First time in the ass
I am 31 years now. I have a five year old daughter. From my husband I left a month ago, and is now getting ready to divorce. Perhaps these events, and prompted me to recall how I have tried in the ass for the first time. My height is 172 cm long, curly hair, long legs, a good figure, curvy ass pear-shaped, about which it is said that "just made for anal sex." (If someone my story impress, write to me, and maybe I will send a picture of his ass&# 61514;). Her husband loved to fuck me in the ass. I will not hide, I love when I have in the ass. I will finish and get more fun. Also, like in the two holes (ie one member, the other vibrator). With my husband, we often were doing, and I like it better when the vibrator into the vagina, and a member of the pope. Now that I am free and independent, I have visited more often thought to try just two members. Wishing I think there are many. After all, half of his life behind, and I would like to try everything. If this occurs, I write tales. And now, the memories of my happy youth.
I'll start with history. It all started in the summer, in July 1993. I was 17 years old. I just graduated from high school with a silver medal. A month later, it was necessary to go to college, but I do not particularly zamarachivatsya, knowing that to pass just one exam. I was home alone, parents were in the garden and had to come back closer to 11pm. Not so long ago I broke up with her boyfriend. He was a year older than me. We worked with him in the same section. To be friends, we started two years ago. I was head over heels in love with him. Then I lost my virginity to a hike in the tent. Recently, before the break, it is often suggested that I try in the ass. At first I hear of it did not want to, because I considered anal sex perversion. Gradually, however, I am more inclined to think, to give him in the ass, and, probably, it would have happened, if not a complete rupture of relations. The fact that he found himself still some girlfriend. At first I did not believe it until you do not accidentally saw it myself, walking with another girl in an embrace. After a stormy explanation, we parted.
Just to sit one at home was boring, and I gathered, was to call someone from friends, when suddenly rumbled in the street, came running clouds and poured a real summer rain. Realizing that in the near future will have to sit at home, I do laundry. Perestirav all their panties, I suddenly remembered that those who have been put to me, not the first freshness, and they also would not hurt to wash. Before the arrival of the parents had panties to dry, so, without hesitation, I pulled them, left in a T-shirt, and quickly washed.
I hang your underwear in his room and went to the balcony to smoke, as it was in a T-shirt. I inhale thought - "I wonder if someone now saw me with a bare ass." Suddenly, the phone rang. I extinguished a cigarette and threw the tube. I called my friend.
- Nadya, Che do? Come to me. I have marijuana. Brother gave. Pobaldeem.
- Good Irisha. I'll come. The rain had stopped?
- Yes. Just. Outside this stuffiness.
- Wait.
Ira lived in the next block. She was a year younger than me, but I prefer it to me before it was far away. Ira changed not one guy. Was she and a man in his late thirties. Besides, it is not just giving in the ass.
I took off my shirt, wore a bra, and then realized that the panties I have not. I have them all perestirala. Dry iron did not want to. Wear jeans on the bare ass, too, did not want to, especially in this heat. I was wearing a light summer dress, close-fitting, with a free skirt above the knee. He turned it over in the mirror. Guess that I have no panties, it was difficult. "And I was, was not" - I thought, remembering how in the sixth grade went to school for a whole week without panties in the same pantyhose on the dispute with the girls in the class. "Here Irina obaldeete when he finds out" - I thought, putting on his sandals.
Before I reached Irinkinogo home in ten minutes. It was a little uncomfortable to feel without panties. In the stairwell between the second and third floors, there were two guys with this court. I knew little of them. They were older than me for a year and went to college. Now, they looked with enthusiasm a magazine. As it turned out, erotic.
- Hello! - I said
- Hi Nadya! By Irishka?
- Aha!
- Give my regards to
- Well - I said, climbing the stairs, not thinking that my skirt is free, and below you can see that under my skirt nothing, or rather is, but not covered with panties &# 61514 ;.
But it realized some of the guys, because I suddenly heard him whistle of surprise. Looking down, I met the eyes of Vlad. Without saying anything, I quickly ran upstairs to Irishka. "Damn!" - I thought - "But he seems to have seen that I was without panties. Well, okay". Ira almost immediately opened the door for me. Come on in, I heard the excited voice from below.
- I tell you, no panties. I saw it myself.
"All the same, I saw a skunk" - I thought, closing the door.
- Who's down there, Nadia? - Said Irina.
