Greek smakovnitsa
Old, but quite tidy, the boat slowly approached the stone quay of Salamis. Motor strained roared for the last time and was still. Old sailor-Greek, nothing but the sea in his life who had not seen, indifferently spat into the water of the bay, in good faith breastfeeding him, and threw the rope to meet. The young assistant quickly and deftly tied the rope, the boat struck the grim stone pier, pushed - the rope taut as a string. The sailor threw the second rope. From cutting the captain came, as old as his slave, just as indifferently glanced at the picturesque panorama of his native city. And stopped look at the passenger of that whole protorchala flight deck without going to the salon, and not interested in their selection of bars, like the rest of the travelers.
It was nice of her youth, addition and mystery. The way she sees fleeing uphill curves historic streets, one could guess that she is fascinated understated beauty of the city and the islands, along the coast where they were moving more than an hour. But what else is hiding behind its big brown eyes that lurks behind the external simplicity of her clothes and pose for ease hardened sea wolves was a mystery.
The sailor threw the ladder and she took on her seemingly fragile shoulder huge leather bag, buttoned with a zipper. She went to the ladder, saw her eyes fixed on the elderly descendants of the proud Greeks. She smiled charmingly and cried playfully:
- Ciao!
- All the best, - he muttered sheepishly old captain and stepped aside to make way for the rest of the passengers, leaving the salon.
She easily ran down the ladder, as if hung on her shoulder a heavy burden. Cursing the last words, both the sailor could not take his eyes off her delightful popochki, tightly covered with cloth of black jeans.
- Yeah! - I uttered a sailor when she disappeared behind the administration building. - That's a peach! In the juice! Sweet and sour - he even closed his eyes in pleasure.
- Come back home, your old lady suddenly discourage hunting for sweets - brought him back to reality, Captain.
The city lived their daily concerns and did not pay the slightest attention to the uninvited visitor. Patricia slowly walked down the jetty, soaking up the loud cries of movers and traders, sharp odor discharged from boats fish and roasted chestnuts, which were trading at every opportunity patch. Near ass piercingly roared, he startled, recoiled. She laughed her dismay, winked blunt eared working people and turned into a narrow, cobbled narrow streets, abruptly leaving the top of the hill.
Patricia felt piercing his back admiring glances of men and grinned. She knew that the sight of her body acts on them, like a red rag to a bull. Everywhere the same: on the streets of their native Athens, and in the squares of the power of Munich, in the foggy alleyways of London and the crazy avenues of New York, her athletic figure invariably attracts the attention of the stronger sex. Unfortunately, their interest in it is always straightforward and one-sided. All the care that between her legs, and not between the ears, under the amazing dark brown hair cut by Mireille Mathieu. And his nineteen years Patricia fluent than native Greek and English has almost fluently speaks German, barking and understand TV shows in French, although conversing with a Frenchman is unlikely to be able to. She knew the history of their country and history in general, was fond of a little philosophy and even tried to write poems on Katharevousa, like Sappho, Alkeyu and Solon. As a champion of college tennis, she is not inferior in the classroom many students.
I wondered about the start of classes in college, but Patricia immediately drive it away. Decided, so I decided not to study life at lectures and in practice. However, the experience of previous days is nothing new it did not give. Well, it is not over yet, but the home country and get to know.
She happily looked at the little houses huddled on the street. Almost all of them were pink or white stone, and in the background the walls covered with dust, stood out sharply and fun painted in bright colors door and window frames. She looked down. Various roof Levantine built houses could be looking at for a long time - so different, they were on top. So as different as the walls and the appearance from the street have been the same. It seemed all the individuality and imagination of architects put it in the roof. The roofs were flat, sloping, tapered and domed ...
But very quickly, Patricia realized that most likely came here in vain. Monotonous street hubbub began to bore her, and to the upper edge of the city was still far off. She bought an elderly Greek, sadly sticking out of the tray, ripe juicy berries figs, and thrust one into his mouth, began to descend back to the calm green sea.
She looked great love and thrill. If about the first Patricia has already begun to lean toward the idea that it is available only literary characters, the adventure had no problems - is only a wink to any male, and he loses his head. Boring!
Patricia re-entered the noisy waterfront and walked to the farthest pier, where the moored pleasure boats and private boats. She walked past the large cafe, which is located directly under the open sky. Tables were so many and all were visitors. Waitresses scurried busily with trays on a small stage in the back of the cafe playing ensemble of four. The melody was familiar to her since childhood and Patricia paused for a moment, trying to decide whether to sit at a table or move on.
She went a little stone pier, and looked relieved to put next to the parapet heavy bag, which was her wardrobe for all occasions. She sat on the high parapet of the same brown stone, and that the whole pier, took out a small bag on the side of a semi-circular bag with berries and began to eat them, inspecting the boats moored to the pier. On one of the boats roared the engine and immediately stalled.
On the deck of a small cute yacht that was third by Patricia he appeared slender young man with a beautiful thick dark hair almost to his shoulders. He habitually grasped the hand of one of the guys and put it on the wharf wicker basket with empty bottles. I checked as moored yacht and deft movement climbed onto the pier. Patricia watched with interest for him. He was tall and stately, in a white shirt with a turndown collar and figures "32" on the chest. Blue jeans he wore tucked up to the knees, and he passed barefoot girl ignored her absolutely no attention.
Patricia turned her head after him. The man walked down the pier and confidently turned to the seafront in one of the lanes - clear as day that this route it is not unusual. Patricia smiled and took her bag with berries in her purse. She came to the conclusion that for the next adventures of the sailor is fine. And resolutely toward the boat, putting on his shoulder a heavy burden.
I am stepping on a shaky deck and grabbed the rope taut. He takes a few steps down the narrow aisle between the superstructure and the rim, and opened a small door in the cabin. Steps abruptly went down and in the light of the bright sun she could see there are two neatly laid by the bed and a small table. On the table stood a tall an opened bottle of white wine with a stranger ... her name. The cabin had a clearly marked bachelor view. From the wall calendar winking beauty. On the table next to the bottle lying open in the middle of colorful book Paperback up. Patricia whistled contentedly and went into the cabin, throwing carelessly heavy bag on the right bed.
