Do not shoot. Part 2. (9 of 21). Alex, Kate, Nat, Andrew
I saw that Andrew now send me a bath, quickly got into it again. For some reason I was embarrassed that he sees me spying on them. I pretended not climbs out of it, and quickly began to lather shampoo when Andrew came with a glass of wine.
- I came to you with greetings and tell that the sun has risen, - jokingly verses the eastern manners gave Andrew, handing me a glass.
I probably excitement, really wanted to have a drink and I willingly accepted the glass.
- Thank you Andrew.
Clinked their glasses, we drank. Andrew immediately, and I stretched the pleasure of sipping wine each.
- You do that a holiday?
I realized that Andrew has in mind the number of colors.
- No, Alex wanted to do me nicely.
- Wow! is he "Magic", he is the best! - Squatting on the edge of the tub, he became hands massaging my neck.
- Andrew take away the glass - he, by reaching, set it on the sink and returned to me.
- I'll want to do the same nice. Relaxing massage in the bathroom.
He began gently with your fingertips, press down on the shoulders and neck. It was very nice. I closed my eyes going back to lean on the bath. But Andrew was ahead of me, very quickly, he was behind me in the bathroom, leaning toward me. It became even more pleasant, with his back to feel his body. Feeling more tense and I knew that I definitely need to get a discharge.
- Andrew, do not twitch, flood arrange now!
Reaching, I opened the tube, releasing a little water. Andrew began massaging my back from time to time his hands crossed on my chest, the abdomen, below ....
- So we will wait for Ira and Sergei, and then to the beach?
I decided to find out their intentions. Already I felt abutting me erogirovanny member Andrew.
- Well, wait .... As long as you and Katya pomassiruem .... Lech already Katya ... probably already too ... something ... massage - negotiating, Andrew has already reached out to my pussy.
One hand covered my breasts and fingers plucked the nipple, the fingers of the other hand, all hosted confident in my crotch.
- Andrei, it tickles!
I brought his feet, but his hand was clamped between them.
- And now we just do not fuck with Lekha! - He suddenly blurted out.
I made a surprised voice:
- Did not understand ... Well, tell me!
He quickly lifted me a bit, missed foot and pulled to her. I was sitting on it in a half upright position. He leaned his back on the tub, and I about it. Andrew told how they Lesha caressed each other. I was excited by all the stronger.
- You ever seen it?
- Only in porn.
- A live? .... Lesha wanted to see?
- Probably yes!
His cock touched my lips. He podsunuv hand, I tried to insert his penis.
- Andrew, this is not a massage. The water is dirty, soap.
I closed my hand hole.
- Well then let's go to bed, I'll make it real massage. Would you?
I wanted to, it was good, knowing what the outcome of his massage (but in my thoughts I still see them sucking each other).
- Come on, what to do with you!
We got out hastily vyterevshis and followed into the room. I had a surprise. On our bed were Alex and Katya. Alex lay on his side against the wall, next to Kate on the back. Both were naked sipping wine.
- You see Andrew as colors? That's my husband!
- Yes Lech, super! I propose to drink all of it.
Flowers all gathered on the table. Sipping wine, all lit up.
- Generally boys could secondhand smoke in the kitchen, - Andrey included exhaustion at the maximum split.
Alexey Katya remained in place, and we Andrei lay down on the bed. They were finishing almost silently. It seems to be already prepared, waiting for the start of operations. Wine and cigarette turned the head a little bit. I looked at Lesha, trying to read in his eyes, his thoughts. He sent me a kiss while his hand covered Katina chest.
- Natulchik come to me - Kate handed me his hands.
