Catherine continued.
Catherine, a rest and gain strength to return to work. Having invited the deputy, she asked how things were going in her absence. He said that everything is fine, no excesses happened. Then she deepened in the study of the documents that had accumulated in her absence. Kate found that the company's profit fell by fifteen percent this month, compared to the previous month. This allowed, and sometimes it was, it seemed like a small percentage, but it is greatly alarmed Catherine. After lunch, checking e-mail, she received a letter with a proposal to sell the company, but does not indicate to whom and the amount offered real. Someone knew the real value of its enterprise, it frightened Catherine, she remembered how she was doing such operations to firms that calving to take in hand. One shot she killed two birds with one stone, joins the firm to its enterprise and eliminates unnecessary competition. In the future, these firms The attached gave a very good income. It requested the Secretary to call the head of security.
She gave details Boris about their problems and brought him up to date by asking him for advice what to do next.
- Catherine A., I promise, we will look around. While I can not say anything to you, wait for the results of our investigation. We need to know who wants to buy your company, then work will be much easier. Now I know that this letter preceding events were not random, we will deal with this case.
Catherine was restless at heart. A week passed, but no results were not. Despite the fact that the security service employs highly trained specialists, they could not find the slightest clue in this strange, complicated case.
Everything went on as usual, but ten days later again came to Catherine's email address, which was required to sell the company, but the amount was already thirty percent less than the original price. If the first letter was only an offer to sell the company, in the second there were threats that the firm Catherine can completely ruined and have to sell it for next to nothing at all.
Boris, Catherine said honestly:
- Catherine A. I can not find any clues, they simply do not. I tell you frankly, we do not see the enemy, we can not detect it, so we can not do anything, I picked up all his connections, but the result did not give. It is useless to look for a needle in a haystack. The enemy is very strong and cunning, in spite of all my connections, it could not get out, I'm afraid you no one can help, find out who still wants to buy your company.
- What should I do?
- I'll be frank with you until the end, to sell the company, is for it offer a decent price, then it will be too late, they just ruin you, believe my experience, yes you yourself as well as I know about it. Some very good command of information on all matters of your company, with the man well versed in the mechanism works. It provides for all your moves and ahead of you in everything. This may not be an ordinary employee, think, you did not notice anything suspicious behavior among your entourage.
- No.
- Sorry, I'm without your permission, check all of your deputies, with some even had to follow, but none of them does not work against you, congratulations for a great selection of frames, so it is with some minor sins, but they are not even worth talking about it all the little things. I even checked those who resigned or been fired you, but I assure you that these people also do not have to do with you.
- Yes, Boris, make a puzzle to me ..
- You can try to make such a move, to agree to the sale and exit to the buyer, but it's ten percent of one hundred. They certainly do not fuckers, all thought out and fully counted. The buyer will be some frontman, who know and do not know anything. But still try this if does not work, then you have to sell. Catherine A. You are still young, the money from the sale of the company you will be enough until the end of life, do not worry so much life ahead of you so many pleasant moments.
- Boris, in this company I invested all his life, his soul, and not used to be afraid of difficulties. I, according to your variant, there is no alternative, if it does not work, then we'll see what to do.
- I connect all of their communication and try to do my best to you all was good.
Boris left, and Kate much thought, who is this unknown enemy. Enemies she did not have it with anyone not interfere, and could not figure out who it was still necessary. Most of her strained suspense, if a person bought the firm in the open, it would be clear that he wants to get rid of rivals and join the firm and when to be seen buyers, it is not clear what will happen next.
Catherine wrote a response that is ready to sell the firm to the mailbox from which the letter came. She had only to wait for an answer. On the next day the answer came, there were detailed instructions on how and to whom, to make out a deal. Boris tried to punch the person to whom the company is to be registered. It appeared as thought Boris, that the person to whom the transaction was recorded, was a dummy, but behind him were very serious people who have taken security measures, and they come out it was practically impossible. The instructions given Catherine were properly formulated so that kidalovo could be any one or on the other hand. Catherine is perfectly understood. She called his lawyer familiarized with the terms of the deal, he said, it is better than to conduct a transaction as described in the letter is impossible, Catherine received, the amount is stipulated without risking anything. She did not want to sell their offspring, but she thought it was really better to fuck, at least some money, what then do not get anything. Moreover, this money will be enough until the end of her life. She decided that a rest, she, too, tired of worry, think about the business, sometimes it visited the idea to sell the company and live happily, a break from the serious business of the race. She thought that with time it will be possible to open any small firm for the soul, and if you get bored, is what to do.
These thoughts came to her mind recently while relaxing, having lived a few weeks quiet serene life, also affected the visits to historical sites, monuments of culture. Not in vain visiting a therapist. Catherine did not have any disease, the visits to the doctor were not medical in nature, the more likely they were to prevention. Even before the trip Catherine began attending physician in Moscow. Good friends have advised well-known psychologist, and she visited him twice a week. After the sessions, Kate noticed that it has become much calmer and began to think differently.
Catherine wanted to call his former secretary Lena. She tried to call on the telephone, but nobody took the tube. After work, she decided not to postpone the trip and went to her former home. She wanted to meet and talk with Lena and learn about her life. All the way to the house, she remembered his past life. The closer she drove up to the house, the more pounding heart, as there was a variety of events.
She pulled up to the gate, from the time she was last here, almost nothing has changed, everything remains as in it, only the gate was painted a different color. She got out of the car, walked over to the intercom and pressed the button.
- Who do you want? - A woman's voice in the speaker.
- I need Lena.
- Here, this is not living.
This response is very discouraged Kate.
- How not to live?
- She sold the house two! year called hell and gone from here.
- Where?
- How do I know I is not saying nothing.
- Maybe ... Maybe you let me in the house, I need to talk to you.
- And who are you?
- I am a former owner of the house, call me Catherine, do not be afraid, I will not hurt you, You see I'm all alone.
- Now open.
Electronic lock clicked, and Katya entered the gate. She seemed as if she was never gone away, it was exactly as if her new owners do not have to change.
On the threshold stood an attractive woman of about thirty years of age. Kate went to her and said hello.
- Hello, you go in the house.
They went into the hallway, the house is almost nothing has changed, but there have been minor changes in the environment.
