Diary of a maniac
This diary was given to me by the investigator familiar.
My art processing.
12.06.99 Morning. Breakfast. And now on the hunt. Yes I am a hunter. As a joke, I have two passions, hunting and women, and hunting for women. More specifically hunting for future women. Now you understand I like girls that way from years 7 to 14. Call me a pervert or a bastard scum. I'm on a horse-radish. As sung in red mold, I'll go have a smoke the cannabis, and other details to me somehow dick. It remains to choose a place to hunt.
Well optimally suited Children's Park. I came out of the house above me was the sky blue Saratov. The park was quiet and quite deserted.
That I need. Then my heart stopped, I saw them. Two girls 12 years that way yes, yes, yes. ! What should be the heart pounding, the blood began to be thrown adrenaline. Tide blood to the penis and it began to rise.
Oh well, what a delicious girl's ass! I wonder what color their panties? Well, what do we need to pursue, and then leave. And I'm not a hunter of game who can get away with impunity. Yes, I'll do that for which I came out of the house today. Getting the most important pursuit. So as not to nix I decided to get away. Stealing like a cat, here are the cute girl to come. Go on as if nothing had happened, or even what they are destined fate. That looked around, only two popochki kolyshatsya ahead. Wow !. I'm already salivating flowed. And now forward. Opa!
-Shut up bitch! All seldom shit! Che pizdyushnya? Pissing? And it is right.
He fell to the ground on both expertly executed hooking. And now to business.
How I love it I can not find words to describe the whole process. It was just a young girl's calf obaldenno.Dva beneath mnoyu.Da: .a panties they were little white.
22/06/99 Today I have an unusual day. but in this day fascist Germany attacked the Soviet Union. And on that day I will come I have something to someone. Clearly the case for girls tselochek. Yes, the day would be the best, at least on a horoscope.
After the last hunt left pleasant memories. And remember girls like, so probably shudder. And I do not care about their feelings. Because who am I? Right bastard. And scum may be pangs of conscience? They even and no conscience. Well, I'm all about himself, but about yourself. We must go on the hunt. legs feed the wolf. Where to now? Go Spoken I'm in a city park.
Gorky Park.Udivitelno why Sovdepiia all city parks are Gorky's name. It is not clear, and dick with it with the name of the main thing that there were grazing heifers younger. Here I go with Chernyshevsky Street Park. Beautiful oaks delight my eyes. Well, where are you guys? girls? short yubchonki? heard from a nearby open-air cafe. Song in the subject without pussy.
My path lies to the zoo, there are usually youngsters hanging out. In turn humpbacked bridge across the pond. That hut on chicken legs, and there kids from 3 to 5 years - no it's not my klient.Po pond swans swam.
Oh good life! From the nearest cafe came the sound of the song:"Saratov -Saratov is a port. Saratov is my little New York. Saratov - you're a seagull over a wave. Saratov my favorite city!" Nothing like a good song .Mne. And here is the zoo. Ops! Girl feeding squirrel ten years. Oh, what a scene! Worthy painter. Short skirt, skinny legs. All just like I love .Vot it moves away from the cell and goes towards the bush. Mama mia! At catcher and the animal runs. Here she comes to the bushes.
Here I am like a hawk from the sky. I showered her into the bushes.
-Shut up bitch! Porvoo on dick, shit!
So what is next? What happened next? You want me to ask this is my friend, my unknown reader? Then I started to usually pull her pigtails and lift up her skirt, and indeed all of my victims.
Further sheets torn from the diary.
Father bitch found my blog and whipped me. My 10-year-old boy. A shame! I'm a diary well hidden, I thought no one would find.
But the father because the investigator in -profi Shmona. Nothing I did not fingers do've stole blog from the desktop. And perepryatat,
Now is certainly not find it.
P.S. But the boy was mistaken, blog directory still found. And he gave me. And I really, how could recounted it for you. Thank you read. I love all of you, my dear readers. (J)