My girlfriend - gynecologist
Friday. On the way home from the supermarket, I was, as usual, hopped to his longtime girlfriend Sylvia. Sylvia bright brunette with curvaceous and rather narrow waist, a gynecologist, a woman 36 years old. White gown clung to her full breasts huge nipples that stuck out under the fabric. Sylvia rarely wore a bra, and once confessed to me that she is a pleasure when the nipples rub against the rough fabric of her gown. We chatted for half an hour already, but the visitors did not come. Finally, a knock at the door.
Sylvia wore a gauze mask.
"Yes Yes".
In the doorway appeared a young girl of seventeen or eighteen. The thin dress clung to her small but resilient and protruding breasts.
"Come on, do not hesitate to"- Sylvia said. "What are you reporting?"
"I'm alright", - Said the girl, and there also blurted out ...
"I blew the chaff, and I need some help, that I'm a girl. I have a very strict father. And I'm going to marry ... That's ... I'll pay you as long as necessary."
"Hmm ..."- Sylvia hesitated.
"Well, undress, I must examine you".
"Why is this?" - Surprised visitor.
Sylvia leisurely took off the mask. The girl's eyes widened.
"Do you recognize me, Emily"- Sylvia smiled, but the smile that hides something. That is why I could not understand.
"So that no one knew anything, Emily, I will first carefully examine"- Concluded Sylvia.
"Yes, Aunt"- Humbly said the girl and removed her dress.
Yeah. Polly was her thing! High, turned up, firm and big enough for its proportions.
"Take off your panties and sit back, leave shoes on itself"- Sylvia pointed to a gynecological chair.
The girl obeyed again, climbed up on a chair, legs spread.
"Take your hands off".
Emily took her hand, which was trying to hide her bosom. We stared between her legs. Neat pubis, lips slightly apart, the inside of the pink was barely noticeable.
Sylvia wore gloves, approached her.
"Let's take a look around her colleague"- A friend to contact me.
"Yes of course"- I muttered, playing up his girlfriend, wore rubber gloves and went to the chair.
Sylvia sent a bright light between the girl's legs and leisurely began to penetrate his fingers between her labia. Again she started for their games, I even almost smiled.
"Taak, relax, see ...", - She said to the patient. Sylvia moved apart wider lips girl, studying the entrails. Mobile rang. A friend took one hand out of his coat pocket, something began to speak. In this second hand it remained in the crotch girl thumb accidentally lay in the clitoris and gently massaged the patient of his. Emily tried to move, but in the gynecological chair to do this was not easy. Silvia has been with someone shoot the breeze, he returned to the patient, where the gap is slightly moistened.
"huh"- You are a very sensitive girl. Sylvia moved apart bzezymyannym and forefinger and vulva lips of our patients, and the middle finger penetrated deeper and deeper into her already squelching pussy. Then she began to thrust three fingers at once, stretching and racking excited flesh. She moaned louder and louder. For all the hand Sylvia sank inside, go outside, stretching the tense vagina and exposing all internal, delicate pink.
"Now show us your ass"- With Emily blushed a little.
Sylvia finger penetrated inside ringlet girl and a little cranked it.
I looked at Emily. She closed her eyes. Her face was burning.
"How do you broke hymen?"- Abruptly asked Sylvia.
"Why do you need?"
Sylvia looked at the phone while standing on a huge table. Remind me a number of the pope.
"... I ... I've been playing, cases of toothbrush"The girl whispered.
"You stuck her? ... Too deep?"
"Yes"- Emily words given with great difficulty.
"What do you put their ass?"
She covered her face with her hands.
"Let me go"
"I ask you to go there, cheesy Devchenka?"- Sylvia with her ass stuck his index finger.
"Oh"- Screamed the girl.
"Our patient seems to know a lot about self-satisfaction"- Appealed to me Sylvia. I have also noticed that, in contrast to the visitors of the lovely pussy, ass it was developed much better.
"Nothing, nothing ... we'll teach you the right to contact with his booty, girl"- Lady Silvia comforted.
"First we will wash it thoroughly and clean. And do not you dare to contradict us anything, otherwise we'll tell your dad what he needs to know!"- Sylvia said.
