I do not like these
I do not like those pesky agonizing minutes:
- Where have you been so late ?! Already the morning! Decent women at a time do not walk! You also do not have to sixteen! How many times do I have to ask ... How zavednaya barrel organ nurse muttering his tedious aria and viciously tried to find out:
- Who wandered? Vaughn shameless lip stick - suck in the alley! On Monday, I will lead back to the doctor, check! I recognize that it is not a girl - strangled with his own hands!
And so every day. Rather evening.
Aya - in the bath: teeth - minute wash - another and Lulu.
He found himself in my life at salvation as a rope in the wolf pit.
The boys in our class think he - my dad. He's old and cool, my brother Nurse, my uncle, he was already thirty-six, and his daughter, my cousin, by the way, in the seventh grade. He was divorced and married again. He - lovely!
We spent the summer with his friends on the gums with tents, bathed, buzzed and went mad, and then in a tent, I suddenly saw it was him! Suddenly I saw. that it is not so already old, and just cool. His wife Natasha at that time for some reason did not go, and he was in the evening after vodovki with barbecue I was in shock: booze and jumped just as young. In the tent, I felt the that the smell of it ... I do not know how to pass ... the male spirit. So, in my opinion, should smell like a man's penis, which I had seen only twice in my life: once the pope, when he was drunk after my nurse uladyvala "jubilee" in ten years, and the second time in the class-mate in gym class in eighth "B".
In short - I grew bolder and settled down next to him baldet. Hand in panties shoved, his ebony front poterebit ... I used to herself stroking, fingers and fantasy could themselves "satisfy".
- There's still something left in the bottle? - he asked
- As if something gurgles! - I hold out the bottle to him, and she crawled through it, as if by accident, by chance your bathing suit his stomach Pass. Skukozhilas itself, and suddenly, I think stryahnt me like a moth, and will laugh, and even by the pope nashlpaet ... And he tenderly held his hand on the back, easy-easy as blowing. Me - in heat story goes. I told him:
- Leave a sip, Bor!
- Hold!
And all this in the dark, in a whisper. I for bravery refreshed a couple of sips kinzmarauli and back crawl through it. Again by chance than I can be afraid of him, and she drove coward so as not to laugh. And so he again nezhnenko me by the shoulders and held her hands on the back, I had the lower abdomen ached like a clothespin. I stroked his hair:
- You have a mane like a young punk ...
- Yes, you yourself lack of hairstyles do not suffer
He turned and ran his fingers through my nape. I could not resist, and clung to him. He patted me on the back again, his hand went below stroked my ass. Then I could not resist and potselevala his lips. He replied. I kissed it cool! His lips and tongue were something solid, something soft, something demanding, it podtatlivymi. I stroked his chest and shoulders, caressed his face and clung to him than she could. His hand came down on my back and stroked my intimacy, and I was breathless with heat waves and desire, kissed him and thought: if only it had not ended! His hands stroked and caressed my little nipples, which hardened, and it seemed to me, could be scratched as nails. I got rid of all the swimsuit and lay completely on top of him. He lay on his back, feet slightly apart, and through his trunks I felt his cock tense and springy like a bamboo rod. I stroked his penis through melting, and he took my hand in his and ran it into the melting under the gum. A member of his hot and throbbing jumped out of his shorts and I was released. His hands gently pulled up my head to his stomach. Before my face was his large head of the penis, I felt the her own cheeks. His soaked panties I pulled off and they hung on my right leg. He turned me so that his hands and lips caressed my ankles, and I breastfeed lying on his stomach all face pressed against his body standing and kissing him. He took his penis with one hand and stroking the back of my head brought the head to my lips. I saw Vidic and knew how it was done in Hollywood, but she tried the first male member.
Immediately there was a sensation in the mouth of men. I licked his head, his tongue caressed the folds and the hole, and he lightly pushed me his dick deeper and deeper. His lips and tongue caressed my pussy, he tugged at his lips and hands my wet pussy and I felt it more and more excited. His cock in my mouth was like a living. It throbbed and I felt like he wanted me. Embracing his penis with one hand I was swallowing it and it rested in my throat, I was breathless with desire, and I wanted to swallow him whole. With the other hand, I caressed and stroked his bag of eggs. I felt that he liked, when I swallow his cock deep and I enjoyed his desire. The bottom of my stomach began to contract spasmodically and I knew what that meant. His tongue caressed my pussy and ass. He licked my hole and penetrated so deeply that I felt the all my intimacy frantically tipped me both in heat and cold, my legs and stomach trembled convulsively, his throat drove languor and rainbow flashed in his eyes. This was my first orgasm from men.
- Come here - I heard
I slid down beside him, leaned over to his ear and his lips sucked the lobe, and tongue licked his hole, I would like it, but ...
- I'm afraid! - I whispered - Nurse me to her The doctor leads, but she does not come out ever, even behind the screen comes to checks. And if all of a sudden ...
He pulled me to him. His hands stroked my body, gently squeezed his chest, his fingers caressing nipples
- Squeeze the nipples harder, I want to feel you, squeeze the chest! Stronger! Yet! - I asked my lips - make me sick! I want you!
His lips caressed my neck and back
- Do not be afraid, - he whispered, - nothing happens, you're lovely, do not be afraid ...
He lifted my ass and put me on all fours. His hands caressed my stomach and he was kissing my ass. His tongue climbs in the ass and I'm enjoying his lust. One hand he caressed my pussy finger caressed another hole in my ass.
- Where is your sunblock?
- Here!
I felt the coolness of the cream in the ass. His finger penetrated deeper into my ass.
- Relax, do not be afraid, do not strain the ass - he whispered.
I know that you can in the ass, but for myself could not imagine how can such a big dick fit in my little hole.
His finger fits in my ass. His other hand caressed my pussy and I enjoyed these caresses. I felt the like in the ass he inserted two fingers. I moved against his hand and lifted my fleeting discomfort. I felt the hand from both pulled out of ass and pulled me to him.
- I want you
- Relax, move toward me
I felt the his penis. His head is cold ... my hole, I relaxed and leaned back. In the ass I felt the elastic movement and I realized that his cock is already in me. Lightly he pushes it into my ass. His hands held my hips, and I move towards him swaying back and forth. His hands moved to my Picea, and he became her fingers caress, and pinch.
- Come on! Stronger! I want your cock in itself! Deeper! - I moaned.
His movements obeying my requests have become freer, he penetrated me deeper and deeper. I felt the familiar tides in the abdomen and chest. His scrotum gently slapped on my pussy. His swings have become steadily and deep. With each swing I, moving toward him, chustvovala we coincide and merge in their desires and delights. His hands caressed my clit and I felt something that I fail again. His swings become sharp, dagger, lust has risen my throat and my stomach cramped spasmodic languor. He jerked too deep into me with all his might, and I meet him. And then I felt something like me naponyaet his jet. I leveled off, on his knees, his hands grabbed and squeezed my breasts.
- Stronger! Squeeze! Even stronger! Yet! - I wheezed - you are my!
After two and a half months on the birthday of my uncle gave me a bottle of Boris Kinzmarauli.
A week later I got a passport!