos said, though somehow sluggish, apparently purely to maintain the image.
- Drink, drink! We tried in vain that for you?
Popan took cover and slowly began to drink from his urine.
- Bottoms up, bottoms up! - Shouted the boys. And under such exhilarating Popan he drank almost everything, what little is left, Sasha poured on his head with the words: "Take a refreshing dip!"
Perhaps this picture is thoroughly excited young unchikov e $, and they began to take force hitting them in the mouth. Unbuttoned his pants, jeans down to his knees, they sat on the windowsill, and Papadopoulos began to suck them. One sucks, two neighboring jerk. Then everything turned into a more serious stage, and the guys took turns to cum in his mouth.
- Well, we'll get you fed and watered - summed up Sasha, thrusting his fallen member in his pants.
Then the bell rang, and everyone began to disperse in their offices. Anton jumped on his back and the Papadopoulos, picking up his bag with notebooks, povz classes.
Later I learned about hitting a lot more, but this is the next story.