Zhenya. Part 4 and last
Zhenya. Part 4 (and last)
Lika was gone, leaving a farewell, the smell of his body on the sheets and her perfume, somewhere beyond the subconscious. I own smells of this wonderful blend of flavors. Standing in the shower, I washed off reluctantly, these enchanting scents. I slept the rest of this and the beginning of the next day. In the evening, I decided to go fishing on the lake.
Establish fishing rods, worms dug and went. I chose a comfortable spot under the reeds and began to meditate. Fishing for me is not necessarily the catch, it is something more. The silence, the nature, the absorption of simple and natural sounds and smells that are so lacking in the urban resident, which will not get tired, and have a rest!
Conveniently sitting in a deckchair in the early occasionally looked at the float, then gradually start to lift off the ground, the existence of problems, shackles holding you weaken. Thoughts on the wings carry you over the horizon, in the azure expanse. Around the summer lightning flashing rainbow, you are bathed in blue light and rainbows. Then disappear thought, the last of them colors the world in a sky blue color, and you soar above the earth in the updrafts of warm air.
-Hooking, you bite !: scream rang.
I fell from heaven as a dive bomber and a hoarse shrill howl. Instincts fisherman worked automatically, I'm hooked, the rod bent at the other end of the line big fish desperately fought for their freedom.
Several coil turns and a huge yellow-green line huddled on the shore. Just then I looked dumbfounded in the direction from which came the cry. Teen sex was not certain about me. Baseball cap covered his shaggy, long hair almost to his shoulders. Long T-shirt, shorts, Bermuda shorts, white socks and white sneakers - a white spot looked at me wide open, surprised blue eyes. He was not Domek that a few moments ago, I was not here. Looked at the fish still flopping on the shore near my feet, then a teenager, I did not understand what was happening, what I'm doing. Too rapid a return, part of you is here, and the other part is still there.
-Did you sleep with your eyes open?
This question youngster finally brought me back to reality.
-I've already half an hour sitting!
-Yes, no, I do not sleep, thinking something.
-And he held out !: pointedly.
There was a pause that would somehow fill it out, I took off the hook and put it in the silent fish tank. The boy, as all eyes looked at me. A handsome boy, tall and slender, only spreads its wings no longer the ugly duckling, but still not a swan.
-Where are you from ?: I asked.
-From Bryozoa, on the other side of the lake - and he pointed toward the village.
-You walk?
-Yes, do not then all drove off to town, and I was left to guard the house.
-Not scary one?
-No, the place blind, you're the first week the new man.
-I, Kim - and held out his hand.
-Eugene: embarrassed, shook my hand.
The hand was delicate, with long musical fingers, brush girls, but not boys.
-And you?
-Of Spinners, you are also the first new person, per week.
The conversation flagged, I began to collect fishing rods.
-Come to your ear, you're also party to catch a tench.
-When: happily answered Eugene.
-After an hour.
We said goodbye, and each went his own way.
Ear stood out to glory, tench fish fat. Welded to the ear fire, with the smoke, what could be better!
Jack appeared in exactly one hour. He brought a bottle of brandy and a bowl of pickled mushrooms.
-Come to the table prepared to ear.
I set the table in the yard. Near Ruddy shish kebab on coals in the barbecue corner reaches the ear. Critically looked at the brandy, I put it on the table.
-I'm eighteen, you can: to challenge Jack said.
-Young man, if you have a passport, it does not mean that you can drink alcohol: didactic tone, I retorted.
-What is missing to me still young solder: thought to myself.
Instill confidence and wife five drops, symbolically, for the ear and familiarity. Zhenya these drops is more than enough. Soon I knew about it almost all. The guy was not very sociable with peers, adults did not take seriously a young boy, I was probably the first who spoke to him on an equal footing. Time passed quickly, we did not have time to notice how the time past midnight, it was time to say goodbye.
-Let's continue our conversation tomorrow.
-Tell me again that no child: with resentment in his voice said Jack.
-No offense, it's not a hint of your young age, I just want to sleep.
He told me look, I could not refuse. The dying embers in the grill, the freshness of the night, made us go into the house.
