Farewell party
Evening in honor of her departure blends in a friendly drinking party with colleagues from the branch. They all painted her experience and invaluable assistance in carrying out the work, each of presentedin considered it his duty personally to drink with the Moscow expert, friendly hugging and kissing. Irina already rather drunk, and tried not to drink, but after the first round of farewell and honoring all started again, again all of her local colleagues got up and toasts in its honor.
Hugs men of heated alcohol became stronger and no longer just a friendly. A couple of times Irina clearly felt a man's hand on her ass. Kissing also went from the formal discharge to a long and passionate, Irina had ceased to notice that sometimes she casually come across his lips to the lips of men, and soon about kissing on the cheek, and everything is completely forgotten, long prisasyvayas to her lips.
Flushed with wine and considerate manners Irina comfortable with the light, as it were accidental touches and stroking her charms, she resisted, even when one of the men kissing her again, ran his tongue in her mouth.
Even closer to eleven at night holiday ended, all friendly crowd left the office, and now the crowd below, figuring someone with whom to go or go home. As a result, the empty patch in front of office building remained only Irina and three men.
Irina - taking her by the arm said one of them, his name was Vladimir, he was a senior manager - and you hurry home too, or if you do not mind, let's go to the bar, not far from here. I do not know - said Irina, a bit unsteadily, and therefore trying to build on the conversation. There is a billiards - continued Vladimir - we'll show you that in the province can play. Ha - Irina giggled stupidly - to play, so I'll make you all - in drunken bravado she tossed her head - you have me stay without pants. I bet that not beat - immediately offered Vladimir saw that Irina fallen for the bait. Send - only and she answered, pushing a man.
At the bar sat at the table ordered a beer and snacks. Irina first did not want to drink more, but a cheerful conversation unwittingly became sipping beer.
So play - they returned to Paul, who went to change tokens. Aha - Ira slammed the mug on the table - who was the first - she defiantly looked around the three men. Playing as agreed - slyly asked Volodya. It's like - Irina was up and now turned to him. Well, you're there that threatened to leave us without pants - continued Vladimir - then get on the strip. Fie, that I have not seen - I threw Irina, slipping on a man look. That is scared - pretending that he knew it, said Vladimir - both on the street as one, but as things came up - he pulled a face at Irina. Well - Irina slapped his palm on the table - there is, but I'll do you first.
Volodya stood up and winking at the others went to the billiard table. Irina make it easier to leave the jacket on the chair and went after him. Bear in mind - warned her Volodya - a jacket you can not deliver, or play in it. C'mon - waved Irina - I think it is a handicap for you.
Irina fairly easy vygraet first batch. Vladimir with no less easily separated from his shirt. Encouraged by his victory Il ordered another beer. It really played well, but drunk alcohol greatly interfered with in this situation.
Equally hard and fight in the next game victory went to Vladimir. Oh damn - I swore Ira, looking like a man winning a ball rolls. He straightened up, smiling while looking at her. What are you so happy - she said to him - you just lucky coincidence. Would you like something to remove - Volodya went up to her and began to finger the lapel collar blouses. I wish - he said, imitating the IRA - but not what you want - and became rastegivat zipper on the skirt.
Irina blouse was pretty long and completely covered her ass, but so she looked even more sexy. Carefully putting a skirt on a chair Ira returned to the table. Well we continue - she took the cue.
The next game, she again lost. Carried away by excitement, she quickly threw off his tights and throwing them aside leaned over the table. Rare visitors and the bar staff watched with interest the developments closely no one came, knowing that we should not interfere, but from afar with great interest looked at Irina, especially when she found herself back on them.
Excited game Irina is constantly applied to the beer glasses, agile waiter kept a sharp eye to her glass is never empty, and therefore Irina impression that it continues to strain all one and totzhe.
Leaning over the table once again to strike, Irina felt the warm touch of his hands to his priest. Turning her head, she saw standing beside Vladimir. Volodya - she said - it's not fair, I'm not bothering you - she turned back to the table. Hand not only removed, but also walked lightly on the buttocks, causing his touch light tremor in Irene. Volodya - she said again - do not bother. And I'm really bothering, Ira - gently cooed Vladimir, throwing blouse on the back and thereby exposing the protruding ass Irene. Nuisance - Irina oblivious to the manipulation of the men was still trying to aim for strikes. This is what - seeing that Irina sees everything only as an attempt to stop her, the man said, leaning over and kissing the exposed portion of her ass. Irina a languid sigh language Vladimir drew on her buttocks wet track. What am I bothering you - Vladimir sat down behind her on his haunches, pushed to the buttocks panties Irina and pushing his hands plump halves priests ran his tongue along the perineum. Irina sostryasla shiver of pleasure. Volodya - she said even deeper arching. But the man continued to lick her, trying as much as possible rasshevilit language of the clitoris, he already felt that Irina starts to flow in his mouth came a taste of female secretions now remained very little.