- Yes Vlad with Lesco
- A Th it they talked about the "no panties"
- Let's go have a smoke. I'll tell you.
- Wait, let's drink a little.
Ira took shkalik vodka, poured by the glass, and then diluted Sprite.
- Well, what are they talking about?
- Look - I lifted her skirt and spun.
- You Th, Nadya, without panties?
- Aha!
- And how are you so decided?
- But damn, I perestirala pants when you called. And wear pants on the bare ass did not want to.
- Well, you're done. I do not expect you to go without panties risknesh.
- Well, that took a chance and it seems unfortunate.
- Why? A! Do they see?
- Vlad, a reptile such bottom spied when I went up to you.
- And to hell with them. Come on, slants pull.
- You say it's good, but how am I going to meet them in the street?
- Usually. Do not show the form and all.
After smoked jamb mood improved dramatically. All presented itself in a different light, and we neighing of Irishka, over which the gas was Vlad, when I met his gaze in the stairwell. Then he poured himself another vodka, I asked about anal sex. Dazed, Irishka told me how she tried for the first time. (That's another story).
- You should try it Nagy. Moreover, with such an ass like yours, God himself has commanded to give to a point.
- Well, as soon as both at once - I replied.
- Do you want to introduce, who had already done many times with my popochkoy.
- Not until I nado- refused.
- Well, the very look. The main thing is the first time a little more Vaseline.
From Ira, I left around 10 pm in a good mood, which helped a lot of marijuana, vodka with Sprite and beer bottle. I already do not care, I see these guys or not.
I met them in the yard. Looks like they also did not lose time in vain, because Near them lay a bottle of beer. The guys were obviously drunk. Seeing me, they made their way to me.
- Hello Nadia again - said Alex, looking at me a little bleary-eyed.
- Hello - I said cheerfully.
- Let us hold you - he suggested.
- Yes, I'll get myself
- It's too late. Come on, huh?
- Oh well. spend
- What are you so keen considered in the stairwell? - I asked.
- Journal. Porn. Do you wanna take a look?
- Go ahead
- Let's go then to the staircase, and here a bit dark.
- Come on - I said, forgetting that I was without panties, and they know it. And I wanted to see porn. Do not forget that I was 17 years old and at this age, such things are always interesting. Besides, I was tipsy.
We went up to the platform between the second and third floors. I put the magazine on the windowsill, and became his, slowly flipping. On the second page were the scenes with anal sex. Forgetting where I am, and whom I have carefully considered a member of the women's ass. That's probably why I did not notice me ... the edge of the hem of the dress attached clothespins with white thread and thread threw over his shoulder.
- Well, how do you? - Vlad asked, looking in the magazine over my shoulder.
- Interesting.
- And most do not want here to try it?
- Group does not want to. And the rest I've tried more than once - I said sharply.
- And in the ass?
- No, I did not try in the ass and not going to - I lied, looking at a group sex scene.
- Nadia, what is this thread on your shoulder? - Vlad said, pointing a finger on my shoulder and stepping back to light.
- Where? - Without waiting for a dirty trick, I took a quick glance over his shoulder, picked up the thread, looked down at the magazine, flipping through page. Without looking, I pulled the thread down, feeling her slight resistance. Without hesitation, I pulled harder, not immediately realizing that lifted up the hem of my dress.
- Yes it !? - I jerked the thread down and suddenly realized that I was standing with a bare ass in front of the guys. By surprise, I stood for a few seconds, without releasing a string of hands, giving the boys admire my naked ass. Then, abruptly let go of the thread, he turned, groping hand clothespin.
- Damn, freaks. Do not approach or I will scream - angrily hissed at me.
- Yes you Nadia. We will not touch the finger. We just had an argument with Vlad. He said you were not cowards. I do not believe it. Vlad was right. - Alexis's voice was calm, and I felt the anger leaves me, and her cheeks begin to blush. However, much of shame I felt. The situation was stupid. Just me naturally lit. I actually showed them his own naked ass.
- What's to like? - I asked sharply.
- Super ass.
- Stunned.
- Dream.
- Okay. I have time to go home.
- Nadia, we give you all the same conduct. Too late. And you also without panties. Is that not enough.
- Well - I said, thinking that now I do not care.
We went out into the street and headed to my house.
- Do you often go without panties - Alex asked.
