Attraction Madame Sole
Hello, dear reader! My name is Lyuba, girl I'm in the prime of passionate sexual desires. Fantasy closely inside of me, I often during orgasm confuse night and day, day and night, truth and fiction. That's what I want to tell you, from the category of such phenomena.
Tomorrow I'm 25. That's already a birthday! And what is interesting to know Anton will give me this time?
New mini-robe? Or some sort of fancy vibrator that once for all female holes?
A good thing, but hubby and myself good. Loves, oh fond of female body and above and below, and passionately, and exhaustion: I am suddenly seized excitement. Standing before the mirror, I undressed. From the mirror looked at me beautiful, long-legged woman with a good figure, with Okay chest, a thin line of dark hair over the shaved vagina lips. She rubbed her nipples on the doorframe. When one is not at home, I love to go naked, photographed naked, given a bare: play music, I sank into a chair, legs apart, one hand caressing his chest, the other she found the clitoris: The orgasm was so powerful that I was dark before his eyes, and I passed out.
I woke up, as I then thought immediately.
It was cool, and poured around the scent of the forest. A real forest!
And I suddenly realized that is firmly attached to the tree.
And I'm here totally naked! Or almost naked - me soft leather collar with a ring through which skipped rope, hand pulled the same leather bracelet, wrapped back and get caught up in "Castle" behind a tree! A leg is my main support - wide apart and taken in the stocks! I was as if crucified on a tree.
Consciousness barely covered the picture. Who am I? Where I am?
In memory - emptiness. Yeah, I'm a sinner!
And the holy father inquisitor ordered: Yes, ordered to crucify me here for the amusement of everyone.
And I must satisfy them as they wish.
This - my calling, my purpose in life. To give pleasure and receive pleasure.
Radom - tract. Men's voices. Young and old.
Five men staring at me. There remain, the rest go on.
I am a skier is the name of this game, when your side are two burly man, and you give them nadrachivat both hands at once, my legs apart I suck clitoris and massaged the anus, I was shaking orgasm after orgasm I suck suck their members swallow cum, bathe in her his body, I lick their eggs, caress nipples anusy.Moi as exposed nerves, my breasts, buttocks and pubic area completely aspirated choking once I cum krichu- ebite me, I want you all. I am a faithful wife! I'm solid erogenous zone! I can not hear, you end in my ears, I'm bad I see my face in the semen, I suck my husband (he is one so able), and the other four, me, him all uncovered and I'm flying from his affection from his tongue from his tender movements, and again on the new in my mouth at once two members in the ass and vagina all the pistons move my body a continuous cunt kissing and caressing one of you my good! I love you all! I fuck you all! I explode !! I'm coming !!!
- Happy bezdey that th! Good morning, darling - he looked at me a huge bouquet of roses. Because it came out mischievous husband's face. - How much can you sleep in a day?
You sleep for twelve hours! Yesterday I was out of the chair you here on his hands moved, regretted wake, so sweet you slept.
I reached up to kiss him, the body was like a guitar string drag, numb, but somehow in a special sound. And the all-pervading smell of semen I suspiciously looked at her husband.
-We yesterday there was nothing? - I asked.
-Will today. This is for you, a gift! Tickets for the new new French "Attraction Madame Sale". Only one idea, and today only!
I was thrilled! Great gift!
And I opened bukletik - annotation. On the first picture is clearly a crazy artist painted the eternal forest, girl, naked and tied to a tree. And the five men on the highway. In Meng was the creeps.
But I found the strength to joke himself.
- Look, Anton, who's that in the middle, like you!
And she laughed nervously.
-No, it's a girl - a copy of you, - said the husband. And I do not smile ...
I myself do not know what is true and what is fiction.
Anywhere we are consenting husband that night because for some reason and did not go, and was invited to his friends and drinking beer. But now always in the moment of highest excitement, I think he is-whether day, night-if, in short, the time (or forever) of mad copulation. And again, as if flying with pleasure!