Kitty-Kat. Part 4
Chapter 4
...It was already dark, but Bobby did not allow light to light. She went to the closet and pulled out a hanger with some outlandish costume. Then she began to dress him Katie. It was a suit from latex with a helmet and boots. At Kate gasped as African to failure tightened around her waist in a merciless corset lacing. Then the girl's mouth insert something rubber - Katherine could only speculate about the details of his attire, Ethiopian same as if all could see in the dark, her eyes shone with some feline glitter. And only now she turned on the light.
The room was again divided glass-mirror, bed halved again. Alex was not with them. Glancing in the mirror, Kate was speechless.
From head to toe she was covered in a bright red suit of scarlet latex. Helm leaves open only the eyes - mouth stuck decent size rubber dick-gag same scarlet. round holes were made on each breast. Just above the navel began which went down oval cutout, opened the abdomen, pubis, pussy and ass to care and even higher - to the waist. Legs also hugged red latex stockings as if something, or high-heeled boots and thick-soled platform. At the top of the head, neck and neck sported a black imitation of a horse's mane. "prepared "Fucking red horse""- With interest thought Kate.
But Bobby, as before, was completely naked, only feet were unusual shoes from golden skin tone in many ornaments on her tanned body. They were like a ballerina shoes (felt like hermaphrodites stood on pointe), but were equipped with sharp as a stiletto heels, the highest which have ever seen Catherine - cm 20, almost the entire foot length from the heel to the most fingertips. The shoes were fastened to the legs using the finest narrow straps, which are crossing over, raised his legs almost to the knees. Easy moving around the room - apparently affected the years spent at the ballet school, Ethiopian put the girl on the bed on all fours and began to lubricate her anus nice-smelling jelly. Then he pulled out of the nightstand object that resembled a scarlet rubber bulb with a conical end on the one hand and a half-meter tail horsehair - on the other. She smeared it with the same fragrant potion that and anus, which then slipped a couple of fingers. Kat guessed what was coming, but did not resist and tried to relax the anus.
She felt the ring of muscles around the anus against her will reflexively stiffened and pushed to squeeze into a foreign object. Still, Alexander dick head was slightly narrower, although she has broken with great difficulty in the way of her ass last night. But Bobby was insistent and, putting the plug in the ass to the side, shoved into the anus index and middle fingers of both hands. Then he slowly began to breed them in hand, stretching the tiny hole. He parted and brought back, giving Kate to get used to not really a pleasant feeling. After several such exercises anus lit like a flame, but the pain has disappeared, replaced by a pleasant feeling of anticipation emergency fucked. Another - now a successful - attempt, and in the ass girls wore scarlet stopper decorated with a thick sheaf of glossy black horsehair. The transformation took place in the horse!
Kate could not see that her tormentor to join a small valve in a bright red "pear", Boarded in her ass, hand pump and started to pump it in the air. Feeling like a foreign body in her rectum start to swell, Katherine flinched in surprise, but could do nothing. Soon diameter "pears" It increased as it seemed, twice! Now the fire was burning, not only her anus, but the whole body of the hair roots to the tip of the clitoris, nipples incredibly swollen and hardened, his eyes filled with tears. She pleaded ... "Enough!" But his mouth, plugged by a dick, gag, escaped only dull moo.
As if realizing her condition, Ethiopian patted her on the back, and then suddenly several times loudly slapped on the ass. Spanking were sharp and very sick. But new pain drowned out the old, and Kat could, obeying the orders of a dark-skinned sadistic, get out of bed. The last chord in its transformation into a submissive animal became a steel chain, the ends of which is equipped with the clamps on springs, Bobby cemented on Katya's nipples. Again, the pain in swollen nipples drowned a few searing attacks on the bare buttocks, but not the palm, and a short, fitted by a black leather whip-stack.
African then stroked her burning ass and whispered ... "Soon".