- Come into the living room, sit down. Coffee, tea, - invited the lady of the house.
- If it can be tea for green features.
- Sit down, please, wait, I'll make you a wonderful tea. My husband was recently in China and brought out a real tea, I have it, too, a lover of green tea, Taking this opportunity, drove to the plantation and bought it there, so that counterfeiting impossible. Do not be bored, I'll be right back.
She went into the dining room, and Kate came flooding back memories of how she built this house as living in it, as there was good and bad.
After a while, the hostess entered, bringing a tray of two bowls and teapot with green tea, cookies, candy and cake.
- Help yourself feel free to take what you want, - said the woman, pouring in pialki Katya teas.
- Thank you.
- Well, let's get acquainted.
- Catherine.
- Inna.
- Very nice.
- And me. What, Catherine, has led you to me.
- I did not know that you live here, I came here, I thought that Lena lives here. I tried to reach her on the phone, but her mobile number, ceased to exist, it must have changed a new one. That's why I decided to call her visit, long time no see, it happened. I would like to know when you prod! Ali this house and find out where the old owners moved.
- Two years ago we bought this house in Lena, she had quickly sold without even bargaining, we were a little bit down the price, but to be honest, even if it is not lost to us, this house on any bought someone only needs it was time to wait. A time to wait, it seems that it was not. She was very nervous, behaved like a tensely, my husband and I thought that maybe it's a setup, not all purely with this house, and we want to throw. Her husband turned to his friends, they checked the house was spotless. And realtors told us that the documents in the house all right, with the director of the real estate agency, a great friend of our family. But times is not quiet, so we decided to err. We decided to take this house, we liked it.
- So, you do not know where he lives now this girl, maybe she left you your coordinates.
- No, she did us a little talk. Indeed in appearance, she is a nice girl, polite. She left only her cell phone, and then a month later, after we moved into this house, I called her, wanted to ask something, but this number does not exist.
Katya sat brooding a few minutes, then he said:
- Strangely, all this, I knew Lena, and the house she gave me.
- Gave ???
- Yes I presented.
- There can be no such gifts do not do in our time.
- The truth presented.
- Sorry for my curiosity, for what you have done such a gift? She is your cousin, sister, or close friend?
- No, she is not a relative or even a friend, a good friend. Three years ago, she saved my life, I decided to thank her in this way. Money is not the most important thing in life, there are still normal human relationships. All three years I had no time to get to it, but finally decided, has arrived, and it turned out that she had sold the house. Why did not she called me and said that.
- And under what circumstances she saved your life?
- I was pleased to recall this, do not want to stir up the past. Excuse me.
- No, you is you'll excuse me.
- I look at that little house that changed three years have passed and many things have remained, I'm very pleased.
- Why would that change anything, everything is done very soundly and thoroughly, you have excellent taste.
- Thank you, I have to go, and that I and so stayed on. One request, you can go around the house, want to see, I put so much force that built this house, I have left here a part of his soul.
- Of course, I'll see you.
She walked around the house, looked in every room, filled her soul longing and nostalgia for a past life, when everything was still good, she wanted to cry, but Catherine was a strong woman and was not used to show their emotions in public. But, as she had not fastened, it is barely able to hold back, not to cry, but tears betrayed the two fell to the eyelashes, but they were quickly Katya quietly, brushed, Ina even what is not realized.
They went down the hall, Kate began to say goodbye to the lady of the house.
- Thank you for everything, excuse me again, if you are distracted from the affairs or cause you some concern.
- Do not worry. Kate, all right. It was glad to meet you.
- So do I. Inna, you can ask me a tactless question?
- Ask, ask what you are interested, do not hesitate.
- How do you care for such a large house, do you have no servant.
- Sweet Katya, this is the my big problem, I can not find a proper maid. I already changed a lot. It is very difficult to find a normal man, one steal, another poorly perform their duties, and the third deals with, not by what it should be, and most other things. Just yesterday fired another housekeeper. I told her to wash the windows in the room, so this boorish, said that she was tired and do it later, well, tell me, if not the audacity, I pay her the money and not bad money. Of course, after this, I showed her the door.
More Inna talked a lot about the antics of the servants, Kate wished she asked her about it as it was a favorite Innin skate, she could talk about it forever. Kate tried to politely stop the outpouring of the hostess and as soon as she paused, Kate decided to switch her attention to another problem:
- Inna, I'll leave my phone, and mobile home, I will have a big request, when suddenly Lena call or let it declare my phones themselves, please call me.
- Well, Katyusha, do not worry, I'll do as you asked ..
- I went. Bye.
- Bye.
Katya came through the gate, sat in a brand new Jeep, but she was in no hurry to get under way, leaning back in his chair, closed his eyes for half an hour sat, alone with his thoughts.
As soon as Kate went home turf, Inna dialed phone number.
- She came, asked about Lena ... I told her that I know nothing ... Then she went around the house, now sits in the car next to the house, do not drive off .... I do not understand what she was doing, the monitor is difficult to see .... It looks like it came one ... .. I am not seen her toned glass ... She left their phone numbers ... Goodbye.
Katya came home, my heart she was incomprehensible anxiety, feeling invisible danger did not pass. She did not have dinner, and told slaves to straighten the bed and went to sleep. She was so tired that even slaves behaved not as always.
The next day Catherine came to work in the waiting room waiting for her attorneys and the security chief.
An hour later came the buyer nondescript man, inconspicuous appearance.
- That you will now own all the concern - sarcastically asked Katya.
- Yes, I have, and something you do not like.
- Still, after the transaction take place, you can be me, tell me who the real owner, I do not care, I can not change anything, I'm just curious who do this to me ... played in a tricky game.
In the peasant's face flashed confusion, it lasted only a split second, and despite the fact that he quickly coped with their feelings, this is not left unnoticed by Catherine.
- I do not understand you, I'm the only host.
- You do not want to say, do not. However, what's the difference who will have now, I do not care.
Documents lawyers were decorated on both sides, checked all the items of the contract. Catherine said that it is necessary to wait until the money will be transferred. An hour later, the money came at the expense of Catherine, and she immediately transferred them to other accounts, which in addition to her no one knew. It advised her to make Boris that in any case, to protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances. But Catherine and she decided to play it safe, she divided the sum into three equal parts, and pass in different banks. Catherine worked only with having a good reputation verified by Western banks, Russian banks, it is not particularly trust.