"Get down on the floor, become cancer and properly sticking her pretty ass, we want it he borrowed. And with this second - not a word!".
She almost cried. She climbed down from his chair, he began to cancer of the room, sticking out his ass straight to us. It should priznatsya this action I was pleased, and I am also a little humidified below. Meanwhile, Sylvia, mistimed bag with water to a patient is connected to the tube long enough and thick white tip. Then he smeared some ointment, began to introduce his pink anus of beauty.
"Oh's"- Emily sighed.
"to be silent"- Sylvia snapped and opened the tap at the front ...
Half an hour passed ... infusion procedure (now no water and a weak solution of potassium permanganate) was repeated three times. I was sitting on the gynecological chair, legs apart ... I must admit that I was so excited that she asked to do two bowel cleansing procedure with me. Excited Sylvia, stripped naked, has been actively working the thickest tip in the ass Emily, the opening, then closing the tap. The pope girl squished solution. Both of them have been turned to me, his ass, and I'm enjoying the picture, slowly massaging her clit. Visible were the two crotch, but my attention was drawn to that, a young priest, still it did not know all the sufferings that she cooked my girlfriend.
So, I was sitting, half lying on the gynecological chair, legs spread wide and knees propped up by metal holders. The abdomen was filled with water from side to side swaying rubber hose, which has been pushed into me, so that fills the womb until her depth. The end of it was hanging between my legs. It is no longer I cranked and did not try to push it even deeper. From time to time I squeezed ring anus, so that water is not spilled on the leather chair, with the wall of the vagina clenched reflexively, filling the previously obscure feelings of bliss and excitement ... the abdomen, my pussy, and especially priests. Hot seat of my body below me was wet and quietly squeaked. On his forehead stood out beads of sweat, I breathe through the mouth, swallowing the air deeply. So far nobody has me, I expected bowel urgency. The hose will need to pull out when I run to the bathroom to empty the next portion of the water, but to do that I really did not want to.
Sylvia took out my packet huge long cucumber forty centimeters in length, which had a thickening on both ends. Hastily rinsed it with warm water from the tap, she wiped it dry with a grease-lubricated some liquid ointment. "Well all began ...". - Flashed through my head and I closed my eyes.
A few minutes ...
Once again, I woke up and turned his gaze to the table. Sylvia spread her legs wider, began to fall on the cucumber, which protruded from the backside Emily. Since ass Emily was not yet developed, the cucumber is not swayed from side to side, and sticking almost vertically, thus tilted slightly to her feet. Visible was a pubic bulge Emily and swollen pink clit. Her hair grew only on the mons pubis, labia lips were as pristine and I could not help the idea to fill them with something else, for expenses languor through my body would not let me get up, and I continued to just watch. She closed her eyes and pressed her hips to the table, fearing that a huge vegetable penetrate even deeper into the bowels of the earth. Labia Sylvia began to move apart, and then, as more and more deep penetration, stretched, bowing all the bumps cucumber. Vegetable was so long that neither Sylvia vagina or rectum Emily, were not able to absorb all of it. Solid surface table Emily delivered some inconvenience and she tried to get a little more comfortable. At the same time it rose back above the table and cucumber, under pressure from the top, he plunged into the anus girls even a centimeter and a half. It saw Silvia, while she breathed deeply, almost wheezed from coasting it with a new wave of excitement. Despite the fact that her labia skintight vegetable juices from the vagina is, already running down his shiny grease povehnosti and gathered around the pink-brown ringlet anus Emily is not able to penetrate so far into her rectum. It was clear that Emily did not understand what was happening to her, and just lay there moaning. Place beneath it was too wet. At this point, Sylvia sat down on the cucumber very deep once sighed heavily and quickly began to raise his pelvis. This cucumber is not followed, but only pulled the ring sphincter Emily. Leaning on hand Sylvia abruptly sat down, then raised her hips and began to make frictional movement of Emily. It looks like female lead in a sense, and she raised her head, but either did not want, or could not prevent it straddled on top of Silvia. From this spectacle my breath away and I continued to watch. Cucumber is immersed in a stretched pussy Sylvia, then I come out of it. Gradually, he began to travel and rump Emily, who tried to lift her plump ass and lower it, trying to get in rhythm with his rider. Actions continue to have a minute or two and I felt cramps in the stomach, saying that it is time to release water from the intestines. I lifted her legs, removed them from the holders of the chair and began to fall to the floor. The hose began to slowly come out of the womb, and then from the vagina that made me reflexively tighten up. Not now, I thought, trying to delay the orgasm rolled on me. Hold the hose by hand and trying to crank it up a bit inside, simultaneously thrusting it deep, I somehow got to the table. Emily and Sylvia moaned already hard, sometimes even with a grunt and looked like two fuck animals.
