One day in spring
This story took place in the spring, in late April - when the snow has melted, the trees were overgrown with leaves, the air is warmer, and the girls wore short skirts. I sat at work and did not nifiga - chatting in ICQ, read stories, and listened to the singing of the birds from the open window. A small digression, talk about themselves.))
I am 19 years old, studying at the university in the second year, and at the same time work on the floor at one rate sisdaminom public enterprises, in the department of public relations. The guy I was very nice and sociable, girls often pay attention to me, but for some reason no one so far nothing has happened. And while the time was spring and I was tormented mild spermatoksikoza.))
So, I was sitting at work and kicking noodle. The headmistress my (pretty and a young woman, but, unfortunately, married) went somewhere on business, accountant left to smoke. Suddenly the office came the girl I had seen in the building where I work, but did not pay attention to it.
- Hey, listen, you know how to work in Photoshop?
- Nuuuu, depending on what exactly needs to be done, and what I get for this. - Lazily stretched out in response to me.
She began to explain that the works in the next section, which deals with all kinds of youth activities, and she needs a little remake the poster for some concerts. As she spoke, I could see the girl - high (rising like me), slender, blond long hair, sweet face with freckles (probably from the spring sun), white blouse, revealing a small chest, tight jeans.
- So what, you do?
- And what I get for this? - Someone else, I would have immediately sent, but to deny the beautiful girl did not want to.
- We say thank you!
- You - who is this?
- Me and Julia. By the way, my name is Anna, and you?
- Kirill.
- Very nice.
Here in the office and seemed to Julia, who was full Aninoj opposite - dark shoulder-length hair, slightly oriental facial features, black skinny topic, covering the beautiful breasts (size, probably the third) and denim skirt.
Girls become vdoem persuade me, and eventually I agreed to help. Anya gave the stick, I loaded Photoshop and opened their file. Julia stood up for me and said that it is necessary to change, leaning to the monitor and touching my shoulder, chest, and I could smell her perfume. Anya also leaned on the side of the table, too, watching the process, and I could enjoy it through the translucent white blouse flexible body and breasts in her bra. From all this, my dick in jeans stood up, but I did not show it. Finally, the poster has been completed yet, but it turned out, we had a little bit more to alter the tickets, and I decided to kind of break in.
- Well, damn, it is difficult chtoli?
- Ahaaa
- You are all so well nifiga not do, out, sitting in the ICQ. .
- All the same to me in her schA nobody writes.
- Come on, I'll write.
- Come on, tell me the number.
She said, I added it to the contact list.
Finally, tickets were also set up, I wrote layouts on the stick and gave it to the girls. Those scattered in gratitude, as I said a joke:
- "Thank you" I accepted, and kiss?
Anya paused for a moment, then bent down and kissed me on the cheek.
Girls once again thanked me and left. After a while, Anna wrote to me in ICQ. We become loose, find common interests, and I called her to take a walk after work to continue the dialogue. We met after work at the exit from the building, I gently took her by the hand and we went to the embankment. I do jokes, she laughed incessantly. We walked almost to sunset, and then we were standing on the bridge and looked at the setting sun. I embraced her, but something more is not resolved. Then I walked her home, she kissed me goodbye on the cheek.
The next day we again went for a walk, then went into a cafe. The conversation turned on the relationship, I'm going, and asked:
- Do you have a boyfriend?
- Not now.
- A lot of it?
- ... It does not matter how much. And you had a lot of girls?
- You will not believe, but still no one.
- Even for one night?
- Even.
It is in response only smiled enigmatically.
We have walked, and went to her house. When he reached the door, she suddenly said:
- Come to me, have a drink.
Naturally, I agreed, realizing what it all might end.
We went into the apartment. It was stuffy, Anna poured the wine and offered to go to the balcony. We clinked glasses and drank, I hugged her waist, pulled her to him and said:
- I really like you...
- I like you too, - she said, closing her eyes and stretched her lips to me. I responded to her kiss, and we started to suck. I did once have not kissed, and kissing was not able to, but I did not care, we just enjoyed the lips and tongue each other. I put my hand under her shirt and began to fondle her breasts.
Anya moaned and began to unbutton my shirt, still kissing my neck, chest, stomach, undid my jeans and pulled out a handsome man standing in full. I have not had time to think about anything, as her soft lips touched the head, she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck right on the balcony. It was divine! My cock was moving in her mouth, she sometimes took out his tongue and gently licked my entire trunk, and then swallowing again. I felt that I was about to finish, and that's a powerful jet of sperm hit in the mouth Anin. She swallowed every drop and licked member, who did not lose in strength.
- Let's go to the bedroom!
We went into the apartment, laid down on the bed, I unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her bra. My eyes were opened two beautiful breasts, which I immediately pressed his tongue. I caressed her nipples, and Anya louder moaning and arched. Finally she said, "come on" and pulled out a condom from somewhere. I pulled off her jeans, took off her panties, put a condom on his standing fighter, Anna opened her legs, and I brought him to her pussy. She helped me get a hand to the right place, and I began to slowly move it.
It was an incredible feeling - to feel like my cock moving in her pussy as she moved toward me and moans. I moved faster and faster, continuing to fuck her, and then Anya arched and finished, and I had finished with her. She was lying prostrate on the bed, I pulled out of her cock and took a condom. My fighter got up again, Anna, saw it, smiled, reached for another condom and said, "Let's continue". This time she got on all fours and I entered her pussy from behind. We fucked, probably forever, merged into one, and finished them in place.
I woke up from the sun's rays. Looked at the time - of course, I slept nafig first pair of uni. Beside me slept Anya. I began to admire her beautiful naked body. Hair, sexy disheveled on the pillow, beautiful breasts, neatly shaved pubis and labia just attracted to him. I spread her legs, breathed in the scent of her vagina, and clung to his tongue. I had never licked the girls, so I just gently drove his tongue over her clit and folds, and, judging by the fact that she was breathing, I was moving in the right direction. I continued to lick her, and suddenly, she arched her back and finished with a groan. Anna opened her eyes and whispered:
- Wow. . I had never woke up from an orgasm!
We lay and kissed, and then I went back into it. Our tongues entwined in the mouth, I was moving a member into her vagina, and she told me podmahivala hips. She finished, I pulled out a cock and cumshot on her stomach.
We went into the shower, had breakfast together, I went to the university, and she was on the job.
That's how I became a man, and I got the girl.
By the way, I fucked Julia then too))) Would you like to read? Write your impressions on [email protected] :)