Irina floating away from the fact, already postponed cue and having rested his hands on the table, only moaning his head hanging and his eyes closed. Seeing her approaching orgasm, Vladimir sat bolt upright, still wield a hand in the bosom of the expiring juices Irina. Fell on Irina, he kissed her neck and ear, quickly became one hand rastegivat his pants. For a moment, moving away from Irene, he came down and trousers and shorts to the knees, back pressed against her, clasping both hands and her heavy breasts are supple. His standing member poking between yagodichek Irene gradually found a path to her wet cunt. Another moment and Vladimir was inside a woman. Irina has issued a deep groan, hands Vladimir fiercely fought with the buttons on her blouse, trying as soon as possible to feel the warmth of her skin velvety and finally compress the swollen and well detectable through the material of her breasts nipples. Irina continued to rest on his hands, fed towards jolts Vladimir enjoying rolled on her feelings.
Institutions to limit Irina finished first, rapidly and continuously. Vladimir came out of it a woman picked up on hands and transferred to a regular bar table standing near, gently laying her on her back. Placed between her legs wide apart and grabbed her by the hips, he again went into it, starting to move her hips hard, pounding at a furious rhythm of his penis into her vagina. Irina moaned and wailed loudly. Her clothes are exempt from Sissy shook sprawled on the sides, arms to the side and holding on to the edge of the table, Irina slid over the table surface, held by Vladimir ... only hands.
I am right now, finish - Vladimir turned his head to his colleagues - let's get ready to read. Paul strove to pull off his clothes. When Vladimir came, Irina did not even notice the change parntera, discharge in her womb, who quickly gave way to Paul, who immediately began to drive his cock in hlyupayuschee abundance of moisture from the bosom of Irina.
Only after a while he opened his eyes, Irina whispered - Pasha. Yes, I - he bent over her glaring kiss on her lips. Clasping his hands Irina stronger shrank into a man. Dotrahav Irina to her orgasm, Paul gave her some time to recover and catch his breath, and then made it clear that he wants to use the services of her mouth. Irina did not mind, and sinking into a chair in front of shrunken man, on his knees, began nasasyvayut his cock.
To say that Irina did not pay attention to the audience gathered around her, from customers and peresonala bar would not be true. It is the whole body felt their lustful looks greasy, groping her exposed charms on display, hear their comments and obscene expressions, and she played on the public, loudly munching sucking dick in your mouth, abundantly wetting the trunk of saliva dripping down her chin. She enjoys sucking cock, trying to deliver maximum enjoyment Paul. Between boobs errands - said one of them formed a circle around the audience. Irina released from rotika sleek member of St. Paul and the others looked around smiling, there were no less than ten people, with Irina and spotted a couple of women. Grabbing her tits hanging down below her hands she grabbed them protruding member Paul. Moving up and down she began to rub it on the trunk of his chest. Grant the request gathered after a while Irina resumed her mouth to milk a member of Paul. Some time later, Paul under the general cheering obfavlil face Irina.
Then, completely naked Ira went to the bathroom to wash and freshen up. The people dispersed on their business, the staff remembered about his duties, the visitors returned to their table and a desk.
Cool water in the toilet back to reality a little Irina. The way back from the toilet to the table she took a lot less time than the prideful way there when she was wagging her hips deliberately leisurely prodefelirovala there, on the move throwing smiles right and left. Now the bullet before reaching the table, she quickly put on her blouse over his naked body. Er, what are you doing - turned to her, Vladimir. Over time it also led otstutstviya man himself in order to even Vladimir was again tied tie. Ira zapahnuv blouse eyes frantically fumbled around trying to find the other details of his toilet. Dress like - she said, continuing to look for eye bra and panties. All Serge, you went - the third man patted Paul on the shoulder. He regretfully shrugged. Well, excuse me - asked Ira to them, she finally spotted her things quickly and putting them in his arms again rushed to the toilet.
Well, a glass and home - Vladimir offered when Irina came back to the table, but in clothes. Drink, I will not - she said sitting down - and the truth, and it's time to go home. Coming out of the bar began to catch the car. Okay, I'll make it on foot - Sergei said, extending his hand to men. Best regards Irina - he kissed her hand. Sergey - Ira stopped him - you live alone? Yes - a little surprised that, stopping. I Want to keep you company - Irina offered, feeling rasposledny whore, but it glycol business for that matter, she would most like to change my husband is with Sergey. From such proposals rarely refuse this last night in this city, Irina held in the arms of Sergei.

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