I lit the lamp, set the table for tea and we sat down to talk. Shadow penumbra danced around the room, our conversation gradually moved on to intimate topics. Sex teens care of novelty and freshness longer than adults already acquainted to some extent its charms and disappointments. Our interest was mutual. I again experienced the excitement of youth, yearning heart, fear of the unknown. Eugene listened open-mouthed to my stories about first sexual experiences, sometimes blushed and nervously swallowing saliva, fidgeted in his chair, slightly arched, greedily drank cold tea. Not immediately noticed his interest in me as a man went on to say.
-Teach me to kiss: suddenly choked voice asked Jack, even in the dim light of the room could see his face blush.
Realizing my silence as consent, Jack sat down on my lap. Obeying the first impulse, I pulled him close and kissed him on the lips.
Gently pinching a faint fuzz on the upper lip, feeling the hot breath of a half-open mouth, I was excited more and more like I'm learning, and this is my first kiss. My tongue drove lips Eugene, penetrated into his mouth. His lips began to catch my tongue, timidly at first, then more confident until they became his suck. His wife obviously enjoyed it. Then I put him on my lips a sponge in hot embrace and began to suck their youthful sweetness and freshness. Finally, gently biting his lower lip. The lesson was over. But, Jack, did not think so, and eagerly wanted to continue. Clung to me tighter, clutching my neck, threw back his head back, his whole posture demanded:
-Still, I want it very much!
Again and again I repeat my lesson!
Eugene trembling all over, until the muscles under his clothes abruptly shortened, he went limp and fell silent. For a while we sat and I as a nurse holding the slumbering baby to her, Jack as a child, clung to the most gentle creature on earth. Breath of intermittent Eugene was even, but the blush on her cheeks, but the body heat of talking about his condition.
Jack stood up and uneven gait walked to the couch to lie down. I lay it back to me, to hide his embarrassment. Soon, in the silence of the house heard him sniffling The orderly. I covered him with a blanket, turned off the lamp and went to his room to sleep.
In the morning he was gone. On the table was a note that he will swim on the lake all day. Do not give, not take, and an invitation for a date! I have breakfast, put in the courtyard traces of the evening meal and went to bathe. Daytime heat worn out me, I soon plunge into the cool water.
Eugene I found on our site with Tim nocturnal pleasures. He lay on his back and sunbathed. His already tanned almost girlish figure stood on a light blanket. Jack did not turn on my steps, I did not shake hands with him, put things on the grass immediately ran into the water. Warm from the top and bottom of the cold water created a nice contrast. Dive and swim, went to the shore, to greet my young friend.
Jack and lay, without changing his position. Yesterday under clothing was not visible, it popochki on departure, beautiful, slender legs, small hips and a thin girl's waist. I was staring at him, his figure resembled my figure at a young age. In spite of the heat, his body exuded freshness. Slightly apart legs, rounded buttocks, squeezed from between the trunks, hands free ... lying along the body, the wind tousled hair back and sloping shoulders, approximately billowing from smooth breathing, facial profile with thin girlish features, spread around him and bliss languor, teasing aromas of youth.
Eugene sweetly asleep, not paying any attention to me.
-Here I am to you now !: I thought, bending over Eugene, so that the water would drip on him.
He just gracefully arched his body towards the drops of water, trying not to miss a single one. Without opening his eyes, he yawned, stretched, and said quietly:
-Hello, Sonya.
-Hello, early bird!
-Lie down next to sunbathe.
-Now suntan oil smear and lie down, I said, pulling out a bottle of scented liquid.
Sandman Zhenya vanished, he jumped to his feet:
-Let me help!
Away from me the bottle and started to rub the oil into the skin. Perhaps the excitement gave his impulsiveness and quick movements, he wanted to deal with at once all the parts of my body at the same time. Having put oil on my skin, Jack gave me a bottle:
-And I now smear.
I was more restrained in his emotions. Calmly, he struck, while gently massaging, odorous liquid on every centimeter of his young seductive body. But the pleasure of touch, aroused my desire, it was seen so clearly that Jack averted his eyes, veiled languishing. We lay side by side, exposing his body caressing sun. Silent, enjoying each other's company, accidentally touches the hands. It was getting hot.
-Soaking ?: Eugene suggested languidly.
I reluctantly got up and quickly, to hide the hill on my bathing suit and ran into the lake. Jack went over me, looking down at his feet in embarrassment, his trunks showed the same excitement of the flesh.
