Butterfly (Part II)
Coming out of the club, we sat in a luxury "Lexus" Our new acquaintance: I - in the front passenger seat, while his wife was in the back between two bearded buddies. Why I will not describe their appearance? Yes, simply because at that moment I did not care who is half drunk fuck my wife. Question: how? On this account I had my long-term plans, so I grabbed a bag from our car with a video camera and some of my very exotic "accessories".
As soon as we drive through the night Moscow and five minutes in the back seat was heard loud and lively bustle whispering. I turned and watched with interest what is happening. With his wife have already removed the cloak, pulled off her spattered with sperm bearded evening dress, and it was only in black stockings and patent leather shoes with high heels. Her slender legs were spread wide and resting on his lap men who eagerly kissed Irkin breasts and caressing her shaved crotch. My wife voluptuous moaning and her charming head was hanging limply from side to side at every sharp turn. I handed back his left hand, his fingertips reached out to the entrance of the vagina and Irinin with feigned astonishment turned to the owner of car: "This bitch has begun to flow again, and how!" Take a good look in the rearview mirror, the bearded man grinned lasciviously and said over his shoulder: "Hey, friend, you are there is easier, but then we did not get!"
In the back seat laughed in unison: "Do not be afraid, Vovk, this insatiable slut, not only to satisfy all of us, it is also in all your dogs enough!"
From these words, I have already thrown in the fire: "What? Cool idea! First, the bitch fuck themselves, and then to send mating with males".
The prospect of being re-enforced fuck with animals is clearly excited my wife, and she began to masturbate vigorously embarking on end members of its neighbors. But they did not intend to finish by caresses her skillful pen. One of the men turned back to Irene to himself and drove his tool in and relax waiting for the hot male flesh, the anus, and the second has made my little savvy wife licking and sucking it "boy". They finished almost simultaneously. wife's body convulsed and multiple orgasm almost immediately irrigate torrents hot male sperm.
After forty minutes before we opened the gates of exquisite mansion on the ruble. "Lexus" He drove into the yard, and we began to unload. Friends of the bearded man picked up my wife by the arm and was already going to drag her into the house, but I stopped them: "These bitches do not deserve such treatment!"
Irku grabbed by the neck, I forced her to kneel down and then pulled out of the bag a dog collar and put it on the wife. Leash I handed the owner of the mansion. He appreciated my fiction and jerked the leash on: "Crawl, suchara!"
Wife unquestioningly obeyed and crawled behind his master, and we slowly marched them occasionally adjusting Irina ringing slaps on her wag from side to side appetizing ass.
We entered the house, and the owner took us to a huge fireplace, lit by dozens of candles. Sex in front of the fireplace was covered with bearskin, which is a large dog litter, was told to go to my wife. From physical exercise on all fours, her stockings in tatters, and his knees were burning fresh abrasions.
The men went together to the bar to have a drink with the track, and I seized the moment and took a bottle of whiskey and a few napkins and went to Irina.
He poured her a full glass, I moistened wipes and gently treated wounds on his knees. Then he leaned over and quietly asked: "How are you, darling?" My wife smiled and whispered back: "Thank you! I like when I was humiliated and:" But I did not get her to listen, because behind me I heard footsteps. Without turning, I slapped Irku face: "Shut up, bitch! Animals do not talk! Clear?!"
Wife back of his hand wiped a trickle of blood, potekshuyu from my slap of the corners of the lips and nodded dutifully.
"That's better!"- I said a malicious voice came up and handed bearded end of the leash: "Where's your bathroom? This bitch a good idea to wash".
"And washed away, too!" - I guffawed host and dragged my pious from the audience. We are his friends followed them.
The luxurious bathroom bearded man wanted to use the sink, but I grabbed his leash and forced his wife to crawl to the bidet: "Sinks are not animals!"
Firmly grasping his wife's hair, I turned on the water and plunged it into a bidet. Ira almost drowned, but her face freshened. Then I sat her down and substitution, shamelessly running her fingers into the vagina and the anus.