I have already decided, lay pressed against Kate. I want everything and more! ... Our mouths merged with a kiss, Katin became tickle my tongue quickly. Hands involuntarily went for a walk through the body, the boys helped us, hugging us every back, caressing our body. The whirlwind of lust and excitement we have covered. I do not know that now it was pleasant to me: caressing and kissing Katya, excitement behind me Andrew, or the kind of Leschi, caressing the back Katya. Probably all together. Excitation quickly engulfed us. I realized that Alex had already entered it and moan In typical motion Katya. I checked the hand Leshin penis was in her vagina. Kate immediately lifting the bent leg, helping me and Lesha. While Andrew was not in me, I watched Lesha and Katya. At first, I began to distract Kate. She fingers skillfully wound up in my crotch. Caressing the clitoris and lips. We greedily began to kiss her. I've wanted the fullness of my flesh Andrew. He liked to be seen teasing me. I noticed that her ass can not help looking for his cock. But when he told me insert? He is a member of the holding hand, drove it down my crotch. Then I felt his hand found Katie. Her hand took his hand from Andrew. I rubbed a little put it to my pussy. And I literally planted on him. The truth here is probably, and Andrew could not resist and immediately the whole entered into me. Boys we have become, we Lesha periodically exchanged glances. The first time I saw my husband watching when I fuck another man. Passion and lust beat the excitement and shyness. I could feel was the wind up Andrew, his movements are becoming more insistent in me. The motions of his ass, I tried to help him. He abruptly went out of me.
- Kate lick.
I realized it and changing the posture, was the person in Katya's crotch. She pulled herself out of Leshin member, and I began to greedily suck it. Despite the inconvenience, I liked it. Especially its moisture Katina secretions. Andrew entered me from behind and began to vigorously fuck. I put Leshin member again in Kate. He came to her, I hand rubbing her clit. First orgasm covered Katya. It is his hand crushing my self became finish. Andrey strongly squeezed my hips intensified movement. And I also came, though not very rapidly, probably because I saw no drives me Lesch eyes. It was awesome good, feeling vaginal contraction with Andryushenkinym member. Apparently Andrew is not in a hurry to finish. He came out of me, letting me catch my breath. The boys decided to change places. Kissed and caressed me, Alex went into my side, although I'm still not entirely departed from the orgasm. Katya podrachit Andrei member, sat astride it.
- Natulya you feel good?
- Yes! Very Katyusha.
Kind of ... Kate lifts on a member Andrew I was very excited. Heavy breathing mixed with our groans filled the room. Leshin member walked me to the champ, pussy flowed heavily.
- Sit at Andrew, - whispered to me, Alex.
My head is not thinking (it is Kate!) But I still realized that he meant his face. He came out of me and helped me umostitsya over Andrew.
- What a delicious hole, Alex put her.
I bent forward, Kate immediately gave me Andryushkin member of the mouth, wet from her selections.
- Delicious? Like?
- Yes very.
Andrew, lick my tongue began to masturbate Leshin member. Then he moved his to me in the vagina. I pulled the ass, letting him know Lesha, it's time to insert it to me. And it is with the power inside me, just fast paced typing. I really liked the process, I did not want to share, Andreenym member Katya. Apparently she knew me, followed by my actions. Sitting at the feet of Andrei, she spreads her apart and began to masturbate himself enthusiastically fingers, watching us. I felt that Alex is already on the brink. I wanted to finish with him. The way his hard cock into me, pushing steadily sponge as supple wraps it my vagina as head hits the cervix and lifts it moves back, almost to the exit, again plunged into me. I relaxed my body swaying to the beat of his shock, his feet firmly embrace Andrew's waist. By listening to your feelings, I occasionally podmahivat Lesha hips, adjusting the pace and depth of penetration.
- Natulchik I also want boys. Wait, did not finish, I am now!
Kate ran to the bathroom. I knew she was going to wash out the ass myself. Alex came out of me:
- Fuuuh, smoke break! - I stood with Andrew.
Lighting a cigarette, we drank wine, a glass of Katin, I suffered it in the bath. Katia has vyterat.
- Thank you! I want to get fucked in both holes. I was already a coward! Do you want?
- Probably yes! Want it now!
- I take from Irki cream cool, let's stay away quickly - Katja left.
