My wife's Sister
At the door, someone called, angrily, I got up and went to open the door in front of me was a cousin of my wife. That's just me that was not enough, the only day off, one at home, the wife of the session, and now this lustful youngster. Lustful, because I always sit down, so that my eyes get her panties. Though I am not made of iron, but still understood the responsibility and no action is taken, but if it is not 14.
- Hi, I need to do an abstract.
As always, I was never asked if I wanted it. It seems as though I have all over the world.
- Come on.
Having a theme essay, I began to search for it online, and she fell on the sofa and began to flip channels on the TV set.
- Do you have something to look at the disk? she asked.
Began. And in the hope that it will fall behind me, I said that there was only porn. But there it was, she begged me to put it, so she was not boring, yet I will look abstract. I put the disc in the drive and let the signal to the TV, let him look, but would not reach them.
While I, as they say, wandered through the World Wide Web in search gadsky text, the girl did not lose time in vain, and when I turned my head, I was stunned occurring pattern. She lifted her skirt, and they have it all pochemu-to were more like wide belts, rather than skirts, and lowered her white panties with fun risunochki in the pubic area, inexperienced fingered her pussy, with his eyes on the TV, on the screen which two schoolgirls licking each other.
- Yes, you're no better than them - I said, and tried to finish its work, turning in the direction of the monitor.
I could hear her breathing becomes more frequent and sometimes even slipped soft moans. No, I can not continue to work, I got up and walked over to her. She had all flowed and her children's juices just poured a jet on the bedspread, and the abundant greasing her chocolate hole. Yes, she's just juvenile bitch who wants to fuck so much beeping, it is necessary to teach a lesson. I took out a small night tables vibrator for anal games, my wife often uses it, and grease. Going to this bitch, I got in front of her and rushed her to lick a little pussy, which was covered with soft down, she grabbed my head and pressed with all his strength to it, sweet smelling virginity hole. I even felt dizzy, I lick my wife's sister, which is everything else and the kid, but I was already do not care what will happen next. Then I put her cancer and made further rubbing pussy, and he opened the tube of grease has become rubbed in her virgin ass contents of the tube. Her ass was elastic to such an extent that I could hardly enter to the index finger, but I do not stop going. After five minutes of its dense ring succumbed to my caresses and calmly miss my finger in his treasury. I began to push through a second, but he went in a much easier and faster than the first. She writhed so crumpled blanket beneath her. And then I decided to take action. Causing more grease on the vibrator, I began to introduce it in her ass when he was half sunk in it, I went into this slut and became rude caress her virgin clit. When I was thrust in her ass with all his vibrator, she even began to shout, not knowing the truth of things. My face was just filled her juices, and she was shaking like a leaf in predorgazmennogo state. And then came the moment of true caressing her ass, I got out of her pussy and smeared with grease your cock began to attach it at the entrance to the ass. She begged me not to go with her, she wants to stay a girl and all that, what refused, hinting at the fact that she is a lustful bitch turns his ass in my face, and I had all this to endure, and all on it expected, masturbate her clit in my presence. I began slowly at first to introduce a member of her ass, she wanted to get out but I pulled her to the sofa so she could not move. When I got to the end, I began to increase the pace of our fucked, and when I pёr it is already at a furious pace, I realized that she did not resist, but on the contrary, become me podmahivat to meet my cock, she moaned and screamed beneath me. From time to time she had finished rapidly, flooding covered his children's death. And then I came, and as I like to cum inside, I just erupted inside her ass otrahanoy. When I got off this ottrahanoy juvenile knots, he saw that her ass is gouging because if there visited a company of soldiers and trickle flowed from it my sperm. After enjoying his work, I got up and went to the bathroom. When he came, I saw the following. She was still in the same position, and smeared on his hole my sperm, occasionally licking their soiled fingers. I leaned toward her and slapping her bare ass, asked if she liked to fuck. To which she responded positively.
- You're still in my pussy have not tried, believe there to please you more.
- I know that there more pleasant.
- Let me guess, seen my wife told me that she is your sister.
- Yes.
- What's more, it told you how my sister?
- I know everything that you have going on, and I know how you do it, so decided to lose her virginity with you.
- It's funny, but I'm not going to fuck your pussy, let it make your husband, but your ass, I have great pleasure to have sex more, with the condition that the wife did not know about it.
- She does not know about this, do not worry. And let us once more fuck.
- No, thank you, once again the second time.
- Can I come tomorrow night?
- Come on.
I pulled on her panties and kissed her on the lips. After that, printing abstracts found led her to the door. She bent down to tie his shoelaces on sneakers, while I put on show their ass in white panties, and when I looked closer to her crotch saw that her panties a great spot with my sperm. I could not resist and grabbed her for this wonderful body.