Then I unbuttoned trousers and urinated Irke on the face and chest: "Golden shower good for your skin!"
Taking the new rules of the game, the remaining tightly surrounded kneeling, submissive victim, followed my example. Whiskey obviously hit my wife in the head, because it is a wide open mouth eagerly to catch the beginning to pour out her hot jet.
It has brought me great, and I immediately otsnoshal Irina ass. But my excitement was so great that I finished very quickly. My place immediately took one of the bearded fellow. First wife was making inarticulate groans voluptuous, but when we started to rape her all four of us, it has whined just bitchy. Soon from such brutal executions our victim lost consciousness and was lying on the tile floor with legs spread wide. Her body glistened from our sperm, cloudy white trickle flowed from the corners of the mouth, vagina and gouging is not closing the vent. To lead a slave in a sense, we have poured into her mouth full of whiskey and poured her a bucket of ice water.
Ira barely opened her eyes and meaningless eyes stared straight at me. She tried to say something, but I, holding her mouth with his hand, without much difficulty by most wrist shoved his hand into her vagina supple. It is a reflex decreased, and shook my pious such a powerful orgasm, she again lost consciousness.
Having discussed the future prospects of our impromptu orgy, we picked up the unconscious body of slaves and dragged her back to the fireplace room. A few minutes later his wife like a rag doll lying under the dining table and we terribly hungry after such an active group sex, appetite absorb a variety of cold appetizers with a glass of fine French wine. By the way, a very curious spectacle: four completely naked man at the table and get exhausted to death a woman on the floor!
satiated little, I kicked his wife in the leg-side: "Hey, bitch, eat want?"
Ira started and tried to get out from under the table, but I strictly warned: "Do not you dare put out, and the shlopochesh on his face Bitch!"
Taking a piece of pork dishes, I threw his wife: "In, Eat!"
Wife, maintaining complete silence, gratefully kissed my bare feet and eagerly pounced on the food. From time to time my "partners" threw her new pieces, flavoring their rough scabrous jokes.
The company considerably razomlela and I finally decided to express aloud the thought that stayed with me the whole evening: "Volodya! This insatiable bitch ... all the eats and eats, and your dogs, I suppose, very hungry".
Bearded picturesque slapped his forehead: "Damn, and I really forgot about my handsome!"
Gently swaying, he got up from the table and opened one of the heavy oak door. Here in the fireplace room burst into a whole pack of purebred dogs of different breeds and colors. They happily wagged their tails and barking welcomed their beloved master. And he wasted no time, scooped up from the table the rest of the meat snack and threw it under the table. Hungry dogs rush for food and loud zalyazgali jaws.
Here, for the first time all evening, I was seriously scared for his wife lying in exhaustion, as some of the most mouth-watering chunks fell to her chest, abdomen and right between widely spaced legs in close proximity to the entrance of her moist, reddened by numerous Soichi "cave".
But I should not have worried. My drunk, being relegated to the status of bestial wife quite frightened nakinuvshihsya her dogs. On the contrary, she gently stroked them, scratching behind the ears, ruffled by the scruff and fed up with it the most succulent pieces.
Suddenly, Irina made an unexpected, crazy thing! Taking a slice of roasted pork fat, she rubbed them with their graceful elastic chest again the strained clitoris, swollen from the blood flow labia and anus. Immediately two males began to sniff it and in a minute it began to lick her rough tongue. And my missus, feeling variegated canine members, to take them to masturbate vigorously and alternately licking and kissing.
This unprecedented spectacle led us to such ecstasy that we are not saying a word, his slave was dragged from under the table and driving off from her dogs again fucked in all holes.
When my partners on an orgy had finished, I put the cancer wife, grabbed the nearest dog collar, helped him to perch on Irkin back and brought his big hard dick in her wet from our sperm ready to accept anything anus.