When it was over, she phoned her friends to Ira and Lena, and invited them to her house in the evening. Pre morning she ordered slaves to cook dinner for three. Girlfriends Catherine said nothing about the sale of his company and in the evening decided to tell them about it.
Gathering last meeting Catherine announced to its employees on the termination of the enterprise, and thanked everyone for their good work.
- Dear colleagues, it so happened that I had to sell our company for independent of my circumstances, I'm sorry to do this, but ordered life. Now you will have a new boss, new owners. I want to thank all of you for the good work, we have worked together for many years, it was all good and bad. But still I believe that we have selected a very strong team of professionals. Thank you very much, that you will always support me in difficult times. Believe me, I was very pleased to work with you. Once again, thank you very much. I'm leaving. But before I leave I represent the new owner of the company Nikolai Nikolaevich Alexandrov. Bye.
Katya has left his former office, and almost burst into tears, she was very sorry to leave my baby, but her release was not. She gave so much strength and love your company, so leave all that was created with your own hands, for it was very hard. She was sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the end of the meeting, she had to pick out of the room some of his personal belongings. The meeting ended, out of the office began to leave its former employees. She went to the chief of the security service, took him aside and started a conversation with him:
- Boris, I understand that you probably also have to resign, the new owners will not risk leaving the old security service.
- Yes, Catherine A., at a meeting this fellow, I have already hinted that it was time to prepare for the dismissal.
- You will find a new job?
- Once started, this bedlam, I decided to err and found a new job, do not want to show off in front of you, but you know that with my contacts and experience to find a job easily, many would like me to work with them.
- I'm happy for you, Boris. I will be to you a small request. Observe, please, for this company, who will be the real master, find out everything possible about it. All your expenses, I'll pay.
- Catherine A., dear, I too would like to offer you the most. I'll do it for free, with no money, I have enough money, I was very curious about who is it that we so cleverly bypassed, even I was not able to prevent the sale of the group. It is my professional duty, and yet I still do not know who tricked me - will not rest. As soon as I will know something, I will present you with a detailed report, if anything naroyu. Let me tell you a secret, I began to develop these people.
- Thank you very much.
- Sorry, Catherine A. will not draw attention to himself, I'll go. Later, we call each other, and meet somewhere in neutral territory.
Catherine went to his office, took their belongings, said goodbye to the new owner of the company. Coming out of the room, she could not help but prick a new owner and sarcastically said:
- I wish you success in your work, I think, that the firm does not fall apart after half a year. Be careful not to end up in a situation like me.
Having said that, Kate triumphantly emerged from his former cabinet, leaving puzzled the new director, and went home.
Despite the fact that the last word of it, my heart Catherine was very bad, so when she came home and decided to take it out on their slaves. As soon as the slave met her, she asked how we are preparing for dinner.
- Madam, we deal with Natasha cleaning the house, cooking food and Dasha - Nina has reported.
- What have you been doing while I was at work, probably rested knots. It took half a day, and you're still not completely cleared, come my friends, you do not all ready in three hours, you want to embarrass me in front of them, well, it's just so you do not get away with it.
- Lady's left to get out quite a bit, we still have time to make the appointed time, meet your friends, as it should be, you will be satisfied.
- Silence began to take a lot of himself. I did not understand what the talk and bickering with me, you really blossomed, now I have no time to deal with your upbringing, but after the girls leave, I am for everything you win. And now I want to take a fragrant, therapeutic bath, Natasha will serve me, and you keep on cleaning.
Catherine took a bath, then Natasha made her a manicure, makeup inflicted, put hair. After the appearance of the Lady has been given in the full order, slave helped Catherine to wear tight-fitting dress, which was just above the knees. On foot Katya ordered to wear a pair of high heels. Appearance Catherine was stunning. Completed the kind of Mistress pleasant aroma of expensive perfume.
She walked into the living room to check how Dasha with Nienke coped with the task. The table was fully served, had only served hot snacks. In the morning, Kate told Dasha today especially to try and cook dinner Royal. Slave surpassed herself. All devices were made of expensive china and silver. Each unit shone and shone, before putting them on the table, Dasha has examined them carefully and wiped. Napkins and tablecloth were picked up in a single color. Each plate was placed a small bouquet of flowers. All parts of the table in harmony with each other in style and color.
From the appetizers on the table were pickled vegetables and seafood on skewers, candy rolls with nuts, salad cheese and avocado, yoghurt, fruit salads, cocktails and every kind of cutting of a variety of deli meats, sausages and cheeses and much more tasty.
Catherine left happy serving, and asked Dasha that she made of hot dishes. Dasha has listed about five dishes mainly of meat and fish and seafood. It is also satisfied with Catherine.
After half an hour arrived Lena Ira, Katya herself came out to meet them. They embraced, kissed, and went into the house. Going into the living room girl saw smartly laid table, Lena said:
- Cach, are you prepared for such magnificence for us.
- Yes, friends, not so often we meet, and today also have a reason, though not very funny, but still a reason. Sit at the table.
They sat down in the chair previously put forward by slaves.
- Len, look, she dressed up their pets, according to the case - said Ira Lena.
- And do not say, Il, which we honor a friend turned out to meet us as important people.
Indeed Catherine told slaves to wear a new uniform, a short black dress with white ruffles, which barely tucked in the genitals slaves, and was crowned ... short apron, rear cutout dress was huge, and the ass was open. They were dressed like sluts and a parody of the maids.
- For you, the girls tried. You and I have for the most close and dear people. Closer and! more expensive than you I have no one, so I do not feel sorry for you.
- Well done, my friend, you were always very hospitable hostess.
Slaves poured two glasses of wine for each Lady Catherine pinned individual slave, who throughout the evening had to serve and fulfill any whim of his mistress.