- No, the first time it happened. - I told him about the laundry.
All the way home the boys behaved very politely, without any hint obscene. "Normal guys" - I thought, and was surprised that she agreed to walk with them tomorrow. Stepping into the entrance, and feeling their eyes, I did not understand why she on her back, suddenly raised the hem of her dress, wagged naked booty goodbye.
- Super. Cool. Class. Fly away. - Rang me in the back.
So I made friends with Vlad and Lesco. But it was just a friendship. No teenage love. Several times I walked with them a couple of times went to the disco and to the movies. No sex. However, once we sat in the garden under the gazebo, drinking beer, and Leszek tried to hug me. I abruptly dropped his hand.
- We're just friends - I said.
- You're one of us do not like? - Vlad asked.
- Like both, but just as friends, with whom interesting to talk to. That's all.
- And you really like both of us.
- Only as friends. Agreed - I replied.
- Sorry - Leszek took a sip of beer - So you want more time to see your super ass.
- And touch, what it - said Vlad
- Nothing else you do not want. Forget. I have to go home - I have risen sharply.
- Good. We carry you to the entrance
As we approached the entrance, Vlad suddenly said
- Nadia! At least once, you can still see.
This was said in such a pathetic sad voice, that in my soul something stirred.
- May be.
- And when - in the voice of Alexei felt hope.
- Then, somehow. All I went.
Stepping into the entrance, I suddenly decided to reassure them. She lifted her skirt stuck her ass (in shorts), and a couple of times wagged her. The day after tomorrow, I had an entrance exam to college. And the day after that I was ill with angina, as I passed the exam with flying colors, and to celebrate with her friends drank cold beer.
Two days I spent with a high temperature. On the third day the temperature was lower, but still held. I was lying in bed in his room in a T-shirt and shorts, covered with a blanket, and read "AIDS-INFO", which gave me Irishka, when we washed my exam. The newspaper had a big article about anal sex. After talking with Irishka, this topic has become my obsession. For myself, I have decided that definitely try in the ass at the earliest opportunity. However, it was not clear when it introduced.
Impressed by the article and his own thoughts, I launched a hand in the pants and began to massage the clitoris, is gradually being raised. Then he lay on his side with his second hand in the pants from behind. Fingers found a hole in the pope. Straighten your finger and tried to enter it in the ass. The walls of the anus tightened, giving the finger to enter.
"Well" - I thought. Later shorts to the knees. He licked his finger, then tucked between the buns, the saliva lubricating point. Repeat several times, until the point was not wet, while continuing to excite the clitoris. Again, he licked his finger, then put it between rolls, resting in the anus. Strained abdomen, as is done when walking by and large. Feeling like the anus wall widened slightly, introduced a finger in the ass. I lie down for half a minute with a finger in the ass, giving a point each to get used to. Then he began gently moving your finger back and forth, trying to make a circular motion with the other hand rubbing her clit. No pain I felt. Rather the contrary. "It seems, will soon be over" - I thought, feeling the approach of orgasm. Suddenly, the door footsteps. I abruptly took her hands and lay on her back, and not having to wear pants.
- Nadya! Now I'm - my mother said, looking into the room - How do you feel?
- Fine! How long will you be? - I said, glad that she did not notice anything.
- Zayed to his father's work. Together and back
- OK, Mom
The door closed. "Well, that I did not have time to finish" - I sighed with relief, put her hand on the crotch, feeling his finger clitoris. She looked at his finger, which had just been in my ass. He was clean. "Lord, I want to fuck and ass" - I thought, again being raised by masturbation. At this point, a call to the front door.
- Nadya to your guests - mom yelled from the hallway.
"Who's there yet" - I thought irritably, pulling on pants - "Cum will not give calmly"
- Come on guys - my mother opened the door to my room - Nadia, I left.
Vlad came into the room and Leszek, smiling from ear to ear. Vlad was holding a bouquet of flowers, and Lech opaque package. I heard the front door shut.
- Hello! And we have to you, sick - Vlad said, smiling.
- We think much gone. And yesterday met Irinka. She said that you're sick. That went to visit.
- Well done! Come in, sit down - I gestured to the chair and chair.
- Now - Alex, took out a fruit package, a bottle of Martini (love), Sprite, and a few bottles of beer. I put on the table.
- Nadia! It is necessary to wash the glasses and fruits. Martini you beer to us.
