Zhelannaya ass
Hello. My name is Sergey. I am 30 years old, I was outwardly quite normal man, a sort of "hunky". Short dark hair, brown eyes. I was like his father. Talking about similarities: I had a younger brother, he is 22 years old and was a copy of the entire mummy. Blue eyes, brown hair, sweet, feminine face. He was not tall, frail man. In character, he also went to the beautiful half of our family. Never enter into conflict, it was quiet and very shy. Only with me he behaved freely.
Honestly, I look at his brother. It started when I was 25 and he was 17. I broke up with his girlfriend and a half years I have not had sex, and then the house goes something pretty and delicate, in jeans tight ass and a bright T-shirt. It could easily have been mistaken for a young girl. From this kind of, I was excited not a joke, and he frightened her thoughts ran to the bathroom. My cock was boiling in my head images appeared crazy brother in shorts, as I saw him when he came out of the bath a couple of days ago. Wow wet hair hanging down, and covered the face, leaving in sight just plump lips. Throughout the body are water droplets ... Remembering this picture I unbuttoned his pants. It was the first time I jerked off his brother. Then I calmed down and drove those thoughts. A week later, the parents said that the leave for a couple of days to my mother's sister, and said to watch out for his brother. I'm with some excitement promised that everything will be okay and they left. I lay down on the couch and stared at the TV set, as was evening and special cases are not scheduled. Brother, by the way, too, was not at home. Then I remembered how it was this morning in some jeans and stroked himself, could not restrain himself and ran to his room.
I turn on the computer and climbed into the folder "a photo". I knew that my brother loves taking pictures of themselves, especially in their underwear. However, what I saw shocked me, and not a little excited. On my screen looked lustful slut in stockings and lace panties and silk robe. AT "her" I hardly recognized her brother. He was standing in a very sexy pose, with his hand on his chest, and the other with his fingers in her mouth. From this spectacle in all boiled, he became a member of the violently torn out. I unbuttoned his fly furiously nadrachivat, simultaneously flipping through photos, ofigevaya more and more. My brother was very sexy in white lingerie and stockings. Standing on his heels, he raised one leg on a chair, as if adjusting chulochek and licking his lips. More I can not stand and finished .. Hearing a groan from the door, I started - there was my brother. All flushed and excited, he stood and stroked himself. I with shame do not even know what to do, but then he came over and took my penis in her mouth. I felt dizzy, I could only whisper: "Zhenya..".
Brother then gently licked my head, then rudely inserted it in his throat. Such a sweet torture I could not stand it and finished it in her mouth. According to plump lips dripping droplets of sperm .. He looked me in the eyes of God, he was good at this point. I pulled him and sat on his lap. Kissed .. Jack groaned buzz and I put it in her mouth his tongue, feeling the taste of his sperm. From the excitement I already was shaking and I could easily lifting him laid on the bed and began to caress his neck, biting nipples. Oh, how he moaned .. And then I asked for something from himself did not expect, I was asked to put it on the very white lingerie and stockings. Zhenya readily agreed and ran away. A few minutes later came to me sexy girl, I painted her lips bright lipstick and heels. From such a spectacle in all caught, a member was ready to burst. Brother came to me and sat down on top began to caress me so tenderly and sweetly caressed but none of the girls. No, the more I could not stand. Turning his brother and put him on his tummy, I began to stroke his ass. He ran his fingers along the hole, through the thin fabric of her panties. Sweet brother groaned and arched his ass even more. Pulling off his pants and licked his finger, I gently shoved it in there .. .. then another and another. Eugene moaned and asked to fuck him, said that he had long wanted to seduce me I was his first.
Taking a throbbing cock in her hand, I gently put the head in the ass brother. From pleasure he buried his face in the pillow and mumbled something. I finally stuck his handsome to the end, began othazhivat brother and beat him on the ass, that eager lately. Eugene moaned, screamed and bit the pillow, I finished 15 minutes allowance on his ass by red strokes. Zhenya palms gathered my sperm and licked them clean, and then he fell down to my mouth, still standing stake, member. Nice wave swept up from the stomach and knocked in temples. Once again, having finished it in her mouth, I fell exhausted on the bed ...