Not bad for a single conqueror of the seas.
Patricia pulled a pillow on the left of the bed, under the covers, leaned it against the wall and lay down on a strange bed in a freer position. She hoped that the owner of the yacht does not take long.
She reached out, took the bottle and sipped straight from the bottle. The wine was weak, and very enjoyable. "And it did not taste bad," - She decided. On a shelf above the bed lay a cigarette and a lighter. She reached out and idly looked at the cigarette brand.
Soon she heard footsteps on the deck and a cloudless blue sky, which she admired in the opening Door open figure overshadowed the yacht owner. At the sight uninvited vizitershi he stood on the threshold in a ridiculous pose, holding heavy basket of groceries in both hands. It seemed, from the surprise he lost the power of speech.
- Hello! - Without getting stranger waved his pen and took a sip from a bottle of familiarity.
- What are you doing here? - Finally, he asked. He comforted himself with the hope that she just mixed up his boat with someone else.
Patricia said that in Greek it says is very clean, but barely noticeable English accent still gives it - a foreigner.
- I - lying - she said calmly. - And who are you?
He understood that nothing relied on it a mistake - she clearly knew what to do.
- What kind of delusions? - And found just what to say to the owner of the yacht.
She took another sip and asked lazily:
- Do you have any ideas more interesting?
- Roll out of here - he ordered sharply.
The stranger did not react to his inhospitality.
Then he asked soothingly: - What do you want here?
- Come, - she invited in a tone as if the yacht belonged to her, not him. - I came to visit. - She reached out and took from a shelf a pack of cigarettes. - Would you like a cigarette?
- These are my cigarettes, - he muttered sullenly.
Patricia carefully considered his appearance. The facial expression and his reaction to her unceremonious invasion somehow liked it. His open, clean-shaven face gave the impression of the intellectual character of softness. However, a strong chin and a tight fold at the mouth warned that it can take tough actions and, when deemed necessary. The face framed by thick fluffy dark brown hair, vividly reminded Patricia photos of George Harrison times "white album". Tight fitting body shirt emphasized the resilience and strength of his body, which served as a magnificent proof that sailing is not inferior to any athletics.
- So what? - She shrugged in response to it, in its view inappropriate remark. She threw a pack in place and even took a sip from a bottle. Seeing that he is silent and waits, she still says Patricia put the bottle on the table and gusty movement sat on the bed. - Maybe it will take me to the team? - Brazen and fun she suggested. - I eat a little bed and just my size ...
- And if I do not want the men-women? - In the tone she said the owner of the yacht. He was surprised to suddenly caught myself thinking that her arrogance and the pressure impressed him. And she looks very attractive.
"However, - he thought - its arrogance and holy simplicity is precisely based on the beautiful realization of its attractiveness, and raising her appearance affects men."
- We do not need and do not need. - Patricia offended, not expecting such a reception. She was used to that man, to whom it makes a polshazhka meet themselves thrown on it, like hungry predators in the long-awaited production.
Patricia stood up, picked up his bag and left the cabin. He calmly stepped aside, passing her. She went out onto the deck, took a few steps down the aisle to the door and looked around.
On a nearby vessel fat bearded man busy with rigging.
- If you do not type commands, - she said with an air of injured virtue - I'll look for another boat. - She pointed to the large bearded man. - That one I certainly will! I can bet ... - She turned and, clinging to the shrouds, made her way to the exit.
- But I warn you - in the back, he said to her, placing his basket with bottles on the cabin roof. - Joe - a scoundrel.
- Yes? - Indignantly turned it. - Well, you and generally nothing to talk about!
- Well, well, - he conceded finally. - It is difficult to find a good sailor. Cooking know how?
- No, I - looking at it clean, clear eyes said Patricia.
- I asked a stupid question, probably, - he smiled at her.
- Judge for yourself, - she said, and went back to the cabin.
He politely offered her his arm and took her voluminous bag. She went on the nose yachts, to the bright sun did not stop watching him. He shrugged and silently set about their daily business.
He routinely checked sail mounting, untied the mooring rope. Patricia watched with interest for his deft movements, but it did not seem to notice. It is also not in a hurry to ask him if he needs help.
The boat left the port and glided through the waves along the rocky shore, almost devoid of vegetation. But in the light of the dazzling sun, situated almost at the zenith, the beach seemed to not grim, and even more cheerful. Cloudless blue sky and beating against the rocks azure waves with white foam, does not contrast with the deserted reddish-brown rocks, but surprisingly in harmony, pleasing the eye.
Yacht owner concentration was controlled with the steering wheel, watching the fairway and not paying any attention to the new crew members.
Patricia casually lifted shirt, exposing his high sunburnt breasts (bra she wore no matter), she pulled off her jeans, left only the narrow red trunks, carelessly and lay down on the cabin roof, right in front of a man standing at the helm.
To see where to take the boat, he had to turn his head, for the mounds of her breasts obscured visibility. But not a word of discontent, no notes, he did not show. How, much to the astonishment of the girls, and any interest of its charms.
She lay and wondered what has not yet heard a single sexual suggestions from him. Even a hint or a spark of interest. Maybe he's gay? Or impotent? Or the man she unsuccessfully looking for - for whom sex is not something deducing out of balance and a natural need?

The sun was on the horizon, and Patricia all lying in the same place - sleep.
He did not wake her. Yacht anchored in a small, familiar to him ... a rocky cove and began to prepare tackles for spearfishing.
Patricia opened her eyes, a dream he felt that the uniform pitching lulled her, stopped. She stood up and stretched sweetly, demonstrating its flexible body, without the slightest gram of excess weight. He squatted on a yacht nose and lifted his head curiously. She noticed his gaze and graceful movement dived directly from the board in a clean inviting water of the Saronic Gulf.
After some time, he also dived - in a mask and flippers, the underwater gun in his hand. Patricia thought that he will swim it, but made a mistake, he immediately went to the depth. She laughed to herself and bliss lay on her back, surrendering to the power of gentle waves.