- Yes, now - I replied, wondering where my robe.
"Maybe so. I tease them. In the end, my ass, and then they saw a naked "- flashed through my mind -" And let them look. Even interesting. " I threw back the covers, got up, as it was in a T-shirt and white panties, tight my ass, took the bag with fruits and went to the kitchen without looking at the guys.
When I came back, I noticed their surprised and admiring glances. She put a dish with fruit and wine glasses on the table, climbed onto the bed, covering her legs with a blanket.
- Pour - I told the boys.
For ten minutes we chatted about nothing. Then Vlad took a porn magazine.
- Do you want to see - he said.
- Come on - I replied.
The magazine has been a lot of pictures of anal sex. I suddenly felt the desire to wake up in me. "But this is a chance to try. I will give them in the ass on the line. I find out what it is. Why not. Not in the pussy. Perhaps the god sent them to me "- I thought, flipping through a magazine ..., being raised more and more from his thoughts, and alcohol.
- Let's go to the balcony, smoke - in a commanding tone, I said, getting up and putting on his sneakers.
- Come on - guys adoringly looked at my crotch.
On the balcony I stood in front of them, lit. They were silent.
- What are silent? - I asked.
- We think - said Leszek.
- About what?
- How to make sure that you took off her panties - Vlad said.
- Ha! What do you want. Give finish smoking. Then we'll see. Not here I shoot them - I said, and turned his back to him, just sticking out his ass, pretending to look at the street. Balcony we come out on the roadway (7th floor).
- What's saw Nadia? - Leszek asked, standing to my left. Vlad stood up on the right.
I suddenly felt Leshkin hand on my left buttock, and then Vlad's hand was on my right buttock. I was silent, puffing on a cigarette. The boys were silent, too, only their hands lightly squeezing my buns. Then, Alexei hand slightly shifted, trying to get into my pants.
- All! We come into the room - I abruptly turned and walked into the room. She sat on the bed. Looking at the incoming guys laughed. Their jeans in the groin area bristled.
- Nothing funny about Nadia! - Vlad said.
- You just mock us - continued Alex.
- Pour me a martini with Sprite - I demanded.
Vlad gave me a full glass.
- What stand like a statue? Sit down - I commanded. The boys sat down, his eyes fixed on my feet.
- Well! And what do you want? - I asked, narrowing his eyes.
- Nadia! In my opinion, and so everything is clear - said Alexey.
- Those. fuck me? - I took a big gulp, feeling the alcohol hits to the head and the body spreads the desire for sex.
- We have not even dreamed about it - said Vlad - At least take another look at your delicious ass, kiss her, touch. But fuck you - it's a dream.
I paused, sipping a martini.
- And how are you going to do? In the queue? Or maybe just two people? - Smiling, I asked.
- How do you want, unless you want
- Well - I was silent.
- In the pussy, I will not give you. Do not even ask. By this I do only with a loved one.
Another pause. The guys were looking at me with hungry eyes, waiting.
- Well - I lay down on his stomach, his head turned to him - Well, look. I myself take off panties?
Leszek and Vlad came and sat on the edge of the bed, next to my priests. Turning my head, I looked at them. Alex took the panty elastic arms and began to pull the pants slowly. His hands visibly shaking from the excitement. Pull off shorts with priests, he paused, looking at her.
- It is necessary to remove completely - Vlad said in a trembling voice, and pulled the panties completely off my feet. I lay there, looking forward to not confuse the children. I was wondering what would happen next. For a while nothing happened. The guys just looked at my ass.
- It seems someone wanted to kiss her - I said, not looking at them.
Leszek silently knelt. I felt his lips, gently kissing my buns. One two Three …. Seven. He broke off.
- It's all? - I turned my head - I'm waiting for more
- Now I - said Vlad - Move over.
- But I just started - said Alexei, moving.
- Then you continue - Vlad took the place of Alexei. I took my buns hands began to knead them, kissing alternately rolls, then cut between them.
- Lick between them - I said - I want to feel your tongue in the ass.
I felt the hand of Vlad pushed my buttocks, his tongue between them, moving along the cut. Then he spread more bread, tongue caressing my anus. I began to be excited. Slowly booty pushes toward language.
- Let me Now - Leszek unceremoniously pulled Vlad from my ass.
- Come on - Vlad said, getting up.