I was very excited. Dialing a hose more water, barely had time to be arranged on the toilet, dokurivaya cigarette. Soon we could have come il with Sergei. Now I do not want to. Somehow, I felt embarrassed. Yes, Kate went to them to take some sort of cream. When I went back to bed, I do not expect to see that though she wanted. Alex was lying with his eyes closed, legs scattered, sitting between them, Andrew was sucking his dick and Kate sucked Andrew. I'm not taking his eyes lay down. Kate pulled away from Andrew member:
- Take, if you want in your mouth? - I'm moving closer Andrew took the penis and began to suck watching men.
Katya's fingers deftly slipped into my pussy. I spread her legs:
- Oh all enough, and now the finish - could not resist Andrew, moving away from me and Leschi.
Katya quickly sat down on a member of Alexis. A little jump on it, she leaned over and started kissing Lesha. Andrei and I looked at her ass lag. Andrew opened cream, scored himself on his finger and brought it into the anus of his wife.
- Aaaaaa .... well like! - Katya moaned.
- Natulya prepare me, - lend me your dick Andrew.
I bent down a little sucking him poddrachila hand. Fingers of the other hand scored cream and began to put on Andryushka member. Andrew, too, groaned, handing me her lips. We merged with him a kiss. Now I would be in place of Katie.
- Come on Andrew, come into it!
I watched with great curiosity as Andrew arranged behind Katie, in a comfortable position, continuing to rub the cream in his penis and Katya in the ass.
- See how I'm her perdolit .... see? Do you like to watch? .... Now we Leshik its nice fuck alone! Want to see?
- Yes, I want to - Andrew began to introduce Katie member in the ass.
- Oh Natasha as well .... they fuck me ... ... quietly aaay Andrew ... wait ... stand still.
Yes, the view was that it is necessary. I have the sight, probably flowed saliva. I wanted and kiss with Kate, but then I'd never seen her occupancy holes, members Leschi and Andrew. I had an idea. I dialed the cream on his finger and put it in the ass Andrew. It's pretty grunted, turning his head and looked at me.
- Like Andrew?
- Yes very good! - I introduced him to the second toe.
- And so?
- Better! Wow you have me ....... aah ... yes ... we are now Katya fuck off and I also ..... fuck your ass .. just another finger .... you want? - He whispered in my ear Andrew.
- Yes I want to! - We have merged in a kiss.
The boys were already full in Katya. She puffed, nozzles, moaning. The room is the vital spirit of depravity of lust.
- Do you want to experience a different finger, too? - Suddenly I had an idea.
- You mean to Leshin dick?
- Yes! Do you want to feel it in yourself?
Andrew looked me in the eye, continuing to fuck Kate, and I am his ass.
- What you are now depraved.
- I'm very excited! Well, how? You did not answer me.
- I am ready to bring you this fun, hint Lesha - and we with him merged in a kiss.
But it was the end Katya. She cried and gasped, groaned loudly as she could. We all watched her intently. Finally she fell exhausted on Lesha, panting. Kiss enough with him, she finally said:
- All .... how sweet I finished .... Natulchik you like! Andrew is currently empty.
She got off Lesha, I briefly saw her anus uncovered.
- How do you want to fuck? - She casually looked me in the eye.
I quickly came up with:
- Andrew lie.
He lay on his back giving the initiative to me. I inflicted cream on his penis, having understood me, Alex began to process them my ass. Katya was happy as a child.
- You want to sit on Andryushka ass? A Lesch you in the mouth or pussy?
- I want the same in both holes!
I sat on Andrew, back to his face. Bailiffs member to his ass and began to gently push him. Since I myself regulate his entry, a member is easy to go with me. As occurrence, it pierced severe pain, but once the head has passed the sphincter, it became much easier. When I felt her ass Andreev groin, I realized that his cock entered me completely. To my surprise, it was very pleasant and not painful (and how it has developed at me!) Alex Katya stared the whole process, poddrachivaya and fondling herself. I tried umostit their feet, so that I was comfortable and Leschi enter into me. For Andrew now I do not think (and so his dick in my ass completely) crushing ... it is, I have limited its translational movement. Leshik became the bridge between my legs. Kate helped him by lifting my leg. It was evident that he was uncomfortable. But he still managed to get into my vagina, to understand our legs tangled. Andrei member, perhaps a little to let it penetrate. Alex brought his face to me, and we began to kiss hungrily. Feelings were excellent, especially when Alex did not move, and Andrew himself could not pinned me.