She had to wipe on the yacht when he swam to a large rock sticking out of the water and proudly raised over his head his trophy - impaled on the spear gun huge mullet. Patricia saw him and they both laughed happily. The sun plunged in the vast gulf given by painting everything in the surreal tone.
When it was dark he brought the boat to shore with a large flashlight, a basket with food and started dinner.
Patricia watched from the yacht in the dark for the fire to flare up. From the moment the boat left Salamis, they did not exchange a word. But for some reason, she felt a strange sympathy for him, and guessed that it was mutual. She waited with interest to continue the adventure and wondered what action it will take, is not it worth it some cheer?
Finally, she got tired of hanging around on a yacht, and she joined him. He smiled at her. She sat down on the day warmed up a smooth stone and stared at the dancing, bewitches flames.
In the light of the fire he had prepared on the portable smokehouse their prey, put a solid piece on the plate, silently handed her. He opened a bottle of light wine corkscrew. Pour into a large glass glasses. They drank, staring and smiling at each other. Patricia suddenly surprise noted that the words they absolutely do not need, and that they are so well with each other. This it has never been. And he is perfectly prepared, it regretted that such a small fish.
He cut a juicy melon for dessert, handed her a slice. She ate it and smiled mysteriously.
He lit by embers from the fire and sat down across from her.
- You must have a name? - Finally he asked, smiling.
- Barbara - said Patricia.
It was much easier to open the first comer a man your body than to name the real name. She, like the ancient Celts thought that knowing her real name, the man will get over it some mysterious power to escape from under which it would be difficult, if not impossible.
He looked at her curiously. In the uncertain light of the fire, he looked like a fairy-tale magician, peering into her soul. But it is that, as long as no one man did not allow the soul to him to look Patricia.
She sighed.
- But what difference does my name? Everything is so boring. I had to go to work in Munich ... And who wants to work in nineteen years? I'm sent to hell. My father - a poor drunken, mother - crazy. So I grew up without a penny and nuts. Tell me better myself.
Noticing that he was looking at her thoughtfully, Patricia took a bottle of wine and handed it to him.
- On, drink more, - she said, to stir it. - Well, what is the story of your life?
She did not care about the credibility of his own story, but wondered what he would say, tell lies, like all men who saw the object for seduction, or to be sincere?
- My name is Tom - he finally said, looking into her eyes. - I am twenty eight years old. Now I live in Piraeus from his friend. I am a foreign correspondent, working in the agency "rider"But mostly I spend time on his yacht and not a damn thing I do. - He just smiled shyly, not knowing what else to talk about themselves. - My father is in his prime, his mother is a normal ...
- And how do you girls? - Patricia leaned forward with interest.
Tom smiled.
- Currently - none.
- And how you were there?
He laughed.
- I'm not good with statistics, - he tried to dodge the question.
- Well, about - she continued to pry.
- Why do you need to know this?
- I always need to know what's what. What are you trying to say that he never slept with any girl?
- You wonder whether I'm not gay? - Tom laughed again.
- Yes - seriously affirmed Patricia.
- Sorry, but this is not so - he disappointed her.
- What are you, like loneliness?
- Well, yes - cheerfully said Tom.
- So you're all the same, a little bluish.
- And you do not accidentally lesbian? - The same coin repay it, but Patricia did not bother.
- I do not know - she answered honestly. - Actually, I do not know what is bad to be a lesbian. It is no worse than many others. - She held up her glass and he poured her more wine. She recited:
- I heart the passion crushes; Enchantment tantalized Kipridy tender.
And she added:
- Lesbians much nicer many men. As I noticed ...
- Thank you, - ironically he interjected.
- You do not even feel flattered, - she said. - You think it's not a compliment?
He chuckled uncertainly, wondering what's going to end this strange evening with him to this strange girl. Who is she? Anemones, climbing into bed with the first comer, or inquisitive seeker of meaning in life, heart quotes ancient classics?
- You'll give delayed? - Suddenly I asked Patricia.
Tom handed her a cigarette filter to it, not letting the butt of his hands. She bent over him and dragged.
He leaned back against the stone.
- And sometimes you are not alone? - She asked. - Do not get bored when you're alone?
- But now I'm not the only one - Tom smiled.
And glad that he is with her. She attracted him more than their non-standard, he thought, behavior. It does not cover hypocritical prude, but was never vulgar intrusive as street prostitutes.
- And thanks for that - it is almost offended.
Instead of answering, he gently laid his strong hand on her elegant wrist, do not know the gross physical labor. A surprising warmth spread throughout the body of this girl touched.
They stood up. And we looked into each other's eyes. Silence of the night broken only by informing on all sides by the singing of cicadas, clicking of the fire and the quiet noise of lapping waves on the rocky shore.
...- Too late, - said Tom, to break the silence.
- Yes, probably - she confirmed thoughtfully. Unconscious before the end of feeling makes the heart beat faster than usual. But she did not want to tease him, hurrying events - for he was not the same as all the others who met in her way, man.
Tom saw that her behavior is something subtly changed. But what exactly is and what causes it could not understand. In order not to think about it, he quickly collected to cart dishes and put out the fire.
They went to the boat, he lit the lantern way among the stones.
- Careful! - Tom said. - The deck is slippery. Barbara!
She came up to the boat and went to the stern thoughtfully, not looking back.
- Barbara! - He called her again. - Barbara, I'm talking to you!
Patricia turned.
- You call me? - She asked in surprise.
- Of course you, but someone else?
- And who told you that my name is Barbara?
- You said ... - Tom confused.
- Big deal! You never know what name I called ?!
She suddenly realized that accidentally met him, did not believe it at random in their lives. Although it does not know it. It seemed that for the sake of meeting she ventured his crazy journey. But how can you be sure of anything? You never know what it seems! However, she wanted to tell him her name, and she did not resist his own will:
- My name is Patricia. You probably think I'm drunk?
- No, not at all, - he said seriously.