This time Alex did not stand on ceremony. It is widely parted my buttocks and began to drive language between them. Then, the language began to lick my anus, pressing on him, trying to get inside the holes. It lasted five minutes. Then he looked up, without removing hands from my buttocks spaced, considering my hole. Vlad came up, sat on the edge of the bed, his finger touched the anus.
- Classroom hole - he said.
- Yes! Ah, would shove her dick - excitedly picked Leszek.
- Without mats boys - I started to turn back. Then he sat up, bending your knees, not letting the children see my crotch.
- Nagy, and let me lick your pussy - pleading said Vlad
- And I also - to support each Lesch.
- No - I resolutely refused - pussy I will not give you Do not even ask.
I straightened her legs, let them down with not pushing the bed, stood up, walked over to the table, turning bare ass to the guys, a splash martini, diluted sprite, turned to him, took a long drink.
- Come on, smoke on the balcony.
- And so you go, Nadia - Vlad said, his eyes fixed on my pubis.
- Oh - I said, putting on his sneakers. Looking at the guys getting up, I laughed.
- Now disperse Shirinki
Out on the balcony, I leaned on the railing, pushed her feet together, holding the ass. Not in the least surprised, he felt hands on bare buns, gently squeezing it. Silently smoke, we went back into the room. I finished my martini, remembering where my mother is petrolatum. The decision to give them in the ass, I took when I felt his tongue on the anus.
- Remove the pants. And then burst now - I said, heading into the kitchen.
Digging, I found a full tube of Vaseline. When I returned, the boys were in shorts. were delighted, wild desire, impatience, and God knows what in their eyes.
- Have any of you tried the female ass - I asked.
- No - they answered simultaneously.
- But pussy?
- I do, yes. Several times - said Leszek.
- And you, Vlad?
- One time - honestly Vlad, a little embarrassed.
- Then, for all of us it will be the first time - I summed up the line, sitting on the bed
- Shoot cowards. I'll tell you who will be the first.
The boys jumped up and quickly removed the panties. I beckoned to them with your finger, so they came closer. Two upright standing member appeared in front of my face. Members of the guys, to my relief, appeared normal. I am still a little afraid that someone might be hefty dick. I would not want to let him into his virgin ass. Vlad was a member of a length of about 12 cm and a thickness of no more than 2.5 cm. Alexei member was about the same length, but thicker at half a centimeter. I took in each hand member, gently move your arms, gently clenching his fists.
- You will be the first in the world who will join me in the ass - I said, and kissed a member of Vlad.
- Why he? - Said Leszek.
- His dick is thinner - I said, kissing is now a member of Leschine.
Unscrew the cap from the tube of vaseline, I squeezed ointment member Vlad gently smeared it along the penis. She turned to Lyoshka member. She kissed his head.
- And you have patience friend.
Then he lay down on his stomach. Hands spread her buttocks.
- Grease hole me - turned to the boys.
- Give me, I'll do it. You're her first poimeesh - Leszek said.
- Brush the - Vlad said.
Alex sat on the edge of the bed next to my priests. I felt, as I lay on the hole ointment. Then his finger, which was making a circular motion, smearing Vaseline on the hole. And suddenly, his finger quickly entered my point, there began to move, performing rotational motions.
- All right! Enough - I took her hands from the buttocks - Start Vlad
- Begin Vlad - Alex mimicked me, pulling his finger out of holes and getting up.
Vlad lay on me. On the buttocks, I felt his balls and dick lying where touch rolls. He lifted his ass. His dick, pushing my buns, rested just above the holes.
- Put a little lower - I said.
Member slipped past the points down. Has rested.
- Here?
- No. Now ... taller.
Finally, I felt it rests me in the ass. The walls of my anus involuntarily clenched, keeping out the foreign body.
- Wait - I said Vladik - Privstan
Vlad stood up with me and sat on my thighs. Using both hands, I, as much as possible, spread her buttocks, to prevent the muscles of the anus to shrink.
- Now try.
Vlad lay back on me. Member stared me straight in the hole. I strained abdomen, as is usually done when walking by and large, to squeeze the faeces. The walls of the anus relaxed, and I suddenly felt like something solid and warm entered me in the ass.
- It seems hit - Vlad said, in a trembling voice.
- Yeah - I croaked, feeling pain in the hole, and hoping that my eyes pop out of their sockets.
