I woke up early in the morning, began a normal day. I had to take care of breakfast and do all the housework. Tell us about yourself. I am the daughter of a peasant, I am 18 years old, tall, plump, I have long hair, which bring a lot of trouble, but I cut them not intend (and it is good that I did not, I really helped in the future).
Now, standing at the well, where I went to get water, I heard the screams of women and soon the bell alarm, I realized that there was something terrible, and most likely they were robbers raids, news of which has reached up to our margins. I dropped the bucket and ran into the house, but on the way I caught two riders, in a fright looked around, I saw that the village had already burned, and many of my neighbors and friends have been killed or injured on the work of women robbers, and men were forced to watch as they have their wives . I thought that I will suffer the same fate and was already preparing to rebuff when I realized that I was being taken to the hut head of our village, near which were already all the girls of neighboring houses. There we were counted and a man said:
- If you keep quiet, then you will be left alive and maybe you will be the life of the one you do not even dream about, but if you try to escape, kill, we do not kill, but even then you will pass through the system of my children and your fate will be solved - not yet OPERATION Die, and we will try to make it happen as soon as possible. I have to say you are being taken far away and advise Humble and do everything you say.
After these words, we tied up and taken away from the village, which was set on fire.
I will not describe all the difficulties of our journey, but we were somewhere far from home - in the south. Our host has divided us into groups and sold in any house, as it turned out - auctions. We, the women washed, removed our rags and dressed in a beautiful, but almost nothing has been hiding clothes, Then we were immediately put up for auction, the price is changed instantly, but she stopped and I realized - I have become someone's property, before the time I did not feel it, but now I realized that I do not belong to myself. Going down from the platform we have put together, and a woman who worked at the auction owner told us - you're out of luck most of all, you have sold the most cruel and depraved master, if you do not submit to his will, you die. Not immediately, but will die. Girls, you will become his concubines, his slave, do what he says and you can do it. With these words we have taken away in an unknown to us then home. There we were met by the purchaser, or, as he has commanded us to call him - Mr. He touched us all, with my face still blush, and seeing her, he grinned. Stripped us naked, he made us in such a way to go in his part of the house, it was such torture when staring servants and security on you, and you can not even hide behind, because for it immediately follows lash, which indeed turned out not leave no trace except the searing pain. When walking, swaying breasts, and saw us off bleary eyes all who met us on the way.
There were five of them, but the Master had only 4 girls, and he ordered the "conventional screening". It looked like this: A security guard approached the girls and hanging them on the pegs nipples, mister at the time told us to fondle her breasts themselves, paying no attention to the clothespins, neither he nor on dozens of men, before which we stood. Then he ordered us to open your legs and stand so. After some time passed the guard and ran a hand each on the vagina, and only one of us it was dry. I did not recognize herself - it excites me. I burned a shame, but my body would not obey me, I flowed between her legs.
Now, we have already taken to the four chambers of the Lord. He decided immediately to arrange a check and show us what we expect from him. He ordered two of us to lie down on your back on the floor scattered cushions, others he said go on, but to our face rested on the wet vagina of our friends in misfortune. I resolutely refused to do so. Then, out of nowhere appeared the guards force poked me in the vagina of the girl and ordered to lick it and not let go until she had finished, I had to lick everything there that there was not a single drop. Since I was the only one who so sharply opposed the will of the Lord, and yet because of the fact that he had a weakness for long hair, he decided to leave me at home and educate me. But to do that I had to be punished for disobedience. In the morning, I was tied to a pole in the yard and summoned all the servants to see the flogging, and to see what it was. It was 50 lashes on the back, by the end of the whipping my back was terrible, but I was beginning to lean toward obedience - make again is I could not.
After all healed, Mr. decided to start my training, but each lesson began with humiliation and insults. For the first time in a sign that I was his property, he made me a cocktail of his urine and semen, after the first sip I was sick, but Mr. ordered me to drink, and said, if I am still sick, he will make another drink a cocktail party, but this time from semen all guards. I had no choice - I had drunk. At that moment I wanted to die, I was sick, but I restrained - eyes run down with tears of despair and moral pain - but I restrained. - This was one of the turning points of my life. Next episode made me completely surrender and submit to the Master - after I first became indifferent to his actions, and then ..