Kate got up from his chair and began a speech:
- My dear friend, thank you for having come to see me today. Today I sold my company, I did not want to do that, but the circumstances were such that I had no other choice, otherwise I could have lost it completely. On the other hand, maybe it's for the better, now I will have a lot of free time, which I fully dedicate myself. I can live for fun, fun, travel around the world, the benefit of the money proceeds of the sale of the company, and capital, which lie on my account, enough to comfortably survive until the end of life. If you do not put money to the bank, and since they are in the bank, I go good interest, to which I will live. Excuse me, I'm a little distracted. I want to drink this glass of wine, for you, for what you have and are always ready to drop everything and come to my aid.
For Lena and Ira news about Katya selling company was a complete surprise. They listened bewildered girlfriend.
- Cach, you now do not accidentally joked about the sale of the company, maybe you want to play us, - said her IRA.
- No, I really sold it.
- And why are you about this before we did not say anything that you have a problem, do you think that we are you could not help, maybe something came up together - Lena intervened.
- I did not want to load you with a problem, especially my security chief could do nothing. I do not understand who I could prevent it, like no one quarreled, that I was most annoying.
- Len, and it says, the person who thinks we're her friends. To do everything quietly and now talks about friendship, really Cach we would not help you.
- Girls, this is my problem, and to involve you in their case, I would not. Let's forget about it, not for nothing they say that is not done, all the better. Let's have a drink, this wonderful wine.
They clinked glasses, drank a few sips, and continued the conversation.
- Cach, and in the near future, what are your plans, - Lena said.
- While it is not decided, I want to go for a month abroad, to visit America, Mexico and Cuba. I've been going to the States, but somehow it did not work. And, again there will be, at the same time I want to really visit Cuba and Mexico. Next week loan processing visas. While I will not, I'll give her slaves, I can not leave them alone for such a long period of time, but you they will be under the supervision of, and can not relax, especially Ira, I know how she drills her slaves .
- Cach, you hurt me, I'm your whore, too, to give no quarter.
- Girls, I was joking, did not suffice to us because of some bullshit quarrel. After the trip a couple of months rest, close'll raising these creatures - she pointed to the slaves, and continued:
- Next, open plan, the business, has not yet decided what I would do, but not much want to strain, so there was little to do. The state is also gathering a little, I do not want to build a global plan, and there, as it will. Most importantly, it was the maximum profit at minimum cost. In my extensive experience, I think that I will succeed.
- Of course, I do not doubt you, you always Cach honorable way out of different situations.
- She was walking, Il, but something still did not finish and lost such a strong, well-organized structure - in Catherine's voice was bitter notes.
- Do not worry, because Cach, Lost still did not return, but life goes on. Let's drink to good luck, this is really nice wine.
Slaves filled the glasses, and they drank wine again.
During the talk time passed quickly, they discussed their problems, news and other things. Katya told me serve hot meals. Slaves brought several trays of cooked food.
The girls started eating, Ira liked cooked food, and she praised the slave.
- Oh, how delicious, Yum, not bad your Dasha is preparing.
- They have prepared me well, I think, Er, that your slave do no worse than mine.
- When you leave, give me Dasha, I'll check who is better prepared, and then tell you.
Time past midnight, Katya's friends began to gather home, Kate tried to keep them at night.
- Girls, stay, spend the night with me, plenty of space, the more you're pretty drunk. We had nearly four bottles of wine.
- Cach no offense, we have to go, you need to appear tomorrow at work, and I, and Irki.
- From me go, wake up in the morning with a clear head. Er, you povedsh car.
- Cach, I did not tell you in the car, we are waiting for my slave, she asks, she will lead the car back, I knew I would have to drink and took her Svetka. First we zavezm Lena, and then go home. Cach not take offense, let us come to you for the weekend, and then the full otorvmsya.
- How can you take offense, Erin, I'm not pulling the tongue, you name itself, so waiting for you at the weekend. I'll have to cook barbecue, and no excuses will not accept. Closer to call each other Friday. Drive, and then it's too late, how you come, call, and then I'll worry. Ira, this is particularly concerns you, Lena always ringing, and you, as always forget to do it.
- Do not worry, sweetheart, be sure to call as coming.
- You always say that, but somehow it always, I'll call back to you.
Catherine spent her friends and went to her bedroom. While slaves were stripped her, she told them:
- Today, you are lucky enough, I'm tired, and bear the punishment for tomorrow. Tomorrow you will receive for their antics in full. Everything, and now I want to sleep.
She lay down in the soft bed, pre-parsed slaves. Slaves hid mistress duvet, and Kate slept restful sleep.
In the morning, all three slave knelt beside the bed and waited for her Mistress calls. Opening his eyes. Sweetly reaching, Madame turned to slaves:
- Dasha you yesterday, was on the ball, boy, my friends and I liked how you coped with the task, indeed cook a delicious dinner, I will not punish you. Ah, there you are, bitch waiting for the most severe punishment for your filthy language and undue reverence for the implementation of the Lady's orders. Dasha bring me breakfast, and you bitches stand on his knees beside the bed and wait for their fate.
Dasha quickly crawled out of the bedroom and hurried to the cafeteria for breakfast for the Lady. Katya was lying on the bed and enjoy the view, standing in front of her on his lap, her maids.
- Nina, bring me the whip, why it is near the chair and not on the table. Forget the creature, about their duties, how many times have I told you to whip me has always been at hand, wherever I was, and for that you must follow. Or am I wrong.
- Madam, I am guilty before you, forgive me.
- I do not care about your excuses, you can shove them up your ass. Come here whip.
She took a breath slave whip and lashed her several times on the back of a slave.
- It is an advance, now go back to his seat.
At this time we knock at the door, and on the threshold of the room there was Dasha with a tray on which was Mistress breakfast.
- Madam, let me come in, I brought you breakfast - she turned to Catherine.
Lady did not say anything, just waved her hand. Dasha crawled on his knees in the room and crawled to the Mistress of the bed. She was holding a tray on outstretched hands ... while Kate slowly, enjoying a delicious breakfast. Ms. demanded slaves who served her meal in bed, so they are sure to keep the tray on outstretched arms. His hands were shaking from the strain slave, but Mistress, pretended she did not notice anything. After breakfast, Madam, without saying a word not Dasha, made a gesture that meant to have it! Biran. Once Dasha left the room, Mrs. Natasha called out to him:
- Quickly, to me, I want to write, open your mouth and take a juice of his mistress.