There is not something to be desired, on a hot summer afternoon than to quickly dive into the refreshing coolness of the water. The contrast of the transition from heat to cold, gives vivacity Exhausted body.
Splash and swim freely, cooled to ants on the body, we went again sunning. The contrast of cold and heat, and the same is excellent when your body throughout its surface begins to eagerly filled with vitality, supporting each cell warmth and comfort.
Residual water, first cold drops dripping from our bodies, delivering the pleasure of its run, releasing gentle rays of light skin under them, bringing relief. Later warm drops slid over us, causing a slight tickling across their way. All repeated again, we again swam and sunbathed again until the sun was slowly away over the horizon. Beautiful summer day quietly faded. It is time to leave the friendly beach.
In parting, we agreed to go for a walk in the evening forest. At the appointed time, Jack did not come. I had no idea how far gone home and his village, after waiting for half an hour. Different thoughts came to my mind, a little calmed down, went to bed.
Sleep, tossing and turning from side to side, until finally fell asleep. Dreams are different, depending on my memories at this moment.
Awoke from sleep, he decided not to puzzle over the actions of Eugene, and await developments.
The day started. I seized the farm business, the best way for me to escape from the obsessive thoughts. After a revision of provisions, I found their catastrophic decline, over and other necessary detail. Wash the car, I refilled gasoline in the tank and go. Riding with Tim, I noticed a couple of stores, which are worth to drop.
He rode slowly, enjoying the scents of the forest and the warm breeze, developing my hair. On the road, stopping about local people, he became the owner of a pair of wicker bast lukoshek who filled raspberries and strawberries.
Gradually my car trunk was filled, I said to myself:
-Stop! Shopping is bad!
Driving past a cafe, where we were with Tim, I wanted to wrap up, but changed his mind, not in the mood, not the memories. But, down the road, I found a cafe where grilled fresh fish on the coals. There it is. You come to the pond, teeming with fish, can, symbolically, cast a line and catch a fish. And you can ask the minister, and it is a net zacherpnet and pull the fish, which will show. Fish that bake coal and served to the table on a large earthen platter and surround it with greenery. Very tasty! Gradually time passed, it was evening, it was time to return.
Supper did not. Lay down on the sofa, opened the book found today.
The novel of the famous writer was more designed for women, but, carried away by them, did not notice that crept up the night. Slept well, even had not heard was rain during the night.
Bad weather raged all day. Wind drawl boomed in the chimney, the rain fell in torrents, the lightning flashed, illuminating the district with its light, thunder like the guns thundered no tar. The house was damp. When the element has weakened, gathering strength for a new orgy, out of the house covered car tent and bring more wood. The furnace for a long time did not want to flare up, finally, the fire danced merrily in her womb. It was warm and dry. I was blissfully happy in the loft, read down not willingly, but when there was no where to go.
I READ, once he heard insistent knocking at the door.
-Who is in this weather:? I grumbled, climbing down from the warm stove.
It was Jack. Water streams flowed from him, clothes soaked to the skin. He himself was shaking with fear and cold.
-Undress, on the stove under a blanket, quickly !: I commanded.
She helped him to undress, gave a towel, one end of which is wiped with Zhenya water. He silently and uncomplainingly, climbed up on the shelf, there was quiet. Pouring tea with brandy, I smiled for a long time realized that his absence, a pause that Jack was trying to survive. I could not resist, come, in spite of the weather and the prospect of leave without solo swallowed. Therefore quieted currently under a blanket, still not sure what forgiven. Dissuade him otherwise I did not, even as long as possible feeling of guilt. Dynamo goodbye it is indecent. Giving him his tea, I tried to look as much as possible more severe. Jack did not look me in the eyes, silently sipping tea from a mug.
I, unlike him, knew the length of the pause. Bringing his robe, he said soothingly:
-You sit still for a long time there will be? Get off, and that to me on the stove is hot. Or do you want to spend an evening in splendid isolation?
Eugene bullet flew off the oven. Exchanged a few words, we are silent. Jack looked at me with undisguised desire. One of my motion, and he clung to me. As gentle as possible, I whispered in his ear:
-Are you sure you want this?
-Yes: Jack whispered back.