He ordered me to lie down on the carpet on the floor and tied my eyes. After a moment in my half-open mouth he poked someone's cock, I knew that this was not a member of the Lord, because he was sitting at my head and stroked his head and hair. It was not an ordinary member - his head felt fuzzy, but at the tip of the foreskin was very plentiful and constantly oozing grease. I really did not yet understand that it is not common, but Mr. removes the bandage and I see: I see PSA !!!!!! Dog !!!! Above me, belly hanging over his head, was a dog. Not having time to recover from the shock, I felt like a gentleman wrapped my hair in the hand, forced open his mouth and force pulled my mouth to this member, a member of the dog !!!!!!! ! He moved my head along the dog's penis and despair tears again flowed from my eyes and my best was to stop them. And while I heard only one phrase that he repeated:
- After that, you will be only mine.
Hearing this, I suddenly realized that I wanted to try it, members of the master, but a member of the dog tensed and powerful stream flowed sperm, but Mister managed to pull the dog and they took a female servant, and my lord got to look at it, he put my hand me the clitoris, while he caressed his chest, and I was excited by the sight, soon I have not seen anything - my eyes are clouded, I'm finished.
He gave me some time to recover, and then he asked one question:
- What do you now want most?
My answer struck me !!!!! I however unwittingly began talking, I heard all this and could not believe that I could say all that, I blushed and was embarrassed, but said, and he replied smiling, not smirking, no, he was smiling - he has achieved what he wanted - now I wanted him, I said:
- I would like to hug you, cling to your body, covering him with kisses !!! First I would like to kiss you long and passionately, your tongue penetrated her lips to my mouth, and I eagerly catching moments of ecstasy, because you - me ... no one had ever kissed - I have no one to kiss !!! I want to kiss every cell of your body !!! Going down from the neck to the chest, then in the belly, around the navel, sinking lower and lower ... I want you to look at me, watching me kiss and caress you! With tummy, I lowered a little lower than you thought, I want to push your legs and kiss you inside, I want to hold the tongue down the path from the scrotum to the anus, then caress the circular muscle of anus, tongue, pressing harder, penetrating deeper, then I get to your testicles, I circled around each tongue will lick between them and kiss them endlessly !!! Then I gently take each of them in his mouth one by one, and play with them tongue - tossing them on the tongue to the sky and back catching tongue. Then I'll get to your member of such a large and beautiful !!! I want all of it covered with kisses, caressing tongue up and down, then, coming down to the root to rising to the head, then I gently take his arm, the other I caress the testicles, and my lips around his head, I gently him suck, and the hand will rotate his trunk, slightly to the right and left. Then I'll start kissing again head around, getting under the folds of flesh with the tip of the tongue, and again kissing the bridle and around !! Then I'll take it in her mouth, holding the language, I will suck it with all the love for what I'm capable of and as soon as I can !!! I want you to be very good with me! That you experienced unearthly bliss !!! I want you to come in my mouth, I swallow your white seed, without losing one bit, and then I want you to kiss me on the lips before the loss of pulse !! I want to melt into you, you become a part, to give myself to you !!!
On the face of my Lord flashed a smug smile that said I did it, I won it, but we still had a lot of time for training: I was taken to a room in which I now lived.
The next day I did a lot of good treatments: massage, aromatic baths, etc. I realized that I was being prepared for the night, and I was right...
In the evening when I was lying, entered the room 2 guards, they are not saying a word lifted me out of bed and brought to the room master. my Master was not in the room, I was handed over to some woman who stripped me, blindfolded and ordered to lie down on the bed, which yesterday was not in the room.
..I lay on the bed, covered with drops of sweat. My legs were spread wide. A black blindfold sharply stated my skin.