Slave happily crawled to bed Lady, climbed into bed and pressed her mouth to the life-giving source. For Katya's slaves was an honor to drink urine to her mistress, they will gladly do it. Catherine was on her back, and when the slave attempted to take the most comfortable position in her feet, Mrs. do not think trying to help her. Slaves were so well-trained that remind them of how to serve the Lady was unnecessary. As soon as Madame felt the slave's mouth touched her cave, immediately let a powerful stream in her throat. When the flow stopped, Natasha licked every last drop, leaving the Lady vagina dry. Natasha got out of bed, Katya called to her Ninka:
- Help me get dressed, then I'll go, and wash, and go deal with your upbringing.
Slaves four hands helped to dress Lady panties, bra, bathrobe and slippers on his feet and followed her into the bathroom. Ms. washed, brushed my teeth, spitting the toothpaste in the mouth wide open Ninki. Natasha wiped her face and hands with a towel Mistress, and they went back into the room. Catherine ordered slaves to dress themselves, garters, stockings, narrow leather skirt, which was below the knees, and a tightly stretched across the beautiful Katya's hips. Katya also ordered to wear a short tunic that was visible navel piercings with gold inserted therein. When Madame was dressed, she sat in a chair, and slaves began to wear on her legs high boots, lace-up, which did not reach a little to the panties. Female slaves had to work hard, as long as they laced boots. Looking at herself in the mirror, Catherine was satisfied with their appearance.
- Come on, now in the basement, fasten on collars and leashes post them in my hands.
Slaves performed instantly commanded the Lady, she took the leash in your hand and majestic gait, leading the animals their ,! I went to the basement. Securing slaves to the machines, she set about their punishment. Catherine decided to first whipped slaves, took a leather whip, it dealt Nienke and Natasha fifty strokes, then, putting his hand on the gloves with spikes, she began to knead the chest slaves. From the breasts she moved to the private parts, and then began to drive her hands all over his body slaves. From her actions slave only slightly moaned through the gag.
- Always you do me a massage, and today I have decided to do, for good, you have to pay good - she laughed at his own joke.
Coming in emphasis to the slaves, Catherine continued:
- If you think that this is your punishment is over, you are deeply mistaken, everything is just beginning.
She went to the attached Nienke, after taking a candle and lit it, wait until the wax melted, Katia for rings on the labia, vagina girl opened and began to pour the defenseless flesh of hot wax. Nina, despite the fact that it was firmly attached, tightened his body and by the thought that she is now tear the ropes and belts, which it was tied. From her mouth, closed gag came an inhuman moan. Gradually fill the wax all cunt, staring at Catherine slaves hunted eyes, was seen by him, which she underwent great suffering. But Madam, this was not enough, she began to apply multiple blows on the cheeks slave.
- I realized the creature as to contradict his mistress, I'll try to make you shit a long time to remember this lesson. Now pay attention to your breasts.
Madame took tender nipples breasts and began to twist them mercilessly. Then she took the clamps on the nipples dressed up, and hung them on consignment. Picking up the stack, she began to beat on the perineum Ninki, trying to knock out of him all the wax. Finished flogging, Catherine inserted in the vagina and ass huge dildos slaves working on batteries, after brushing their stinging ointment. By incorporating vibrators from the control panel, Kate decided to watch a little reaction Ninki. After a short period of time the body a slave start to shake from the strongest orgasm which delivered included vibrators. Kate was satisfied with the work done.
- With you is enough, it's time to take on another bitch.
She lit the alcohol burner, sank into the hands of a thin steel rod and began to glow with fire, came to the hanging designated in Natasha chains. When the iron was as follows, red-hot, she began to cauterize the end of the rod body slave, in different places. Having greased burns the same burning ointment, and enjoying the torment the girls, she took the "alligators" with cargo and trailers in their labia slave.
- All creatures will be enough to you today, stay here for a few of hours, then I will free you.
With a sense of accomplishment Catherine went up to her room.
The remaining days until the end of the week took place at the Catherine in vanity. She went to the embassies to issue visas, then planned itinerary, phoned and traveled a lot of travel agencies, I have not yet found the one in which it made a trip condition. By Friday, almost all things were made, could only wait for the visa, it is planned to get them in the next two weeks. With a favorable outcome she wanted to save time and a few days after visa to fly to the United States. The meeting with her friends, she had planned for the coming weekend, it had to be canceled, as Lena urgently flew to travel to Switzerland, the firm's business, in which she worked. They decided to meet after Kate will come from America.
One evening, Kate phoned with the former security chief, she agreed to meet him in a cafe in the city center. The next day, after dinner, Catherine arrived in the cafe at the appointed time, Boris was waiting for her. Gallantly kissing her hand, he said:
- Catherine A. I relied on your taste and made an order for your choice, if you do not like something from my order, you can cancel it and make a new order.
- No, Boris, everything is fine, you have excellent taste.
- Oh, youth, flatter the old man - in the corners of the eyes, this seemingly harsh man flashed sparks provocative.
He really was a pleasure to praise Catherine. In his life he had seen more than one and broke a woman's heart, and now, despite his age, was in great shape. He loved Catherine, but he treated her more as a fatherly, as a daughter. He valued her independence in her mind, the ability to manage a large team, despite such a young age. He liked its elegance, refined manners, great taste. He genuinely wanted to help her.
- Boris, and you can not fail to flatter, you are a social lion, not all young people can compete with you.
- Say More marshal of the nobility, the father of Russian democracy.
They laughed at the joke.
- No, Boris, I am quite serious.
They exchanged pleasantries, and got down to business.
- As you work on a new place, the salary is not added?
- Catherine A. You that mean?
- Do not you work in my former company?
- I was immediately fired from there, I was offered two days to write a letter of resignation on their own.
- It's a shame.
- Catherine A. I knew that I would be fired, but did not expect so quickly. I would have gone myself, but thought that a week or two stretch. I wanted to try to understand why it happened that we lost ... company. I still can not afford forgive.
- Do not kill you, nothing terrible has happened.
- Catherine A. I still will understand in this matter, my professional pride wounded.
- Boris, call me Kate, it is not necessary formalities.
