I married early. My wife, Daria, was a pretty girl from "good family". As is often usual, after birth and 9 years of marriage, their sexual lives of our family became tend to zero. We are fed up with each other. His wife, though, and went around the house is usually in a t-shirt, a special excitement I did not cause. She herself carefully avoided my occasional attempts to fuck her. Only after a month, she offered me sex, and violently ended. In general, normal sex, we visited 1-2 times per month, and in the rest of the time I do without the help of his wife. But one day, while we like to call it precisely ... - home stand, I noticed that the term as it is very much free to move in a fairly close Dashki vagina. I fucked her for that long, so that it is even finished, that in such cases are very rare. At first I did not pay attention to this, as the day I casually pulled up her gown and admired her "rosettes". Actually there is nothing new did not see, but thought that his wife engaged in masturbation with some cucumber. This idea excited me somewhat, but I soon forgot about everything.
Only an unusual stretched vagina, I began to notice more and more often. My small penis does not go in easily, even without any lubrication. And soon I got used to it. Sex became longer, I was excited about the idea that Dasha fucks herself. I liked fisting and have long wanted to fuck her hand. Several times I tried it, but it is in the first place - did not give, and secondly - the vagina was very close, despite the fact that we had a child. It was possible to squeeze a maximum of three fingers. I began to lick her before sex (rastrahannost its front end has become apparent by this time and I would say the caller), it is from this strong dragged. But fuck, more than once a week did not provide all the same. The interest in his wife woke up again. Just after a month, when she was very excited, I tried to insert her hand between his legs - the result I was stunned. It is easy to include not only all the fingers on the palm, n and almost all of the brush. I was so surprised that even told her about it.
- This postpartum. And then I miss, sometimes with carrot there ... amuse you all once.
- Nifiga it to you once.
- I want during the day, when you're at work. And not in the night, when I was already exhausted for the day. Good stick for dinner. Come here ...
- Better you come to us...
On and calmed down. Thoughts about the change, I for some reason did not attend at all. The men then looked at Daria - at 28 she looked very sexy, but be driven - the appearance is deceptive (as I then thought). She stayed home with the child, for she had a few friends. Always called me, where it is and with whom, and when it is, and how much money is spent, etc. In recent times, it is especially made friends with a neighbor on the porch, a middle-aged lady named Sveta. Light worked in a nearby hypermarket, she had a car and they often made shopping together. In general, the time to change my wife was not there. As almost always with her I was still a child.
One day, his wife called the store and asked them to meet with Sveta, such bags were very heavy. I drove,
We loaded our bags into our car, and when the car shipped Svetlana, one of the packages accidentally exploded, and I saw a hefty starpon on massive a leather belt. Everything has become more or less clear ...
In the evening I tried to fill up Dasha, but she had, some embittered resistance.
- You do that, lesbos with Sveta?
- Why do you think so?
- I saw her in the car ogromenny dildos.
- Do not worry, it is not fuck me.
- In both, and what fucks?
- Nothing. H..em. In general, I'm a man. Ot..bis from me.
- No I'm serious, it seems to me, I guess where you have "carrots" grow.
The wife became all crimson. She became nervous and began to yell at me about the dishes, socks, I'm always at work, etc. normal female text.
As a result, she came to me and said, saying that a single woman Svetlana, la la poplar, - in general, will pay more attention to me.
From that moment on, our sex life was transformed. His wife was the wind up me more and more, she was horny and sexy in 19 years. We began to perform with it all sorts of things that were once even uncomfortable to say, so as not to inadvertently offend. We started together to watch porn, began to practice light SM She especially loved it when I kiss her feet and doing Cooney. It almost made me a professional Thai massage. We got handcuffs and vibrators. Once, I shared with her my fantasy that I wanted to lick her, after her lover fuck. Previously, I would have got in the face, and now she just smiled and said nothing (once even dreamily, I would say). Her vagina was stretched to impossible. Fuck her there was even somehow uncomfortable - a member of the all time he slipped. We had to get fucked in the ass, but he quickly stretched. But fistingomya nabalovalsya plenty. I could become a gynecologist.
Darin labia stretched and hung. One time we went to the pool, and I noticed that her lips sticking out from under a thin strip of panties swimsuit. On this basis, we even had a falling out, as out of the pool she refused to leave, and in general, on the contrary are exhibited. Such rapid transformation, it is linked with a middle-aged (in her opinion) age and my activity. I sinned to active light.
One day, I urgently needed to find Dasha. She was, as usual, with light in the hypermarket. I walked among the rows of goods, and called on her mobile, teschetno trying to find friends in the crowd. No one came, even though the call she was quite loud. Finally, the distance could be heard the familiar melody. Strangely, the call was from the service space. Perhaps they have Svetka at work. The sound echoed down the long empty corridor. Finally found the door to the source. For some reason she was locked up, I knocked. The door opened and there appeared the head of a man.
- What do you need?
- I am the light, (her middle name I did not know).
- You're called?
- Yes.
- Za..bal already. Pass quickly, and then have time to finish.
The door opened, the man was naked ... Ops ...
Then for some reason I was not surprised at anything. On clothes hanger hung my wife. All...
Shoes were standing at the bottom, they were tights.
- Who's there ? - There was a voice of Svetlana, amid quite distinctly heard groans painfully familiar.
- To you came.
From the next room seemed to Svetlana - in some black stockings, with a brilliant starponom belt. Sweat dripped from her middle-aged already, but still quite attractive body. We looked long and silently into each other's eyes. I opened the door a man walked into the room. We were alone.
Svetlana finally smiled a strange smile.
- You now have three choices. View and create a scandal, might scuffle, but be warned - the balance is not in your favor.
You ... you can get away and forget everything. Well...
- What?
- Remove the pants and stand next to her cancer.
I stood motionless for a long time, it seemed to me. Roy protevorechivyh thoughts and desires struggled in my head. On the one hand -sbycha dream, on the other ....
Then Dakshin moans turned into cries of pain. There was a sharp cry of men
- Keep your feet fucking tear on the x ..
I somehow one motion tore off his clothes.
- Kiss my foot and passes, said Svetlana.
- I stood in front of her right on the trampled carpet, and gently kissed toes.
- Funny. Maybe we will tear you now. As punishment. - She laughed.
- Ready?
I said nothing and walked into the room. She strongly kicked me in the ass - this is her husband! Dasha screamed - it was an orgasm.