Mr. stood in the doorway and looked at what happens in the bedroom. Because of the blindfold, I could not see him, but I felt his presence. He was being raised more and more looking at my wet, shiny, labia, which are swollen with excitement.
He quietly entered the bedroom. From a drawer he took out two long silk ribbons, which had prepared in advance. Going to bed, he tied the ends of the ribbons to the back of the bed. Then, without giving her time to recover, quickly tied the wrist to the free end of the tape. I lay on the bed, with widely outstretched arms to the sides, without being able to somehow move. Now, I could not resist anything. This my Lord was not enough and he pulled the phallus, and put it in my ass, something pre-lubricated.
I felt the movement of his fingers on the inside of the thighs. Barely touching my soft skin. finger stopped on the bridge between the vagina and the anus. From this contact, a shiver went through my body. He touched the phallus and then silently left the room.
My hips reacted angrily when the phallus, which is in my anus began to move, it is the Lord of my assistant brought him into action. I jerked his arms, trying to free from the shackles of silk. In vain. Mr tied me tight. Not seeing anything around, I tried to imagine what kind of picture is for those who can enter the bedroom. The bandage on my eyes and silk ribbons provide my body to anyone who would wish to use it, without the need for my consent.
Phallus spread waves of pleasure through my body. I felt it deep in the anal canal. Being me, phallus gradually stretched my virgin sphincter so that gradually the pain caused by them, subsided. Delicate wall of my rectum respond to impulses increasingly, my anus relaxed under incessant massage. I lost track of time. All my attention was focused on the sensations in the body of a foreign object. Fluctuations in the ass, forced pomokret vagina, which felt a void. Gradually, I realized that I must come to terms with the need to have in the vagina any subject, and surrender to what already has. I felt like what I was coming to me an orgasm so strong still have never experienced.
The feeling at the bottom sharpened other senses, which I have tried to take advantage. My nipples felt a slight flow of air swept over his chest, I felt like someone touched my breasts "Who you are?" - I tried to whisper. But when I open up my mouth as it somebody to quickly put a cloth gag. Instead, the question I got mumbling. A woman's voice whispered in my ear: "This handkerchief, which finished your master. Your Boss loves to shove various items in each hole that you have. It will stretch your ass so widely as allow your muscles. He will train you to enemas, spanking, make you walk with a dildo in your ass or vagina".
With a sob, I turned her head away from the voice. My pussy was all wet! At the slightest movement of the legs, she made squishing sounds! With a groan, I began to crawl her ass on the bed. Stronger pressure. More movement, more than feelings. Phallus was enough excitement that gripped my body did not pass, but it is not enough. to plunge me into the depths of orgasm. Straining, I attempted to push the pulsating core of even deeper in the ass. I felt a rounded end, press and irritating the wall of the rectum. Phallus deeply moved, and I felt the pain in his anus ravaged.
Mr. came. A strong slap on the thigh made me freeze in place. He put one hand on the phallus and began to twist it to me in the ass even deeper. Every new push my hips forced to climb over the bed. Then Mr. abruptly pulled the vibrator out of ass. I moaned my ass jerked in the direction of the last movement. I felt fingers Spreading my yagodnitsy in hand. One finger penetrated into the anus. Then he was joined by a second, a third. Mr. abruptly parted and moved the fingers found in the anus. "You feel like it is stretched? I want to shove Didlo 6 cm in your ass. In the end, I'll do it. Now we'll do that. In the meantime, we'll add a little more grease in your ass and soften your sphincter ring". At these words I felt the warm touch of grease, which began to rub my ass. I have long felt like someone rubs ointment on my skin, my ass and anus. The vagina has been ignored. Finally the hand left me alone.