- You think I'm crazy? - She asked, standing in the same place at the stern of the yacht. And I began to take off his shirt.
- Bare - Tom said to her suggestion.
- Question: can unite and crazy hermit together? - Playfully zazyvayusche she said.
Tom looked around her moonlit naked torso.
- Perhaps - he suggested.
- Do you want to check? - She smiled and slipped past him into the cabin.
Tom began to slowly unbutton his shirt, feeling it more and more prejudice against it melts and increases craving. Perhaps she sorceress.
He went into the cabin, holding the shirt and trousers in his hands, covering his genitals - unlike her, he was embarrassed.
Patricia was lying naked under a blanket. He went down a few stairs and closed the door to the cabin. He lay down on a nearby bed, threw a blanket and turned to her with his hand behind his head.
She, too, turned to him in silence, his head in his hand, gently try to gorgeous her chest did not close the covers. From under the white cloth Tom coyly teased the big oval peach color.
- You know - she said thoughtfully. - You are absolutely extraordinary! You always swim alone on his yacht?
- Now I have a great team - happy smile, he said.
- What do you do at night?
- Usually I sleep - just Tom replied, enjoying the sight of her bare breasts. - At first reading, it is not sleep, then sleep.
Drunk wine nice nebula his head and close his presence absolutely incomprehensible, but no less desirable women, forced to strain muscles and frantically heart beat faster. But he was not in a hurry to take possession of it as soon as possible. The very feeling of impending pleasure was no less sweet for him - he is a true gourmet delight stretched. And somewhere in the corner of his mind he knew that mutual sympathy, as if illuminating the cabin magical glow can disappear without a trace from one hasty, wrong word or gesture.
- And you do not have mosquitoes here? - Joked Patricia. - Mosquitoes?
- No, - silly smile he replied.
- I hope you're not kidding - she said. - Do not you want to kiss me? - Crazy devils appeared in her black eyes, throwing him an audacious challenge. - Goodnight?
- That's what you should do - smiled Tom.
- I never talk to men in bed. - Patricia languidly stretched in bed, touching palms cabin wall. The blanket slipped to the middle of a flat stomach, a breast mound two seductively twitched on her movements.
- I think women - experts in this matter, - he said, sitting on his bed and covering her with a blanket lower body.
- You'd better know - Patricia said, and they both laughed.
He got up from the bed, sat her on the edge of the bed, held her strong, rough hand on her cheek - slowly and gently. This innocent touch aroused a storm Patricia hitherto unknown emotions.
It is in the scope of its sudden impulse, reached out juicy lips, closing his eyes in excitement. Tom supported her left hand on the shoulder, feeling her quivering vulnerability, and found her lips seeking her mouth. Licked her lips, feeling like she clings more to it that falls some unknown wall in it, does not allow her to trust him, not only the body but also the senses. He held his right hand gently on the chiseled shoulder girls felt a little dimple almost at the neck.
She sat on the bed, responding to his passionate kiss, and greedily grabbed her arms around his neck. She had to control their actions, but realized with delight that the mind gives way to feelings - such it has never been with a man. She wanted to scream with delight, but only a sweet quiet moan escaped her scarlet lips.
Only ephemeral barrier blankets to cut their hot covered by the excitation of the body, but they are in no hurry to remove her, enjoying the first timid caresses only know each other by touch.
He looked up from her sweet lips, his breath:
- Patricia! - With admiration said Tom.
She leaned back on the pillow, exposing the naked body in his greedy look, and smiled.
Slowly, he touched his fingers to her cheek. Patricia closed her eyes.
Tom ran his hand about her cheek, down to the neck, where the fingers could feel the rapid beating of the heart, to give all the veins. He put his hand even further and his hand filled with soft and supple flesh of her left breast. He cupped malleable mound, bent over his submissive caress the body and gently touched his lips right nipple. Around his tongue, feeling with delight as the button of the nipple hardens and swells like a shiver covers all her body.
Patricia took him by the shoulders and pulled her to him. Tom did not notice that turned out to be lying near the wall on the narrow bed, covering hot kisses on her face, neck, shoulders. Her soft moans admired him now more than anyone, the most talented of the symphony. The smell of her hair circling his head. He ran his hand along the steep line of her thighs and marveled at this miracle of nature ...- female body. He felt that every cell of her, her hairs each strives to him, and he would bestow his generous kindness it all - from the little fingers of legs up slightly reddened, elegant form earlobes.
Patricia moaned with passion, wondering why she was so good, why is this such an exquisite pleasure strong, taciturn man, who only yesterday she did not know, and did not even know about its existence. Maybe because he did not pounced on her like a hungry predator, and won millimeter by millimeter as taking the tower for tower fortress resisting talented military leader who understands that the basic objective will not achieve bulk. He tamed her body, and every cell of her reciprocated him.
Tom suddenly thought with horror that in fact it could never meet, pass by ...
The same is flashed in my head and Patricia, but his new affection caused new and exciting feelings. Long live His Majesty the case - mentally exclaimed the girl, and disappeared into the swallow her pleasure.
- Patricia! - In a word, he put the whole range of feelings sweeping over him as Arcane obsession. - Patricia!
Instead of answering, she again moaned sweetly, caught his hand impatiently, giving an unusual feeling of her body, and led her to the blazing heat of her intimate places where caress it now needed most.
He is very cautious, even timid, he touched Venus tubercle spending back of his hand, for stiff hair lawn and took her hand then - between the widely spaced in anticipation of the long slender legs. His lips found her mouth again, she arched, felt his strong fingers gently pushing the hidden her lips. He found hiding in the folds of the skin sensitive small hillock and very gently around his finger. Even passionate kiss could not contain her loud moans coming from his chest depth. Of all the force she pressed him to her.
- Patricia! - Again escaped him. His fingers were enjoying hot humid it.
Choppy movement, she dropped to the floor is now unnecessary blanket. He kissed her gently on the lips, then to the left chest peach oval, then to the right, covered with kisses her belly and thigh. His irresistibly drew to his small creature, pulsating under the caress of his fingers. He finally got to him and looked at the damp folds of hidden entrance to the bosom of her, admiring the spectacle opened.
