The three of us go up the stairs. I feel the two of them wanting me to look. My ass, covered with small rubber frock, in spite of them wagging with every step more and more. Finally we stop at the door. Entering. Someone is taking a bath. One-room, but the room is very large, all the walls in the racks, shuttered windows. From furniture only large polished dining table and bed, she defiantly empty, despite the fact that five people can sleep. Suddenly a cry from the bathroom. Maxim and Denis look at each other. Taking the initiative in their hands (only in order to pass, swinging her hips), heading to the bathroom. I opened the door. Our third friend - Dmitry, standing under the shower, greedily sucking nipples young girl. In view of her seventeen years. A thin figure like a baby, the breast are like two small pyramids.
Seeing me, she covers his chest and little black triangle of hair with his hands. Dima, on the contrary, breaks into a smile, he gets out of the bath, wiped out and, again looking around the girl, smiling and go out. I go to the kitchen. It turns out that Dima and Anna (the name of the baby) came recently. I feel eyes on me Dimitri, whose bristling under the towel member. My bodyguards also eagerly look no longer on the ass, and thighs, covered dress. On the table, brandy and oranges. I drink a large glass in one gulp and to spite them, much wagging his back, disappear. Slowly and quietly go into the bathroom. Anya stands with his back to me. Its dairy lean angular body makes me some kind of wrenching pity. I quietly undress naked and get into the bath, closing the shutter. She turns and stares. He opens his mouth and wants to say something, but I vzbodrennaya brandy, kiss her passionately. It smells like something childish, almost milky. I slowly stroked her sharp little breasts, which are already heavily strained papillae. With your other hand to slide the ass. It is strong as a nut. Finally, my hand finds the coveted slot, the swollen lips, and then I begin to understand men. I tickle her finger. Anna closes her eyes and opens her mouth. Water pours over her shoulders, breasts, tummy and thighs. God, how good it is. She begins to breathe more loudly with every movement of my fingers. I take her nipple in his mouth and greedily suck it. Suddenly she opens her eyes and dismisses me. I do not understand anything, and I sit down on a wooden bar across the bath. In her young eyes shining green devilish twinkle. After two or three seconds my legs on her slender shoulders, and her young nimble tongue already licking my lips shameful. The tip of the tongue presses on my swollen clit. I feel out of me stands a droplet, and see how quickly Anna licks and swallows it. "Wait, I'm"- Her chest voice is heard from far away. A minute later, I understand that I'm alone. Turn shower and turn the water tap. She has a strong jet. For almost instinctively closer to this stream, I spread her legs, this is the first water spear pierces directly into my bosom of love. Nipples swell breath catches, blood pounding in his head. From pleasure I start to whine. Water beats and beats my delicate rosettes. I nipping himself for swollen nipples. Tolerate no strength. I close my eyes. Suddenly the door opens and includes Dima, Maxim and Denis. They are already naked. I abruptly pulled out from under the jet (like that of this, but I want to make this my orgasm was only). "No, Natalie, go". - Maxim pushes me to the tap. I look at his cock. He's still hanging, but already swollen. As I look around the gun Dima and Denis, Maxim Crane sets. Again, again, the feeling of flight. Again, I'm alone again swell with pain nipples. I close my eyes, and nobody will hesitate to start whine and moan, Water brings me to distraction. Suddenly feel chest member, another hit me in the face and rubbing against her lips. I take it in your mouth and begin to deeply, hungrily sucking, biting her head. I hear you groan. Again, again, one water. I can not do it anymore. I was trembling. And I'm coming. Cumming. I take off somewhere high, and the water is beating, beating on the gates of love. I look at her pussy - from her brazenly and defiantly sticking swollen lips. I turn my head. Oh my God! The clitoris starts to throb again. The series has three naked men, or rather, no, not three men. I do not see them. I can see only three members and three hands that drochat them. Each of them drop by drop. exposing the head. I caress, lick them one by one. They do not expect anything more.