Mr. gently took me by the ankles and the feet brought together. Then, slowly he began to lift up his feet up until my knees did not touch the chest. My yagodnitsy were protruded, anus seemed defenseless and vulnerable from any suffering, which has been harvested in the list of the Lord .. He was silent, and I felt almost physically as he sees my ass. I felt like a thin, long rod touched me. His thrust deeply into my rear opening ... Then, ... gurgle, hot water rushed into my rectum, penetrating deeper, to the stomach. I felt hot. Tears came to my eyes, I strained thigh muscle ass, trying to get rid of this painful invasion. Was approaching orgasm, rapidly disappeared. Water pressure intensified. My feet continued to hold in the chest, not letting them fall. All my attempts to get rid of the hose, were in vain. Water continued to pour into my already noticeably swollen from the large amount of water belly. The only thing I could get was that someone's hand began to push through the hose even deeper. Ass beginning to hurt again. When the water began to seep around the hose, the water turned off. He pulled out a hose and immediately plugged my ass thick stopper so that the water is not rushed back. My legs are put back on the bed, and I felt the Lord's hand between her legs. He put his hand on the plug sticking out of the anus and began to twist it a little deeper. All covered with wrinkles and cracks sphincter barely missed a thick jam. I groaned. As soon as I strained anus, rolled on me waves of pain. Firmly seated in my anus plug did not give leak water all the way poured into the rectum. Strong tensile, hot water and baking burned my butt. I felt like a thick tube into the anus and slowly stretches the sphincter muscle.
I started to sweat from the hot water in my body. Water is not caused unbearable pain of the cancer, but always gave the body warm. I felt a hand pushed the lips of my vagina, and then felt a penis in my vagina steamed. Member filled me with one long and sharp push.
"Okay ... so hot ... so hot! Uh-uh-uh ... God, how good!". The voice of my Lord expressed delight. Lord said: " Do not move. As soon as you start spasms of the enema, you yourself sdoish my dick". A minute later, he experienced firsthand the evidence of his claim. Cramps in my gut began to twist my hips began to move erratically. I was not able to pay attention to the contradictory feelings that engulfed my whole body. I was a little painful, but mostly I received incomparable to anything fun. Pressure. friction pictures flashing in my brain, it's all in general made me orgasm, I felt like a member of my Lord shot deep into the vagina. A moment later, Mr. came out of me and helped me get out of bed. The tapes were detached from the headboard, but stayed on my wrists. I stay and blindfold.
I was led to the bathroom and leaned over the bath. Mr. took the cork stuck in my butt and pulled sharply! Anus sharp pain responded to it. From ass flooded a huge flow of water. I sat until my body of all the water does not leak. As soon as the last drop emerged from the intestine, it is me again bent over the tub, and made a second enema, now warm, soapy water. The sphincter is inserted plug. I put on my knees and pulled a handkerchief out of his mouth. After a few minutes, new convulsions began to shake my body. I groaned when Mr. lifted me up, and again bent over the tub to pull the plug. I screamed when I removed the cap from the body of the buttocks poured new water flows.
After Mr. dry wiped and dried me, he put me third enema, lower than the previous, but with scented water. Mr. cocked me and put something long in the rectum. It pushes deeper and deeper until I felt the end of the rubber hose, buried in something deep inside of me. My ass is already stretched phallus and the plug is not stuck the hose completely encircled. He's narrowed, but not hard enough to peredavit tube, from which this time in my anus flooded with cold water. Soon, without warning, the hose was pulled from the ass. The owner told me to sit down and not standing on ceremony, began silently pour cold water in my vagina. When finished, he waited until all the water flow out of the vagina and ass.
Finally, clean, dried, I held back to the bedroom. There, he ordered me to lie belly down on the bed. Tapes again tied to the backs of the bed and took off the blindfold. The bedroom was dark, the light is not burning anywhere. I heard footsteps Lord, who left the room, closing the door tightly.
Exhausted by torture that I suffered, I fell asleep. I fell asleep on his stomach on a wide bed. So I liked to sleep more often. The only inconvenience was the hand associated with ribbons and bolted to the back of the bed. Dressing and handkerchief, served her a gag, Mr. somewhere removed.
Quietly, almost silently, he opened the bedroom door. I slept. I did not even stir. I lay on my stomach, my legs were slightly apart, making available the vagina and ass for anyone who wanted to use them. White spot my ass could be seen in the dark bedroom. Do not make any noise, Mr. went into the room and put something on the bedroom floor, quietly closing the door behind him. I woke up, jerked, but was unable to move, t. To. As she was tied. I lay there in the dark, my face buried in the pillow. I turned her head from side to side, but could not see anything.