- Bunny, you okay?
- Highly! Only until you move, I want to own.
And I slowly began to move their limbs. We were approached Kate, and we in turn kissed. Kate caressed my hand, the nipples, the stomach, trying to bring between our fingers with Lesha crotch. Reaching it intensely caressed my clitoris.
- Natasha Wow, what are you now insanely sexy.
- Yes ... yes ... yes ... yet!
I have loved my zapolnennast, I looked in Lesha's eyes, the way his cock ramming me. But most, perhaps, now I'm excited feeling back, booty feel Andrew. He was crushed by us, did not make any movement. He hands supported my butt and thighs, and his dick was completely in my anus. I was very burned, especially the pope. So I felt a pleasant warmth, then suddenly found a bit of an unpleasant burning sensation, and then abruptly as the steam burns, but fortunately the other second, and again became kayfovo. I began to moan loudly, especially when she felt Katin finger penetrated my pussy with Leshina by a dick, then, perhaps, she added more fingers. I already took down the roof, very much like to come. I felt that Alex will soon be ending.
- Maybe you want to relax or something different?
- I do not know ..... I want to finish here ... .. yes ... yes .... right now ... right now ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - Natulya covered strongest orgasm, kissing her, she bit me hurt.
Her cunt throbbing strongly, squeezing my cock and so cramped inside somewhere Andreenym and top Katina fingers. Yes we have a sandwich that is necessary! When orgasm is a little let go, she opened her eyes and mouth, caught her breath, watching my cock continued to torment her pussy, her eyes radiated some devilish fire. She was perspiring heavily, but as we all sweat dripped rippling us on our bodies.
- Bunny you feel good? You're so cool finished! True Kate?
- Yes, Leshenka Natulka charm. She still wants to. It's fuck else's fuck ... .. but as there is my cat? You live Andryushenka?
- Yes, the kitten, so good smack Natashkiny ass! - They began to kiss.
I continued frictions, also began kissing Natasha.
- Bunny is my wife you have now a real whore! - These words in Lesha shakin predorgazmennogo state.
- I do not know ... well .... ahhh ... but I love you .... .... .... yes ... much more.
- True? I do the same! Cum in me, please, I want .... really I want you in me finished now .... Andryusha you too ... ... the boys finish up .... oh ... yes ... I want to .. . fuck me much ...
She shivered again, she began to finish. Waves of orgasms swallowed it. She wanted something to say, utter, but it turned out some stuttering. Knowing Alex guessed it, she asks her to let go, to leave alone. Unable to stand, I began to cum, screaming loudly, Andrew. Natasha hand pushed me got off Andriukha and collapsed on the bed. From her ass oozing sperm Andrew. I dodrachiv his hand began to cum, cum splashing on Natasha involuntarily fell on Andrew. When finished, I opened my eyes. Katya collected from the beginning with Andrew in my cum finger licking his own. And then I began to collect with Natasha who was until fully sedated, and give lick Andrew. It was clear that Kate wound us and wants to continue.
- Andryushenka, I still want to! - It is, Kate could not stand it (silence Andrew) - Leshik, boys Well, fuck me.
Andrew's voice in the pillow:
- Ask how to!
- Andryushenka, or my favorite Leshenka, my dear pozhalusta fuck me! - Every now probably smiled from Katya's words.
We all lay on their stomachs, and only Kate sat cross-legged all the time she moved her fingers in her crotch.
- Katusha, I have not come to the state when he can to fuck, lick probably yes!
- I want whatever I fucking dick!
- Lesch delivering a fun girl, fuck her!
- Now Katya now I'm ready.
Here Katka does not stand up and starts to cum, moaning and rubbing her pussy.
- Oh .. all ... scribe .. you will not wait!
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