Old stroller
When asked Bear Lenka find tailor meter, I realized that in his perverted struck another idea about the dress that opens the ass, straitjacket or even any nastiness.
This time, Bear had measured the girls only the distance from the neck to the end of the ass, but only fairly chuckled and muttered all my questions that "... Even ten centimeters extra stay". No one knew what was happening, but Golyshko started beeping in advance - they know that good does not have to wait.
Passed somewhere week, when Bear, beaming, rolled up to us with Lenka old winter closed pram. I even thought at first that the child lying there - stroller was neatly covered with a blanket, hat on head raised and curtained dense gauze, elastic band hanging rattles ... Inside view Bear nobody gave leave the stroller in the hallway, and he took up babes-Golyshko - Ira came half an hour earlier.
Since Bear immediately began to train girls, I realized that it is necessary to test some new pribabah and began to help him. Our fools easily provoke disobedience, so that soon they were full of reasons to punish. But Bear just puffed and threatened - clearly ready for something serious, since it is none of them even "schoolgirl" I did not ...
After another Irkin vybryki Bear thoughtfully said that big girls are obliged to obey. Ira, of course, immediately zavyakala they Lenka still quite small.
- Yeah, - said Mishka - and little girls should be in a wheelchair!
I thought that he wanted to swaddle Irku, but when Mishka threw back the covers, I saw that on the sides of the carriage riveted four wristbands. Inside was a mattress with a bed sheet and a small pillow. Ira even giggle until her teddy bear stuffing. Of course, her legs almost completely hung out. But Bear said that now we can see everything. He buckled Irkin hands around underarms and wrists to the sides of the carriage, then bent her legs so that her knees were at the shoulders. Wraps fell just below the knees and shins.
Ira completely fit into the carriage. She lay on her back with legs wide divorced, and when Bear for checking tickled her foot, it was found that jerk she can not even remove his paw - and some do not.
- And yet the little girl sucking a pacifier, - said Mishka, inserting Irke in her mouth
gag - rubber duck. I thought that it all ended. But Bear, tenderly patting Irku ass, suddenly gave ...
- And now - for a walk!
And we really put Lenka, we packed up and went for a walk! Ira was covered with a blanket, head curtained kiseёy so, who was there in a wheelchair - was not visible. But Ira felt - he imagine!
A Bear solemnly rolled it into a park four blocks away from us. We sat on a bench in a quiet alley.
- Our baby has to breathe the air, - said Mishka, lifting the blanket. We are, of course, have seen that there are no bystanders. But fully disclosed Jirka could see only sky and trees. She only knew that lies naked in the street with the legs spread apart and at any moment it can look into the carriage anyone. And Ira protested as she could - desperately squeaked his duckling ...
We gave her a breath of fresh air at least ten minutes (it is clear, it seemed that ten years have passed). Then Bear pulled out his stroller baby cream - "little girls helpful"...
He was just about to spread Irke pussy and ass, but, spreading her lips, prisvisnul.
- Look-ka, - he told me.
I ran a hand. Irkin pussy was wet, though soaked through. It is exciting!
Bear oiled it long and hard, but the finish did not give. And he hid Irku only at the exit of the park ...
So there was the most terrible punishment for girls. It was enough just to hint at the stroller to baby-Golyshko become silky. But, of course, she and Lena times more so "walking"... Was this a special buzz - in the middle of a crowded street, pretending that corrects a blanket to put under his arm and pull warm and elastic girly pussy!
Over time we have seen that from absolutely nothing unnoticed and then it finally insolent. And no, none of waiting for the bus at a crowded bus stop, standing in line at the store, holidaymakers on a bench in the park had never occurred to him that the child who is in a wheelchair within a meter of them, for a dozen years longer than you might think and that funny squeaking rubber toy - it's really hopeless complaint tormented teenager, which has been experienced hand how much time inhumanly keeps on the verge of orgasm, but did not allow to end not only to the end "walking"But to the unimaginably distant evening ...