Teacher shaping and Armenian wrestlers
By Yana Borisovna Zverbulis different people come in shaping group. In her 38 years, she looked no more than 27 years, chiselled figure, petite blonde, with full breasts and ass. Today, she again graduated class later and saw in the hall of the sports complex which is the new people, it was the youth team to fight from Armenia. Seeing a young woman - a blonde, guys stunned smiled, looked at her open-mouthed. Their coach left early today, and 18 year olds stayed in a sport complex with one of the young seductive woman.
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Jan passed under their enthusiastic hooting boys. She went to the shower, undressed and stood under a strong jet of water. She thought that a good after school to take a shower. At that time, she heard some strange sounds at the door, looking out of the shower, she saw in the door gap, blade, he teased the hook in the shower and pick it up. Yan scared once he realized that climbs one of the guys to it. She tried to run to the door, but at that moment the door opened, and the shower ran five guys fighting in a kimono. For a moment, everything froze, stunned guys looking at a naked woman, Yana Borisovna was trying to cover her breasts and groin hands, but understand that this does not succeed.
- What should you, as well, went out, and first came to Ian.
Her cry was like a team for the guys, they gave her five pairs, caught defenseless woman, for the most intimate places. The strong hands of boys she could not resist. She was forced to lean forward, one of the guys undid his pants, pulled out his big cock and put in Ian. She jerked trying to escape.
- What a slimy, hold it, Ian was full of washed, and the children had to hold it tight. Her polzoval behind the big man, with two hands squeezed her buttocks and squeezed two more painful breasts. Boys clearly enjoyed.
After the man after at least 10 minutes finished in Jan, in his place immediately I got another Ian knelt.
- Come on dog, to work, he said one of the guys at the same time put his penis in her mouth woman, took her by the ears and began to shake her hips with pleasure.
- Well suck bitch, boy, let's suck, sentenced a young rapist.
Over Jana mocked up in the morning, in vain she screamed and called for help, instead of aid from the dressing room came ten fighters. Every Ian raped at least three times. After fifteen men who flogged her brutally, Yana had extensive damage, and she repeatedly lost consciousness from the pain. EE was used in the mouth, vaginal and anal rape, a reversal of her ass, where she was bleeding. When a guy is lying on her and raped on the stone floor, he spat in her face, he liked to humiliate the adult female. When teenagers naglumilis at will, they took out their members and help to Ian, and when dressed before leaving wiped on her feet, then pushed into a cold pool and left. Jana with easy access to the phone and called an ambulance.