We must hurry to the toilet, and I hand vydergnula of yourself hot hose, trying not to think about orgasm, then began to push the fingers of the other hand the outer labia Emily. She felt my fingers in her pussy, ass lifted and tried to spread her legs wider. Sexual lips it was wet and slippery. I start with a force dent in her hose that was stout for her slit.
"O-O-O-O"- She howled, more pleasure than pain.
Leaving the end of the hose on the table, I rushed to the toilet. Sitting on the toilet, it became loudly let out her waters, feeling incredibly relieved. Tension subsided in the stomach and I instinctively massaged her pussy, running two fingers deep into the vagina, but the orgasm does not occur. By releasing the remains is pure, I sat on the toilet, feeling a little tired. With the other hand, I stroked his belly. "God as well"- I thought. Some time later, I came out of the closet and went to the office. Sylvia continued to fuck girl, one hand holding her hair and saying ... "I want you to feel it in your stomach, lustful bitch!" I went to the table, took the dangling end of the hose and began to scroll it in pussy Emily, while trying to push it deeper.
"Look, it's like it very much"- I said to her friend.
"Do not touch her clitoris"- Silvia said. "We will fuck her until she has finished intrauterine".
I lifted the protruding end of the hose higher, not to massage the clitoris Emily, and became provorachivt it faster and faster, both input and output it.
"It seems she has a sensitive back wall of the vagina"- I said, seeing that driving into her ass cucumber, makes raise and lower the ass, lying girl.
"Yes! I have I said? Anal sex it shows!"- Almost cried girlfriend.
"Yet! Yet!"- Barely whispered the girl.
I listened to the sounds of cucumber smacked included alternately in the pussy of my girlfriend, then stretched a point Emily, not forgetting to work actively hose into her vagina. With the other hand, I gently massaging the clitoris itself.
Here Emily wheezed, twitching ass. Sylvia sharply raised her pelvis, freed from the cucumber, the vagina it loud vskhlyupnulo. Then she jumped down on the floor and continued to batter the poor girl behind this vegetable. Cucumber massaging the vagina Emily through the rectum wall, bringing her great bliss. Girl sticking out her high priest, lifting it above the table, while our tools are actively went in and out of her both holes. Her labia and anus alternately stretched our "devices". Pink skin around the ringlet was thin and vegetable movements pull on it, as well as the labia. It seemed that we can pull her rectum and vagina outside. Finally she cried out in ecstasy, arched her back, then her ass soared over the table, and she writhed in convulsions on the table. She had finished and ends. And we, as a stinker, frantically strung it on the cucumber, then on the bight.
"Hvaaaatit!"- She screamed, coming to himself and breathing heavily.
She fell on her side and her hands tried to snatch away our "instruments".
"All pulls"- Commanded Sylvia and I pulled the hose out of the pussy Emily and Sylvia start removing the cucumber out of her backside. She tried to relax the ass, but it trembled and shook. Anus taut when the cucumber was almost left because at the end of this vegetable was thickening. Finally, Sylvia pulled it. I was standing behind her and looked at Emily Point, which was relaxed and did not want to close. My friend and I looked at each other. Silvia Pupils were dilated with excitement, probably as well as I do. She held the upper hand ... buttock girl who was lying on her side quietly and did not resist.