- Do not hurry, please - I said, removing his hands from the buttocks and hugging their pillows. I put my head sideways on the pillow and locked eyes with Lesco. He looked at me with lust. I turned her head to the wall, not allowing him to look me in the eye.
Vlad slowly began to move backwards, carefully introducing the term in my point. When a member of the uterus touched, I felt pleasure. Member moved to my ass, gradually increasing the tempo. I suddenly felt as priests inside was wet. Member began to move more freely, hitting into the uterus, what gave me pleasure. The pain has almost disappeared. I felt the approach of orgasm. Involuntarily, I began to move towards a member of the booty that he penetrated deeper into me. Vlad quickened the pace. Hyperventilate.
- Oh, Mommy! - I cried, feeling that finish.
Vlad continued to fuck me. The pain was gone. But after orgasm was not much fun. It took two minutes. Vlad member moved in my ass. I turned my head to Alexis looked at him. He seems to understand me.
- Vlad! Nadya has already finished. You wait a long time - said Leszek.
- Damn, I can not finish, Lech - Vlad said, breathing heavily.
- Then get down. Let me enter it in the ass. And then I'll finish here - Leszek became a member of the smear Vaseline.
- However, Vlad, enough already - I supported Lesco, thinking, how do I stand for the second time. The orgasm has passed. I do not feel pleasure.
- Damn, do not give finish - Vlad lifted his ass. Member easily slipped out of my hole. I felt the emptiness of the pope and relief.
Vlad stood with me, giving way to Lesha. I turned to the side.
- Maybe the first smoke - I suggested Leshke.
- You're crazy, Nadia. I have sperm rushing out of his ears. And I smeared a member. Come on, turn around - he said.
Looking at him, and he realized that mind is useless, I lay down on his stomach, his hands spread her buttocks.
Head Leshkin member almost immediately came into my newly otrahannuyu, wet hole, without encountering resistance. Once again, I grabbed a pillow with both hands, and turned her head to the wall.
- Class - Alex whispered, slowly introducing me to a member of the most eggs. I felt like they were pressed against my buttocks. he is also slowly began to lift the back, bringing a member of the anus almost until the end. Then again, slowly he brought it to me in the ass to its full length. Again I began to withdraw. And suddenly I drove it all until the very end.
- Mama! - I screamed, feeling pain in the hole, and the thrill of hitting the uterus. Alex sat up in his arms, tearing his groin against my buttocks, leaned on his outstretched arms and rhythmically moved his hips, deep planting cock in me, gradually increasing the tempo. I again started to be excited, have fun.
The pace quickens all. Leszek panting vigorously working her hips.
- Nadia! I'll finish. How are you? - He croaked.
- Only I did not finish - I said, regretting that no longer have time to finish.
Suddenly, Leszek abruptly moved back to taking out a member of my ass, and sat down on my thighs. I felt my naked buns dripped fluid, and turned her head back.
- You're not finished, Nadia? - Alex asked, squeezing out the remnants of sperm on my ass.
- I do not have time - I said.
- Nothing! Who is with me cum - Vlad said, taking off the table napkins I had brought along with fruit.
- Come down, come on - he turned to Leshke.
- Yes, please - said Leszek, lifting his ass on my thighs.
- Wipe his sperm - Vlad handed Leshke napkins - All the ass splashed while I smear dick.
Alex gently rubbed my buns.
- Cool ass! - He said, and gently patted me on the ass. Then I take a clean cloth, and began to wipe a member of the Vaseline residue.
Vlad lay back on me. Without further ado, immediately he went into the hole. Few have sex lying on me. Then, as Leszek, leaned on his outstretched arms, introducing a member in the ass to its full length, so that his balls were pressed close to my buns. Feeling his cock moved faster and faster in me, I felt the approach of orgasm again.
- Mmmm - I moaned, ending. Vlad continued to fuck me.
- Vlad, you soon? - I asked, did not have to give pleasure - I can no longer
- Well, Nadia! So be patient minutes 5. Give me all the same finish - quickened breathing, Vlad said.
- Okay so - I turned my head and saw a man sitting on a chair Alexis, who listlessly Drach his penis. We met his gaze. He just shrugged, letting me know he did not want to interfere with Vlad finish. Then he suddenly stood up, walked over to the bed.
- Go on, Vlad, I'm not hurt.