- Ok, I agree. I went to a new job, I have everything perfectly, I work in old-tested friends, but the company has introduced a couple of his men in the security service. They are excellent workers, and professionals everywhere are now needed. Moreover, I made it very cleverly. They were sent to the company by e-mail your resume, they are interested and invited for an interview. But, I will tell you, as someone who has worked all his life in law enforcement agencies in this company is really very much set the security service. The guys have been multi-professional selection, twice their checked polygraph detailed biography interested, but they passed all the tests with dignity and have a job, while trainees on probation. They long to inquire why they sent it to them separately, but they replied that they make inquiries in a variety of companies, which, incidentally, it was. It so happens that they have a job without someone's recommendation.
- It is very interesting.
- Yes, Katyusha, my people are real pros, already appeared some results, although they are still nowhere admitted. According to unconfirmed reports, that is, more than rumor, it is no one no questions asked, and listen more. They found that this seems to be the mistress of the firm is a woman, but who she is and what it represents they do not yet know. But I think that soon we will all find out.
- Thank you Boris.
- Kate, can ask you not to call me to you, and call you as soon as at and Mihalich, I'm such an attitude like.
She laughed.
- Well, your Mihalich took.
They moved on to dessert.
- I'm going somewhere for a month to fly to America, and at the same time to visit Mexico and Cuba have long dreamed to go there.
- Katya, doing the right thing, if you can, relax, the more you just need it now. I'm in the service, I was on a business trip to Cuba, I really liked it there. Now they can relax for tourists excellent conditions, Cubans are very hospitable people.
- Thank you very much, for everything that you do for me.
- Catherine did not you, and you.
- Thank you, Mihalich.
- It is another matter.
They even sat for about an hour and talked about the different little things and parted, each on his own business! .
Two weeks later, Kate left for America. His journey, she decided to start with New York, then supposed to visit several major cities. After America, she was planning to visit Cuba and Mexico.
While Catherine was vacationing in America, he gave his slaves, in his absence, in the service of Lena and Ira. Dasha she sent to Lena, and Natasha and Ninka - Ira. She asked her friends, so that they took care of her female slaves and gave them no favors, and used them as wanted.
Lena was holding in his two maidservants, she was pleased with the way they served it, and it sometimes makes them rideable horses. Unlike Kate and Irina, Lena did not want to have a home, she liked to live in the four-room apartment. She lived far from the center in one of the houses Stalinist buildings. Having bought an apartment, she made it a chic renovation. Lena did not want to hire any designer, and made repairs, as she needed to, she did not care for the opinion of strangers about her apartment. For Lena was the most important thing to her was convenient and comfortable in their home, and she trimmed and comes with it, according to your taste.
Lena worked in a major Western company and took not the most lower position in it. Thanks to the education that she received in the UK, it is very fast for her age has risen through the ranks, with the sake of career and business relationships, she never slept with anyone. Career she did, having risen from the lower-level employee, to the head of the department, showing very good, competent specialist.
Get married she would not, but men sometimes had sexual relations, but only with those she liked, and whom she wanted herself. With beautiful women and girls, she did not disdain to sleep, simply put, was bisexual. A few years later she was going to have a baby, but a man did not want to live and decided in advance that the child will grow up without a father is one.
Over his slaves Lena liked to make fun of, she was constantly finding fault alas for them for any detail and often deservedly punished. Despite the fact that she spent the whole day at work, at home slave or a minute did not remain idle. When Lena went to work slaves left a long list of works, which literally by the minute was painted, what to do, sometimes even no one needs work. Slaves did exactly everything that required them to Mrs. fulfilling its orders, they did not have a single free minute, even in the toilet, they went in a strictly allotted time mistress. Slaves knew the apartment was crammed with covert and overt cameras. Once Lena slaves moved to this apartment, it has established a surveillance camera, without saying anything about them slaves. One day she went to work, giving the slaves instructions for cleaning the apartment. What a surprise it was when the evening she sat down at the computer, deciding to watch the video, in which she saw that made her handmaid, after finishing the work. Thinking that Madame did not know what they were doing in her absence, they were lying on the host's couch, watching TV, listening to music, doing each other with love. When the slaves were preparing dinner for her Mistress, do dinner, that prepared her mistress. Lena did not say anything to them, and showed record.
Slaves were strongly discouraged, they began to beg forgiveness from the Lady, but Lena was not satisfied with their explanation and the most severe punishment followed immediately. After this incident, a slave feared to cause the slightest dissatisfaction Mistress lesson Lena, they filled for life.
Lena took a plastic stk slaves and began to apply blows to the back and ass until torn off their skin, in the literal sense of the word. Ass and slaves back were purple, pieces of skin were hanging on the body, and Lena was not going to finish whipping. Seeing that the slaves soon lose consciousness, she stopped spanking. Blood sochivshayasya of wounds, flooded the entire floor. Lena told them tongues to lick everything off the floor clean. Then she put on her huge size strap. Ordering Yulka take it into his mouth and moisten with saliva, but the strap was so large that when she put it in the mouth of a poor girl, it almost broke him. Member of completely filled his mouth slave, so she gasped, despite the fact that Ms introduced it only one-third. After that, without using any grease, Lena drove his ass Marinka and began to fuck her. Strap hardly entered into the anus of a slave, but it does not bother Lady. Not even half entered, he tore the phallus insides Marinka, but, despite this, Lena is still trying to shove it, as far as possible.
Pulling a member of the ass slave, she told her to lick it and inserted into the anus Yulka. Having done with it, the same as with Marinko. Lady did not like the fact that slaves very badly designed anus. She warned the slaves, that they are now every day will develop their own vagina and ass to eventually back this monster entered without difficulty. But the punishment is not over. Ms. heavily bandaged chest slaves rope and struck on each breast for about thirty strokes with a rubber whip. On each breast hung on the rings, threaded into the nipple cargo weight, which was so large that the nipples drew off so much that it is ... a feeling that they can break away from the breasts. Slaves whimpering in pain, but Lena told them that unleash the chest and lift weights in the morning. She linked the slaves in the most ridiculous poses, one tied to a chair, legs wide apart, tying them to the legs and inserted into the vagina vibrator. Another she tied back of the bed so that it was near the feet of the Lady. And she tied the body so that it was completely motionless, only his head was lying near Lena's legs.