She turned off the light, and Katherine heard the glass partition retracts into the wall. Light came on in the adjoining bedroom, and it was clear that on the bed on her stomach facing her is Alex, whose hands and feet were wide apart in hand, and belts tied to the headboard. Hermaphrodites and bent over him, gently and long kiss on the lips, put a gag in his mouth in the form of a black rubber ball and secure straps at the back. Then he began to massage his back, poured him a handful of transparent thick liquid from a bottle and then began to spread her buttocks. Alternately put her fingers in his anus, which opening has increased markedly. Shiny grease palms Bobby walked around his dick, scrotum and perineum. Then a lightning confident movement jumped on the bed, another - put the head of his dick in the ass Alex. Charge forward, and dick went inside the entire length. His hands on the bed, Ethiopian measured start to fuck his master, delivering him how Kate could tell by his face, a true delight. Three minutes later, the four African crumpled to the man and, covering his neck and shoulders faster passionate kisses, frantically shook his pelvis, fiercely rassverlivaya by a dick anus. Another minute - and she bit her lower lip, tilted her head back and arched arc, so that could be seen not only the belly button and pubic area, but also the foundation dick driven into the man's anus. Then she went limp and helplessly sprawled on the partner's back.
From what he saw Cathy again sweet ache in the stomach. Opened her eyes, she saw that Alexander smiled staring at her. It took a few endless moments, and dark-skinned nasilnitsa stirred. With animal grace she got out of bed, went to Kate, and took the chain strapped to his nipples, pulled the girl behind him. Summed to the bed, gestured to the extended and abundantly watered her anus cum owner of the house, then pressed the button at the base of a lamp bulb, and the mirror is nominated from the wall, again fell into place. Katherine admiring his own image in the mirror. Lecherous suit and vicious scene aroused her to distraction.
She understood what meant two artificial dick latex attached to her mouth, and pubis. The top was about half as long and as much thicker dick Bobby. Katie leaned over inflamed, red anus owner of the house and gently pushed her back sticking out of the mouth gag. She watched with interest as a rubber dick stretched the ring of muscle and went inside. When moving it back hole stretched after as elongated tube lip, unwilling to let a lollipop or popsicle. Forward-backward, forward, backward, forward and backward.
Giant dick Alexander himself was already so strained that, resting in bed, lifted his hips on the mattress. Eggs curled into a ball, creating a build-up on the dick the size of a fist. The man did ... violent attempts to come, fidgeting on the bed head. It seemed a moment - and he burst by a dick sheet. But after a minute or two-thirds and long-awaited ejaculation did not occur.
Suddenly Kate felt Bobby pulled her mane back, freeing up the anus of Alex for a second artificial dick mounted on the girl's stomach. This rubber cylinder is almost equal to the size of the gun owner of the house, but was not as smooth and bumpy, as if wrinkled, veins nodes. Kathy is not easily stabbed him in the back of Alexander, who soared to just own penis, now almost perpendicularly rests on the bed. Suddenly Catherine felt like Bobby to join her hips some wires and hoses. Another moment - and a rubber dick in the ass Alex began to increase in size from the discharge into the air and vibrate under the influence of electricity. Kate imagined that he must have had the same experience as she herself a few minutes ago, and had almost finished again, especially when with astonishment felt the tail plug into her anus, too nice trembled.
But the owner of the house to keep everything, bucking under the body of Catherine, like a wild stallion. And then she felt out of her dildo ... sperm gush hot ?! Under the belt that was strapped to her were thin tube ends at the waist. Ethiopian, apparently pinned their extensions to any tank with a hot dense glycerin or other liquid that mimics the male seed. Now tap opened!
Alex made a furious bellow and suddenly, bite gag teeth, made a savage roar. Frantically jerking up and down he was not rubbing dick head of the bed, and abundant and almost continuously, for long seconds, finished many times! It seemed as if a bucket of sperm contained in its eggs - such a huge puddle formed under it! If Bobby jumped on it with the quickness of a wild cat and pinned to the body of a man, Katie would have been dropped from the bed beating a man to orgasm. I do not have time to enjoy the girl, to which she brought the owner of the house with the help of hermaphrodites, like that by clicking on any valve, deflate the gag in her ass, and one of the strongest, but smooth motion pulled it. There was a loud squish, lightning pierced the girl's body and the pain immediately disappeared, replaced by a sense of what her pubic area and crotch, and together with the clitoris by a pussy with all his might as though a huge hand clenched. Invisible fingers penetrate into the body, pulled all her over like a glove. The thrill of approaching orgasm burns the skin. Droplets of sweat under tight fitting latex have become a hot jet, Kat flashed like flames in her eyes flashed sparks, and she lost consciousness and circling, flew into the abyss of ecstasy.
(To be continued!)