At this point, came running crazy wave shook the boat sharply and he buried his lips in the folds of her nature. Patricia put her hands to him on his head as much as possible. His hand never for a moment ceased to enjoy her young tight body.
She could not wait any longer. She longed for him, marveling at the edge of consciousness the fact that it is the first time she yearns for a man. She knew what was going to come, but never before this is not to bring her pleasure. She was afraid to be disappointed now, but it was so good that even restrict the volume of one caress, she still would not stay mad.
But he wanted to belong to her entirely. Or have it all - this was currently the same for him. Take, giving - only that he had seen the highest level of pleasure and meaning.
Heavy touch of his strong chapped breasts, covered with sparse coarse hair to soft, not knowing the matter garter bra, breast mounds admired her. The night met with the radiance of the day, the water merged with the flame, hot southern temperament united with northern affection.
He entered her and she felt the unknown first extraterrestrial bliss. He is now the hero of her life, she wanted to give herself to him whole. And her hips began to move involuntarily to the beat of his movements, a fantastic melody sounded in my head. She opened her eyes for a moment, but only saw his face, which reflected the happiness of intimacy with her. The contours of the cabin blurred and moved somewhere beyond the edge of the horizon moved apart - only now he is there for her. Her fingers ran through Tom's back, feeling the roughness of each of his body.
The heat of his passion took Patricia in phantasmagoric spun cycle, rate of movement brings it into a frenzy with her lips broke moan almost animal-poluryk. In addition, the pace she could not feel anything, searing wave covered her head - indeed the embodiment of the highest bliss, and it's worth it to look for him for so long ...
- Patricia! - He gasped, unable to contain his feelings. - Patricia !!!
Burning passion jet struck inside her and she felt a delicious moment of concentration all conceivable pleasures. Magical iridescent colors of the volleys overshadowed by her gaze the whole world. She cried from happiness and inadvertently dug her nails into his back, scratching and bleeding. But neither she nor he had not even noticed it. Color flash before her eyes began to dissipate, it hardly opened her eyes and stood out through the magical glow of a kind smile and his deep eyes fathomless.
- Patricia! - He repeated again and collapsed next to her on the narrow bed.
She felt her leg began to flow from the womb of hot sticky trickle, and it affected her like an icy shower immediately escape from the world of wonderful illusions obrydlo daily. Now it will become a soulless sack muscles relaxed and falls asleep, satisfied, as usual received her previous lovers. He held all the juice out of it, the more he does not need anything from her. He is as soulless as all men!
And was surprised to hear, he whispered in her ear all the same word that is uttered each time in different ways, each time putting in a word for as long as you will not tell a long speech:
- Patricia!
She felt on her stomach returns fortunately caress his strong arms, his lips again eagerly seeking her mouth, and shame suddenly gripped girl vanished instantly without leaving a shred of memories. She was struck by how different and amazing can be kissing, which she used to not attach any importance. She had thought that he had told her a brand new huge world, but another wave of his caresses, again plunged it into the bliss of pleasure, and she ceased to think at all about anything. She was just incredibly cool. As if not spartan cabins closely the situation on the narrow bed, they were, and the vast cloud fairyland designed for them alone.
Once again, his touch made her shiver, and again his voice, forcing the body to strain and feet involuntarily moved apart in anticipation of it. And he was not cheating on her expectations.
Patricia did not understand - if she is sleeping and dreaming, or all this is reality, surpassing her wildest dreams coveted.
It was only when he finally was exhausted and fell asleep on her shoulder, she began to gently float to the surface of reality, from the depths of sensuality.
Patricia looked around bleary-eyed cabin environment. Under the ceiling even light bulb - a silent witness to the delightful fusion of two bodies on the floor was littered with twisted wiring sheets.
All her body was burning with fire, his chest was not enough air.
She stood up. Tom opened his eyes and smiled at her. Patricia leaned over him and kissed him on the cheek .... He closed his eyes again.
She took a cigarette from the shelf and left naked on the deck, under a refreshing whiff of a weak sea breeze. And the defeat saw the sun once again comes from the black sea have given, staining all the enchanting magic of tone. Early seagull circling over the water nearby, breaking the silence of the morning unpleasant shrill cries.
Patricia sat down and lit a cigarette, trying to sort out their feelings. Fresh air and the pungent smoke of a cigarette to calm her down, and she realized that the purpose of her mad expedition reached so quickly. She thought about the world is much worse.
She threw the butt into wordless waters of the Gulf and entered the cabin. Tom slept peacefully, something very resembling baby, thick hair fell over his eyes, his mouth was open. Patricia covered him with a blanket and carefully ran her hand over his shoulder.
Then he took out his traveling bag and a small portable tape back out into the fresh air. Wind up the tape to the beginning, I lit another cigarette and pressed the play button. From the speaker came the voice of e:
- So, I decided. I do not know right or not, I decided. I want to know life itself. And to do that I did not have to go to Munich ...
Young black woman in a maid-snow-white translucent blouse, beneath which shone the old-fashioned bra, and a long black skirt, a completely knocked down, all over the house looking for Patricia. At the bottom of the stairs, carefully collected items were Patricia - roomy brown leather bag and a suitcase quite monstrous proportions.
- Patricia! - Maid ran up the stairs and nervously opened the door to the girl's room. - Patricia! Where are you! We are waiting for an hour! - Negro voice sounded notes of despair - it always takes everything to heart. - The plane flies! Patricia!
She came down and went into the bright dining room, where its owners were treated to a delicious breakfast an important guest. Sitting at the table looked at her questioningly. Maid guiltily threw up her hands and ran on further search of Patricia.
Patricia's father sighed and looked at his watch. He sat in a high-cut black suit and starched white shirt. Knot tie, stuck a diamond clasp, was slightly weakened. Coffee in front of him for a long time has cooled down - he could barely tried. He was the head of the family of an elderly, gray-haired, respectable man who despite his age has not lost business and was executive director of the Greek branch of a large multinational campaign.