Lady lying in a bed with soft pillows, covered with a warm, soft blanket and beat his foot on the slave's face. Strikes were not very strong, but quite tangible. When she was tired so amused, she began to thrust his legs alternately as a slave's mouth, causing the fingers to suck and lick the heels. Without realizing it, she fell asleep. In the morning, wake up, Mrs. unleashed slaves, took off their breasts clamps with weight. After suffering flogging and humiliation, and Yulka Marinki no longer want to tempt fate, they were accustomed to the pain, but they have never punished.
Having Katina slave, Lena told his slaves to tell her what to do and how to behave in her home.
- You know the main rule of slave - unquestioningly follow orders Mistress.
While her Mrs. rested, Dasha worked on a par with slaves Lena, she performed, everything that made Lena's slave, gave her a no descent. Lena carefully checked all the work done Dashko but Kate behaved so it that a slave did so in good faith all that to find fault with her work was very difficult, but I still always found Lena defects to more torment Dasha. She and her friend, knew nothing of pity for the slaves, they were just for her attendants, who only had to live to please Mistress. Particularly strong slaves get, when Lena came back late from a night club or restaurant. As if it inspires a demon, she was the night away to torment slaves, using all kinds of torture. She enjoyed the torment that she delivered the girls. She also liked to show his authority over his household, when she came home with friends or lovers. She sneered slaves, forcing to perform the most unbelievable, orders and wild imagination. Men to his home, Lena, never led.
Irina was a very different situation, she lived in her own house, as well as Katya. He conceded size Katina home, but still was not small. Irina had five slaves who served her. There was another slave, but nobody has thought of the man, even slaves despised her, she was an outcast, thus being lower. Her name was Tanya, she was the first slave of Catherine. When she tired of her, Catherine gave it to Irina. First, it served Irina, but soon also tired of his mistress. Irina decided to make her a dog, she always wanted to have a tame pet. She bought a doghouse and Tanya planted there, fixing on the neck collar slave to which attach the metal chain. Tanya month sat on the chain, but over time has become degraded and began to turn into a real dog. She was fed dog food, food waste and have never released from the chain, she was living on the street in front of the home of the Lady in the booth. Ira bought especially for her dog suit that inside smeared with glue, so that it can never be removed, and put them on the slave. On the face of a dog wearing a mask and also taped with adhesive. The result was quite a nice dog. Tanya resigned to his fate and took the life of an animal, it is no longer spoken, but only barking and growling, she never got up from his knees and led a life like a dog.
At first, like Ira train her, she threw the stick, and Tanya had to bring it to his mouth. She loved to slave became like a dog on its hind legs (the legs), and the front held bent in front of chest and begged the hostess treats. On the territory of Irinin house was an artificial lake, Mrs. loved to throw into it a rubber ball, Tanya, without hesitation, rushed into the water and brought it to his mouth to her mistress, no matter how far it had to go for, or he was near the shore. Then it all began to bother Ira, the more so because it constantly, as well as her friend was at work, and time for training was not very much. She's rarely played with his toy, and soon had completely forgotten about it. Ms. rarely approached the kennel were loosing the chain and walk their dog. Tanya was given to itself, only in the morning and in the evening one of the slaves brought her food and water. All friends and acquaintances Irina first surprised her human dog, then, as used to it. Unlike Lena Ira was one hundred percent lesbian, she is not digested male and was friends only with women. Irina worked at a large bank as much Lena, has achieved in his career, despite her young age. She helped the parental connection, its performance, commitment and overseas education. She began her career as a specialist banking technology management, after a short time has become a leading specialist, and soon she was asked to lead one of the branches of the bank, which served several large suburbs areas, it was a very high position, Il agreed to this position without hesitation. It has long been waiting for this proposal. For slaves, Irina was very cruel mistress. She grew up in a very wealthy family, a child without knowing what the failure, a lifetime for it all done babysitting and maid, and when she grew up, thanks to the example of Katie got himself slaves. It is as Lena and Katya belonged to them as to the things that were only intended to serve as his mistress. She loved to humiliate and torment their slaves, every time she invented various tortures. She loved to stretch out his slaves to the machine and leave in this position for a few hours. In the summer of exportation, especially the guilty slaves in the woods, naked girl tied to a tree near the anthill, the pre-rod to stir the anthill, the ants that were angrier. Five minutes later, the body of a slave was covered with ants, which penetrated into all the holes, but the most brutal torture in this case, that the slave was lubricated crotch sweet syrup. The bulk of ants sought to genitals slaves, they swarmed around him so much, that the spectacle was not for the faint of heart.
After fifteen minutes of this torture, fainted from forest ant bites slave untied from the tree, brought to life, and she was still an hour or pulled out from all holes remaining ants. Ira, was very fond of torturing slaves shock, chest nipples, labia and clitoris victim joined contacts, Mrs. exhibited a certain voltage, converter included, the applied voltage. During torture Ira constantly changed current, making it the stronger the weaker. Despite the fact that the slave was strong svya! It linked, and he instinctively jerked from strong discharges passing through the entire body and belts greatly cut into her flesh. In the arsenal of Irene was a lot of torture, which it periodically, consistently rehearsed on their slaves. But after such humiliation, slave literally watched his Lady in the mouth. Sometimes Irina did not have time to say until the end of charge, and the slave is already in a hurry to execute it.
While Katya slaves were her, she decided to check which of the slaves better prepares her or Katya. She told me to cook the same dish of pike perch stuffed mushrooms. Both slave, tried very hard, they know that losing is not big trouble. Both girls are very tasty cooked walleye. Ira tried one piece and the other fish and concluded that Katina slave cook delicious. She angrily turned to his slave:
- So you never learned to cook. Why the same dish made from identical products in Ninki got tastier. For a long time, I do not punish you, cow, today will have to fill this gap, the more ... I have a good mood occasion, I would like someone to torment, and then turned out to be such a case, it would be a crime not to take advantage of them.
- Madam, I have tried very hard and I do not know why it happened?
- Silence creature, shut up, scum, your filthy mouth, your misdemeanor can be no excuses. I also try very hard to come up with a sentence that you remember it for a long time. Bring Val, bitch, in the basement, tie to the cross, I will deal with it later.
