My teacher
I hasten to say that the story was completely true, there are no invented the time. The only thing that I have changed, it's just names.
Good day to all) I want to introduce myself, my name is Maxim, I'm 20 years old. I live in Moscow, near the Arbat, in an apartment donated by my dad. Just my father decided that I'd better to live alone, and the more lives on the ruble is not as intense.
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You can say so, I am a representative of the golden youth of Moscow. Father's work is related to the oil derrick, and with no one ... He has a vast fortune, for which he and his family, which fortunately I go, I can afford everything.
It all happened to me when I was 17, I left school and was preparing to enter in your current Institute of Moscow State University. (The only thing that my father thought, can not buy friendship and mind, so I did without bribes). This was the last lesson before the Christmas holidays, chemistry, my teacher Anna Nikolaevna asked me to stay. I stayed.
She closed the door and said:
- Maxime, I have got a very difficult situation, and I need help with money. It should be $ 1,000. You could talk to your dad? I can write a receipt.
- You do not need receipts! And you can not talk to his father. I have with me my money. (My father always gave me a week 7000 dollars, 1000 dollars a day, and I knew how to spend it.)) - I said, imagining that it is now in my power.
- Thank you! Thank you so much! - Thanks to it.
I would add that Ana (so I began to call her later, she was 23 years old, and she had just finished education)
- But this is not bsplatno forgive me for overbearing (I did not expect from him pulled out a member of the 18 centimeters of trousers), but you have to sex. Or you will be even worse if you refuse. And themselves gain money), so to speak additional earnings.
- How dare you?
- You do not want? Well then wait for adding to your problems.
- Wait, okay ... I confess I've been looking at the students, and especially to you when you masturbate in class. (Yes, I do masturbate to it, given that I had previously had sex more than one or even two times ... The state of his father's help to do this with any of my friend, I wanted to)
And then the fun has gone.
She dropped to her knees and start to suck passionately. I lasted a few minutes and finished strongly in her throat so that she choked, and a couple of minutes otdyshivalas. At this point I put it at the table, lifted her skirt, roughly ripped tights with shorts, ran his hand between her legs, she flowed like tap ... And abruptly rude entered and began to peck at maximum speed. She did not expect it, moaned loudly, but I covered her mouth with his hand, so that no one knocked on the door. Then, when it got used, I took his hand and grabbed her hair and pulled on itself, as if it were a horse, and I managed to bridle ...
She finished several times at intervals of 7 minutes and I finally finished. Then he put his obvyavshy dick in her mouth and held there until it snaps as soon as he stood up, I started to Dolpa her mouth, putting the unit on the eggs ... This went on for 10 minutes without stopping, her tears flowed, she asked eyes stop, I stuck calculus for a moment, she said: "I BEG"I replied that it was her job, stuck in his throat and finished ...
Then he walked away, picked up the trousers, gave himself up, gave the money and said,
- I have to come back to your vacation home.
- Yes, of course, but in the vacation vreya board in 1500.
- Certainly whore) Wait for the call.
I opened the door and went to the car, where I waited for the driver and a security guard.
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