"I want to explore her ass"- Sylvia whispered, and reached for some medical device, resembling a spoon. Then she put a piece of iron in the ass Emily and started to stretch her anus to the right and to the left. Point Emily glistening with grease and juices that came from Sylvia and supple stretch. Sylvia peered into a dark tunnel, which is now represented by the anus Emily.
"Let me go"- Murmured the girl.
"Get on your knees and back are rotten"- Commanded Sylvia listening to pleas Emily.
She did just that. Her eyes glistened with tears.
"Fill me the syringes with water"- I asked Sylvia.
I alternately took four shritsa for douching and filled with cold water from a bucket standing under the table.
Sylvia took "spoon" of priests and women began to enter the cold syringe in her anus, which reflexively cringed, but was not yet able to tightly embrace him. Then Sylvia released the first batch of water in Emily back.
"O-O-X"- Sighed the girl, then, whether the fact that cold water has washed its insides flushed, then, whether from a new wave of excitement Nakata.
"Lie down on your back"- Sylvia said, and she obeyed.
Sylvia walked around the table, went to Emily's head and spread her legs. Showing off her swollen red clit.
"Suck me, only much"- Raporyadilas girlfriend.
She began to suck the crotch Sylvia, then moved on to her clit. She sucked him, occasionally clasping his lips, biting and still smacked. Sylvia was silent, breathing hard and looking forward to the first orgasm. I ache in the lower abdomen, I'm Emily bent knees and parted them, revealing her slit. Her clitoris also seem to fit between the labia. I stuck one finger into her ass, then the second, and began to drive them in the anus, poking and exploring it. She clenched and unclenched his ring from which flowed a trickle of water introduced Sylvia. His thumb, I, as far as possible put her in her hot slit and massaged them to the vaginal wall. Finally my friend start to finish, squeezing feet face Emily and squashing hands of her breasts.
"All! Enough!"- She croaked and Emily froze.
"As horoshoooo"- Sylvia moaned.
"Now suck it!"- Commanded Sylvia.
I took his already sticky fingers from Emily holes, climbed on the table and spread her legs, arched back, sticking out his ass.
"Suck on my ass"- I said, and after a while felt wet and rough tongue girl on the ring anus, then inside it.
"Like this"- Sent her my girlfriend, Emily and her fingers began to enter into my ass, tickle and push my anus, stretching it, and the girls tongue penetrated deeper and deeper.
"Stretch my ass, tear it!"- I said, and the girl passionately penetrated deeper into me the language, it is already more than one finger.
"of God is"- I howled and began to stop, compressing the sphincter ring fingers around Emily. Sharp, bright, unusual orgasm pierced my body, starting from the anus and spreading across my wet crotch. Sylvia pulled palm Emily and I fell exhausted on the table. Nice waves to the pain all over my body disagreed.
A minute later, Sylvia spoke ...
"Get dressed. I'll write you a certificate, on the condition that you bring her home to me in this way, and will go to my office every Friday".
"For what? I'm healthy."- She asked, lowering the eyelashes.
"We will play with your ass and shove it in different tools, and you will obey".
She blushed ... "Yes, ma'am".
Sylvia finished filling the form, then sign below.
Bring me the case for a toothbrush, she asked me. I soon returned, Sylvia opened it and put to the FAQ, rolled into a tube.
The girl's eyes widened.
"Later, panties and lift up the dress ... so ... now push the legs. Annette, her buttocks push the wider".
I spread her butt still burning, and Sylvia began to push through a case in her pink anus, shoving his hand. Case, twenty to twenty-five centimeters in length, went deep into fifteen centimeters.
"Enough"- Asked the girl, blazing with shame, and perhaps on what was his head bowed low.
Sylvia began to raise her panties, gently tucked them, propping up their case. Then lower down the hem of her dress, while protruding from the end of the sheath priests Emily was virtually invisible.
"Walk"- Commanded Sylvia.
She took a few steps, trying to stand up straight, but it was felt that with every step, her case is a little bit out of the priests, then came back to his seat, zatalkivaemy her panties.
"I am waiting for you at the reception the following Friday. I will prepare for your priests and to your recording some interesting procedures".
"Yes, ma'am"- She whispered and clutching his feet, trying to wag his back, headed for the exit.

To be continued...