Names little changed
I'm sad, oh yeah, all explainable
I still dare to say out loud
After all the pain and tears have a final total of
What made love to call ...
It was recently. It was? Have only had ... Well, it's all in the order of things in my life. What we know ... I'm sorry, know about each other? Names, phone numbers, email, ICQ, finally. Yes, they knew, even appearance, who lives where, who he loves (in general), what else ...? It seems all ... Of course, you say that you can learn about a person just some 5-6 days of communication, and immediately we knew each other only 3 and a half days ... Indeed, what man can learn during this time ...
Do you remember how it all began ...?
....Here he is! - Dean said Karine - Welcome, handsome, oh, and that there are only two? Not again this idiot did not dare? Well, serves him right, I do not know what they had lost! - Dean feeling squeezed in the fingers a cigarette and it broke.
- Well, Dean, it's time to get up, get out, already got out of the bus! - Karina said.
From the bus actually rattled tumbled two of them, or rather, fell one, some guy, temnenky, but from a distance it was hard to see, and followed like a butterfly fluttered light and delicate creature of the female sex, with a beautiful figure, but along the way with a very bad mood ... The guy picked up a guitar and a huge bag, and with a smile on his face began to wade through the crowd who came to the girls directly.
- Zai! - The voice of the guy actually produced a feeling the roar of the port an employee entertain vocal crackdown ships in his spare time. - A hundred years, a hundred winters! Thank you very much, Zai that drew me here, and that in this damn town die - a piece of cake! Then the guy finally saw Dinah, but gave no sign, merely nodded and said hello. Then finally came the very dissatisfied with the girl.
- Hello, girls, fancy, almost missed the last bus, Murad somehow wanted to buy vodka was in the store at the train station ... it is there that taste better?
- Yes it ... - I began to justify Murad - I just did not know that then there will be shops!
- Thus, the weight of assembly? Then quick march to the cottage! Just down the road will need to drop into the shop, where we need something to buy, okay? - Asked Karina
- But the problem!
......You certainly remember all that happened later, after the store, after we ate, after the incident with the cyclist and motorcyclist ... let me go back to that beautiful warm evening ......
- Can I sit down? - Dean asked
- Of course, what you ask, you're the mistress of this house, I do not - said Murad
So. both sitting on the step in front of the house late at night who smoked that Dean and Murad, enjoying the warmth and silence. That silence was fascinated at first deadened, enveloped ... Murad tenderly embraced Dean's shoulders, that it took without resistance and remained seated.
- Yes ... cool still here! Dean, and how much you have spent time here?
- But who knows, I have that thought? - Dina had to break away from the bottle of champagne to answer. The tube fell into the bottle and now suck the drink became not so convenient.
- Well! All the mess of! - Dean pursed dissatisfied face.
- Well, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Okay, I went to the house ...
Gradually, vodka and champagne made themselves felt, the girls start razmarivat, they rarely raised their eyelids are increasingly yawning. Olga sent to the room to make the bed and get ready for bed, all fastened Karinka hoping to stay one-on-one with Murad, but he is not in any of the wanted sex. Dean entered the room, and shivered through bolshushy sweet yawn and said: "Br-rr !. I went to her room to sleep, if anything, call me!" stomped upstairs.
- Okay, girls, I went to the side! - Said Murad and went to his room. I must say that behind the wall was a room at the Murad kreen with Olga, but right through the ceiling rumbled his heels Dean.
Murad lay on an improvised bed of the mixture of someone hides, blankets and sheets, turned out the light and tried to sleep, but no such luck Bulo! Behind the wall, he heard laughter karinka and Olga.
- Well, it is now clear how I will spend the night! - Murad said, and grunted, stood up and went to the girls. Going to them he saw that Olga simply choking with laughter, and Karinka buried in the pillow, and frantically trying to stifle his laughter. All were by degrees, so Murad just sat down on the edge of the bed and Olga began very gently talk to her like a child, patting on the head. Olga immediately stiffened, his eyes lit up, but it was obvious that she really likes. But, true to his leap, beginning otbrykivatsya as she could. Here Murad heard a scream and a cry from the second floor ...
- Well, now the Dean wanted my attention! It can be seen today, do not have to sleep ...- But in fact, Murad always just that and was waiting to ascend to the Dean ... it is very explicit allusions they made to each other all evening ...
- I go-go, - I grumbled for Murad mind and began to climb the steep stairs to the second floor. rising, he saw Dean in the dark, zabivshuyusya into the corner. It is worth noting that Dean is clearly expecting something special from the night, as the bed she was the biggest, the laid a king, almost on the entire floor.
- Here a spider! I wildly afraid of spiders! Ah-ah-ah! Get him out of here!
- Where? I can not see anything! - Said Mourad. Spider in fact there was no ... Okay, I lie down here a little to calm you ....
Dean did not answer, just moved a little closer to Murad when he lay down to it.
- Then I'll tell you a story that you are not afraid and calmly went to sleep, okay?
- Okay..
- Well, a long time ago ...
Now you do not have to remember the words to any Murad kissed Dean, but it happened. First Dean averted his lips, moved away from Murad further and further into the corner, but Murad was persistent and Dean drove into the corner, put his arms around her and squeezed strongly in his arms, kissed her on the lips ...
- No, I can not ...- said Dean - I this has not happened to the first day of our acquaintance ...
Murad decided not to answer and just continued his caresses ... Hugging Dean he was surprised and pleased to note that it was the only one wearing a silk nightgown to the hips and a thin strip of panties.
Lips Murad descended below the neck, which caused Dina rapid breathing, and breathing so can only be excited women - intermittent, loud, lingering ...
- No, I do not ... oh, no! - Sluggish resisted Dean weasel
Murad preferred simply not to respond to her remarks just prodolzhad methodically doing their job. Hands freely walked around the body of Dina, noting her perfect physique, impeccable waist and chest well executed. Even very well.
- Say, well, tell me something! Do not be silent, tell me ... what will happen then?
- Later? -peresprosil ... Murad
- Well, when, well after, you know?
- Mmmmm ...........- Murad sang lips in a kiss. I -murad always preferred to talk in bed thing, and just to make a girl to keep quiet always resorted to a simple reception - closed mouth kiss.
His lips descended lower and lower, caresses became more insistent ...
......I hope you remember how she held our first night ... ... night ... You were very gracious, but, at the same time, does not try to answer caress me. All you have to do - kiss, but nothing else. But I caressed, but I ... But at that time I wiped out your inexperienced, but the next day, when the girls had gone to bed, I brought you to my room, and the risk of being uslyshennymi, again we do business. I tied your hands and eyes, as you liked it then, if you want to tie-up would sleep at the slightest push of you, but you did it like? When my fingers, having the protection of your panties, reached your bud, I realized that there is no experience, you must be .... I'm a doctor, I'm sorry, not depend on me ... all automatically ......
No, of course, I'm not a writer, and never tried to write ... So do not be angry, since it is not so, but the events are described as accurately as possible.