I hasten to greet you, my dear friend!
All did not start writing, you and go and have forgotten what all this remind you.
Recently, you case occurred when a boy on roller skates you photographed.
I, too, that day was on 4 wheels.
Natalie, all write on, true. No this not a bit of fiction, which is sad, because all this is probably the human loneliness, hopelessness, lack of understanding on the part of relatives.
This is an excerpt from the life of the big city.
Venue - Moscow.
Time - today.
I love to ride behind the wheel only in the evening or at night. There is no pleasure for me to sit in hours of traffic jams, but in order to not feel pretty smell of the Moscow subway.
Certainly not Arbat Prestige, but saves time much, especially during peak hours.
Friday. Summer evening, the last working day. What could be better? Exactly at 19.00 I throw a sports bag in the trunk, on the start key and fly on Voykovsky. Rather creep Now she hated cork.
Every Friday we go with the guys. . there is no bath, and football.
Two hours of active play, Shower, chat with friends goodbye. Road night city.
Day gives us the knowledge and the night - feelings. That's really really well. There is something attractive in the light of night lights, neon glare of the spotlight showcases playing reflection headlights.
Quietly going on Volgogradki, I admire night Moscow near "Kritsala" I noticed a female figure with his arm raised, where you light a taxi.
I never stop, but it was too cute she looks in the pink his outfit.
She asked me to take her to the Vykhino. I do not know exactly how to go there, but no matter, we shall find ...
Touched, I quietly solve it. She is no longer young, blonde, very neat, well-groomed woman.
I smoke. I like to smoke a good cigarette, although he did not smoke. The thin cigarette in beautiful female hands - in my opinion very aesthetic spectacle.
We talked.
Nature, garden, pets ... from the category of conversations about anything.
Her cell phone rings.
I fell silent and continue to unwittingly become a listener.
- Yes, we sat perfectly. Now I am lucky charming young man, but he does not want to stop, and I need to shop, so you have to go out and catch another car.
- Do you really need a shop? But you did not tell me anything?
- Well I was a joke, but ... you know. There was only one cigarette.
I stop at night tent.
- Here.
- You do not want to say that I will go myself? It is said with a soft smile, teasing tone.
Well I think this is getting interesting.
- And Sergei ... please pick up a bottle of Miller.
Ha, well, that's interesting.
Going further, a beer, talk over "soulful", Talking effect on the train, when you know exactly what will never meet his companion, and therefore it can be trusted with many secrets. By Vyhino we approach have fun chatting and laughing like old friends. I talk about my idea -zapisat own album, which will perform popular songs in several languages.
- It's so wonderful, Sergei, sing for me. You are welcome. I catch the mischievous twinkle in her eyes.
It's funny, but right now, I want to sing for her.
I stop. We leave the car and walk along the paths in the park depth. Despite the late hour in the park a lot of walking, we go and I quietly sing her Beso me mucho, and then Hich yak misichna, Yesterday ... and something else. . I not long sing, literally a phrase from each piece. She smiles, I tell her about his abortive musical background, piano, guitar, vocals. . it was in the past ... We laugh, we begin to jump from topic to topic, have a friendly podnachivaya each other. It is a pleasant companion, with her simple, and at the same time I feel that for me strong character. We go back to the car.
Mentally I pull himself up trying to hold her by the shoulders and attract. She takes my hand itself, and we look like "pioneers overgrown" walking only by the handle.
That's her home. She lights a cigarette end. Hangs awkward silence ... which always arises ... who should "ending play"..
He pulls out a business card out of her purse. Wow Head.
- If you want to call. And do not forget you promised me a movie.
- Olya course, I remember everything ...
- Serge, I do not want to leave. Let us walk a little more.
I can not deny it.
Even late at night. Again we wander through the park, walkway stretches along the road and sometimes, rarely passing by cars, cut beams of headlights, the darkness of night. It becomes cool. We return to the car, the heat from the stove warm and cozy. I feel her smell.
- Come to me, I pull her to him and kissed her hot face, cheeks, lips.
- Do not Sergei, to what it is. It spoke judgment adult. She gently kisses me and just pushes away.
I do not insist, just a hug, and we sit embracing, night, car, woman next to something unusual, as if it was not me. We talk from time to time, I once again attracts her face, she responds to my kisses, in me is starting to boil, I release from the captivity of one of her breasts, she did not resist, I go down below. -do not. But here everything is turned off, I feel his hand on her bump. I drive through it by hand, I was in it, it's hot in there, she likes, but at the same time it tries to push me away. -Stop! Gasps she breathes. - Sergei is not necessary, I really want you ... but.
- I understand ... But in such moments, it is possible and "disabled in the male part of the article" Such breakup almost at the peak. I'm out of the car, I splash cold night wind. It fits. Hugs and kisses me. After standing a little back to our "house". It all steamed up windows, and the smell of passion, is something incomprehensible, indescribable: the smell of heated bodies and female secretions. . Yes, Serge, I thought it was you? So dissolved itself, rushes to strange women. The course of my thoughts interrupted my involuntary companion, she again kissed me softly, gave a mischievous smile, laid her head on my lap and fell asleep ....
Yes, this is not often the case, I thought, settling comfortably to sleep.
My sleep was interrupted shameless knock on the window. I opened my eyes in the morning sun stood a man.
I looked around. Olya asleep, and slept on my lap, lower the window.
- ...A guy you what?
- You are here, and it is ... in line stand in Gai?
- No, you see - we sleep here ...
Gone. panel clock showed 5.
In the alleys of the park begin to appear first "larks" Well, that stand in the suburbs, and even from prying eyes do not protect yourself, toned glass all the time is not enough.
Dream no longer than left to do, of course, like all selfish bastards men, begin to stick to his sleeping beauty.
She wakes up at that moment, when my hand has reached her crotch and caresses her hot spot, it flows abundantly, facilitating penetration. She woke up, and lends itself to me, his feet up on the panel. Faster, faster ...
It comes, in that moment, when I stared at her mouth, biting painfully with my tongue.
- Let's go have lunch?
- Thanks Serge, but better take me home.
- Yes Yes.
- You write down my phone, if you want to call, she said uncertainly, when we stopped at her house.
- Of course, because I have your business card, remember?
Smiles. For a moment I catch her eyes mischief last night.
- Thank you.
- You, too, was glad to see.
- Till.
Night full of mystery, sensuality and fraud took place, a new day, the bestower of knowledge.
P. S.
I did not call her more, but arm stretched several times to dial the number.
I think this is correct, it has a family, a freshman daughter, her husband, who, though not doing anything, shifting responsibilities earner on her shoulders, still remains her husband. His way of life in which there is no place for the young, so young.
After all it was, just to meet as friends -nevozmozhno. Play Love - stupid. Play and sated forget - violently.
Let everything be as it is.
This too shall pass...