Home video
This happened at a time when DVD-players was not there, but were in the course of video recorders. Since rental service still missing, the cassettes with movies taken from each other. So my wife and I decided in the evening to see one of the American fighters with the voice of an interpreter, the patient's maxillary sinusitis. And ask the neighbors on the landing several cassettes.
Laid three year old son to sleep, themselves sat on the bed. I pulled out of the box with the inscription of the film with Steven Seagal and the cassette inserted into the VCR. He climbed to his wife in bed, remote control snapped.
Initially the screen was nothing, then went glare, flicker. And then, look, no titles. But someone sets up home video camera.
This one with a naked hairy ass moves into the room to the sofa, where a woman is sitting in her nightgown, turned in profile: poluvozbuzhdenny member ajar head. "That's Segal - I think. - Some porn". A woman takes a right hand male member, bares head through and shoves it in his mouth. And then I ohrenel. Zaglyadevshis on the member, I do not really pay attention to the woman.
- Nastya, look, look - I say to my wife, who read out some women's novels.
She glanced at the screen and muttered:
- Again I brought porn. You have a little?
Nastya could not bear porn, especially when she saw men shot the girl in the face with sperm. My wife almost threw up. And it is not sick of my sperm.
- What porn, look, it's our neighbors!
The wife looked closer. Indeed, faith in neighbor nightgown like a real porn star swallowing someone's cock, which twitched with excitement as much as up.
- Verka, or what? - I could not believe my eyes, my Nastya.
- Uh-huh.
Five minutes Vera processed member: and kissed the head and moved his mouth from the head to the base, and wanker. Soon came the men groan. Vera pulled out a member of the mouth, a little rejected her head to the side, moving your fingers foreskin. Then the man fired his swollen purple head 2 times longer than the sperm jets that flew past the face of the Faith. Then a few more times twitched. Verka squeezed the last drop out of the penis white liquid and loving eyes looked at the man, whose face we have not yet seen.
Then Vera lay on her back. The man bent down, looked directly into the camera lens.
- Bah, it's Fedka, her husband! - I cried.
- He himself gave you the tape? - I surprised my wife.
- No, it's Vera. Fedka was not at home. She grabbed a few tables with magazines. For, he says there may be reversed box, will understand the house.
- They seem to have accidentally pushed home video. They recently purchased the camera.
- Yes, judging by the date in the corner of the screen, this record they did six months ago. It was then bought.
While we were chatting, Fedka Severin turned back so that we could see. I battened down the hem of her nightgown and took her head between her legs. In short, to lick her crotch. We could not see anything, only hear his heavy breathing, smacking and her moans.
I noticed, though, and my wife did not like porn, but this movie really enjoyed it. My dick seen from the table. I reached for his wife in the pants, to caress her. We are often engaged in mutual affection, when the TV is watched. Nastya supple spread her legs. My fingers felt her hairy crotch. Vlazhnenkaya was hollow. "too excited"- I thought. Nastya his hand crawled up to me and started stroking my dick. At this time, Verka zaoykala screen.
- Ends - commented Anastasia, squeezing my cock.
+ This tape was still 4 plot with different dates. One of them is - Verka just fingering Fedka until he had finished. That's all.
Another - Fedka fuck Verka standing cancer. This neighbor was shooting the scene from above and the side, showing a close-up, his shiny from the lubricant member with swollen veins dived into the vagina, surrounded by blond hair. He ends right on the ass of the Faith.
The third and fourth scenes were shot the day before yesterday. Fedya was lying on his back with a curved standing member, held in the hands of the camera. Naked Vera climbs up on him, puts one foot on the knee, the other rests on the foot. Denude the head on the penis and gradually is placed on it. Fedka closeup takes it all. I liked that Verka stood out the clitoris. Next 5-7 minutes of fucking. This Fedka takes the place of copulation, which flashed member, Verka face with eyes closed. She opens them.
Shyness put aside the camera and says: "Take you my camera. Distracted. I do not finish" - "come"- Objection Fedka. He caressed his wife's small breasts with long nipples, then reached for her crotch. It is seen caressing the clitoris. In the seventh minute Verka zaoykala (oykane touches me is, if something happened. My wife just moans and breathes deeply, when ends). Vera shook in orgasm. Then she falls on Fedka, otpyhivayas like kilometer run. Rises. Fedka member, already small, comes out of the vagina and semen dripping from the vagina.
Last story filmed in the same day, as I said, but an hour later. Verka was masturbating. She took Didlo black with chrome knob and put yourself in the vagina, helping with his left hand, pushing the sponge fingers.
- What is it? - Asked my Nastya. - Cases of shampoo?
- This dildo. He, by the way, a brilliant tip is rotated by electric motor inside.
- And where are they get it?
- By mail from a sex shop was discharged, I guess.
- How do you know all this? - Coquettishly he asked his wife again, squeezing my hand member
- The clever books read, - I said, in retaliation with his middle finger into her vagina slippery.
At that time, Vera began to pull at the clitoris with one hand, and the other was moving back and forth Didlo. Fedka the close-up showed her charms, something common. Soon, Vera began to finish and, of course, loudly oykat. A Fedka shot her pussy closeup. But without Didlo, Sponges finely-finely rapidly declined. This female orgasm.
After reviewing the tape, we made love with Nastya. Both at the same time (which was not always) finished just 15 seconds after the beginning of the trachea. A semen spilled out of me as if I were a month the woman was not.
It was a pity to give the tape. We often recalled these records. And how Vera and Fedka embarrassed when they realized their mistake, not the tape we slipped. But we pretended to have seen nothing.