- For half a second! - He said with exasperation. - I have two forty-five meeting! - He looked sternly at his wife as if she were guilty: - Where is the girl?
Mother Patricia looked much younger than her husband, and carefully looked after their appearance, so as not to scare away young fans. She closely followed the European fashion and always keep up with her that emphasized okay sitting on her white pants suit, a jacket could be seen elegant lilac badlon on the neck adorned flirtatious checkered scarf.
- I do not know - she replied irritably, nervously clenching his fist in a napkin, and looked towards the door. - I'm late to the hairdresser. Oh, the Patricia! Although today, it would not be late!
- And why you are sending it today? - I asked politely guest.
The hostess smiled apologetically at him - that, when forced to welcome guests to solve family problems. She was the guest species is not only in his professional competence, and therefore invited him to breakfast, although it could solve all the problems in his office. An experienced lawyer knew this, and acted accordingly. Although his suit and discreet different severity in his behavior at the table, he stressed that he is also an elegant gentleman. He was about forty, but a healthy lifestyle and daily gymnastics do the trick - he seemed a man at least where, as elegantly shaped glasses gave him a very intelligent look.
- Ran out of vacation - said the guest, Patricia's father. - It should go back to college in Munich.
- Patricia, Patricia! - Knocked down a maid-black woman, she once again ran into the dining room - I do not even know where to look!
- Look at the pool, Daniel, - advised the owner of the house and combed his thick, gray with yellowish hair. This story began to bore him and he thought with relief that my daughter vacations are not infinite, and that tomorrow measured way of his house, nothing will break.
From one door to the spacious dining room overlook the garden, where a meter away from the house, hemmed on three sides by spreading cypresses, housed a cozy small swimming pool, decorated with marble slabs. The maid rushed to the curb and she like a stone fell from the soul - in the pool happy life is lost, Patricia, not caring that the upcoming departure.
The girl completely nude swim in the blue-green transparent water basin.
- Patricia! - With reproach in her voice screamed a negress. - You miss your plane! Hurry! Your things I have prepared ...
Patricia is not really something drew her attention to the statement.
- Well, Patricia! Hurry back! - Experiencing the maid exclaimed.
She finally heeded her exhortations and swam up to the curb. I got out of the pool and took a big towel. She wiped slowly hair, wrapped a towel waist and quietly walked into the dining room.
- Good morning everyone - Patricia said, without paying the slightest attention to the guest.
Guest openly stared at her bare breasts on a magnificent rare dripping streams of water.
- Patricia! - Condemning the mother said, putting his napkin.
- What? Anything wrong? - Surprised girl with a towel and covered her chest, exposing the underbelly and slender legs.
Guest nearly choked on his coffee.
She went to the table and kissed her father on the cheek:
- Hello, Dad.
She walked around the table and kissed on the cheek mother:
- Hello mother.
The presence of the elegant guest she ignored - though more for the table was empty. But he could not take her from her lustful gaze and she knew it well.
My father stood up and began to pack off at the door:
- What a shame! - He exclaimed. - To be ashamed!
- What? - Patricia feigned surprise.
- Sorry - I asked his mother to gostyu.- I hope you forgive us?
- What are you - politely replied the guest. - It is all charm.
Patricia's father brought into the hall, firmly closed the door and reached into the inside pocket of his jacket.
- This is a ticket to Munich, first class, - he said, and gave her daughter an envelope. - That you something to maintain morale - and he handed her a substantial wad of money. - But in your place, - he added the father, with downcast eyes, - I would not tell my mother anything.
- Let ... it will be our little secret, - said Patricia and gratefully kissed her father. - Thank you dad.
- Well, work and spend time, as follows. - I admonished her father and looked at his watch. - I would love to accompany you to the airport, but I'm late. - He kissed his daughter in scheku.- Godspeed.
My father returned to the dining room to say goodbye to the guest.
Patricia came to the stairs, took a huge suitcase and a brown leather bag. Bending from excessive gravity pulled them up to his room.
There, wearing a T-shirt with thin horizontal stripes and pink panties, she shook all things carefully stacked servant, and began to put what she thought necessary in its spacious bag. The idea that you have to hang with a suitcase terrified her.
- Patricia! - I entered the room the mother and the girl got up.
Mother daughter tenderly hugged and kissed a few times.
- Yes, I'm just flying to Munich - surprised such a manifestation of maternal feelings, Patricia said.
- Yes, but you're alone you go! - Sighed the mother. - Are you sure that everything will be fine?
- Yes, everything will be all right - Patricia reassured the mother just to get rid.
- You need money, - the mother handed her a thick wad of bills. - Just do not tell Dad, okay?
- Agreed, - Patricia agreed cheerfully.
The mother kissed her again.
- Patricia, you know - I hope for you. Behave yourself. - She looked at her watch. - I'm late to the hairdresser - she said, and moved toward the door. - And be sure to write to his father, when you come! Till!
- So far - sent the girl a kiss and turned back to the disemboweled bag.
Finally she gathered, wearing jeans, sneakers and a red jacket road, lifted her shoulder bag and headed for the door. I stop, think, taken from the dressing table and put it in a bag with a portable tape cassettes.
Luxury car took her to the airport Elenikon. The driver stopped the car near the entrance of the hall registration, out of the cab, opened the door. Patricia got out, dragging a huge bag. The driver wanted to take the luggage, but the girl said to him:
- Thank you, go home. I'm more myself.
The driver shrugged his shoulders but did not contradict.
Patricia is now in the airport building.
In jeans and a favorite T-shirt striped in red road jacket with a zipper, with a huge sign in the entire breast "Coca-Cola" and turn-down a large white collar, she walked to the front desk, as usual noting that the passing men linger long on it, a close look, Burn her clothes, like X-rays.
At the reception there was a young couple. Blond girl in tears clutching her lover, exclaimed:
- I do not want do not want to leave without you!
- I come to you in Munich, my dear, as soon gather the money - he reassured her.