-I saw you with that guy out there on the lake at night, do with me, too.
Raising his hands to Eugene, I carried on the bed.
His tender body trembled in my arms. Convulsions love languor permeates all of his wife's body.
His mouth was whispering gentle words, enveloping me wish fervently. Putting Zhenyu tummy, biting and kissing his trembling body, slowly I began to descend to the object of my desire. His ass met my affection appearance of ants on the beautiful roundness. I parted his buttocks, trying to quickly master the hidden treasure for them. His wife's mouth and declined to unclench. Lips mouth abundantly filled with blood flow to them. My finger began to gently massage the entrance to the cave of passion. Jack groaned, narrowing the already narrow passage. A little patience, and my finger got inside his ass. The muscles were reduced, my finger was in captivity. It took another half an hour before I was able to enter the second finger. Expansion continued passage. Eugene kept wriggling, making movements to meet the weasel. The moment came when his ass was ready to let a my dick.
Liberally grease the bay his ass and his cock became its head massage mouth. Resting head in the mouth, with the thumb pressing on the top of the penis, slowly introduced him in the ass Zhenya. He jerked away from me, but my hands are firmly kept his ass, not letting him push my phallus from itself. Jack groaned, shaking his head, his hair ... and beat him on the cheeks and neck. My pepper every centimeter is sinking deeper into trembling weed Jenny for a moment, without stopping his forward motion. Referring to the walls of his ass, my phallus found erogenous zone, after which Jack stopped resisting. Contact with this place caused him a pleasant sensation, and now Eugene himself willingly helped my cock to penetrate you. Jack relaxed his ass flap opened for anal caresses. I almost did not move pepper, Eugene himself with a passionate desire to sit down on it.
Sometimes I even had to restrain his jerky movements popochki, so great was his desire, so passionately, he wanted to increase the depth and possessors of feelings. I felt no less, and perhaps more pleasure from the contemplation of a young popochki eagerly scurrying in my peppers from the tight mouth flaps and walls of his fresh, young bullseye. The skin on your ass was elastic and velvety, where it is not tanned, glowing pale pink color of youth and chastity. All the beautiful body Genis as succulent fresh peach excited the desire to eat it greedily sank his teeth into his soft elastic webs. Unusually large for a boy Zhenya nipples were the size of large beans, becoming stone once touched my nipples playful and agile fingers. Blood flowed so abundantly desires to them that sometimes they seemed foreign bodies on his chest.
Touching, even the lightest, to the teats enough to cause a storm of emotions in a wife. Phallus in its charming popochki, velvet caress his buttocks, light touch the nipples, and finally bite his neck led Eugene to the indescribable ecstasy. Any description will pale because they do not find such words for feelings came to him. I grabbed the edge of this wave, because of the link between us, but what I felt like the birth and death. You will disappear from this reality, all you are not here! Labyrinth of heat and light takes your mind in their tender embrace, consciousness wanders through him in waves of delight and bliss, you think it will last forever. The flash of dazzling white light and you are flying into the abyss of being around you.
Through the mist before his eyes you see curved in ecstatic agony beautiful body of her lover, dangling on your phallus, his hands holding a beautiful peach juicy and rosy.
When it was over, Jack was unconscious. I left the last of his strength. Carefully removing his penis from Zhenya's ass, I put the limp body on the bed. Sam just collapsed beside unable to move. My lover for a moment, opened his eyes, the last thing I saw before falling asleep is Zhenya's eyes clouded with ecstasy.
I woke up from the cold and dampness in the room. Raising Zhenyu arms, carried him to the oven. He woke up and helped me pick it up on the shelf. Again, we fell asleep in each other's arms.
During the night, Genia not just ride on my phallus, he obviously got a taste of his new sex life. I really suspect that the girls never get a single drop of his semen, his ass, and the whole body all belong to male affection, and the mouth will always be pleased to strong member!
The residue was my "retreat" was held with a young lover. I taught him everything he knew in science caresses and pleasures. He learned science by leaps and bounds and soon became a tireless seeker of acute amorous feelings. Genia could sit for hours on my peppers and seek sensual pose with the new color. By the day of our temporary parting, he was no longer the inexperienced teenager the first time I have seen. Genia became the youngest budding lover who knows his own worth.