"Boys, I'll be right there, go into the room". God, how dizzy. Barely raise his young body to which longingly watching these three adult beautiful man. "Well, go to the". Denis says hoarsely: "You have three minutes". Then they leave. I quickly wipe, but the viscous liquid is still flowing down his thighs. I pull the black stockings, poyasochek-rezinochku and black bra, which only supports my round, large breasts. I put on high heels. The heart beats, chest aching, throbbing wildly my klitorochek. I'm out of the bath. In a dark room, I heard some sobbing, rapid breathing and grunting men. Gradually, the eyes adjust to the darkness. I distinguish men. They sit, leaning back in his bed, legs wide apart, Anya quickly turns sucking their guns. She is completely naked. Again, something flipped inside me. Nasty girl. It will make me a lesbian, and I love men. I quietly get up and sneak up behind your knees to the floor. Her pussy, pungent smelling and all wet, almost touching my face. She is so keen on licking and sucking members not to notice anything. I lean out your tongue and gently-gently spend them on a small charming anus to a solid klitorochku. Salty taste of it fills my mouth. She trails off for a moment and stands on all fours, otklyachila his voluptuous ass. I lick it, make vertical and horizontal movements of the tongue. I hear some puppy yelps. Her trembling. She had forgotten everything. And I drink and drink this tart nectar. I climbed on the bed and be afraid of its now too wet pussy on her ass. Dima pulls Ani head to its members and it is imperative pokes him in the half-open lips Ani. But she did not understand anything. She was trembling and increasingly bulge his ass. Anna lies on her back, I sit down to her pussy on her face, and she poked her wet ass. We deliver to each other pleasure and moaning softly. Most of the world there is no one, just me and her. Suddenly someone sharply raises me, I sit on a pussy Anino face and in my mouth imperiously entered someone's cock. This gag is moving further and further, I have nothing to breathe, but I swallow it more and more. Tongue Anna works quickly and deftly. Suddenly, I feel that I was sitting on something move. I open my eyes, but I do not see nothing but shaved pubis and testicles occasionally flashing before my face. Movement under me become faster and faster. Anna has not lick and breathing into my slit. You can hear some rumbling, some sighs. Anya, my darling Anya begins to moan. My nipples suddenly feel a dull pain; one caresses their teeth, the other fingers. I'm also starting to breathe heavily. My whole body is immersed in some other space. I do not feel anything. I just lay on my back, and I stroked the strong male hands. I turn my head. You are my dear God, what did it look like? My Anna lies on her back, her legs high battened down and resemble wings, mouth open, sitting on it and Dennis quickly, vigorously slams his spear in a young, girlish, narrow, delicious-smelling space. Anna was already shouting, it is all in suspense. But Denis increases the pace, so she rolls her eyes, her mouth curved into a blissful, voluptuous smile, the veins in his neck bulged. The pace unbearable. Lying next, I jump on their impulses. Poor my vagina Annushka! And now - shouting, screaming men, after a trigger in the bosom of this small fragile brunette. She lay motionless. Strangely, her reaction ... like a man. She is already sleeping. Denis gets off with her. All of its members in this divine moisture from her womb also runs a small white trickle. I envy and jealously lick gun Denis, which gradually changes its form, and then suck out button my darling love its syrup. She was still asleep.
"Well, pipsqueak. Now it's our turn". I turn my head. Max and Dima with rampant members selected me. Thank you, Lord, and I have now experienced the same agony of love that my little Anya. "My God, what on you fishnet stockings and a poyasochek ..." Maxim something else whispering in my ear, enveloping me a warm breath and a slight smell of brandy and oranges. His hands traveled down my body. Meanwhile, Dima, taking off my shoes, sharply pushing my legs and begins to drive on my wet finger, and without sloshing button. I feel a pat along my play the virgin, rolling his fingers of my jaw, stimulating the clitoris with each movement of his hand all the perseverance and persistence. In my mouth slowly sinking wand Maxim. I suck it, biting, licking, suck again. Occasionally he takes the dick and leads them on my face. I feel a wild desire. Warm tongue Dima licks all the secret corners of my pussy. He wants to suck all my moisture, and his hands teasing my nipples, it pulls them, squeezes my whole chest. With every move I shudder. And suddenly someone (Denis) commanding voice. "And again ..." - Dima deeply enters his tongue and burns my breast, and Maxim deep into his mouth to push through his penis. "And two"- Member comes from the mouth and the tongue slides on pudendal lips. "And again" - Again the same thing, "and two" - I start to fidget and whine as was his custom. "And one, and two"- In the eyes of the dark, nothing. My most there is only my pussy, my breasts, and the dick in my mouth. That's all. Nothing else! "And again". I restlessly moving. "AND..." - Then I do not hear anything, I'm flying somewhere high, fly higher and higher, higher and higher, and now rapidly nesus down, all relaxed. All. But once again the wet, hot cock in my face. Again, this is sucking my button.