Patricia patted on the shoulder, black-haired young man. They both turned and looked at her questioningly.
- What is your name? - Smiling, said Patricia.
- And what do you want? - I said incredulously guy.
- Please answer - gently but firmly asked Patricia.
- Robus Romunus - hesitantly replied guy
- Robus Romunus? - Patricia repeated.
The guy nodded.
Patricia confidently walked to the desk and put it on the rack your ticket.
- Please re-register the ticket on Mr. Robusa Romunusa - asked it serves the airport.
- Well, - she replied calmly and took a ticket.
Patricia on a piece of paper written text of the telegram his parents and his address.
Young people blankly staring at the action unfamiliar girl.
- So you want to fly together in Munich? - Smiling, I asked them, Patricia.
- Yes, of course - young man replied, taken aback. - But I have no money, I can not afford it ...
- Well, - said Patricia. - Now you're in the money.
- I do not know - the guy said.
Patricia turned to the girl:
- Please, when arriving in Munich, send a telegram. This is for my parents, so they are not worried.
Young woman finally realized that Patricia is not playing them with happiness and rushed to kiss her boyfriend.
- Be sure - he said, feeling somewhat awkward, and taking out of the hands of Patricia paper with a note and a ticket.
- Thank you - blonde exclaimed.
They kissed again with joy, but then he looked at the stranger, to once again thank the benefactor.
But Patricia was already on the huge hall to the exit from the airport.
The problem with a trip to Munich has been successfully resolved.

Patricia, holding a large bag strap over his shoulder, walked out of the airport building and began to look around, trying to decide what she should do now. I took off shoulder wear, put it on the sidewalk. She opened a small round bag, took out a pack of cigarettes, lit it slowly. There's no hurry.
The well-dressed man in his forties, an imposing appearance, got out just stopped not far from Patricia car, walked around the car and opened the door, he shook hands ugly, aspiring woman in a baggy gray suit and green large old-fashioned glasses. They kissed goodbye, she said something, he kissed her hand tenderly. She went to the glass doors of the airport, a man blew her a kiss and went back to the car.
Patricia smiled at the sight of this touching scene.
The woman turned and also blew him a kiss. He lovingly waved to her and sat down in the car, making sure that she was out in the airport building.
Patricia calmly turned the other way.
A car with impressive man stopped beside her.
- Hello, - he said the man rolled down his window. - Can I do anything for you? - Pilot, he smiled.
- No, thank you, - said Patricia.
- Are you American? - He asked.
- No, Chinese - Patricia quipped.
He laughed.
- I understand that you are waiting for the bus? - He did not let up.
- Not at all, - said Patricia and stretched on tiptoe, ostensibly looking for no ... Does the approach of the bus.
- Now I'm back in Athens ... - he began.
Patricia pretended to be interested in and stepped to the car.
- But where exactly? - She asked.
- Where you say - was followed by an immediate answer. - I hope you've seen the suburbs of Athens and ...
- They all saw - she snapped. - Extremely boring.
- Then, maybe, we will go with me? We all have a drink!
Patricia smiled and threw a cigarette.
- It's fine - she said, and leaned over the bag.
Patricia never for a moment make no mistake about this worthy gentleman - he needed from it does not talk on abstract themes.
Straightening up, she noticed that the airport building ran a woman in a green suit, had just spent man.
But the report adulterer about this important fact she did not, she sat in the car and smiled warmly seducer. And once again he turned into a - a woman, too, noticed that Patricia sat in the car of her husband and opened her mouth in surprise. She looked extremely silly - Patricia said, and slammed the car door.
- Today I accidentally dropped my spare time - continued the party elegant seducer man and touched the car from a place. - It so happened that I had just spent his boss in Madrid ...
- As well, - Patricia smiled and turned around again.
The woman ran after the car.
But the man did not look back, he was happy successfully caught a goldfish, knowing that even should try to keep it fell to the still precarious hook.
The car turned onto the road leading to the main highway. In the rearview mirror Patricia seen as having lost the hope to stop the car spouse cheated wife, apparently missed the plane, frantically trying to catch a taxi. Patricia pretty leaned back in the soft seat and smiled at the man.
He drove the car skillfully and confidently - almost on speed limits. Prior to his mansion in the upscale district on the opposite side of the airport of Athens was quite far, and seducer feared that the longer the path, the greater the chance that the victim changes his mind and asks to drop it somewhere.
"But why "victim"?" - It amazed the course of his own thoughts. He certainly would get tact and skill, so she did not go away offended.
So successfully start the adventure in the first hour of the long-awaited freedom led him into a great state of mind. He once threw an enthusiastic look at sitting next to the girl and, with emotion, several false bellowed frivolous tune. Catching peripheral vision her look of surprise, he was confused and silent. I decided to atone for his blunders, he asked:
- Do you like music? At home I have a large collection of records - for all tastes.
- We're going to listen to music? - Making it amazed. And she added, without the slightest hesitation: - And here I thought we were going to make love.
He swallowed Nakata com, finally embarrassed and muttered:
- Yes ... of course ... I was just ...
"It is that, with the moon fell so? - He thought with some irritation, and again for a moment broke away from the road to re-evaluate her appearance. It is enticing gesture unzipped red jacket and half turned toward him, he leaned slightly, sticking his shirt thin strapped hills exciting breasts. He almost groaned in anticipation. - However, I church with her not to go, and her body, like Aphrodite!" - He decided he cleverly fit into the rotation, overtaking slow-moving truck.
Finally, a car drove up to his green and quiet location. The car plunged into it, passed several luxury villas and stopped near the high iron gates. The man went to open them.
Patricia looked around. On both sides of the street stretched high fences of solid, slightly greyish stone. Meters from the seven gates of the street makes a sharp turn, and that there was to come was a mystery. She looked at the old casting gates. Gently cobblestone alley behind the gate, too, is minimized in the distance and dense green wall on both sides to hide from prying views of the house. The girl got bored and lit a cigarette. It is unlikely that today it will add new experiences, but trying not know. In addition, it is interesting to look his reaction to a tricky question for that she had prepared him for dessert.