- You can moan, cry, to express their pleasure. But if you cry, you will flog - Mister pointed to the floor, where the moonlight long ribbed whip black leather was clearly visible. I have no doubt that if I scream, then seeking with this monster. I turned the other way.
Mr. lifted wide leather band next to the bed, which he soon wrapped around my waist and fastened on my back. The second band was fastened to the first part of my stomach, I was lowered down to the knees. A woman leaned over my hips and slid all ten fingers at odds yagodnits. She pulled the halves in opposite directions so that it became visible clean, tightly compressed fold at their center. Mr. began to pour oil from a bottle in his hand through the open crack and massaged unprotected, puckered anus. The woman leaned forward and began to expand the hole, put his finger in it to lubricate the anus from the inside. She inserted a finger and slapped me on the full yagodnitse: "Relax!". I tried to relax, and felt like a finger pulled out of ass. But the place once occupied the two fingers, which took the Lord, to fuck my ass, still water the anus oil. Then he poured the oil vagina abundantly. When both of my holes were copiously oiled, and the ass is practically free to have moved just three fingers, the woman let go of my chubby yagodnitsy and left.
Mr laid on the bed a long, flexible artificial phallus, each end of which ended in the head. I bent over and saw the dildo had promised me earlier than 6 cm in diameter.
- Do not ... do not ... please do not shove it in me. Please ... please ... It does not fit me ... I can not take it ... I also will bo ... GO!
Mr. lifted my ass and placed a pillow under the belly. This led to the fact that my legs parted even wider, and the holes have become more affordable. Reappear somewhere woman opened my labia and began to pull them apart, and became Mr. poking one end of the dildo into the vagina. And the Lord, and she watched with difficulty pushing shining on the lubrication of the vagina muscles, dildo entered into my vagina, I felt such shame that he overwhelmed me with his head. I felt both my tormentor closely watching dildo disappearing me centimeter by centimeter. The oil is doing its job, helping to penetrate ... dildo in me, but I still needed effort. The walls of the vagina stretched by adapting the thickness of the phallus. Thrusting his head and holding it in place, the Lord began to continue to push through deeper monster in me. He watched my lips tightly wrapped around the body member, and slowly pushed it in my trembling, but excited body.
When about 8 cm dildo disappeared into my vagina, he finally stopped. Some time later, Mr. took a dildo for the other end. A woman sprained my yagodnitsy in hand, giving access to a covered small cracks opening. Mr set second head against my thick, brown folds. I groaned and buried her face in the pillow, as soon as the owner began to increase the pressure member to my anus. Ass made this invasion! Head, gradually overcoming resistance my anal muscles and sphincter in hiding. The woman continued to keep my yagodnitsy wide open, so the Lord was able to observe as a member advances in the ass. Without relaxing the pressure, he promoted a member as long as he did not sink to 9 centimeters in my anus. The skin around my hole stretched to the limit. I could feel the dildo rubbing against the wall between the vagina and the rectum, in contact with both halves. Mr. took the tape lying between my legs, and put it to rest, protruding from my part of the huge phallus. Then he missed the free end of the belt through the buckle on my waist ... and began to pull the tape! The tape began to shove the remainder of the term in the hole. I twitched and began to moan. The pain, the tears gushed from my eyes ran down her cheeks. Pulling the tape to the end, Mr. consolidated tape in my belt. Then he untied my hands on the bed, tied my wrists to the waist and flipped me on my back. Master sat on my chest and put a tight, thick cock in my mouth.
I sucked for a long time member of the Lord. Finally, he shot me in the mouth with sperm jet. And only after that Mr. left the room and gave me time to relax, though a wide leather belt is securely held in me a huge double dildo and every movement echoed the pain. I realized that I will have a life full of humiliation and pain, I fell asleep with these thoughts.