That such is love!
Good day to all who read! Everything that is written in this story was actually! Naturally, all names have been changed, but the name of the city will be real!
First, a little about yourself! My name is Anton. I was born in the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. By nationality of course I am Russian. He graduated from the Tashkent College of Computer Science and Engineering, and after graduation worked in the largest organizations in Uzbekistan. The airline, namely the Main Agency of Air Transportation of the National Air Company. In 2002 I went to a town called Russia Kursk. Now I work in one of the major trading companies of the Kursk region (see Title I shall not speak for yourself). We will miss all the extra year and start with the end of 2005. Around November 2005.
Working on contemporary and only factory in Kursk region (meaning from the fact that it produces) met a girl. Her name was Tatiana. We had become good friends. One day in late October, we agreed to meet with her and sit in a cafe. While I was transferred from the plant to another unit. Sozvanivayas But once again she told me:
- Anton! I've arranged to meet with his girlfriend! If you want, you come!
- Of course, I'll come! The same place where we agreed to meet?
- Oh sure! Meeting place can not be Changed! - With a laugh, said Tanya.
When I saw her friend, special attention is not paid to it. Her name was Anna. Anya wore glasses, but she had a figure that is necessary. After sitting a little bit in the cafe, we decided to move to a restaurant not far from where we were sitting. By the end of the evening we Anya already in all hugging and kissing. Close to 12 am his friend, I sat in a taxi and sent her home, and we're with Anna got into another taxi and I went home to see her home. As we drove, it turned out that we had a year of birth, and that she has a daughter from his first marriage. At that time, due to head hit me alcohol Anya seemed to me beautiful. We agreed to meet again took her to the porch and kissed goodbye. A few days passed and, freed from work, I called her and offered to meet. So we met quite a while. After the new year around the end of January 2006, we met again. That evening, she told me that she wanted to make love to me! (Can you say that's a fool. I could not guess that she wanted to make love! But Anya was a girl, she never showed their desires). Such a turn of events, I certainly did not expect. my parents just a few days had to go to the family and under the pretext that I was not very good, I stayed at home. When they left, I immediately called Anna and invited to sit together at my house. Anya immediately agreed and within a half an hour was already mine. Over the half hour I was able to run to the store and set the table.
As always we had sat at the table and discussing what each was and grieved for a while until we see! I want to say that I really liked Anne during our conversation, and she takes off her glasses, it becomes very beautiful. From alcohol drunk she was a little drunk, but we both knew that we both want each other.
When I began to caress her face with kisses her everything was fine. Anya responded to my caresses. After a moment, groped through the clasp of her bra blouse was unbuttoned, and the second hand gently caressed her small breast size and her cute nipples. But when my second hand crawled into her treasured place between her legs then Anne, flushed with embarrassment, asked not to go there. After waiting a bit, I decided to try another run. She and I sat on the couch and started with a kiss on the lips, I began to gradually move to her breasts and a nice little papillae. Gradually going down on my stomach, I carefully undid her jeans, and began already to pull off her jeans and panties, but then again she blushed with embarrassment! But reluctantly he held the last two things on her body. This jeans and her panties. When I was able to pull them a long time without thinking, I kissed her neatly shaved pubis. Then Anya completely surrendered, and my perseverance won. Anna scooted closer to the edge of the sofa and spread her legs.
And, oh my God! Which it was beautiful! Carefully shaved pussy and beckoned. I immediately wanted to kiss her pussy. And in a moment I set my lips to her kisulya from which came the smell pleasant and inviting. His tongue, I began to explore every crease of her kisulya. My impudent tongue penetrated the hinterland of her pussy, caressing her clitoris and trying to penetrate deeper into her vagina. From all this, Anna is very excited, and soon I felt like her body, a wave of shivers, and her kitty start to suck my tongue. From it flowed moisture Kitties love, and I began to greedily lick the moisture. After I licked every last drop of juice of love, I kissed Anna's lips.
- I want to feel you inside! - Almost inaudibly he told me Anya.
Long wait for me it was not necessary to force. I started to undress, and Annie helped me in this. When we were both naked, the Anna lay on her back and spread her lovely legs. My eyes appeared again her sweet kisulya. Do not resist, I again leaned his lips to her kisulya. It started from the beginning. But this time is not so long as the first. Gradually, I began to move their kiss up her body, not missing a single millimeter of her delicate body. When they reached her lips, I kissed her.
- Come on, darling! I want you honey! - I murmured in my ear Anya.
And without waiting for my actions, I took my boyfriend and pulled him acquainted with his kisonkoy. Her pussy was all wet for a long time the desire to feel my boyfriend in themselves and in this he got into it very easily. The walls of her vagina gently enveloped and squeezed my boyfriend. I started with slow movements gradually increasing the tempo, periodically entering it to the limit and pulling her uterus. Such pleasure lasted for about five minutes. After that we both finished. I lie down on the couch and through each other kisses we went into the bathroom to get some cool and wash away the remnants of our love. Having decided to give each other a break we took the wine and went into the kitchen to smoke.
In the kitchen, I began to caress her again. Gently kissing her delicate neck and gently sucking on the lobe of her lovely ears. Anya is gently caressed his hand my boyfriend. From what he very quickly went on alert. Without giving Ana until the end I finish smoking stubbed out her cigarette and her and pulled her to the sofa. There again we indulge our affection and love games. After fifteen minutes, we went back to the bath, but this time separately. When I got out of the bath, then Anya stood near the computer and listen to music pereschelkivaya from one track to another. I walked up behind her and gently hugged. Again caressing her lovely neck and back. From all this mo friend rose again! Anna felt it her sweet and supple ass and pulled me to the sofa. So we spent about two hours. Giving each other a break ten minutes. And then, in order to take a shower and have a smoke. After we got dressed, and I went to accompany her home. On the way I struck on the chatter, and Anna could not get enough of me. She wanted me to paused.
After some time at the beginning of February, I invited her to spend the night together in a hotel. When she told her mother that she is with me today will spend the night in a hotel ... then her mother to our total surprise suggested that we did not go to the hotel! And spent the night in their homes. Anya's parents have long been divorced and live separately. Anya has a younger brother. We met with Anna after work and purchase wine and food went to Ana home. At home, she cooked us dinner in a hurry, and we had dinner together. Acquainted with her brother, all three of us drank for friendship. Close to 10 pm Anya pulled me into his room. We had undressed and went to bed. This night was the most beautiful in my life. Already in the morning close to five o'clock in the morning we had exhausted they fell asleep in each other's arms.
Soon we had a falling out with Anna, but in the end of July 2006, we once again faced off. We are both delighted that we communicate again, but our relationship will never be the same again. Now, we will always be friends only.
P.S. This story was told to me that would be the young guys, and not only. We understood that the girls beauty is not only from the outside (ie the beauty of the body) and inside (spiritual beauty). Soul Beauty. Bodily beauty to us coming and going, and spiritual beauty remains unchanged. Girls, as you, I would like to ask only one thing. If you see that your boyfriend jealous much, but he does nothing! Just tell him everything as is. My relationship with Anna ceased because of a trifle. She did not respond to calls, and I started as a jealous fool. As a result, she did not want me to say where I was. We broke up, but in the end she told me yet about where it was. It turned out very simple. She and her father went to the village to her grandmother to visit her daughter, and the phone is left at home, because there, in the village of her phone does not work. Now I'm alone and most likely will always be one. Unless of course Anna does not want to renew our relationship. Love at first sight does exist, but the fate of as always above us mocks.
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