How it all began
Sad. Alone. When I kissed one last time? When I am making love? Half a year ago? More? A little while, and I climbed up on the wall.

Meeting website. Is it possible then to meet someone who would be interested in me?

Sexyboy - neeee. What nafig, sexy. He at myself in the mirror ever watched?
Fog - indeed, fog. Footy some.
Antonio - (you're all in red) - or Banderas - My God! Written 20 years, and like 39.
CACTUS - hmm. But this cute.
Married. So what? I also want only sex. And he has the benefit of sex is specified.
22. ICQ Number Set. It's good. Knock-ka now.
Hmm. Funny nickname - the bastards.

G: Hi.
Bastards: Hey, where are you from?
G: Moscow.
Bastards: Yes photo?
G: Yes, catch.
Bastards: I want you to have.
G: I love you too.
Bastard: Well, come to me.
G: Right now?
Bastards: Yes, but what?
G: Well, too late actually ... And the subway is closed. And where do you live?
Bastards: Polezhaevskaya ...
G: Maybe tomorrow we meet? I'm 18 be free. We'll meet somewhere in the middle.
Let's look at each other. We communicate.
Bastard: Well, OK. This is my telephone number. Call. My name is Andrew ...


I am sitting in a lecture. I glance at the clock. Worried. Suddenly he did not like it, or I to him ... And in general, how to behave.
He will wait for me on the subway. At the station, where I study. What if he does not come? So. Everything calmed down.

Metro go with a friend.

- What are your plans for the evening? Maybe we sit in a cafe?
- I can not. Date.
- Wow! And why are you silent? Tell us!
- Well I met on the Internet. We decided to meet. That's all.
- Cute?
- Yes. Just let the subway to part? He is waiting for me at the last car.
- Good. I'll pretend that it is not with you. Just go and see.
- Agreed.


- Hello, you Andrew?
- Yes. But you're still prettier in life.
- Thank you.
- What? We're going to see me?

He takes the hand. It leads to the train.

- Or, go for a walk? To know each other?
- What for?


We drive to the house.
- What floor do you live?
- Second. Over there, where the light is on.
- You're not alone there live? Why is the light?
- I did not turn off. If you need to return later.

And in my head spinning thinking ... what if there is still a lot of people? Submit a gang rape. Slows down. His hand is compressed more strongly?

- You can leave. I do not force.
- No. Come on.

Rise to the floor. We go into the apartment. Nobody here. Not lied.

- You want something to drink?
- No thanks.
- Well, maybe some coffee? I can make you cold Greek coffee.
- Thank you.

He went into the kitchen. I inspected. Cozy obstanovochka. I go into the bath to wash your hands. One toothbrush. No jars-sklyanochek. Shampoo, shower gel. Shaving foam, hair gel. None "female" things. A questionnaire in writing that he was married. I do not bother to ask.

- Coffee is ready.
- Thank you.
- Show your pictures?
- With pleasure.

And no pictures, where he was with a girl.

I finish his coffee.
A bit uncomfortable.
In the eyes of the dark.

- Did you say something slipped in coffee.
- No. Relax. Do not worry. You're just afraid.

After a few minutes it becomes better.

We play cards?
Hmm. Come on.

Played two games. I won both times.

-Maybe now strip?
- Not...
- Shy, or what? Come on.

Play. I win. He takes off the sweater. Then he takes off the socks, then pants. I'm wearing clothes. I'm lucky. But luck runs out, and then I was in his underwear. He puts the card and sits next to me. Start kissing.
I step back.

- Maybe we should not? I think I changed my mind.

We just met, just sex? Yes, at first it seemed to me interesting. But I chickened out.

- Good. Let's go to bed. I'll sleep in the other room, if you're afraid.
- Good. I'll go to the bath. How can dry off with a towel?
- Any. I can give you my shirt.
- Come on. Thank you.

Warm droplets caress the body. What kind of person he is? I can not understand in any way. No emotion. One indifference. He completely empty eyes. In them nothing is read. It's a little scary ...

I went into the room. Bed spread out, lit a nightlight. He says from the other room ... so I went to bed. I obediently lay down on the bed. And as if waiting for something. Maybe it?
I catch myself thinking that, yes, I'm waiting for him.
He is in another room. At computer. And not in a hurry to see me.

Beru magazines I read, but do not catch all thought about it. There will come? Will not come?

Yes. Came.

- How are you?
- Yes, good.
- Why are not you sleeping?
- I do not know.

He sits down on the bed.

- Do not you miss?
- Well no. I picked up your magazine here.
- Interesting?
- Yes. Funny article about sex.
- And what exactly?
- Well, how to deliver a fun girl.
- And how?
- Well, I have not finished reading ...
- And I'll show you ...

Start kissing. Compresses the teeth. But his tongue slides down the neck. A hand already caressing my breasts under the shirt. I am trying to remove them from there.

- Do not do it, Please...

He seemed not to hear. With one hand he is holding my hand, and the other pulls the panties. Resist ...

- You want me to hurt you?
- No.
- Then relax. I want you and get it. Whether you like it or not.
- Andrew, do not. I beg.
- You like, I can see ...

His hand between my legs. It's disgusting and ... nice. I feel disgust and at the same time great fun.

- Remove hand?

Is he kidding me?

- Remove?
- No...
- Do you want me?
- Yes.
- Say !!!
- I want you!!!


No one I have not fucked.
Strong, passionate, long and ... indifference.
How long does it last? Hour? Two? I can not anymore. He does not finish.

- I can not do it anymore...
- You're not finished ...
- So what...
- I want you to cum ...

More and more. I can not. I imitate orgasm.

- I finished.
- You're lying. I can see.
- No Please...

Speeding up the pace. I'll go crazy ... almost I lose consciousness. He finally ends.

Lying. Silent.

- I want you to cum.
- But I'm finished.
- You can lie to anyone.

For some reason it is not alone.

- I am going to take a shower. Good?
- Of course...


I am lying in the bath. "Why am I here?"

- I'm in?

From the unexpected shudder.

We are sitting in the bath. The water is almost cool. We tell each other stories ... smiling.

Suddenly he stops smiling. Attracts and begins kissing. I do not resist. I caress it herself.

- Come here. Here uncomfortable.
- Let's go to.

Go into the room. He abruptly pushed me on the bed, face down. Wringing his hands. And cutting into me. At this time very quickly ends. I have not been back. Then, turning away from me and lies. Now for some reason, he did not care if I had fun. I am silent. What to do? What to say?
Coming back into the bath. For the third time already.

When I come, it is not in the room. He went to another. He is sitting at the computer.

I go to bed. I feel devastated. And awfully tired.


I woke up somewhere around 10 am. He is not. I went into another room. He seemed not to lay down.

- You spent all night on the Internet?
- No. Recently I awakened. Come to me.

He kisses the lips.

- I should go soon. So it's time to get ready. Go get dressed.
- And what are you doing?
- Do you really care? Go. Half an hour later we leave.


- Well, goodbye.
- Till...
- You think to call?
- I do not know.

Substitutes cheek for a kiss.