She turned to Nienke:
- You also get a penalty for that dared to make a meal better than my slave. You bitch, lucky I have a good mood today, I will not be punished severely, so vsyplyu fifty strokes with a whip, for the sake of pleasure.
Slave although it did not do anything, did not dare to object to the Lady, she was trained as Catherine, I knew that Madame did not require it, she had to accept it with humility and make Madame was happy! it. Since childhood, Nina wanted only one thing, to obey and find a real Lady. Once on the Internet, she met with Catherine. Nina realized that Catherine was the one lady, she had dreamed all his life. She knew it was her chance and if she does not use them, they are unlikely to find a Lady. In the ensuing correspondence between them she begged the Lady to make her his slave, wrote her a long letter, in which poured out his soul, performed virtual orders, reports on the implementation of who sent in the photos or making videos, communicate with Catherine, using a web camera. By nature she was a deep-rooted masochistic and perceived with delight all the torture and humiliation, which is subjected to her Mistress.
Ira the meantime decided to have dinner, she sat down at a table and ordered Nienke:
- Kneel down, and while I eat, kiss my feet.
Two slaves were served dinner Lady, they changed the dishes served and underlay that require hostess, almost from the spoon-fed her. Satisfying your appetite, Irina told to put on her latex suit violet light. Taking with him slaves, she went down to the basement. Ninka she pulled behind him, taking his hair. Releasing hair slaves, strongly kicking her foot, Ira went to the cross, which was crucified slave.
- You do not want to be like to serve my Lady?
- Excuse me, I tried as best I could, you know that my life is only in service to you. I just dust under your feet, I'm sorry to upset you.
- Close your slurp and get ready to get punished, you know that your whining I did not soften.
Madame took the ring, passed through the nipple and began to pull him with her long manicured nails thoughtfully saying:
- I wonder what would happen if to snatch the ring together with the nipple?
slave's eyes widened in horror, and Ms pulled harder and continued to talk, oblivious, listening to the slave, if talking to herself:
- But will that come off the nipple ,! nowhere to insert the ring ... no, of course, it will be possible to insert him in the chest, without nipple. But get ugly, lost proportion, have the second breast to snatch the second nipple.
Slave trembling with fear, she beat a strong chills, because she knew that Mrs. able to carry out all their threats.
- Do not worry, I will not pull the nipple out of your chest .... while, and then we'll see.
She picked up two weights and hung them on the rings in the chest and wiggled their hand. In the face of a slave display the grimace of pain.
- Now hang the weights to your clitoris and Mande.
Despite the fact that the labia were inserted slave ring, Ira loads hung on metal alligators. It is made specifically to cause, Svetke great pain. Spreading on the sides of the labia, clitoris fingering fingers, she began to strongly compress it so that blood came on it. The clitoris, too, was to pass a small ring, in which Ms. put the hook with a load. After these preparations, she took a whip from the start and tough leather whip body slave. She tried to hit the goods to inflict more suffering slave. Inflicting about seventy strokes, she sent another slave Svetku withdraw from the cross, stretch it on the floor and prepare multicolored candles. While there was a preparation for further punishment, Ira came to stand aside on his knees slave Katina - Nienke. It struck without warning her fifty strokes.
- How do you think I deserved you punished.
- Yes Milady.
After that, the slave thanked the lady and asked to kiss in gratitude boots Mistress. Ira gladly let her do it. Slave, which was preparing Svetku further punishment, asked the Lady:
- Madame, your orders fulfilled, she asks, is ready for further punishment.
Slowly, Irene went to the body of the defeated slave, sat next to her on his haunches and said slave:
- Let the candles.
Val handed a lighted candle, and Ms. start to pour molten wax body slave! until it is completely flooded.
- Finally I made one more punishment for you. Until the morning you sit on a chair.
A gagged strong grunts were heard.
- I do not care, do not mychi mychi, their orders, I'm not used to cancel, if you will die, so is your destiny, and I set up a new slave, wishing to spare in your place.
Velev slave Svetku decouple from the floor and put it on a chair. Torture in the chair was really very painful. Maidservants placed on a chair, which was sticking out of the middle of the huge size of the phallus, a slave feet fastened to the legs of the chair. On the slave's neck he wore a collar with loops, in which thrust his arms and fastened to the collar and the collar to a ring in the wall. The whole body slave, was stretched, she had nowhere to go, by a mechanism located under the chair, Irina herself personally drove the full length of a member in the ass slave. Sveta was, as it were, is put on the spit, she could not move, and move to the side in such a state she had to spend time till morning. Mrs. approached her, struck a few strong slaps and spit several times in the face.
- All rubbish, I went to rest in a soft bed, I'll see you tomorrow.
Taking with him slaves, Irina went to his room. Slaves for a long time to kiss and caress her body, legs, buttocks, breasts.
In the morning he woke up and had breakfast, Irina went to the basement and found the slave in a semi-conscious state. She told me to remove her from the chair, stepping on her foot in the face of an elegant shoe, Lady said:
- The thing you knew how to behave.
- Yes, Madam, - barely murmured a slave.
- In her cell, let him sit in it until the next day, depart, no food does not give, can only give a little bit of water, and is no longer interested in a slave, I came out of the basement and went to work.
Catherine came after the holidays refreshed, rested. She took her friends of their slaves. This weekend, she decided to gather at a bachelorette party, to share their impressions of the trip.
Catherine called Boris Mikhailovich at.
- Well, you call me Catherine A..
- Something happened.
- Yes, an urgent need to meet, preferably now.
- An hour later, I'll be at our old place.
They met.
- Catherine A. Good afternoon. Each time you get everything more beautiful, one can see that the rest went in your favor.
- Thank you, did something happen?
- Strangely, Katya my people that have penetrated the Company, calculated just three days, do not know how and where they pierced. There really work very high professionals. By the end I was until I found out about them nothing, but at least know who headed the security service, he is also a former security official of the special units. He served, and then headed the elite special forces, I will not call them names, and so they are on everyone's lips, it is a super professional ... his case. To him, I did not pick up my guys develop it, but so far to no avail. To hire such a professional, well