He sat down on the edge of the bed, so that his cock was polustoyaschy near my lips.
- Take in the mouth, Nadia - he said, moved close to my head and held me by a member of the lips.
- Mmmm - I grunted, making it clear that I do not want this.
- So please - Member rested my lips.
And I did not understand why I do it, I opened my mouth, gently clasping member of the lips. Slide the tongue, caressing him. Suddenly he felt he slowly begins to grow and harden in my mouth. "Well, that's Fig" - I thought. Tightly gripping member of the lips, I moved his head forward to the groin, swallowed a member to the most eggs. Then, without raszzhimaya lips began to clean his head back, giving the member slowly come out of my mouth.
- Enough! - I said, freeing his mouth from the penis, and turned her head to the other side.
And suddenly felt like Vlad, sharply raising the pelvis and pulled my dick out of priests, I sat on my thighs. His sperm flowed to me on the buns.
-Good- Vlad whispered, holding a member of my buttocks.
- On, belching wipe his penis with her priests - said Leszek, holding napkins Vlad.
Vlad carefully rubbed me the buns, then stood up, wiping his penis.
- Smoking want - I sat on the edge of the bed, tucking his feet in slippers.
Then stood up, feeling the relaxation of the anus, and went to the balcony. The guys followed me. Light a cigarette, he leaned against the railing of the balcony, exposed a little bare ass back. And then he felt a hand laid on Alexei buns. His finger rested easily in my hole.
- Liked Nadia? - Said Leszek, gently massaging my hole.
- Something about this is - I said, without removing his hands from the ass.
- Nadia! And you have in your mouth took Lyoshka - Vlad asked, standing next to me.
- Took - said Leszek me.
- I also want to.
- No, Vlad. This is his compensation. You robbed my ass virginity - I said.
- But I also want.
- Perehochetsya - I said, extinguished the cigarette, took her by the hand ass Alexis and walked into the room. The muscles of the anus slightly ached, and I suddenly thought, do not let off cock in the ass again.
We went to the guys. I noticed that Vlad member hangs relaxed, but Alexis is upright again.
- Nadia, my smokes again - Leszek said, showing me a member.
- So what?
- Can I have more time you Poimena?
- And I take in my mouth - picked up Vlad.
- Pancake. You and so my whole ass rastrahali - I said - Okay, but only for the last time. Vlad did not ask for more.
I lay on the bed ass up. Using both hands, spread buns.
- Only smazh everything as it should - Leshke said.
Leshkin ... Member easily entered my anus. Vlad, sitting on the edge of the bed, held by a dick to me on the lips. I opened my mouth to vspuskaya member. All again. I do not long to suck Vlad, not to give him horny. But Leszek fucked me for about ten minutes before reaching orgasm. I had already come, and now just lay substituting the ass, not to have fun. Vlad gestured that he went to the balcony to smoke.
Suddenly, Alex hugged me, introducing me to the member until it stops, and I suddenly felt him twitch in me. Anything to make it was impossible, so I lay in silence, giving Leshke drain the sperm directly into the ass.
- Class - Alexei said, getting up from me.
- Why are you finished with me? - I asked, sitting up.
- I would not have time to pull out
- You freak, Leszek! Vlad is not say, but then he, too, want to, but I can not anymore.
- Well, Nadia - said Leszek satisfaction, and started to wear pants.
- You have everything? - Vlad asked, entering the room.
- Yes - I said, thinking of what to wear pants is not able to until wash my anus. Sperm start to slowly flow out of the ass, and greatly strain the muscles of the anus, I could not at all desire.
- Okay, guys. You go home. parents will come soon.
As was in a T-shirt, I followed them to the door.
- As a repeat - Vlad asked, quite looking me in the eye.
- Let's see - I said, looking away. I wanted to think it over one.
Closing the door, I quickly went into the bathroom, took off her shirt. Having got into the bathroom, turned on the shower, crouched down, feeling the sperm derived from priests. To blow directly on the point, trying to squeeze out the remnants of sperm. Several times stuck in a hole finger, checking to see if there is something left. Thoroughly washing their ass, wore a T-shirt and shorts. Point slightly ached. Making sure that before the arrival of the parents still have time left on the balcony to smoke.
"But I came. And not just "- I thought, puffing on a cigarette -" Irishka was right. In the ass, a completely different buzz. In the event, be sure to try it again. " The case did not take long.