The heat in the office. Part 1
Hello. My name is Lena and I want to tell their story. But first, in short, about yourself, I'm 28, a second size, brunette with a 180 cm tall. Now the story itself. In the summer I usually leave for Yalta to earn on the sale of sightseeing places, good friend helps me with this. But in the summer of 2013, I just could not get out of the cold Peter one good reason, because of which actually happened is my story.

Urgently needed money to repair the apartment after the flood, farewell vacation. So I entered the so-called five annuals in our company. Our company is a simple as. support services some brands of household appliances. And here is my first summer day, we were five, Sveta, Olga, Arina, Dasha and I, the other 12 people went on vacation for a month and a half. The first day began. I normally sat at his desk and began to realize that getting hot, I looked at the air conditioner was not working, he was horrified, asking Olga why she said so.

Olya, so he's not working the second day broke, it was in your day off.

I-and when the master comes.

Olya, not earlier than in a month.

I-why? At them there one master.

Olga, her four them there, except that three sick and the fourth is on the operation.

Olya, yes do not worry, take off your jacket and continue to work.

I can not. With tightness in his voice I replied.

Arina-why is that? I also removed the

I-can't all

Dasha, but this is interesting. She answered, and came up to me from behind.

Light, well, as, let kolis.

I-I have not wore a bra, hot.

Dasha, and with that, I also put it on. And with these words, he took off his jacket.

Through the thin blouse stood out Dasha's chest, I was shocked. But then I lost control and capture the moment Arina pulled off my jacket. Damn, my blouse as enlightened my nipples.

Olya Oh, it's here. I reached out to unbutton her blouse, but I stopped her.

Light-Come and lifted her skirt Oli, glows green lace panties.

My thoughts were just about to call the customer.

I-girls can not.

But me they've never heard of. Hands of Light penetrated me under her skirt and began to knead pubis, Olga is already took off my shirt and began to unbutton her skirt. Arina Dasha started to undress and caress her hole through her panties, skirt Dasha was gone. And then I was like an electric shock, Olya bit my nipple and began to suck. I started to catch a buzz. My hand went to the burrow Oli, but I shuddered again, Light put his long finger at me and started to move them there. Dasha was already naked and spread her legs on the table in front of Arina, I was drawn to her and pressed my face to her pussy, Dasha was only 26, the youngest of us.

Without thinking, I started to lick her hollow, at the same time with me filming her skirt and panties, I did not pay attention to it, I was fine. After 20 minutes I decided to smoke and stepped aside, lighting I looked at this lesbian orgy. Arina fucked Dasha pencil in plpu and at the same time to lick her pussy, the same thing only with a finger instead of a pencil Arina makes the light, and it indulges Olya who masturbated. I decided to join and picked up the pen started to fuck her in the ass Olga while licking her burrow.

It lasted about three hours, so no one has called. Pretty wet in Koncha each other, sweaty but happy we wiped ourselves with wet towels. The story is not finished.

Wait continue.