"Enough". Maxim dramatically removes a member from my face, and I have time to notice only my saliva droplets from his hair. Now they change places. And again the same mission, the same height. Suddenly something hard poking in my hole. I subside, Dmitry gives me his weapon. And again, once this bill. "And one, and two". But it is not a language, and a member gets into me, cut me, he is working furiously, like a piston. I gasp. I can not. A member gets up to the uterus. I cry out with every blow. And as an order: "Work mouth, mouth-play". I'm torn. And again, again this height. I hear some gurgling sounds, I hear a moan, a groan that I pick my cry of deepest push into. Now there is only He - strong, swollen, throbbing cock. "Maxim, Maxim, well, finish, finish, ending with-a-ay. I beg you, in me, in me". Only the roar of men was my answer, and hot fluid liquid burst into me. Maxim got up with a groan and staggered, went into the kitchen. Dmitry picks me up and carries on a table in the corner. A moment later I was lying on the table, and my legs were over his head (like fifteen minutes ago Anya). "Well, pipsqueak, it's my turn". And then I cried out in pain. Lord, what is he there? And he comes in and enters me. I scream. "No no". He pinches my mouth. "Shut up, you're going to do whatever I want, I". His cock was tearing me. Quiet, dull blows, he is biting my lips to the blood, chewing on my nipples, biting body. Again, tremors, tremors. And again my shrieks, yelps, my groans and almost animal rumbling. My vagina is stretched to the limit. The rate more quickly. And suddenly stop. That I just expected the least. He abruptly went out of me. He took into his arms and carried her to the bed.
Dennis approached. Quickly, they eagerly rip off my stockings, and I stay only at the waist. Stockings, folded in half, they tied my eyes. "Now, little one, you're going to do all that we tell you. Get on all fours". I get up. A strong push - it was Dennis. Another impetus - is Maxim, third - is Dima. And then something tart and fluffy pokes me in the face. This divine button my Anya.
- Lick Anna and tell who is who.
- Who!
Silent and lick this wonderful creation.
- Who!
Repeat shock.
- Denis - exhale with a groan I heard a cat purr Annushka.
- Who!
- Maksim.
And then a burning pain in the anus and the vagina. Brutal, evil but voluptuous bites and sucking her breasts. All! And again, the heights and cry again. And in the mouth instead of the odd button Anya - Member. And again, once these shocks, piercing me from all sides. I have no strength to endure. I try to scream, but all mouth busy this hard, salty and slightly bitter member. Suddenly - a shout, and the fountain shoots me in the ass, a moment - a groan, and fountain fills my cunt. These instruments of torture gradually soften, but do not leave their gnezdyshek. Anna eagerly sucks and pulls my chest. I can not do it any longer! All! All! All! I'm all compressed, and I come from these processes, I just feel like flowing in the legs and crotch seed. And I feel the swollen member, the testicles, I heard a scream. I do not cry and roar, and then the flow is cast directly on my face, and semen trickle flow in my mouth and I swallow it. Could it be? I'm more worried about nobody. All lie. Anna and suck out all the members of the remnants of this delicacy, and she licks my face. Finally, sitting comfortably, we fall asleep between the two men, at their quiet sighs and snores. Fall asleep to the morning to start all over again.