He sat in the cab, drove the gate, like to get out and close them again, but she gave him a smile that the man could not resist with force pressed on the gas pedal.
He obligingly opened the door and held out his hand, trying to hit the gallant manners. Patricia sighed and reached for the handle of the bag. He immediately picked up the bag and gestured his hand, smiling proudly:
- Here is my humble abode.
Patricia whistled allegedly showing his admiration. Actually, he has something to be proud of, but she did not care, as the house, and his pride.
Before a beautiful two-story mansion built in the last century, has a large area, it conducted four broad steps. In the middle of summer playgrounds flaunted a round table and two wicker chairs lungs. Patricia went to one of them, and sat down.
- It's hot, - she said. - Sit here.
He was taken aback.
- And you do not want to see my apartment? - he asked.
- No, - she looked at him through the eyes clean. - You bring something to drink?
- Yes, yes, of course - he stammered and put her bag beside the chair. - I quickly.
He hurried to the house, threw off his jacket and danced, prepared two cocktails. She he poured gin more - just in case.
- I'll be right - he shouted toward the door, laying in ice cocktails.
Put the glasses on a silver tray, I walked over to the mirror and looked at herself critically. Smoothed his hair and straightened his puffed out on the abdomen begins to grow, the shirt. He unbuttoned his collar, took off his fashionable scarf-tie. Pretty smiling, holding hands like zapravsky waiter tray with a tall glass, he went into the garden.
He stopped on the threshold surprised.
The chair stood with his back to the house, he saw only her dark brown hair on a white wicker headboard. But next to the chair, on a huge brown bag, lying all the clothes the girl - a hill crowned her rags-shirt. He immediately remembered that she was not wearing a bra, licked his dry lips became suddenly and moved to the table.
Patricia lay reclined in a chair, exposing his amazing rays of the sun, evenly tanned body, color browned bread. She was wearing a tight red trunks. Seeing him, she smiled. He handed her a glass.
- And what is it? - She asked, taking a cocktail.
- Red - fruit compote, and ... the rest - secret - intriguingly he said.
- Secret? - She smiled. - I hope nothing exciting?
- Cheers, - he raised his glass instead of answering.
They clinked glasses and sip cocktails.
He sat in a chair nearby, her eyes on her body. She smiled at him and leaned her head back in his chair, his eyes closed.
- My name is Thymus Papulus - he introduced himself by tying a small talk. - And you?
- Elizabeth - without opening her eyes, she said. - Elizabeth Baker from New York. - And she added playfully: - Friends call me just Eli.
- Eli - trying on hearing her name, he said. - You must have fashion model?
- Why did you decide that I'm working as a fashion model? - Amazed girl and turned to him.
- You have such a delightful body - he made a clumsy compliment. - And if you need a job photo models in Athens, then I have the contacts and ...
- How fortunate - she said indifferently.
- Well, why not? - He was offended.
She looked at him with her black eyes fathomless. I notice how swollen his pants on the fly.
- You hear my heart beating? - Patricia said with a gasp. - Just how crazy, try.
Hesitantly, he held out his hand to her breast and gingerly put his hand slightly above the left nipple brown oval. She took his hand overgrown with black hair and steadily dropped down to his bunch of fives completely gripped elastic and at the same time supple breast mound.
- Yes - he confirmed, without knowing what to say. This girl did not fit into any scheme familiar to him. He did not know how to behave with it.
- It is because of you, because beat - she said languidly.
- Oh ... uh ... - he mumbled, as if The highly experienced man, and beardless virgin. - So are you excited then?
- Caress me - looking into his eyes, she said.
Twice she did not have to repeat. He eagerly, even a little rough ran a hand over her chest, then slowly recovered and already bent to the stomach, stroked his fingers over the red panties in a triangle which was embroidered with a striped sail boat and a yellow starfish around. His body voluptuous beat involuntary shiver. He went down to the chiseled knee of the left leg, again rose to the desired boat. She feigned a passionate sigh, but he was able to discern when the falsity is not possible.
- Kiss me, thymus, - she said, subtly teasing him, because she knew what would happen in the very near future. She wanted to bring it to a state of extreme excitement.
He did not expect such a rapid succession of events and obediently reached for her outstretched lips pout.
- Are you married? - Suddenly she asked. As an experienced handler she decided to just pull the leash.
He stopped in its movement to her lips and considered.
- Yes, - he said finally. - You can say that he is married. But this ... - he thought, looking befitting words - so to say, a convention. - Making confession, he again reached for her lips.
- It's good - satisfaction on the girl. And I asked him the following question: - And none of you are jealous?
- I'm a real playboy - he said proudly. - And now I'm free as a bird. - He warily waited more questions, and his body was dragged to it.
- Do you want to kiss me in the stomach? - She asked.
He looked at her and leaned over her body, his lips caressing the tanned skin of the abdomen and gently pulling her red panties. She did not resist, on the contrary - just got up on a chair so that he could freely perform desired. And just spread her legs so he could better see her intimate nature. He felt that he could not hesitate a single moment, left her panties on his ankles, his hand reached for his trousers to release soon his manhood and plunge into the varnish, enticing flesh.
It is approaching the climax moment - beautiful, mysterious and delightful. The top of the pleasure-given nature of man and woman.
- She was late for the plane, by the way, - indifferently said Patricia and closed her eyes. She was unbearably boring.
- Who! - Did not understand a man, annoyed that he was in such a moment to divert some minor trifles.
- Your wife - she smiled, as if it was a football match yesterday.
- What?! - He raised, as if in his eyes a beautiful house, which he was so proud, falls into hell. What, in fact, it was close to the truth, if she's telling the truth.
- She was late for the plane - confidently repeated Patricia.
- I miss the plane? - Terrified he asked. - Have you seen her?
- She ran after us - Patricia tried to pronounce it dispassionately, but inwardly enjoyed the piquant situation.
He immediately lost his impressive self-confident look. Genuine fear of a possible explanation to the better half of his wife affected the sleek face